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Best Photo Storage Device For iPhone

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Using your iCloud to backup all your photos and videos has always been standard for iPhone users. But what if you don't want to store your pics on the cloud or pay for more iCloud storage. 

What you can do is connect a USB flash drive and start moving over some of those pictures. Cloud storage may not be for everybody, but you know what? That's okay. We know that you don't want to think about your photos and videos floating around in internet space, so we get it.

For some people, the peace of mind that comes from knowing they're storing their things in a physical space that no one else can access is worth every penny.

The most convenient way to transfer photos from your iPhone is by using a flash drive that has a lightning port connector.

The non-cloud believer will be thrilled with this tool that doesn't require any internet connection, so they can safely transfer their files without worrying about being disconnected at any moment.

You're probably reading this because you want to know the best storage device for the iPhone. Unfortunately, you've come across various options, and it can be tough choosing one.

Cloud Storage For Mobile Devices

With so many cloud storage options available, it's hard to decide which one is best. The following are just some of the most popular ones: 

  • Apple iCloud (for those who have an iPhone)
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive.

Don't let the competition between these services put you off - all provide free options with varying amounts of online storage. For example, iCloud gives you 5GB for free, while Google offers 15GB.

The good news is you can upload videos and other large files to these services through Wi-Fi, but it will be pretty slow.


Cloud services are a great way to store your files, but they don't offer the same protection as a traditional backup. For instance, if you delete an important file from one of these platforms, it will be removed from your phone and cloud storage. As a result, these services also tend to focus on file synchronization rather than backup.

An external device is the only way to go if you need extra photo storage or backup for your iPhone. They're lightning-fast and safe.

Can Your iPhone Use External Storage?

iOS 13 and iPadOS bring the Files app one step closer to being your digital office. Now, with external storage devices supported by this update, you can plug in a flash drive or portable hard drive from which all of those files available on there will now show up right inside iOS.

If you're the type of person who likes to store music, pictures, or even movies onto your external hard drive, this is excellent news for you.

Things to Consider Before You Move Your Photos to a Photo Storage Device

What's the point of having all that storage space if we aren't using it to its potential? With a bit of planning, you can make better use of your phone's memory. Moving photos off of your phone will indeed free up space, but you're still paying for the storage. Why not use this opportunity more smartly?

Get rid of the stuff that's taking up your space, like pictures and videos from old trips. If you don't need it anymore, then get it out. When you're finished moving, make sure only to move the photos and videos that are worth keeping.


Have You Ever Found Yourself Wondering Where All of Your Old Photos Are?

We all know the feeling of scrolling through our photos and seeing a duplicate or multiple similar shots. You might even find yourself getting frustrated when looking at a blurry image.

All the pictures you probably don't want to keep anymore:

  • duplicate photos
  • multiple similar shots
  • blurry or old screenshots

The Best External Storage Device for iPhone Are the Ones That Give You Peace of Mind

No matter what happens, it's always nice knowing those photos and videos aren't lost because they're backed up on something like an external hard drive or USB. So if anything does happen (like losing all data from a broken phone), there's no need to worry about going through hours worth making copies just before throwing away old pictures again.

Well, luckily for us, technology has made things more accessible than ever before.

ThePhotoStick Omni For Computers and Mobile Devices

ThePhotoStick Omni is a USB thumb drive with an adapter that supports android phones with Micro-USB and Type-C connector and iPhone lightning port. With just one click of a button, The Photo Stick Omni will back up all those memories, so they never get lost again.

Once you finish backing up all your photos and videos, you will never again worry about running low on storage space or being without pictures due to accidents that often happen at inopportune moments when people least expect them.


The PhotoStick Omni's ease of use is the main reason why it's the best iPhone storage device. It can save all of your photos and videos in one simple step. All you have to do is plug it in and tap on the Go button, which will start the backup process.

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