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The Photo Stick Omni Review

For most of you, your memories of your families are a top priority. You take as many pictures as you can to preserve them for as long as possible. What happens to those memories if your computer crashes or they accidentally get deleted?

Recently, when trying to view thousands of photos, I had stored them in the cloud. I realized a good number of them had somehow gotten corrupted.

I felt broken, and my heart was heavy with sadness as I tried to see which ones were no longer visible.

Only a black blank square was visible where my children's beautiful faces had once been smilingly looking back at me. The devastation was awful.

The Photo Stick Omni Review

Bottom line: If you are sick of losing precious family photos and videos to accidental deletions and computer crashes, you should try ThePhotoStick Omni and give it a try. PhotoStick Omni is also a huge upgrade from the original PhotoStick and PhotoStick Mobile because of better device compatibility and USB transfer speed. You will not find anything on the market easier to use or more secure and convenient. 

Reviewed by: Abdo


  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows PC, and Mac.
  • No monthly fee for cloud services.
  • Great storage capacity.
  • Easy to use.


  • You can only buy it from their official website.

I searched Facebook, my old phones, all our computers but the pictures were not stored anywhere else. Pictures of when we took the kids to the aviation museum are gone forever. Pictures of my mom before she died were gone too.

We certainly could not replace them now that the kids were all grown.

How often had I thought about backing them up, but I had them in the cloud? I thought they were safe. Now they were gone forever.

If you could have extra protection to preserve your family's pictures, wouldn't you want to do it? After losing so many of my children's photos in the cloud, I made up my mind to find a better way right then to store them safely. Then I found ThePhotoStick Omni.

At last, I found a safe and secure way to preserve my family's photos. No more worrying whether more memories will disappear for me. That is what is so wonderful about The PhotoStick Omni!

More than 1.5 million people have already tried ThePhotoStick Omni because they know that approximately 65% of people or a member of their family lose those valuable photos due to accidents or hardware failure of some kind. Sadly, they often are just not retrievable.

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ThePhotoStick Omni

The PhotoStick Omni Table

Website Link

Storage Capacity

32GB Save 15,000 photos & videos

64GB Save 30,000 photos & videos

128GB Save 60,000 photos & videos

256GB Save 120,000 photos & videos

Windows Compatibility

MacOS Compatibility

iPhone Compatibility

Android Compatibility

PC Software

Integrated in stick

iPhone App

Android App

Transfer Speed

USB 3.0
(transfer rate of 4.8Gbps, 10 times faster than 2.0)
Backup 1000's of files in minutes.

Easy of Use

Tech Support

They offer 24/7 support

Market Sales

Over 1.5 million sold

Safe Backup

Skip Duplicates

Create Thumbnails

Group Files By Type (i.e. Photos & Videos)

On-Going Backups

Automatically backs up new files weekly so you never have to worry about losing recent memories.

System Requirements

Android OS 6.0 or newer

iOS 10.13 or newer

Money Back Guarantee

60 Days


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saving files

Omni Is Easy to Use

ThePhotoStick Omni is easy to use and can move thousands of photos in just a couple of minutes. You plug it into your device, and within moments it automatically finds and sorts your photos while safely backing them up.

You do not have to set up software or install anything. It is all automatic, making it simple and easy to use. The Photo Stick Omni does not even require a sign-in. It does not need Wi-Fi or batteries to work. It is all automatic once you plug it into your device.

the photostick omni

Fits Most Operating Systems

It works on all kinds of devices from computers, tablets, phones. It works on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Apple, Android, and Google. No formatting is needed.

It comes with a universal attachment so that you can plug it into computers, tablets, and phones even if they do not have a USB port.

Does it Work on Mobile Devices?

It is simple to save your images from your mobile devices too. Download the app from either Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Plugin the adaptor into your phone and let it find your files. It then can be safely transferred to The PhotoStick Omni and move or copy to your computer if you want.

omni convenient and secure

Convenient and Secure

Have you ever put off saving your photos until later to find out it is too late? What if your phone gets lost or broken and cannot be retrieved?

The PhotoStick Omni is so fast to use and secure that you will not want to procrastinate to save them ever again. Just plugin and a few clicks, and you are done.

photos and videos

Sick of Running Out of Room?

If you take lots of photos and have run out of room to stare at them all, then you will love ThePhotoStick Omni because it holds thousands of photos safely and conveniently all in one place.

The 256GB PhotoStick Omni holds up to 120,000 photos and videos in one easy-to-find place and moved to another device with only a few clicks.

thephotostick omni no hidden fees

No Hidden Costs

The PhotoStick Omni does not have hidden fees or monthly charges to use it. Once you purchase your photo stick, you do not have any other fees.


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thephotostick omni plugged in phone

How Does PhotoStick Omni Work?

Download and transfer your photos in three easy steps.

  1. First, plugin your photo stick in your device.
  2. Next, hit the "GO" button in the application.
  3. After it finishes copying the data, it's all done.

The convenience of The PhotoStick Omni is something truly to enjoy. It comes with a universal adapter that you can use on any device like USB Type-C, Micro-USB, Regular USB Type-A, and an iPhone Lightning Port. Here is a video of us using it on iPhone:

PhotoStick Omni App

ThePhotoStick OMNI has mobile apps for both Android and iOS. You can find the apps on Google PlayStore and Apple Store.

thephotostick omni easy to use
PhotoStick Omni on iPhone connected with lightning port
thephotostick omni on android
PhotoStick Omni on android connected with USB-C

The most significant benefit of getting The Photo Stick OMNI, in my opinion, is safety. Once you backup the important stuff from your devices, you no longer have to worry about losing the data. Even if your computer crashes or a hacker encrypts your data, you always have the backup.

How to Use ThePhotoStick Omni On a PC?

Here are the steps you need to do when using on PC:

Step 1)

Connect to PC via USB port

photostick omni pc via usb port
The USB port on the front side of a computer case
photostick omni back usb
The USB port on the backside of a computer case

Step 2)

The PhotoStick Omni program may not launch itself. If that happens, you need to open it by going to USB files and lunch the file called ThePhotoStick or ThePhotoStick.exe.

Step 3)

When software launches, you will get two options to choose from "Use Recommended Settings" or "Choose Your Own Settings." We advise you to go with Recommended Settings. In the bottom left corner, check the box to stop showing on startup next time.

Step 4)

When you pass all the steps, then click on the green "Go!" button

Step 5)

The next time you start the software, you are immediately ready to start a backup by clicking on "Go."

What Types of Files Can ThePhotoStick Omni Find and Save?

photostick omni files

With no problem, you can save JPEG, PNG, GIF, MOV, and MPEG4 to The PhotoStick Omni. It also can handle Photoshop's .psd and .pdd files, WMV files, TIFF files, and many other's work too.

Many people leave ThePhotStick Omni plugged into their computer to update all new files each week.

What Size Do I Need?

No matter what budget you have, ThePhotoStick Omni has a perfect size for your needs. They have 32 GB of storage that holds 15,000 photos and videos. If that size is not quite big enough, they have 64 GB which contains 30,000 pictures and videos.

The Photo Stick Omni also can be bought at 128 GB which holds 60,000 images or videos with ease. Still not big enough? Try their 256 Gb stick, which has 120,000 photos or videos.

Easily Travels With You

Going on a trip and want to show the folks pictures of your vacation and the grandkids playing sports? You can carry The Photo Stick Omni with you everywhere without taking up much room. With three easy-end adaptors, you can easily find a device to show the photos and videos, even if it is your phone.

It will easily fit in your pocket or a purse making it a hassle-free experience and one less thing you have to worry about carrying around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Photo Stick Omni Work on iPhone?

PhotoStick Omni is a universal photo backup solution that you can use on all devices. Works on computers (PC, Mac) and smartphones (iPhone, Android).

Is Photostick Omni Safe to Use?

This device is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to store their files. It's compatible with both computers and smartphones and does not require third-party software or accessories (it can connect directly through a smartphone or PC port). The ordering process also feels very safe, and there are no surveys involved in purchasing one of these sticks from PhotoStick Omni's official website.

Is Photostick Omni Legit?

PhotoStick Omni is perfectly legit and not a scam. The founder of ThePhotoStick Omni is Mark Oman. His team and company PrairieIT offer solutions for people who want to backup and protect their files. ThePhotoStick Omni can store all of your photos and videos so that they never get lost. The manufacturer even offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you don't like it after your purchase, there is no need to worry because they provide full refunds within this time frame.

How many photos can PhotoStick Omni save?

If you have a lot of photos and videos on your phone, the 128GB version can store up to 60K photos. The 256 GB option can store 120K photos, perfect for people who take plenty of pictures. They also offer different versions and sizes like 32GB version of storage, which can save 15,000 photos and videos, and 64GB that can save 30,000.

To Conclude

If you are sick of losing precious family photos and videos to accidental deletions and computer crashes, you should try ThePhotoStick Omni and give it a try. PhotoStick Omni is also a huge upgrade from the original PhotoStick and PhotoStick Mobile because of better device compatibility and USB transfer speed. You will not find anything on the market easier to use or more secure and convenient.

Protect your photos and videos for generations to come and enjoy its simplicity doing the work automatically for you. We all have enough to do and remember. ThePhotoStick Omni makes life a little easier with weekly updates while working on multiple devices with the three-way adaptor. No wifi needed or extra fees.

Aren't your family's memories worth The PhotoStick Omni?

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    1. There is a skip duplicates option. When consolidating files into a single directory on ThePhotoStick, ThePhotoStick can skip any duplicates it finds.

  1. Thanks Abdo - when you transfer or download the photos from the PhotoStick to your laptop or external hard drive, do they download as JPGs, etc. or are they converted to a different file type?

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