The Photo Stick Omni Review

The photo and video backup device, ThePhotoStick, just got even better. Find out what's new with this all-in-one photo stick and why you need one in your life!

Written by Abdo

Abdo is a Zoopy writer who loves spending his free time outdoors, camping, and enjoying the peace that nature brings. He also enjoys fixing things - he's particularly good with electronics. His favorite movie is I Am Legend, and he's fascinated by survival gear and safety.

6 comments on “The Photo Stick Omni Review”

    1. There is a skip duplicates option. When consolidating files into a single directory on ThePhotoStick, ThePhotoStick can skip any duplicates it finds.

  1. Thanks Abdo – when you transfer or download the photos from the PhotoStick to your laptop or external hard drive, do they download as JPGs, etc. or are they converted to a different file type?

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