Are your passport and other important documents always with you when you travel? What about your laptop, camera, and other valuable items?

There's no need to leave your valuables behind when you travel. With the best portable safe for travel, you can keep your possessions close by and secure.

Best Portable Safe for Travel Comparison Table



Master Lock


Amazon Basics 


Master Lock
Amazon Basics 

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Slash Resistant:

RFID Blocking:

Steel Cable:

Strap System:

Re-Programmable Digit Combination Lock:

Belt Loop: 

Water Resistant:

Customer Rating:

Storage capacity:

You can fit cell phones, wallets, passports, cash, jewelry, documents, cash and credit cards

You can fit smart phones, passports, cash, and credit cards

You can fit cell phones, wallets, passports, cash, jewelry, cameras

You can fit cash, jewelry, documents, firearms

You can fit cash, medicine, passports and jewelry as well as a pistol

Special Features:

Five layer slash-resistant design

Ear bud/charging cable access port to conveniently listen to music or charge devices while locked

Earphone a charger access allows you to listen to music or charge your devices while securely locked

Nickel-plated, zinc-alloy lock 

Zinc alloy combo lock

Four layer protective foam, ensure security and protect your valuables from scratching or damage during transit.

Made From:

1680 Denier Nylon

 Shock absorbing foam

ABS Plastic

 Anti-pry steel and a foam-padded interior

Heavy duty 16 gauge steel


10 x 6 x 2.5 inches

9.41 x 5.1 x 2.2 inches

7 x 4 x 7.5 inches

 11.5 x 7.5 x 2.5 inches

9.6 x 6.5 x 1.81 inches


0.52 pounds

1.56 pounds

1.2 pounds

 3.5 Pounds

 2.81 Pounds

Unfortunately, not all destinations are safe, and even in those considered safe, there is always the potential for theft. That's why it's important to have a portable safe with you when you travel.

A combination safe is the perfect way to keep your belongings secure. With a durable construction and a tamper-resistant design, these safes are ideal for protecting your valuables from theft or damage.

There are many different options on the market when it comes to portable safes, so how do you know which one is right for you? This blog post will outline the five best portable safes for travel and help you decide which one is right for you. I hope it will help make your next trip a little less stressful.

1) FlexSafe - Best Portable Travel Safe

FlexSafe is a portable travel safe that can be used as a handbag for carrying all your essentials.

Starting from passports to phones, cash, and chargers - you'll have plenty of room inside this sleek little bag!

The exterior is made out of nylon, while its interior uses EVA foam which adds rigidity, increasing strength by several notches.

There's even an internal zippered compartment where valuable items stay secure.


The two side mesh pockets provide additional storage for your items while also protecting the main compartment from any slash or water damage. You can also program a three-digit combination to ensure maximum protection.

It also blocks RFID signals to protect your personal information from pesky hackers. Thanks to its compact structure and strap system, you can carry it around easily or put it in a luggage bag when unused.


  • It's small and easy to carry around thanks to the strap system, and it will fit inside your luggage bag with ease
  • Slash Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Blocks RFID signal
  • 2 Way Belt Loop
  • Re-Programmable 3 Digit Combination Lock 
  • You can attach it on beach chairs, umbrellas, bikes, strollers, closet rods, golf carts, hospital beds & more


  • Combination lock's number gears could be a little larger

2) Master Lock - Best Personal Travel Safe

This portable box is one of the best for those who need a safe place to store their valuables.

It's made with high-quality material that can resist water and protect all your things from moisture inside it.

It is equipped with extra thick foam layers, so you never have to worry about anything happening due to accidents occurring. 

Protected at any time thanks to a four-digit combination lock, which ensures no one steals it. The reinforced cable will help you attach it to poles or belongings while acting as a carry strap.

If you want your phone charged and music listened to, simply slide the cord through a little hole.


  • The durable and stylish cable will keep you safe from any accidents
  • It can be used as a portable safe or travel carry bag thanks to its versatile design


  • With its high price tag, this product may not be for everyone


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3) Safego - Best Beach Safe Box

This spacious and stylish portable travel safe is perfect for storing your phone, passport, earphones, or even makeup while on the go.

This product is made from durable ABS plastic with an extra layer of protection against water thanks to its zinc alloy coating.

It features a three-digit combination lock that makes opening easy as pie but also provides added security.

It also features a 17-inch adjustable steel cable that ensures safety when in transit. The cable hole allows you to enjoy music without taking your mobile out.


  • You can easily carry this spacious and versatile bag anywhere
  • Strong steel cable.


  • The materials might not provide optimal protection to your items against accidental drops

4) Amazon Basics - Best Portable Car Travel Safe

This sleek, lightweight travel safe is one of the most compact cases to store all your valuables efficiently.

It's made from tough alloy steel and lined with soft foam to protect against transport impacts.

It can be carried around easily wherever you go, thanks partly to its lightweight design and compact size.

Even though it features a key lock system (to ensure security), you can find an alternative model with a combination lock.


  • It keeps all the stored items safe from collisions and impacts so you can travel with peace of mind
  • The California DOJ certifies this safe as a firearm safety device


  • With no RFID blocking material, your data is at risk when traveling through airports

5) Younion - Best Travel Gun Safe

This pocket-friendly travel case is the perfect way to store your valuables and a firearm securely.

It features exterior housing made out of 16 gauge steel, which provides extra strength and durability for when you're carrying around all sorts of things.

The thick foam padding prevents any scratches or structural damage during transport.

In addition, the case is reinforced with steel cables so you can attach it securely to any fixture.

You can also secure the entire thing through 3-digit resettable combination locks for added security.


  • Carry your firearm and other essentials easily, thanks to the expandable storage


  • The process of resetting your password can take some time

What Is a Portable Travel Safe?

Portable safes are a great way to protect your valuables while on the go. You can store anything in these portable containers, from jewelry and cash to larger items like cameras or electronics. In addition, there's no need to worry about not being able to secure something because it comes equipped with an effective locking mechanism. 

Why Use a Portable Travel Safe?

When traveling, it's important to take precautions to protect your belongings. One way to do this is by using portable travel safe. They can help keep your money, passport, and other valuables safe while you're on the go. 

Here are some reasons why you should use a portable travel safe when traveling:

  1. It keeps your money safe: When traveling, it's always a good idea to have some emergency cash on hand. If you have a portable travel safe, you can feel confident knowing that your money is protected if something happens to it.
  2. Safeguards your passport: Your passport is one of the most important documents when traveling abroad. If it gets lost or stolen, getting a new one can be difficult (and expensive). Putting your passport in a portable travel safe will help protect it from theft or loss.
  3. Stores valuable items: If you're traveling with expensive jewelry or electronics, putting them in a portable travel safe is a smart idea. This will help protect them from being damaged or stolen while you're on the go.

Where To Use a Portable Travel Safe?

A portable travel safe can be a great way to protect your belongings while you're on the go, but where is the best place to use it? Here are some suggestions:

  • on the beach
  • when taking overland trips
  • when taking day trips
  • in your hotel room or accommodation
  • when camping
  • while diving

Portable Travel Safe vs. Pouch

Is a portable travel safe the same as a travel pouch? Do you need one or the other? What are the differences between them, and which one should you choose for your next trip?

  • Portable safes come in two different styles: soft or rigid material, while pouches resemble bags
  • You can carry a firearm in a rigid portable safe, but you can't in a pouch
  • A portable safe is great for storing your valuables on the go. On the other hand, if you're looking to organize things better, pouches will be better
  • Portable safes are typically not equipped with long or padded carry handles but come with pouches

What Are Some of the Factors You Should Consider When Buying a Portable Travel Safe?


Portable safes come in a variety of sizes, from small to large. Naturally, you'll want one that can fit into your suitcase or luggage bag without taking up all available space, so check what kind of bags you typically carry before deciding on anything else.

Storage Capacity

Make sure you know the storage capacity of your new product before buying it because not all safes have enough room for everything. Also, as each model has different-sized compartments, make sure that the one you choose can store everything from passports to phones and cables.

If you want space that can accommodate passports and phones as well as other belongings like jewelry or cash, then go with one having an interior design made up of minor rectangular cases.

Firearm Compatibility

Some portable travel safes are designed to carry a small gun inside. If you have your licensed firearm and would like to bring it along on vacation, make sure the case will protect you from any legal issues and whatever other items might be in there with you.

Cable & Cable Holes

One important consideration before buying a portable travel safe is whether to get one with cables. One end is fixed to the case's frame, while another attaches via a secured loop for easy hanging from poles or other surfaces when not in use. The long cable on portable travel safes is often used as a handle and can make for convenient carrying.

Cable holes in portable travel safes make it easy to charge your phone without removing it from the bag. 

Lock System

There are two types of locks on portable travel safes, key lock, and combination lock. If you keep the case inside your main luggage bag all the time, it's better to go for a key lock safe that allows quick opening/closing.

You can find both the 3-digit and 4-digit locks with resettable features, giving you complete freedom to change number combinations as needed.

How Do We Know That the Selected Portable Travel Safe Will Be Durable and Strong?

The durability of a portable travel safe is determined by the materials with which it's manufactured. Therefore, when choosing a portable travel safe, it's important to look at the material they're made from.

The following is a list of materials that make up portable travel safes' exterior and interior walls:

  • Nylon because it's durable, prevents slashes/scratches from knives & also resists water
  • EPA foam between fabric layers to strengthen the structure
  • Sometimes these cases may be reinforced with an RFID material, effectively blocking your details from being read by anyone nearby when you put
  • Steel or other metal alloys protect against structural damages like cracking under pressure
  • Foam lining on interiors absorbs shocks ensuring items remain undamaged during storage
  • ABS plastic is also used sometimes since it is light and can withstand wear and tear considerably
  • Zinc alloy prevents rust and is water resistant, so you can take all those important items on trips without worrying about them getting wet or damaged

Tips on How to Ensure You're Off the Thief's Radar

Leave Your Possessions at Home

At times, it may appear obvious enough, but it's always better to leave something you won't use later on rather than risk it being stolen. Carrying a bunch of high-valued possessions along your traveling escapades will increase the risk of them being taken from you. You can also look into carrying minimal valuables with you. Additionally, keep your valuables secured in the comfort of your home or hotel.

It's also better to keep your whole purse containing every credit card you own back home. Carry enough money with you that can last for an entire day, and store it inside a pocket with zippers. Never carry too many of your gadgets. However, it's still better to bring none. Keep in mind to switch off your devices every day.

Better bring a physical book, newspaper, or magazine than opt for an e-book reader.

If you want to carry a camera with you, a bulky DSLR won't do since it's not perfect on crowded beaches, especially under the intense summer heat. Also, aside from getting scratched or damaged, it isn't easy to store away. So instead, choose a point-and-shoot camera that's convenient for you to carry in purses or bags.

A smartphone will work wonders since many of these devices have amazing cameras nowadays. You can also select the latest GoPro camera since it's compact enough to be stored in your bag. Plus, it doesn't malfunction whenever it's in contact with water.

Avoid Being the Target of Lurking Skilled Thieves

Typical theft cases, especially those in different countries, are crimes of opportunity. Although violent robbery cases are unusual in some countries, keeping your defenses up is a must. Always guard yourself and avoid being the center of their attention.

Keep your valuables away from the public eye, especially on trains and other means of public transportation. Don't place your valuable possessions outside your bags in a hotel or hostel room.

Keeping your things unattended, especially on long travel days, is not acceptable. It's too risky. Don't buy a bag that's easy to get snatched from you. Don't boast huge bills of money in public.

Just don't be dumb enough to do all that's listed above to keep you away from thieves.

Use Your Hotel or Hostel's Safekeeping Facilities to the Fullest

Use your hostel locker or the hotel safe for your passport and extra credit cards/cash. Are your valuables safe there, you ask? Not really. However, it's better than carrying everything with you. It's also essential to keep your passport safe since there are travel destinations that require you to show it.

There will come a time when you'll be checking in an Airbnb rental with no safety lockers or other safekeeping facilities. Unfortunately, there are also hotel rooms that are not equipped with big hotel safes, exposing your valuable gadgets out in the open.

Keep Your Distance near Lifeguards or Security Guards to Maintain Security

Even though lifeguards don't have the responsibility to uphold the protection of your items, still, thieves will be scared to go closer. Hence, they will stay away from where your valuables reside to avoid getting attention.

If you keep your distance near lifeguard towers or at kiosks where security guards stand, thieves will never go after you since it's too risky.

Why Beach Is the Best Place for Thieves to Steal

Unfortunately, going to your most preferred beaches can put you in a problematic situation. Why? A bunch of thieves are going there to steal things from your bags. 

Since unwinding under the summer heat is a usual practice here, they will move because you have your guard down. Plus, many people would prefer to sunbathe or swim than watch over their possessions by the passing minute.

Note: It's not only the beach that keeps petty thieves happy. They also set their sights on the poolside sections of high-end resorts and exquisite beach clubs.

How Thieves Get Moving

Some thieves set their focus on stealing purses and other valuable possessions. Most likely, they target beachgoers that seem distracted. People who swim or walk far from their items are also targets.

Even those who sleep in the middle of sunbathing can also become victims. Beach thieves will come up with many creative ways to grab valuables from beachgoers. Usually, they wander on beaches with many people, lurking and searching for neglected valuables.

Heighten Your Senses Whenever Weird Distractions or Interruptions Happen

Being paranoid won't help you get out of an unfortunate situation all the time. Hence, keeping your guard across your surroundings and setting your focus after atypical distractions is better. Sometimes, pickpockets learn the craft of coming up with the perfect distractions. For instance, if they work in groups, one will make a distraction while the other tries to steal something from you.

What Is the Best Portable Safe for Travel?

So, what is the best portable travel safe? Ultimately, it depends on your needs and what you are looking to protect. But we hope our review has helped you narrow down your options and given you a better idea of which type of safe will work best for you.

Remember to consider where you will be using it, how often, and what type of items you need to store before making your purchase.

So, if you're in the market for a portable travel safe and want our opinion on what is the best option, we recommend the FlexSafe. It's durable, theft-resistant, and perfect for anyone looking for an easy way to store their belongings while traveling.


Can a Portable Travel Safe Be Carried as a Bag?

If your chosen portable safe has a handle and enough length for the loop size, you can use it like an ordinary bag during transit.

Is It Possible to Reset the Combination Password Lock on My Portable Travel Safe?

Yes, you can easily reset the combination lock number on your portable travel safe to ensure no one has access.

How Long Can a Portable Travel Safe Last?

The durability of the portable travel safe depends on its material choice and build quality - so make sure you find one with strong features like robust construction for lasting use.

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