A fitted sheet that won't stay in place is the worst. It's not only uncomfortable, but it constantly needs readjusting and makes you frustrated every day before bedtime because of how often you need to fix it. Best sheet straps attach securely onto your fitted sheets' bottom side, so they don't move during sleep; this helps keep them from sliding off or shifting around while sleeping on your mattress!

Sleeping on a fitted sheet that stays tight to the mattress every night makes it feel like you're sleeping in a freshly made bed. With it being tight and snug, dealing with the hassle of constantly fixing your sheets will be put in the past!

This guide covers Zoopy's top five picks for the best sheet straps. Our choices have features including safety, durability, and ease of use. We also cover a few things you should know before investing in strap sheets to ensure they are safe enough for your baby or toddler!

Without further ado, let's get started with the top 5 best sheet straps available on the market.

Bed Scrunchie
Editors choice
The Rubber Hugger
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Summary: Bed Scrunchie guarantees a tight fit every time with its unique clip system on your fitted sheet
Summary: The Enhanced clamp design of these multipurpose fasteners protects the fabric from being damaged.
Summary: The criss-cross design of the four elastic straps on this bed sheet clip prevents bunching and slipping.
Summary: Rubber Hugger has a straightforward installation process
Summary: FeelAtHome Criss-Cross Straps uses a triangular design just like Siaomo.
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  • Bed Scrunchie
    Editors choice
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    Summary: Bed Scrunchie guarantees a tight fit every time with its unique clip system on your fitted sheet
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  • Raytour
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    Summary: The Enhanced clamp design of these multipurpose fasteners protects the fabric from being damaged.
  • Siaomo
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    Summary: The criss-cross design of the four elastic straps on this bed sheet clip prevents bunching and slipping.
  • The Rubber Hugger
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    Summary: Rubber Hugger has a straightforward installation process
  • FeelAtHome
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    Summary: FeelAtHome Criss-Cross Straps uses a triangular design just like Siaomo.

1. Bed Scrunchie Sheet Strap Holder

With Bed Scrunchie, there's no need to tuck your sheets into place or fight with them all night long. Instead, you can easily slip on the fitted sheet just like you usually would and then clip it in securely using the 360-degree system for a tight fit that will never come loose--no matter how much moving around happens throughout the night!

Bed Scrunchie guarantees a tight fit every time with its unique clip system on your fitted sheet, and then you can put your sheets right back on without any hassle!

My favorite part was the ease of use. The bedsheets are attached to a cord that can be tightened with just one pull, perfect for me since I am very busy and don't have time to lift heavy mattresses or pull tight fitted sheet corners.

Not only does it work on shorter bed sheets (those too short for the mattress), but it turns them into fitted ones!

A child could do it! So I'm planning on getting one for my kid - not only will they sleep easier, teaching them from an early age about having their things tucked tightly helps form healthy habits now and later down the life path.

My bedsheets are so tight that I can't even pull them off. It's that amazing! When it comes time to make my bed, all I have to do is grab the sheet, and they fit perfectly on every corner of the mattress!

Bed Scrunchie Pros

  • 100-night tight bedsheet guarantee - sleep easy knowing you're covered.
  • A simple solution that works with any size or type of mattress.
  • Converts flat sheets into fitted ones.
  •  You can order extra clips if you ever need them.
  • Easy wash and dry

Bed Scrunchie Cons

  • You can only get it from their official website.
  • Some people might need assistance trying to install it.


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2. Raytour Bed Sheet Fastener

Raytour sheet straps are made of sturdy metal clips and heavy-duty elastic cords, ensuring that your sheets stay in place all through the night.

Whether you're looking for bedding at home or simply want to experience an improved sleeping arrangement when on holiday - the easy-to-use design is just what you need!

The Multipurpose Elastic Bed Sheet Clamps are not only great for your bedsheets, but they can also be used to keep things like an ironing board, and tablecloth covers secure. With the thicker elastic bands, you know that this product will provide a more durable hold than other products on the market.

The Enhanced clamp design of these multipurpose fasteners protects the fabric from being damaged. In addition, the built-in plastic clenching system ensures a stronger and durable hold.

This 3-way triple protection design keeps your sheets tidy all the time and is easy to put on. It also ensures that sheets stay in place overnight, which prevents you from waking up with messy bed sheets every morning.

Raytour Pros

  • The triangular design, as well as the wide elastic bands, provide a secure fit.
  • You can control the tension of the bands thanks to its "bungee cord lock."
  • The sheet straps work with all mattresses and feature nylon teeth that help protect the sheet from tearing.

Raytour Cons

  • Some people have extra-deep mattresses. The straps might not be long enough for these types of beds, so keep this in mind when you are shopping around.
  • A couple of customers have said that the clips sometimes get un-fastened.


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3. Siaomo Crisscross Sheet Clips

The CrissCross Strap by Siaomo is our favorite cross-mattress strap. It has four adjustable elastic straps with two metal clips per strap, totaling eight metal clamps to ensure the fitted sheet won't fall off your mattress.

This is especially helpful for tall mattresses or those who use a mattress topper!

Customers say this is useful because it keeps the sheet secure on their bed all night long.

The criss-cross design of the four elastic straps on this bed sheet clip prevents bunching and slipping.

In addition, the soft plastic coating protects sheets from potential damage, keeping them in place without popping off the mattress at night.

Siaomo Crisscross Sheet Clips Pros

  • The elastic straps can be adjusted.
  • Thanks to the criss-cross design, all corners are secure.
  • You can use it on grill covers, flat sheets, tablecloths, and so on; the list goes on.
  • It fits most bed sizes.

Siaomo Crisscross Sheet Clips Cons

  • Clamps are not as tough as some other competitors.
  • You have to lift and flip the mattress to install the straps.


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4. The Rubber Hugger Bed Sheet Holder Band

The unique Rubber Hugger strap is a great way to solve people's common frustrations with their sheets. Unlike any other product, this concept will keep your sheets in place without damaging them or having you put too much work into them!

The Rubber Hugger sheet holder uses tension from both the horizontal and vertical sides to keep your sheets secure. This eliminates the need for tucking, as it fits around a whole mattress.

Once this sheet strap is installed, it's easy to use, and you never have to remove it. This means that if your bedding changes or needs cleaning, there are no hassles involved in taking the sheet off of the mattress!

Rubber Hugger has a straightforward installation process, only taking 2 minutes. This product is effective and safe when used as instructed by the manufacturer; it will not come off your mattress while you sleep. Rubber Hugger also does not need to be removed even if you change out your bedding!

Rubber Hugger Pros

  • Only one band, no small pieces to worry about.
  • Simple and practical design.
  • You don't have to take it off when changing the bedsheets.
  • Easy to install.

Rubber Hugger Cons

  • Multiple sizes, so be careful when choosing the right size for yourself.


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5. FeelAtHome Elastic Bed Sheet Fasteners

The final product on our list is the FeelAtHome Criss-Cross Bed Sheet Fastener, which will keep your bed sheets secure to your mattress, so you never have to worry about them coming loose in the middle of the night again!

These bedsheet clippers will protect your sheets from wrinkles, rips, and nighttime body movement because of its durable elastic material. They are perfect for families with kids or the elderly! The easy-to-install strap is simple enough for daily use, and it can improve your sleeping experience overall.

To ensure a sturdy grip and maintain perfect balance, FeelAtHome Criss-Cross Straps uses a triangular design just like Siaomo. This means that the chances of loose bed sheets are slim to none!

With two straps, FeelAtHome secures your sheets so tightly that they won't budge for the rest of the day. The tight grip means no more wrinkled bed sheets or jumbled covers when you leave in a hurry!

FeelAtHome Elastic Bed Sheet Fastener Pros

  • Affordable
  • Compatibility with different mattress sizes
  • You can change the length of the strap for larger or smaller mattresses
  • Good quality bands and metal clips

FeelAtHome Elastic Bed Sheet Fastener Cons

  • Clips wear out over time.

What to Pay Attention to When Purchasing Bed Sheet Fasteners

There are many different bed sheet holders available in the market. However, you should consider a few main factors when purchasing one for your needs.


The quality of materials in bed sheet holders makes a big difference. High-quality materials will be more durable, stronger, and last longer than low-quality ones.

Stronger, longer-lasting, and more effective material means you can count on your product for years to come!


It’s important to take note of the design aspect of a sheet strap because on one hand you could have a hard time installing it and on the other hand have an easier time doing it. Some are made with elastic cords, and different designs affect their functionality and ease of use.

There can be a significant or subtle difference depending on how they work and the product's features.


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There are many different types of bed sheet straps. Some can be very specific in their design, while others have more versatile features to fit a wider range of mattresses.

Customer Service

When you consider buying the best sheet straps, make sure the company offers generous risk-free and money-back guarantees. Unfortunately, not all companies provide this; some only offer a warranty for their product instead of giving customers guaranteed satisfaction with every order they place.


The cost of sheet straps can vary greatly. The price often ties in with the quality and durability of materials used to make it, but you don't have to buy the most expensive one out there; your choice depends on what you're looking for and how much money you want to spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all bed sheet straps fit all mattresses?

Bed sheet straps are not all created equal. Some can hold your sheets on a thicker mattress or have more flexible designs to handle the dimensions of each bed size. Product descriptions often tell you what kind is best for your needs, so make sure you do some research before making any purchases!

What Are Sheet Straps?

Fasteners or sheet straps, as some like to call them, are products that hold a fitted sheet, flat sheet, or mattress pad in place. They're typically made of stretchy elastic bands and metal clips. They most commonly take the form of suspenders (which extend across the entire length of your bed) or triangles (at each corner).

What else can you use sheet straps for?

Bed sheet straps are an all-purpose product that can secure bed sheets, table cloths, and more.

How to use bed sheet fasteners?

It is best to read the manufacturer's instructions when using bed sheet fasteners, which are typically made with some sort of clips or elastic bands. To get a tight fit with suspender-style ones, you have to lift or flip your mattress slightly. However, some are designed for more ease of use and can be installed without the need to lift the mattress!


Buying a sheet strap is an easy way to secure your bedding and give you more comfort. Knowing what to look for when making a purchase can help make smart choices on the market today.

For those who like a simple life, sheet fasteners can be a lifesaver. They hold the mattress pad, fitted sheet, and flat sheets in place to prevent them from getting out of whack if sleepers toss and turn at night.

The Bed Scrunchie is our recommended bed sheet strap. There are many different options available, but this one stands out the most due to its design and features, which take into account all your preferences when choosing what you want in terms of style and functionality.

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