I tend to repair a lot of stuff around my house, and the tool that I use the most is glue. A friend of mine suggested I try this new type of glue, and I decided why not, as I’m always using them all the time. I was totally surprised when I tried it, and the funny thing is, the product is being advertised as not to be a glue but a liquid plastic welder. Unlike other adhesives, It remains in liquid form and doesn’t dry out. When you need it, the bottle contents will not harden until you shine a UV light on it.

In this Bondic review we’re going to be focusing on the features and benefits this product offers, and how to use it effectively.



Bondic Plastic Welder

With bondic, ‘what a client sees is what they get.’ It is easy to use, and you should always remember to have it as a mandatory tool in your toolbox.


Bondic is a product that originated in Germany and has a fascinating founding story. A German dentist, Dr. Thomas Offerman got curious when one of his patients requested to carry home some dental bonding material and ultraviolet light which he later discovered the patient has been using to fix microchip wires on his microscope.

Three years later, after thorough research and testing, bondic plastic welder was created. It was so good that not long after its launch, it won the Retailers Choice Award for being the most ground-breaking new creation in the market.

I’m the glue that holds everything together.
Otis William


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In What Situations Could You Use Bondic

Apply it in the creation of new products, or replacing a missing or damaged component. Applied as a standard glue, you always create the bond/hold you require. This is the case whether you require a permanent or temporary solution.

Here are a number of situations where this plastic welder comes in handy:

  • Filling gaps
  • Replacing missing items
  • Making molds
  • Replacing missing or broken car parts
  • Sealing products to prevent water or damage
  • Managing control bond strength

Bondic hardens quickly and is exceptionally durable. It’s free of solvents that make your head spin the way regular glues might. Great thing about this product is that it has a prolonged shelf life so it will always be ready for your next project. You can use it on a variety of products because it dries to a clear finish and never stands out against colors. This plastic welder is one of the only adhesives you can paint or sand. [1]

Pros of Using Bondic

  • Safe to use. Safety is achieved from the fact that it does not contain any toxic chemicals.
  • Affordable.
  • It does not cause messes when using it, and in case it spills, it just needs wiping off with a wet cloth.
  • Only dries when you have it exposed to UV light for four seconds.
  • Easy to use. Its guidelines are straightforward and simple and have a tube that allows easy application.
  • Its fix is fast and long-lasting. The end product after using bondic can be stronger than the original product.
  • Works on a variety of materials, be it metal, plastic, fabric, glass, you name it.

Cons of Using Bondic

  • It only dries when exposed to ultraviolet light.

How To Use Bondic?

Bondic is very easy to use as it only requires the following 3 easy steps:

  1. Make a rough area where you’ll apply it if you need permanent cure. If all you require is a temporary fix, let it remain smooth.
  2. Apply sufficient amount on the broken piece you need to fix.
  3. Expose it to UV light so that it can toughen.

You can use sandpaper to smoothen the mended surface so that it can hide the mend or you can paint over it, depending on your preference.

Characteristics Of Bondic LED UV Liquid Plastic Welding Kit

The list below talks about some characteristics of this UV LED plastic welder.

  • Water and heat resistant – Bondic is waterproof, and if you have to use it underwater, for example, to fix leaking pipes or fill holes in metal, you don’t have to worry about its effectiveness being affected. Once it dries up entirely, it is ultimately water and heat resistant.
  • Multifaceted – It works on virtually anything, you name it.
  • It is tidy – It’s very efficient when it comes to cleanliness as it only requires wiping off with a wet clothe once it spills.
  • Very resilient – Once you use it to fix something, you don’t have to worry about that piece breaking or becoming loose again. Bondic’s repair is long-lasting. It becomes even stronger than it was in its original state depending on how well you layer it on the damaged piece.
  • Non-toxic – It does not contain any harmful substances or chemicals and is therefore safe to use.
  • It dries up efficiently – Unlike glue which can dry up quickly especially when it’s left open or unused for quite a while, it only dries up when you need it to by exposing it to ultra violet.
  • User satisfying – Bondic plastic welder has gotten a turn of reviews on its efficiency, and any user cannot deny that it’s the best fixer in the business. You do not have to worry when your items break as it will make them as right as new if you use it for your repair work. It is easy to apply and use, it’s affordable and you can use it as many times as you would want since it does not dry up unless you need it to and it also does not expire. It’s also very safe to use as it does not contain any toxic chemicals. Users all over the world are therefore guaranteed the best experience with this plastic welder be it its use or results.

Does Bondic Work?

Yes, it does work. Bondic product will not stick to your fingers like standard glue because it stays in liquid form until it is exposed to U.V. Light. Handling this adhesive is easy. It comes with a step by step guide for you to follow. Here are four steps you can follow when dealing with this plastic welder:

Bondic review
  1. First of all, you have to sand the broken part’s surface, so it becomes rough enough for the bond to stick.
  2. Put small amounts of the liquid plastic and make sure there is enough space for the UV light to shine on the liquid.
  3. Now you need to cure the bond with the UV LED light. It takes around four seconds to harden. If the broken surface is too large, it is best to cure it in multiple layers of liquid.
  4. When you’ve done all that, you can then file or sand the part, so it looks the way you want it. If you’re not concerned with the way it looks, you can leave it as it is.

How Much Use Will I Get From a Single Container?

If you use it mostly for small repairs, a standard welding starter kit will give you no less than a dozen repairs. These repairs include fixing a cracked phone case, bonding wires in an electronic device or restoring a damaged table leg. Larger jobs could require two kits or more. Complex furniture repairs is a situation where you may need more than 1 full welding kit.

Each kit contains an average of 80 drops. It’s good to know how many Bondic kits you may need. This way you can order in advance and get multiple kits at discount.

Typically, you’d apply Bondic in small drops along the surface. You’d then press the two components together and apply the kit’s ultra violet light.

Does It Work Around Water?

Water is glue kryptonite. Bondic, on the other hand, is water resistant and safe to apply to objects commonly exposed to it, such as a leaky or broken pipe. While we’d never suggest you not call a plumber in an emergency, use it to temporarily fix a pipe if you’re short on funds at that moment.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Turn off the water supply.
  2. Wait a few minutes for the excess to run through piping.
  3. Thoroughly dry pipe surface.
  4. Apply it as instructed.

The fixed piece will again be usable as if it was new.

NOTE: DO NOT use Bondic on greasy surfaces. It cannot bond to slick and oily areas. Try a degreaser first. This has to be well-executed. Any grease will cause it to peel.

What To Do if Bondic Spills?

Bondic is not like other super glues. Those other products set quickly and can be extremely difficult to apply to taste. When dried, they can be difficult to remove. You can use acetone. Only that product has the potential to damage materials and leave residue.

With Bondic, you never have to use a chisel or sandpaper to scrape spills. It will be easy to remove. You can do it whether the glue’s dry or wet. The only obstacle here is if the adhesive gets applied to an absorbent material. Outside of that, you’ll be able to remove any spills of the product.

The Bondic is safe to touch and will not cause any harm if you come into contact with it. The best way to get rid of Bondic from the skin is by rinsing with running water and applying soap. Rubbing the area before you wash helps too.

If you should find yourself in a messy situation, use an organic solvent to pick up Bondic. One good solution is simple isopropyl alcohol, a substance used to clean computers. Use gloves. Perform the task in a ventilated area or wear a mask. Organic solvents can work on both dry and wet versions of the product. Here’s the procedure.

  1. Put the alcohol in a small glass jar
  2. Dip a cotton swab into the solution
  3. Wipe the swap thoroughly over the spill
  4. This may need several applications
  5. Use a small brush to scrub the surface

Is Bondic Toxic?

Bondic is non-toxic compared to commercially unsafe products. It can fix nearly anything in a jiffy!

Please keep in mind that Bondic is not a glue and does not act as one. It is a liquid plastic welding tool. It instead creates liquid plastic which is cured by exposure to UV LED light. Once cured, it performs as a regular, household plastic. It’s non-toxic when cured.

Can I Use Bondic on My Dishware?

In some homes, dish sets are a treasure, sometimes passed down through generations or gifted to celebrate unions. They’re used only for special occasions. It’s heartbreaking when it gets damaged. But alleviate that grief when you have Bondic in your toolkit.

Here’s the process for using this uv light plastic welder to fix your dishes.

  1. Sand edges of the damaged pieces
  2. Depending on the size of each piece, space the application to an inch or so apart
  3. Press the edges together. Ensure the bond’s strength by applying pressure with both hands
  4. Apply the ultra violet light
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each piece

You can clean dishware that’s been repaired with Bondic in the dishwasher because it can withstand heat and water pressure.

What Can You Fix With Bondic?

Items repaired with a bondic

Bondic is suitable for fixing damaged and broken electronic devices and creating new threads for screws.

Some of the other usages for this product consist off:

  • Decreasing the tension on an item
  • Changing a damaged part of the plastic
  • Creating a connection between two parts of items
  • Creating bonds in places where you can’t use standard glue
  • Providing insulation to bare wires
  • Fixing small leakages

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Bondic characteristics

The best way to use Bondic would be as a repair agent. Let’s say your kid’s favorite toy breaks, and they don’t want you to buy them a new one because they became attached to the one they already have. You could use it with small drops of its adhesive and turn the UV light to harden it. This way, your kid would be happy and thankful that they get to keep their favorite toy, and it would only take you two to five minutes to fix it.


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Who Is Bondic For?

Bondic adhesive is very efficient and is the best alternative to superglue which is sticky and messy and may not always be a permanent fix, unlike bondic.

Not only does it fix or mend damaged stuff but it also makes them stronger than they were before. The more you apply, the stronger the bond it forms. The same cannot be said about superglue.

I hate working with super glue because it dries out the moment it comes into contact with air. Most adhesives selling today have that problem. This is precisely why I’ll always use Bondic instead of regular super glue. It will never dry out as you’re fixing the broken item. When you’re satisfied with the amount of liquid plastic you’ve put on, then you can shine the UV light on it to harden.

The majority of online bondic reviews say that it’s an excellent tool when working with plastic. A lot of car mechanics said it’s great when dealing with broken pieces of plastic in the interior. If you tend to mend a lot of things around your house, this is a perfect tool for you.

Can Bondic Be Used As A Filler?

Bondic is mostly used as a regular adhesive, but you can also use it as a filler. When I tried using it as a filler, it worked flawlessly. In order to use the product as a filler material, you first have to clean and then sand the broken item before you start filling. Sand it while also pouring small amounts of water until the surface is rough enough for the adhesive to stick. 

After that, it’s just adding tiny quantities of bondic and shining the UV light on it to cure. You do that until the surface is filled the way you want. For the best results, you need to use small amounts multiple times. It’s not recommended to use big blobs. When you’re satisfied with the way it looks, you can start sanding it to the perfect shape.

Bondic as Electric Insulation

Bondic is a versatile material that has many different uses. It can be used on low voltage and amperage circuits, but it’s crucial not to use it on high-voltage power sources.

Bondic vs Super Glue Comparison Table


Super Glue

Supported Materials

Plastic, wood, metal, PVC, steel, rubber, wiring, ceramic, figurines, vinyl, kevlar, polypropylene, leather and so much more

Plastic, glass, wood, metal,
ceramic, stone and more



Super glue is waterproof, but it can be weakened by prolonged exposure to water.


-40 °C to 150 °C

Max 93°C

Dangerous reactions


Natural Fibers
Applying super glue to cotton or wool may cause minor burns or fire in larger quantities.

Safety Data Sheet


Adhesive Resistance

Acids, lyes, oils, lubricants


Resistant to UV after hardening

Filling and sealing

Shelf life

One year but you may experience much longer time.

New, factory-sealed super glue can last between 8 and 12 months max.



Drying Time







Starter Kit

Bondic bottle, UV LED light, Metal Case


Made in



Shipping Information

USA = $5.99 or FREE
Canada, Australia, Austria,
Belgium, Brazil, Denmark,
Finland France Germany,
Great Britain, Greece,
Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel,
Italy, Japan, Netherlands,
New Zealand, Norway,
Poland, Portugal, Singapore,
Spain, Sweden, Switzerland = $9.99

Where to buy




Replace and restore substances (reparation) 

Setting elements and objects (temporarily or permanently)

Control over adhesive strength on difference surfaces 

Joining objects by integrating undercuts in the construction 

Filling and sealing

Embedding & burning out without leaving residue (mold making) 

Milling, sanding, polishing, painting 

Resistant to UV after hardening 

Why Is Bondic Better Than Super Glue?

First of all, it is essential to point out that Bondic is not a glue, but you can use it for the same purpose as the glue or where glue fails to accomplish its purpose, and has the best results as compared to glue.

Bondic UV liquid plastic welder is better than glue because:

You can use it on absolutely anything. Unlike superglue which does not work on glass, metal, plastic, wet items and particular pipes, bondic can be used to mend anything. With the right amount of layering on the broken item, it achieves a reliable, permanent and also temporary fix depending on your preference.

Super Glue’s Got Nothing On This Liquid Plastic Welder

Super glue is very sticky and messy and hard to clean once it pours on an unwanted area. With bondic, on the other hand, you only need to use a wet clothe of organic substance to wipe off any unwanted pouring.

Super glue is an adhesive that can irritate the eyes and mouth if not handled correctly. In worse case scenarios, it could cause asthma-like symptoms in those with sensitive skin or lungs due to exposure over time (and without proper ventilation). Therefore, always wear safety goggles and be in ventilated space when working with super glue.

Superglue dries up quickly, for example when left open for an extended period of time it will cause inconvenience to the user. Bondic, on the other hand, only dries when exposed to ultra violet light. Consequently, you have a choice in that if you do not want it to dry, it will stay in liquid (liquid plastic welder) form for as much as you need it to. It will only cure when its exposed to ultra violet light.

How Strong Is Bondic?

There is no tensile strength information as this highly depends on the unique repairs you create. Strength depends on the materials being bonded and how much Bondic material is being used or layered.

In some circumstances, it may be a great idea to create your patch in thin layers. By curing each layer in between, you can mend it while ensuring the material is thoroughly cured. The maximum thickness of one layer is 1- 1.5 mm.

In addition, Bondic cures best on rough surfaces. For a permanent bond, we recommend roughening up the area (with a nail file or sandpaper) prior to application. The rough surface gives the Bondic material something to sink into and create a strong hold. For a temporary bond, keep the surface smooth and clean. Temporary bonds can be removed with some force or chipped off.

Is Bondic Stronger Than Super Glue?

Super glue can be a great option for fixing items around the home, but it often doesn’t work as well and has shorter durability. Bondic, on the other hand, is stronger than most types of super glues, so you’ll never need to worry about your repairs failing.

Bondic is a great alternative to superglue because it has stronger bonds and doesn’t dry out before you’re finished. In addition, the UV light that comes with Bondic will fully cure the material, which means there’s no need for worry once it’s fixed in place. Finally, Bondic is resistant to sunlight after hardening.

Superglue is an adhesive that can be difficult to remove when applied. However, when you apply Bondic, you can use sandpaper on the joint for a neat finish.

How Water Resistant is Bondic?

Many adhesives are temporary solutions. Water easily breaks them up. Bondic is a permanent hold that’s water resistant. [2]

The manufacturer of this welding kit claims the product is completely waterproof, but it’s more resistant than waterproof. There are some situations where there may be problems. This is a matter of how much exposure there is and how closely objects come in contact with water.

You can use it underwater. It’s applied in swimming pools.

It’s important to remember Bondic is only resistant after it’s dried.

How Heat Resistant is Bondic?

Bondic is a great solution in situations of high temperatures. You can use it to repair a wobbly oven rack. If there’s a button falling off your floor heater, the welder will reattach it. You’ll never worry about the adhesive weakening and the button falling off again.

If you do use the product in hot areas, check the weld whenever you use the appliance to see if it’s still secure.

Does Bondic Have a Long-Lasting Bond?

bondic glasses repair

This tool is versatile and resilient. Consumers find most glues create temporary bonds. Fix broken glasses with regular adhesives and eventually the pieces fall apart again. Bondic connections last far longer than other adhesives. For a greater bond with your glasses, put a layer to the inside of the broken section and then a second on the actual connection. The bond will last for months and years.

What Other Materials is Bondic Ready For?

There are many glues available. Walk a home improvement aisle and get ready to be overwhelmed by the options. You’ve got glues engineered for specific projects. Glues for wood. Glues that aspire to work on all surfaces and clothes and plastic.

Bondic is a cut above the rest. It’s a plastic welding kit, but it works on more than just plastic and hobby kits. This is the solution for indoor and outdoor furniture. Apply it to old clothes, metal car rims, damaged pot handles and lots more.

Is Bondic Fast Drying?

Watching glue dry is as interesting as watching paint dry. It’s not unusual to glue something before going to bed and hoping the project’s ready come morning. Use liquid plastic welder in the middle of the day for quick repairs and you don’t have to wait.

It dries fast every time. The ultra violet light needs only around 4 seconds to create a strong bond. No hours of waiting as you might with wet glue. No need to keep the pieces clamped by hand, not even for a minute. It goes from being liquid to becoming hardened Application in practically 10 seconds.

Does Bondic Offer Cleaner Gluing?

Yes, it offers one of the cleanest applications you’ll ever come across. Super glues come in tiny tubes with small holes for the exit. Knock the tube over, squeeze it even a little too tight and it runs and spreads. It can take minutes and hours to remove it. It’s worse when you get the stuff on your hands!

This is nothing you’ll ever worry about with even when using the starter kit. You have great control of the application. Apply a single drop at a time and there’s no worry of using more than you require. The adhesive stay where you put it. If there is some accident, clean the surface with an organic solution and use the steps in What Do I Do if It Spills?

How is Bondic a Two-in-One Design?

Bondic® is essentially a two-in-one tool. Usually, there’s a container with glue. There might be a separate ultra violet light wand. You’re required to brush or pour glue, then get the wand and turn it on before pointing light at the adhesive. Welding adhesive comes in a small container that snaps onto the wand. You have the bond and the weld in one tool. The engineering also lets you purchase new containers which are compatible with the light wand.

How Well Does Bondic Work With Gap Repairs?

Closing gaps is a hard task with standard glue. You apply a layer, wait for it to dry and apply another, and, if needed, another. With Bondic®, you add one layer to the gap and wait. Don’t reach for a book because it’ll only be a approximately 4 seconds. Now add the next layer and repeat with the light. Depending on the gap size, the entire process will only take minutes.

What About The Messes?

Most hardware store bought glues and adhesives come with the potential to spill. It doesn’t take much — a minor distraction — and you’ve got glue seeping into carpet or spread across a countertop. Bondic doesn’t come with those dangers. It gives you control that other adhesives can’t. Some customers found welding adhesive reservoir leakage. The problem was solved with proper storage.

Apply drops or beads of the adhesive exactly where it’s needed. You’ll notice that it stays in place. The included ultra violet light can dry the adhesive where it landed to even further minimize messes.

Is Bondic Designed For Long-Term Use?

Adhesive dries out over time. How many of us reached for the superglue after a few months and found it unusable? Now you’ve got a worthless product. This might happen because the lid wasn’t snapped on right. Perhaps you held the glue past it’s expiration date.

Bondic® works any and every time you need it. It has no expiration date and doesn’t dry out. Keep the pen stored inside the kit’s case and tuck it away in a toolbox or junk drawer. It’s also ideal for storing in the glove compartment or garage in case of an emergency. You’ll never concern yourself with heat or sunlight affecting the adhesive.


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Bondic Starter Kit

Before you decide to buy Bondic, it’s good to know what comes in the starter kit:

  • Bottle.
    This black bottle comes with enough adhesive for multiple applications. It has a tip similar to a pen at one end. When you press the bottle the adhesive will start coming out from that tip.
  • UV LED light.
    This light is used to harden the adhesive.
  • Metal Case.
    The starter kit comes in a silver case made from metal. Not gonna lie, this carrying case is pretty neat, to be honest.
Bondic starter kit

Bondic Compared to Other UV Adhesives

Unlike other UV adhesive products on the market, Bondic is the first liquid plastic welding kit, and it’s not just another run of the mill adhesive.

Unfortunately, some UV adhesive products often don’t work well. Hence, consumers complain about them barely having any product inside them, you can’t refill them, and the UV application light sometimes is not working.


Should You Buy Bondic?

After reading some of the bondic reviews, I have to say I’m impressed at how well this product is received. It is Amazon’s number 1 bestseller in the welding systems category. It has a four out of five stars with over 900 global reviews.

The only bad thing about Bondic being on Amazon is the pricing, as one reviewer said: “its all over the place.” That’s because its sold by a third party retailer Microfiber Products. This is why I recommend you get the starter kit from the official site. The pricing there is always consistent and you know you’re getting it directly from the source.

Here are some customer reviews I found:

amazon reviews
online reviews
customer review

Where To Buy Bondic?

The only safe place to buy would be the official website where they sell bondic liquid plastic welder in 3 options, and these are:

  • 1 Bondic Kit that goes for $19.99 + shipping and handling.
  • 3 Bondic Kits that usually retail at $59.97 but you can get them for $39.98 because of their Buy 2, Get 1 FREE special offer, and it comes with FREE USA shipping.
  • 5 Bondic Kits that retail at $99.95 but you can get them for just $59.97 with Free USA shipping, and this is also because of Buy 3, Get 2 FREE offer.
Order Bondic

The offer of buying a certain amount and getting a certain amount for free is not going to last forever; hence, you should hurry and purchase while the offer stands.

Here is a video of us unboxing it:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any safety measures to be observed when using bondic?

No, bondic is safe to use because it does not contain any harmful substances. It has been manufactured using ingredients that are safe for use by humans. However, it is advised that it should be handled by individuals who are aged 12 years and above.

How long does a tube of bondic last?

Seeing as one tube contains 80 drops of bondic, for small repairs, it can be used more than twelve times for big jobs, you may need one or two tubes of bondic. It however depends on how much a user uses per task as well as the magnitude of the repair that needs to be done.

Can bondic be used in, against or underwater?

Yes, it is waterproof and doesn’t cause any difficulties when being used in, against, or underwater. Once it hardens too, it cannot be affected by water at all.

How do you wash off bondic in case it spills?

Bondic spills are washed off very easily using wet clothing of any organic solvent.

Does bondic dry up or expire if left without use for too long?

No, bondic plastic welder never expires, and it only dries when you’re ready for it to do so by exposing it to ultraviolet light.

Can bondic be used for the dishwasher?

Yes, the bondic material once dry is waterproof and you can effectively use the dishwasher regularly.

Is Bondic heat resistant?

Bondic is an incredible UV adhesive. When applied and also bonded, Bondic is very durable. Cured Bondic is completely heat resistant, so do not hesitate to push the limits of what you believed could be fixed.

How good is Bondic glue?

Bondic is not a glue. It is a clear liquid plastic that solidifies soon after being exposed to extreme UV light for around 4 seconds. Since it’s a non-conductive liquid plastic, it’s perfect for fixing low or reduced voltage cables like earphones wires or television cable. It’s simple to use.

Does Bondic work on metal?

This adhesive works with rubber, glass, wood, plastic and metal. The tool operates as both an adhesive applicator as well as a light.
Even though Bondic dries out in a couple of seconds, you still need to leave it to harden completely for an hour or so.

Is Bondic UV adhesive water-proof?

Yes, after the Bondic liquid plastic has 100% cured, it is entirely water-proof and risk-free to take into the dishwasher. Simply make sure the bond is solid enough to stand up to the pressure of the dishwashing machine.

Can Bondic be used for repairing plastic fuel tanks?

Unfortunately, they do not advise using Bondic for this kind of repair. Additionally, they do not recommend using Bondic involved with gas or fuel applications. With its wide temperature range, from -40 °C to 150 °c; anything outside this will cause the material to react undesirably.

Final Verdict

With all the knowledge now gained in this Bondic review and numerous tests carried out on the product, it’s safe to say that Bondic is a must-have tool. With its non-messy, durable, and controlled drying, it is, without a doubt, the best liquid plastic welder that ensures you are left fully satisfied and confident that a permanent fix is achieved.

It has also been proven to give its users the satisfaction of knowing that even after one use they can keep it away for a longer period of time without needing to use it. When you need it again, you’ll still find it intact in that it does not dry up or expire. Therefore, you can use it as usual, and its effectiveness is always the same as if it was new. People do not have to worry about the risk of toxic substances getting into contact with their body as it does not contain any toxic chemicals and is therefore safe to use.

With bondic, ‘what a client sees is what they get.’ It is uncomplicated and user-friendly, and you should always remember to have it as a mandatory tool in your toolbox.

Written by Amar

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