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Can PrimeGENIX DIM 3X™ prevent estrogen levels in men from spinning out of control? Is it the hormone-balancing supplement that it reports to be? DIM 3X™ is marketed towards the average aging male and touts some pretty impressive health benefits. We’re a bit skeptical, but if DIM 3X™ can live up to half of its claims, we’re ready to sign on up, and you should be too.

In this review, we aim to discover exactly what DIM 3X™ is all about. We’ll take an in-depth look at what’s inside this so-called estrogen blocker, how it works, what results you can expect to see, and when. We’re not holding back so buckle up and join us for the ride.

Introducing PrimeGENIX DIM 3X™

DIM 3X™ is part of the PrimeGENIX brand that’s designed to get male hormones back to the days of their youth.

If you’re in your 40s and have noticed an overall decline in your quality of life, this health supplement was created just for you.

It’s an all-natural supplement that you add to your daily routine to achieve what are supposed to be long-term results.

The manufacturer of DIM 3X™ claims this clinically-proven supplement can:

  • Reduce brain fog and improve mental focus
  • Boost energy levels throughout the day
  • Help burn fat and increase lean muscle mass
  • Tame male moodiness and combat depression
  • Restore optimal sexual function and desire

But can DIM 3X™ live up to the hype? We’ve taken an in-depth look at the product, and we’re pretty confident that it’ll do what it says. Take a look at the info we’ve compiled and decide for yourself.

Hormones & The Male Body

There are two kinds of sex hormones – testosterone and estrogen. Generally, when talking about balancing male hormones, we’re talking about testosterone. However, when there is too much bad estrogen in our system and not enough good, things start to get out of control.

When estrogen levels aren’t controlled, you may start to experience some of the following unwanted symptoms:

  • Daytime fatigue
  • Increased body fat
  • Lack of motivation
  • Memory loss
  • Moodiness
  • Aches & pains
  • Erectile difficulties
  • Decreased libido

That’s where DIM 3X™ comes into play. This unique supplement helps your body naturally restore and maintain optimal estrogen levels. On top of that, the patented formula contains ideal dosages of well-known testosterone boosters like Vitamin E.

How Does PrimeGENIX DIM 3X™ Work?

Before we get into how PrimeGENIX DIM 3X™ works, we’ll need to talk a little about dietary supplements in general. These supplements do not contain any synthetic ingredients. Instead, they tend to offer up a powerhouse combination of all-natural vitamins, minerals, herbals, and essential amino acids.

While each supplement has a different purpose, they all work in similar ways. You take it on a daily basis and watch as the ingredients build within your system. Dietary supplements are not an immediate fix to your problems. In fact, many won’t offer up real results until 2-3 months in.

So, how does DIM 3X™ work more specifically? Let’s take a look at the ingredients to find out.

DIM 3X how works

DIM 3X™ Ingredients & Clinical Proof

DIM 3X™ is a double-patented formula that’s backed by loads of clinical proof. We’ve gone through nearly every study out there we could find in hopes to determine if this supplement is really worth its weight. Honestly, we were pretty impressed with what we found. Let’s check it out.

DIM 3X Ingredients

DIM (Diindolylmethane)

While you might not be able to pronounce it, Diindolylmethane is a well-known estrogen metabolizer. The DIM 3X™ formula is marketed as an “estrogen blocker”, which is slightly misleading. There are two types of estrogen – one is “good” for men, the other “bad”. Rather than blocking the amount of estrogen your body creates, it changes the bad type of estrogen that you’re naturally producing to the good type.

Clinical studies have shown DIM to have estrogen-altering properties making it a viable option for treating a plethora of hormone-related conditions.


AstraGIN® is a 100% natural compound that increases the absorption rate of nearly any nutrient it’s paired with. This helps you get the most out of the DIM 3X™ formula without going overboard with dosages. Without AstraGIN®, this formula would be much more cumbersome to take.


Another well-known bioavailability enhancer that can be found in the DIM 3X™ formulation is BioPerine®. This patented compound makes this supplement one of the best currently on the market. It’s nearly 30% stronger, and works much faster than traditional hormone-altering supplements.

Vitamin E

DIM 3X™ has nearly three times your daily required amount of Vitamin E. Why? Vitamin E is clinically-proven to boost free testosterone levels.2 This means the average aging male can get a fully balanced hormonal system with a single, once-daily pill.

While you might not be able to pronounce it, Diindolylmethane is a well-known estrogen metabolizer. The DIM 3X™ formula is marketed as an “estrogen blocker”, which is slightly misleading. There are two types of estrogen – one is “good” for men, the other “bad”. Rather than blocking the amount of estrogen your body creates, it changes the bad type of estrogen that you’re naturally producing to the good type.

Clinical studies have shown DIM to have estrogen-altering properties making it a viable option for treating a plethora of hormone-related conditions.

How to Take DIM 3X™ for Hormonal Imbalances

One of the things we really like about DIM 3X™ is that you only need to take it one time per day to achieve the results you want. However, there are a few things you can do to maximize your outcomes. Those include:

  • Try to take it around the same time every day.
  • Drink at least 8-ounces of water for max absorption.
  • Take it with food if you’re prone to stomach issues.
  • Don’t mix it with prescription medications before consulting your physician.

Men with underlying health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes should speak with their doctor to ensure DIM 3X™ is safe for them. While this is an entirely natural product, with no consumer-reported side effects, it’s always a good idea to be safe rather than sorry.

DIM 3X how to use

DIM 3X™ – Potential Side Effects

We looked long and hard to determine if DIM 3X™ contained any ingredients that come with harmful side effects.

We’re happy to report that we found none. PrimeGENIX’ DIM 3X™ seems to be both safe and effective for the average aging male.

DIM 3X™ – Projected Results

Be wary of any health supplement that offers results within the first few days. Natural supplements take time to work. That’s all there is to it. If a supplement boasts near-instant or instant results, it likely has synthetic ingredients that can be harmful to your health. While you might be anxious to get your life back on track, we say stick with more natural solutions that offer long-term outcomes.

Because DIM 3X™ has a highly-specialized absorption system, you can see results sooner than most other natural options. Typically, results from DIM 3X™ start to become noticeable in about 2-weeks. Gradual improvement can be seen as time goes by. In most cases, optimal outcomes will be realized in 2-3 months.

Once results are achieved, you can maintain your newfound health by continuing to take the supplement. Results do not diminish with time. Keep taking DIM 3X™ and you’ll keep seeing long-lasting benefits.

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Who Was DIM 3X™ Created For?

DIM 3X™ is a full hormone-regulating system for men. You’ll likely be able to benefit from this patented health supplement if you’re ready to feel more like your younger self. DIM 3X™ can help combat a wide range of age-related concerns that inhibit your day-to-day life.

Remember, DIM 3X™ is not going to be an instant fix to your problems. You’ll need to be committed to your overall health to achieve the best results possible. But if you are, we think you’ll be pretty impressed with the overall outcome.

DIM 3X created for

PrimeGENIX DIM 3X™ Testimonials

Although DIM 3X™ is fairly new to the market, the supplement is backed by numerous doctors, clinical studies, and most importantly, hundreds of positive user reviews.

In fact, after scouring the web, there weren’t really any bad things to say. And trust us, we looked. Below you’ll find just a few examples of what we’re talking about.

“Before DIM I was always in a s*&! mood and didn’t wanna even get off the sofa. Now I’m waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. I’ve even shed a few pounds in the last month!”


“A++++. I feel like my younger self… I’m able to work corners around my younger coworkers and my productivity level at work has skyrocketed.”

Scott P

“Five out of five stars. I’ve told all my friends about this supp.”

Jimmy V

“Works well but I can’t find it anywhere but online…”

Joseph E

“Totally recommend. Feeling great after just a month. Even my wife commented on my improved mood and boost in energy.”


My sex life has never been better. Thanks DIM 3x!!!”

Robert Green

Based on what we’ve found in our research, we’re pretty confident that DIM 3X™ can more than back its claims. If you’re ready to give this revolutionary new hormone-regulator a go, you’ll have to get in line. Customers seem to be chomping at the bit to get their hands on this unique supplement.

Where to Buy PrimeGENIX DIM 3X™

DIM 3X™ can be purchased in both retail settings as well as online directly from the manufacturer. We tend to recommend taking the later route rather than sourcing any health supplement from anyone aside from the actual maker of the product.

Besides, shopping right from the source allows you to enjoy bulk discounts, free shipping, and a 67-day money-back guarantee, all from the comfort of your own home.

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Final Words on DIM 3X™

Depending on your individual needs and goals, DIM 3X™ could be a good fit for your lifestyle. However, as with any health supplement, there are pros and cons that need to be weighed beforehand.

The following list can help you determine if DIM 3X™ is right for you or not.


  • Ideal for your overall well-being (physical, mental, sexual health).
  • There’s no need to up dosages or stack the supplement.
  • Clinically proven ingredients offering results in as little as 2-weeks.
  • Bulk discounts and money-back guarantee when purchased online.
  • It’s made in the USA for peak freshness and potency.


  • DIM 3X™ is not an instant fix to your problems.
  • You won’t see massive gains in the gym from this supplement.
  • You need to commit to taking it for your long-term health.
  • It can be expensive if you’re in a retail setting.

As you can see, DIM 3X™ isn’t right for everyone. There may be some cons that might be a dealbreaker for you. But we’re pretty confident that most average men can benefit from this powerhouse estrogen-balancing supplement. With the risk-free trial period, there isn’t much you have to worry about if you decide to give it a go. So why not?

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