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Fittrack vs Withings Comparison Guide | 2021

Updated: April 2021

Brand Name




Scale Type

Smart BMI Digital Scale

Smart Body Composition
Wi-Fi Digital Scale


Up to 400 lbs

up to 396 lbs

Item Dimensions

10.2 x 10.2 x 0.6 inches; 3.1 Pounds

12.8 x 12.8 x 0.9 inches; 4.4 Pounds

Max capacity



Wi-Fi Enabled

Mobile apps

(Android 5+ / iOS 8+)

(Android 5+ / iOS 8+)


W-Fi, Bluetooth

W-Fi, Bluetooth

Body Mass Index

Fat Mass/Percentage

Water Percentage

Bone Mass

Pregnancy Mode

Other Measurements

Hydration Levels
Visceral Fat
17 different health indicators

Pulse Wave Velocity,
standing heart rate





Android, iOS, Web

Android, iOS, Web


4 AAA batteries

4 AAA batteries required
Up to 2 years


FitTrack has +/-3% accuracy,
and it syncs with
your favorite apps and wearables.

Accurate weight
measurement to 100 g


Lifetime Warranty

1 -Year Warranty

Customer Rating



FREE USA Shipping
Free shipping excludes Middle East,
Africa and Caribbean countries.

FREE USA Shipping

Money Back guarantee

30-day returns

30-day returns



Where To Buy

Losing weight has become part and parcel of our livelihoods, and people are investing their time and money to losing weight. In the contemporary world, keeping a close eye on your health through routine fitness checks has become easier with smart scales. These scales are Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi enabled to keep tabs of your health.

Fittrack Overview

This state of the art gadget enabled with Bioelectric Impedance Analysis technology has precision and accuracy. It relies on calculating impedance, which is used in determining the total body compositions.

The scale measures 17 health-related indicators such as the Body Mass Index, hydration, body fat, and body mass, to name a few. The Fittrack enables you to have your health biometrics at the confines of your home.

Therefore, it saves on money because there is no need to visit the hospital for such routine checkups when you can do it on your own. The scale is accessible via the Fittrack app, and all your information available remotely and on the go.

Moreover, the gadget's utility can be by the entire household and allows eight users. Discretion is the utmost priority of the device since the revelation of personal information is impossible without authentication from the user.

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If you're interested to learn more, you can read our FitTrack review.


Withings Overview

The Withings Body Cardio weighing scale is multifaceted, carrying out various checks, and it measures body weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), heart rate, bone mass, and muscle mass. The device tabulates all the metrics and stores them for monitoring changes.

Similarly, the machine can record the weather. Measuring weather plays a pivotal role since it helps you pick out the right attire for the day, depending on the forecast. The scale is capable of measuring the weight of unborn babies as well as that of toddlers.

The scales are linked with the health mate app as well as multiple other health monitoring apps. People who are keen on their diet can utilize the Withings smart scale to keep a close eye on their food intake and maintain a healthy lifestyle.



The entire family enables the two devices for use with the maximum number of users per device being eight. The gadgets rely on authentication by the users before accessing their accounts. The gadgets do not divulge sensitive information to other household members

The gadgets are both used to determine several health indicators ranging from body weight, mass, hydration levels, and body fat, to name a few.

The gadgets integration is synchronized to apps on your smartphone, whether an android or IOS, both versions are supported. The Withings scale uses the health mate up while the Fittrack has a personal Fittrack app.

All information from both scales is backed up on Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Health, and other health-related apps.

The two gadgets are Wi-Fi enabled, which is beneficial since information is backed up on the cloud, making it possible to access it from anywhere.

Both items exude accuracy and precision when measuring. Little or no discrepancies are found. The Fittrack is enabled with Bioelectric Impedance Analysis technology that relies on the propagation of safe electric impulses from the scale towards your body. The signals then measure the water molecules present in the body. However, the signals face inhibition when they come across body fat. This inhibitory effect is known as the impedance that is used in determining body compositions.

Both features prevent data redundancy that may take place when recording weight and recording the data on spreadsheets or manually on paper. The scales ensure that all the information is accurate, and the Wi-Fi makes this possible.

What is the difference between FitTrack and Withings

Withings has an advanced feature compared to Fittrack, which allows the user to synchronize Siri to the scale. The health mate app does this through voice activation that makes the scale user friendly. Unlike Fittrack, where the operation is manual, Withings saves time and effort since it is built for sheer comfort. 

Withings has a limitation when recording various health factors. Fittrack, on the other hand, is multifaceted, offering correct measurements and insights on 17 health pointers other than the fundamental indicators: Body Mass Index, weight, heart rate, bone, and muscle mass. 

Fittrack has an integrated system that allows users to make adjustments based on their physique, muscle tone, and body type. This way, monitoring is personalized, depending on the inclination of the user. For instance, it offers an athlete mode for people with a high metabolism. Withings, on the other hand, lacks this feature.

Withings can record weather, which gives you an upper hand when dressing up for you to do so based on the weather. The Fittrack smart scale is incapacitated in weather forecasting.

Withings offers a diet tracker where you can monitor what you eat and ensure that you are getting the right proportions of food i.e., calorie intake.

Withings has a weight-tracking device that can be set to pregnancy mode. You can easily monitor your unborn child's weight with this scale with you standing on it and not affecting the child’s weight.

Withings uses four AAA batteries that assure the user of prolonged battery life of up to 2 years, unlike Fittrack, which utilizes a single Lithium Polymer battery that is not built to last. Additional battery costs will be incurred periodically.

Withings has the option of including infants and keeping a close eye on their body weight. Since the child is merely a toddler, the weighing scale can be set to a baby mode where you can step on the scale that measures the child's weight solely regardless of being on the scale.

The Fittrack smart scale requires Bluetooth for it to be paired with the Fittrack app. When the phone is not in range, then the app's scale disconnects, which may be detrimental since some data may not be recorded on the app during the disconnect. Information on the app, however, relies on Wi-Fi to back up the metrics.


Should you buy the scales?


The Withings smart scale is quite pricy, retailing at $130. Even so, there is a more expensive body cardio scale going for $180. The additional price is to cater for the other feature that measures the pulse wave velocity. This measurement is an indicator of the general health of your heart. However, this model proves to be faulty since when linked to the app, the scale failed to measure the pulse wave velocity.

For this reason, the Withings scale is better and should be put among the smart scale considerations. Some of the perquisites that accompany the scale are that it has baby and pregnancy mode. In addition to the inbuilt battery system, the scale has a port where you can charge it. However, the batteries that come with the scale are long-lasting, and you do not have to worry about changing batteries for 18 months. The weather forecasting capabilities, multiple users, and storage on carpets or hard floors make this an ideal scale.


fittrack dara scale

Fit Track scale is particularly beneficial to tech-savvy individuals because of the state of the art technology driving it. This scale is the most accurate since it relies on impedance to measure your body's variables correctly. This scale is particularly useful to people who need through monitoring and scrutiny of their entire body.

Athletes can rip full benefits from this scale because they can work using the athlete mode suitable for their high metabolism. It can simultaneously track 17 variables that determine how healthy you are, and the $85 price tag is not a hefty price to part with, keeping in mind all the indicators that it can measure. The scale synchronizes with the phone via Bluetooth, enabling pairing with the Fittrack app, which is responsible for storing all the data obtained daily and keeping track of the progress made.

Top Pick Between Fittrack vs. Withings

The two scales might have the same functionality, but one outwits the other. Fittrack is cheaper in comparison to Withings. The Fittrack smart scale relies on Bluetooth connectivity to connect with the Fittrack app, which may be unreliable when the Bluetooth device is no in range.

It may result in the loss of vital information. Fittrack may have a complicated functionality due to the Bioelectric Impedance Analysis technology. Therefore, this smart scale is not user friendly since the interface is only alluding to tech-savvy people. Despite the complexity, purchasing the scale offers value for money because several indicators are measured. Similarly, the smart scale has a settings option that can be set depending on the body type and form. 

Withings, on the other hand, alludes to simplicity since the scale can be manually operated or through the voice-enabled feature by Siri. The main problem that comes with scale is inaccuracy while measuring the pulse wave velocity. This fault can be counteracted by purchasing a cheaper model that does not measure pulse wave velocity. The smart scale is also beneficial to infants and pregnant women. Based on these facts, despite the misgivings, the FitTrack smart scale exudes prowess and should be the better choice of the two products.

FitTrack vs Withings
Written by Adam Moreno
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