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The Best Car Bluetooth Enabled OBD 2 Scanner

What is FIXD

FIXD package contains a sensor and an app. The sensor is plugged into a car’s OBD 2 port from where it sends any issue from the diagnostic port to the mobile app on your phone. It is basically a car diagnostic tool.

The information is sent via Bluetooth which will be an evaluation of the extent of the existing problem including informing you what can happen if you continue driving without fixing the problem.

In other words, this app will notify you of the problem with a user’s car and how severe it is. The device recharges itself using the energy from the car’s battery. The FIXD app is compatible with Android and iOS. It can be downloaded and installed after which the user can plug in the sensor and then proceed to pair with their smartphone.


What's an OBD-II Port?

An OBD-II port is found under the dashboard on the driver’s side. It enables computerized self troubleshooting and diagnostics within a vehicle. It allows access to the data regarding diagnostics. The port is available in most vehicles that were manufactured in or after 1996.

A car’s diagnostic notification is sent to the user’s phone after the attached sensor scans and receives feeds from the vehicle’s diagnostics. The information received can be shown to a user’s mechanic or the user can make use of it to fix the issue by themselves.

Therefore, FIXD will save a user from dealing with complicated and incomprehensive error codes by describing to them in a language that they can understand it for them to know exactly what the problem is.


How does FIXD work?

Converting your car from a regular to a smart car cost-effectively, is made easily achievable with FIXD. Reading all error messages and troubleshooting the problems in cars is also cheaply achievable using FIXD. It rules out the need for hiring a professional to do that.

OBD-II Active Car Health Monitor is easy to operate and understand. FIXD mobile App is necessary to enable a user to make use of FIXD. The App is available for download in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. After downloading the app, the user needs to plug the sensor into the OBD-II of the car. They then need to pair it with the FIXD app on their mobile phones.

The car then makes it possible for the sensor to run by powering it. This way, you do not need to disconnect it for charging at any time. The sensor keeps constant contact with the app on the user’s phone which it connects with through Bluetooth.

The app enables you to view all the activities taking place in your vehicle. Notification to your phone will, however, be sent whenever a serious issue that requires immediate action happens to your car. The notification is sent immediately to allow you to act promptly.

The details of the problem are sent through that notification. It notifies the risks involved if you still go on driving the vehicle and provides you with an overview of what the repair process will be like.

Malfunctions and possible defects of any vehicle manufactured within the last two decades can be identified by FIXD.

It decodes the error message and conveys it to the user using plain English describing it fully. If the issue is manageable, which sometimes only need little adjustments, the user can solve it by themselves.

FIXD, therefore, saves the users’ time, energy and resources they would have spent at the repair garage. Its diagnosis is also correct as opposed to some untrustworthy mechanics.

When the car’s indicator lights have been resolved, FIXD comes in handy to clear them.

Reminding the user of dates scheduled for services is another useful reason why users should go fo FIXD. Such services include, among others, oil change and change of filters. You are likely to save resources by promptly taking your vehicle for service.

Is it Possible to use FIXD in more than One Car?

All gas-powered and hybrid cars that were manufactured after 1996 can use FIXD. All the diesel-fueled vehicles made after 2008 are also compatible with FIXD.

It is also possible to use FIXD on all trucks under 14,500 lbs in weight, that are gas-powered and bought from the United States. Claims that FIXD can work on any type of car is just a mere fallacy that has no truth in it.

How to use FIXD

Insert FIXD Into Car Port
Takes less than 60 seconds and anyone can do it!
Sync FIXD With Phone
Connect FIXD to the free app on your phone using Bluetooth. Available on iOS & Android.
FIXD Does The Rest
Get notified of any issues with continuous monitoring, preventing $1000s in costly repairs.

What are the Features of FIXD?

Continuous Monitoring

FIXD makes it possible for the user of a car to be aware of all functionality issues in the car. It also sends notifications to your phone whenever there is a defect. It only needs a little energy to keep it running. It uses battery power to recharge. It is, however, wise for a user to disconnect the sensor from their vehicle if they have no plan using the car for a while.

Multi-vehicle control

FIXD allows you to use one app to diagnose more than one car. It makes it possible for you to check on the health and functionality of several vehicles using one diagnostic app by ordering several devices. When a user downloads the FIXD app you are able to obtain all the raw data they need for their vehicle.

Mileage Detection and Reminders

There is an algorithm available within the FIXD app that enables a user to determine the mileage of the vehicle. That is possible when the sensor has been plugged in. Whenever your vehicle covers a distance and gets close to its next service, the car health monitor informs the user. If a user strictly performs service on their car as required, they save money in the long run.

Vehicle History

It is a good thing when a user is able to obtain information concerning health and fuctionality issues on their vehicles as soon as there is a mishap. Having a history of the car’s issues that you can refer back to is more elemental because it enables you to identify a possible issue that has been repeating itself from time to time. FIXD OBD2 scanner is a feature within the FIXD app that records the happenings within your vehicle and keeps them for perusal in the future.

What are people saying about Fixd

Where to buy FIXD?

You can buy FIXD on the official website where they have discounts on multiple purchases. Below is the screenshot of the 3 options that they’re offering right now.
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FIXD pros:

  • One account with multiple cars connected
  • Precise readings
  • Large Range of Issues displayed
  • Cost Estimates
  • Fast diagnosis
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective

FIXD cons:

  • Slow sensor connectivity sometimes


The FIXD device comes in handy for a someone that wants to redeem themselves from exploitation by mechanics.

This OBD-II scanner makes it possible for you to learn of the potential issue within your car when the lights of the engine turn on.

The sensor goes ahead to inform you of the intensity of the problems detected.
That saves the user from shock whenever they are performing service since they know what to expect.

It is a reliable troubleshooting tool that gives accurate diagnostics. The data they produce is actually used by some mechanics to establish the health of your vehicle.Ultimately, FIXD can be used by anyone.

It gives you diagnostics results within just a few minutes after using it. It does not require you to be familiar with a vehicle to use it because the language it uses to convey information is simple. FIXD successfully gives the results they need.

Frequently Asked Questions
A professional mechanics view of FIXD?

We have a few guys that use something similar, or maybe even that. I mean you'll know what mileage your vehicle is at and can check problems with your car. You'll also know when your check engine light is on and what it actually means or anything else.

Has anyone tried the FIXD diagnostics device?

The information it will give you is what the car tells it. It will not make a "dumb" car "smarter."
If the car's sensor malfunctions, and is detected by the vehicle - it will be passed onto FIXD. This is legitimate information.
If your car doesn't have a sensor that measures washer or oil level and/or condition - then what FIXD will tell you about is the estimation of levels present in the system. It will simply be an estimation of when they should be refilled/replaced.

Where do I find this port in my car?

It is a good thing when a user is able to obtain information concerning health and fuctionality issues on their vehicles as soon as there is a mishap. Having a history of the car’s issues that you can refer back to is more elemental because it enables you to identify a possible issue that has been repeating itself from time to time. FIXD OBD2 scanner is a feature within the FIXD app that records the happenings within your vehicle and keeps them for perusal in the future.

Do I need to disconnect FIXD from my car when it is not on use?

FIXD sensor consumes very little power when it is not in contact with the app. It, therefore, does no harm leaving it plugged in at all times. It is however recommended that users disconnect the sensor from the vehicle if they have no intention of running the car for three weeks.

Is it necessary to charge the FIXD device?

It is not necessary to charge the device snce it consumes energy from the vehicle. It will however not drain your car’s battery since it is also a low-energy user.
Is it possible for the sensor to interfere with other devices that use Bluetooth in my vehicle?
The sensor does not interfere with other Bluetooth devices since it is the user who is tasked with the role of allowing connection with other Bluetooth devices with their smartphone.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a money-back guarantee for every device sold. The guarantee goes for 30 days after the sale of the device

Is there a warranty?

Yes. There is a warranty for every device sold. It is limited and goes for one year after the sale of the device.

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