We have all, at some point, had warnings, malfunctions, or engine check lights on the car's dashboard. They can appear the next time you start the engine or while driving, which drives people crazy, especially if they are traveling.

The dashboard warning lights may be your first clue that something is wrong with the car, or something may go wrong in a short time, and it's giving you a warning.

Think back about all those times the Check Engine Light came on, and you had no idea what it means or how to fix it or how much it would cost you. Well, information is everything, and that's what Fixd gives you about your car.

That's when three tech engineering students decided to do something about it. The result is the device we're going to be looking at today. We will find out how it works, the online reviews, and if you should buy it.

What Is Fixd Sensor?

Fixd is an OBD2 car scan tool that combines hardware (OBD2 FIXD Sensor) and software (FIXD mobile app). The Fixd sensor will detect the dashboard warning lights, and with the help of the Fixd app, it will give you information about your car's health.

Fixd gives you peace of mind while saving money and time by pinpointing any problems with your car before they become bigger issues.

When you plug in Fixd in your OBD2 plug, it will scan your vehicle for any errors and send them to the Fixd app.

If it finds any problems, you can take care of them yourself, or you can take that information and give it to your mechanic so they can fix it. Knowing the right information saves you from being ripped off by mechanics.

Another thing it can do is to notify you when the next service is.

FIXD package contains a sensor and an app.

FIXD Sensor


Fixd sensor communicates between vehicle and device via Bluetooth.

Check engine diagnostics


View issue severity


Maintenance alerts


Multi-vehicle examining


Vehicle support

Gas vehicles made in 1996 and newer
Diesel vehicles from 2006 and newer
Diesel trucks made in 2008 and newer

Can clear check engine light

Yes, except code that is emission related

Device compatibility

iOS 14 or newer
Android 5.0 or newer

Fault code support

Over 7000 error codes

Trustpilot score

Sitejabber score

What Car Dashboard Lights Mean in the First Place?

The dashboard of today's cars is a complex system that relies on warning lights and symbols to give riders information about their car. On the car dashboard, we have two main types of warning lights, which are orange and red.

The orange dashboard warning light indicates that the engine management system has found something wrong with your car. You can continue driving a car with orange light, but you should still head to your local service center for diagnosis and repair as soon as possible.

The red warning light is the most serious signal in your car, and you should take action right away when it's on. For your and your car's safety, it's best to stop and find out which issue your car has. A red warning light can indicate, for example, low engine oil, overheating engine, low car coolant, braking system problem, etc.

When the red light comes on, it's time for some huge and costly repairs or even an engine replacement.

How Does Fixd Work?

Fixd is an OBD2 scanner tool that plugs into your car's OBD2 port. Fixd is compatible with gas vehicles made in 1996 and newer, diesel trucks made in 2008 and newer, and other diesel vehicles from 2006 and newer. However, Fixd doesn't recommend using the Fixd sensor for diesel trucks that are older than 2006. If you are still concerned about compatibility, you can check your car on Fixd's official website.

Fixd's sensor plugs into an OBD2 port (more details in second); after that, you need to turn on the car ignition or start up a car to be able to power the Fixd sensor and scan your car.


It reads and decodes the error message and conveys it using plain English. If the issue is manageable, which sometimes only needs little adjustments, you can solve it yourself.

When the scan finishes doing its thing, the app will notify you about a couple of things:

  • Warning light diagnosis, if there is one. If your dash light signal is on, the Fixd app will tell you why it is on, how bad it is, and how much it would approximately cost you to have it fixed.
  • Mileage-based maintenance reports. Fixd will read your current mileage and notify you when it is time for the next car maintenance. It will roughly tell you how much you will need to pay. The best way to describe this is when your dad would ask you when was the last time you changed the oil in your car.

FIXD saves you time, energy, and resources you would have spent at the repair garage. Its diagnosis is also correct, as opposed to some shady mechanics.

Reminding you of dates scheduled for services is just one of the useful reasons why many people are buying FIXD. Such services include, among others, oil change and change of filters. You are likely to save resources by promptly taking your vehicle for service.

What is OBD2, And How To Locate It In Your Vehicle?

Fixd Obd2 Port

The OBD2 port is a key component in all 1996-newer gasoline and 2008-newer diesel vehicles. It uses a universal port design that makes it compatible with most car scan tools. Your car's OBD2 system is like a home computer that can perform many tasks, but you need to monitor it with a device capable of seeing the vehicle stats.

When you scan your car with FIXD, a notification will be sent to your phone, where you will receive feeds from the vehicle's diagnostics. You can show that information to a mechanic or use it to fix the issue yourself.

Using FIXD will save you from dealing with complicated and incomprehensive error codes by describing to you in a language you can understand.

Where is an OBD2 port located?

The location can vary depending on your car, but the most common place is somewhere below the steering wheel.

Note: Usually OBD2 port is hidden from the eyes and can be inside of the fuse box under the steering wheel. So take your time to look around and locate it.

Fixd Sensor Free App

The Fixd app is where you can find all the information needed to keep your car running smoothly. When checking your car's status on the app, you'll be able to see any errors that have been reported. The descriptions for those errors provide more information about what each may mean and how they can affect the car. 

fixd app

For example, if the O2 sensor fails, which results in low mpg, you might not pass the emissions test. It will also show you a visual representation of the mileage, so you know when to take your vehicle for maintenance. In addition, you can leave the Fixd sensor plugged in your car, and the Fixd app can send you notifications when it detects a problem.

With the Fixd app, you'll never have to worry about forgetting or neglecting your maintenance. The timeline provides an easy way of checking off what needs to be done at every milestone with a simple tap on the screen.

Fixd Sensor Premium App

The free Fixd app lets you quickly diagnose car problems and includes maintenance reminders. If this isn't enough for you, consider going with the Fixd premium features and on-call support service assistance from experts who can help with vehicle maintenance and repairs. 

After signing up for Fixd premium, you will get access to additional features, which are:

  • Confirmed Fix and Cost. It helps you avoid any scams you might get into by telling you exactly how to fix the issue and how much it would cost you.
  • Issue Commonality. It tells you how common or rare your problem might be, so you always know what's going on when going into mechanic shops.
  • Mechanic Hotline. You can use this hotline to ask them what type of oil to buy, which spark plugs to use, etc. Their experts are available from Monday to Saturday.
  • Emissions Pre-Check. This feature lets you check your emissions from the comfort of your home, so you know if everything is ok or not before the official test.

For Fixd Premium, you have three types of membership subscriptions to go with.

  • 1 Week goes only for $1, and after 7 days, unless you cancel, you will be charged $69.99 for an annual membership. 
  • The monthly membership costs $8.99.
  • Annual membership costs $69.99.

FIXD Sensor Pros

  • With one app, you can check multiple vehicles
  • Great for DIY and garage mechanic
  • Largerange of Issues displayed
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Fault detection notification
  • Cost estimates
  • Fast diagnosis
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective

FIXD Sensor Cons

  • Lack of support for diesel vehicles (Cars from 2006-newer and trucks from 2008-newer)
  • Doesn't support electric cars

Can I Use Fixd Sensor On Multiple Cars?

You can use one Fixd sensor with multiple cars. With the Fixd sensor and app, you can put sensors in each of your family's cars so that all vehicle data is available on one phone. Choose which vehicle to diagnose and get started. I would personally recommend you get one sensor for each car you own. The app has a multi-vehicle control feature, which lets you monitor multiple cars with one smartphone.

To add more vehicles from the app, tap on the top left button to show all your cars. You need to click on the plus (+) sign to add a new vehicle. You can also rename and delete your car. If you tap on one of the vehicles, it will reveal details about it. At the top of the app, there is the name of the car you are viewing.

How To Use Fixd Sensor?

The Fixd sensor works together with the Fixd Android and iOS app, communicating with the scanner via Bluetooth. As a result, you can save and retrieve your diagnostic data. When you open the app, there is a Scan button in the center of the screen. On the bottom, you will see the vehicle condition button, which is basically the home button, details button, timeline button, and wear items tab.

Using the Fixd car sensor is a straightforward process. Just follow the simple steps to easily link your Fixd sensor to your phone application.

Note: Before connecting the Fixd sensor to your car, download the Fixd app for Android or iOS and adjust the required settings.

Step 1) Locate your OBD2 port in your car; as we said earlier, it is usually located below the steering wheel on the left or right side.

Step 2) After locating the OBD2 port, plug the Fixd sensor in the port.

Step 3) With the Fixd sensor connected, the next step is filling out the registration form. It will ask you to enter the serial number of the FIXD scanner, which is located on the device.

The Fixd sensor needs to be paired with your phone app before you can start using it, so be patient.

The next thing would be to start a scan, if it doesn't detect any problems, a green Fixd icon will appear, and if it identifies issues, the image will be yellow. The red icon will appear when it detects a serious problem with your car. Hopefully, you won't see it. You can click on the issue to see its description and the problems it could cause if it continues.

You can also view other dash light options such as Brake pads, brake system, oil pressure, engine coolant, etc. Unfortunately, Fixd cannot scan those items yet. Instead, it shows the description of each item and what it does. Hopefully, the company will make it a standard in the next version. The timeline tab shows you reminders for when to change your oil, air filter, etc.

Fixd essentially uses the data it collects from your car to notify you when you should replace your battery, tires, wipers, etc. It shows you compatible parts and where you can buy them.

What Faults Can Fixd Sensor Detect?

Fixd troubleshooting faults

According to the Fixd website, the Fixd sensor can identify over 7000 error codes. Unfortunately, we could not find any lists of codes that the Fixd sensor can detect. 

It says that it can identify major issues with your engine oil temperature or O2 sensor, as well as tell you if more significant problems need to be taken care of. Also, we found codes that Fixd could not read, such as ABS and airbag controlled by the manufacturer and difficult to communicate through the OBD2 port. Fixd stated, "We are currently working on licensing that information from the manufacturers."

With Fixd, you can clear "Check Engine Light," but if the vehicle issue is not solved, a light will appear after driving a certain number of miles. Because of Federal Regulations, Fixd cannot clear any code which is emission related.

Fixd Price

One Fixd sensor will cost you $59.99 plus shipping and handling. When you click on the order button, you will get an option to extend the 1-year warranty to a LIFETIME warranty for $10.

The second option is 2 Fixd sensors for $89.98 with FREE USA shipping. This is their promotion for when you buy 1; you get 1 50% OFF.

And finally, the third option is 3 Fixd sensors with their promotion Buy 2, Get 1 FREE, which comes at $119.98 with Free USA shipping.

Every package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If by any chance you have an issue with your Fixd sensor check out their returns and warranty page for all the details on how you can RMA it or return it.


Where Can I Buy Fixd?

Fixd is available to purchase on a couple of different websites. There is the official website, Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.
I recommend you get Fixd direct from the official manufacturer website.

Fixd website: https://getfixd.io

Fixd Support

The Fixd support team is available through their email support 24/7. You can get in touch with them by submitting a ticket on their official zendesk support page.


You can browse through their support page and see if there is a question that might be of help to you. If you don’t want to bother with searching for it simply submit a request ticket and explain in detail whats the problem and wait for them to answer.

You can also try and get in touch with them via social media. Here is a list of their social media pages:

Fixd Customer Service Number.
If all of the above doesn’t work for you, try getting in touch with them on their phone number: +1 925-854-1766.


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How To Cancel Fixd Premium?

If you are not happy with the premium features, you can always cancel it. You can cancel your premium subscription and auto-renewal by visiting this link:

After you've canceled the subscription, you will still have access to the premium until the paid-through period has ended.

Fixd Reviews

On Amazon, the reviews are relatively good. It has a 4.1 out 5 stars with over 5000 customer ratings. Some users are praising it for how easy it connects to the car.

Fixd Amazon Reviews

On TrustPilot, there are 308 reviews, of which 68% say it's excellent, 9% great, 3% average, less than 1% poor, and 19% bad. The overall rating is 3.9 stars, which they classify as great. That’s not bad when it comes to Trustpilot scores.

Fixd Reviews

BlueDriver vs Fixd

Let's talk about the comparison between these two. They are basically the same thing and can be used by every type of person. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. If I'm going to compare them, then Fixd would be the better tool for the average consumer, while BlueDriver is more for a professional type of guy. BlueDriver is more expensive than Fixd, so there is that to take into consideration.

Final Verdict

Overall, I'd say that Fixd is a pretty fantastic device for the value you get from it. It identifies and recommends possible fixes for your car and reminds you when to take your vehicle for maintenance.

It comes handy for someone that wants to save themselves from exploitation from car mechanics.

This OBD2 scanner makes it possible for you to learn the potential issues within your car when the engine light turns on.

The sensor will inform you of the intensity of the problems detected. That saves you from shock whenever mechanics are performing service since they know what to expect if you tell them of course.

It is a reliable troubleshooting tool that gives accurate diagnostics. The data they produce is actually used by some mechanics to establish the health of your vehicle.Ultimately, FIXD can be used by anyone.

It gives you diagnostic results within just a few minutes after using it. It does not require you to be familiar with a vehicle to use it because the language it uses to convey information is simple. FIXD successfully gives the result it needs.

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