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FIXD vs Carista Bluetooth Scanners Comparison Guide 2021

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OBD scanners allow you to read information about your vehicle performance. Recent advancements in tech have enabled compression of the OBD scanner into a simple tool that plugs into the OBD port on your car and connects wirelessly to a smartphone.

FIXD is a professional Bluetooth OBD scanner package that combines an OBD hardware tool and an application that runs on most smartphones. Users have the choice of installing either the android or the iOS version of the FIXD app, depending on which phone they own. The FIXD hardware tool is compatible with hybrid and gasoline vehicles manufactured after 1996 and available to drivers in US and selected regions.

Carista is a Bluetooth OBD scanner suite that also combines an OBD plug in hardware tool and a smartphone application. Users of the Carista scanner get a free smartphone application and have the option of upgrading to the paid version later. The paid Carista app allows the user more customization and control features using either an android or iOS device.

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Fixd vs. Carista - Similarities and Differences


Free application

When buying both OBD scanners, the buyer receives a free application that he or she can install on a smartphone.

Android and iOS compatibility

The smartphone applications for both scanners have android and iOS versions. Users with android phones can download the free software from Google's play store while users with apple phones can find the OBD application from Apple's Appstore.
Both Scanners are not compatible with smartphones or tablets running on Windows operating system.

OBD Port Plug in Hardware

Both scanners come with a portable adapter that connects to the OBD port on a vehicle. The OBD port is located on gasoline vehicles manufactured after 1996 as well as the more recent hybrid vehicles.

Bluetooth connectivity

Both scanners connect to the smartphone application via Bluetooth. Bluetooth connectivity allows only one device to connect to the phone at a particular time. This means that only one car can be scanned with the scanner every time. To scan multiple vehicles, the OBD hardware tool has to be swapped to the car you want to scan. Alternatively, the phone application has to support user account creation where you can add each ODB scanner you want to monitor.


Application variations

The FIXD app is free and allows users to access all the possible customization functions and features available when using the scanner.
The Carista application is given free to users after each purchase. It allows them to test the various customizations and control features for one month. They then have to pay for the application to continue accessing all the features. Android and iOS versions of the Carista app are sold separately.


The FIXD scanner connects to the OBD hardware, scans the vehicle's computer, and displays information about the error codes that cause check engine lights on the dashboard. It also scans the odometer and displays information about the service schedule and maintenance reports that depend on the car's mileage.

The Carista scanner also connects to the phone application via Bluetooth. Once it has scanned the vehicle's computer, it gives the user the option of clearing the error codes to do away with the check engine light or resetting the error codes after servicing the car. The app also offers more customization features, such as windows and light settings.

Multiple vehicle Monitoring

The FIXD app allows you to create an account and link the ODB hardware adapters on multiple cars to the account. The user account stores the details of a maximum of 5 vehicles on a single phone.
The Carista scanner allows monitoring of only one vehicle at a time and does not store the information of the vehicle.

Continuous monitoring

FIXD scanner helps the user to continuously monitor their vehicle. Once the scan is complete, the application stores the information and alerts the user when his or her car develops an issue or when it is time to service some parts.

With the Carista scanner, the information you get is only for the scan you have done. The application requires you to perform a fresh scan every other time to get an updated diagnosis of your car.

Vehicle compatibility

FIXD scanner is compatible with gasoline vehicles that are sold in United States and selected regions that were manufactured in the year 1996 or later. It also supports use on the more recent hybrid cars.
The Carista app is only compatible with selected models of vehicles. These include Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mini, Scion, Subaru, Toyota, and VW cars.


How to use FIXD and Carista

To use the FIXD scanner, ensure that you have first installed the FIXD application on your smartphone. From here, plug in the OBD hardware tool into the OBD port in your car. The OBD port on most cars is located on the driver's side right below the steering wheel.

Put the key into the ignition. Then turn it to the on position. It is not necessary to run the car.

Then open the app on your phone.

Connect the application to the OBD scanner via Bluetooth and click the Scan button at the center of the screen.

The app automatically scans the car and displays the FIXD logo in three colors depending on whether the car has any issues. A green logo means no issues were found. A Yellow logo displayed after a scan means a few issues were found. A red logo indicates that the car has a number of serious problems.

The Carista scanner also works in the same manner. Simply install the Carista application on your android or apple device. Once your app is up and running, plug in the OBD hardware tool to the port below the steering wheel. Turn on the car to the run position and connect the app to the OBD adapter via Bluetooth to scan for issues on the car.

Skill Level

Using both applications is equally straightforward. The FIXD application, however, is better suited for professional mechanics to scan the vehicle, identify, and display the parts that are causing engine lights to appear on the dashboard. The mechanic can then go ahead to fix the issues.

The Carista application can be used both by professionals and by car owners. The professionals can use the app to display the faults causing check engine lights on the dashboard and go ahead to fix them. Car owners, on the other hand, can use the apps ability to reset and clear errors to remove check engine lights from the dashboard. A point to note is that clearing the errors does not get rid of the problem.

Ease of Use

Both Bluetooth ODB scanners are easy to use. The ODB port plug in devices snap into place on compatible car models and the interface on both apps is user friendly.

FIXD have gone further to make the scan results that you easy to understand by color-coding the FIXD logo displayed with the scan results. The app interface also has clearly labeled buttons that display information about the car parts when tapped.

FIXD also stores information about the car after a completed ODB scan and alerts the owner when they should visit a dealer for service. As such, car owners can take better care of their cars with the help of the FIXD scanner.

The Carista app might take some time to learn and get used to due to the many options available for car parts customization. Giving users the option of clearing the error codes also tempts them to clear the errors without fixing the problems that are causing the errors. Clearing error codes, however, only gets rid of the dashboard light. In fact, it makes matters worse in some cases because the issue causing the dashboard light might be overlooked when the user visits the service center.

In most cases, clearing the dashboard light is only a temporary fix since the light comes on again after a few days.

What is the Price


There are three options for buyers who want to get the FIXD OBD scanner.

The first option is for a single FIXD scanner, which buyers get for a discounted price of $19.99. The buyers are not charged any extra shipping charges. This option is only available for a short time. When it expires, buyers will be required to pay the full amount for the FIXD scanner.

The next option is also a promotional offer available for a short time. In this option, buyers get two FIXD scanners for $39.99. Buyers don't pay any shipping fees for the scanners as well.

The final option is the most affordable choice when making a bulk purchase of FIXD scanners. It gives the buyers 3 scanners at a price of $59.99. No charges are imposed for shipping with this option.

The buyers get the FIXD application free of charge after buying the FIXD ODB adapter. There is no extra subscription fees imposed on the buyer after buying the FIXD scanner or after using it for a while.


Carista scanner is not available on any offers for now. Every scanner is purchased at the full price. You can check out the price here.

The scanner comes with the Carista phone application that has the full features. The full feature app is only functional for one month after which it requests the buyer to purchase the paid application or continue using limited features with the free application.

Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

FIXD offer a warranty and money back guarantee for all the scanners purchased from their website, including the scanners bought during the promotional period. Unsatisfied customers can raise a money-back request by contacting FIXD customer service team through the listed phone contact on their website or via email.

Carista do not offer a money back guarantee for their scanner. Instead, they partner with third party distributors like Amazon and other worldwide partners to deliver the scanners to customers. The return policy for the vendor you purchase the scanner from applies. The refund policy is addressed on a case to case basis, meaning that there is no guarantee for a refund. The company also advises buyers to be wary of the Carista scanners sold on E-bay by malicious vendors who inflate the price.

Top Pick Between FIXD vs. Carista

After comparison of both scanners, the FIXD scanner proves to be a better choice for buyers who want to diagnose problems that cause dashboard lights on their cars. The limited promotional offer helps buyers to save money by purchasing multiple devices at discounted prices.

The free smartphone application, which contains all features, also makes the FIXD scanner better than the Carista scanner, whose full feature application is only free for a month. The FIXD scanner also has the multi-vehicle and continuous monitoring capabilities that are missing on the Carista scanner. The warranty and money back guarantee offered by FIXD also assure buyers of getting value for money. With the Carista scanner, however, users have to go through third party vendors to get a refund.

FIXD vs Carista

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