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FIXD vs OBDLink MX+ Detailed Comparison | 2021

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Fixd Obd2 Car Diagnostic Scan Tool Review

A check engine indicator could mean a lot of things, but one thing for sure is that your car has broken down. Such instances call for getting a mechanic, and often, they are quacks, and they tend to overprice unsuspecting motorists. The Fixd is an appliance created by three tech Grad students from Georgia to end all your woes.

The gadget's impeccable connectivity properties allow linkage to car models dating from as far back as 1996 since all cars from then are computerized. The widget is then integrated and synchronized to a fixd app on your phone. The device carries out a conclusive check on your engine and determines the exact problem it is facing while also quoting the repairs' cost to avoid being duped into overpaying.

fixd app

They are currently having a sale for when you Buy 1 FIXD, you get 1 50% OFF.

OBDLink MX+ Overview

This device is an adaptor that is compatible with any device, android, IOS, and iPads. The device functions as a diagnostic tool and an odometer since it can calculate your car's fuel consumption and the distance covered.

Similarly, it measures the vehicle's performance while comparing it to the manufacture's data by accessing other ECUs other than that of your car. The app also generates trouble codes to understand the car's air conditioning system, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPM), and the Supplement Restraint System (SRS).



  • Both features are Bluetooth enabled since the sensor's connectivity is intertwined with your smartphone.
  • Both sensors are compatible with any device from Androids to iPhones.
  • Both gadgets are only functional on car models from no late than 1996 since these vehicles are computerized with an ECU and an OBD-II port.
  • The gadgets are tiny, and they do not take up much space. The driver's legroom is therefore not tampered with.
  • The installation of the gadgets is simple and fast since it does not take a lot of time to install them. Fixd takes about under a minute to be fully set up, while OBDLink MX+ takes roughly three minutes.
  • The two devices are apt in clearing check engine lights through displaying codes that define the error and suggest the best ways of repairing the problem.
  • Both gadgets are compatible with all OBD-II protocols such as ISO15765-4/SAE J2480, ISO9141-2, 1850 PWM, ISO14230-4, and J1850 VPW.
  • The two gadgets are battery sensitive since they do not drain the life out of your battery. They can be left running without dwindling any amount of power. The OBDLink MX+ specifically utilizes its low current sleeping mode where the car is hibernating to save fuel and prevent overworking.


  •  The Fixd gadget is incapacitated in detecting issues with the Anti-lock Braking and Supplement Restraint Systems. OBDLink MX+, on the other hand, detects all the possible problems fathomable, from AC to tire pressure to anti- breaking to restraining systems in the car. The tech can do it all.
  • OBDLink MX+ is a unique wireless adaptor, the only one of its kind in the market that can support GM-LAN and Ford MS-CAN vehicle networks. This feature puts it ahead of the rest since it enables it to access data from several ECUs.
  • OBDLink MX+ can only work its magic on a single car. Fixd, on the other hand, can be used on multiple vehicles. An entire family can link their car sensors to one account for close monitoring.
  • OBDLink MX+ is manufactured exceptionally well and has a state of the art security system that safeguards all your data.
  • OBDLink MX+ also has free firmware and software updates.
  • Fixd can carry out a conclusive checkup on your car and is conversant with over 7,000 diagnostic problems your engine may be having. This way, no problem will go undiscovered.
  • Fixd is capable of calculating the magnitude of your car problem and calculating how much the repair cost to prevent overcharging since some mechanics take advantage of unsuspecting drivers and overcharge them.
  • The OBDLink MX+ is fitted with a load dump protection that prevents the automotive from which an overvoltage may result and completely render your car battery useless.
  • The FIXD sensor can only work on vehicles that are powered by gas. The gadget does not work on vehicles that are run by diesel and those that are purely electric cars. The device is also compatible with hybrid cars. The OBDLink MX+, on the other hand, is compatible with any cars running on gas with a manufacturing date succeeding 1996. Diesel-powered vehicles from 2004 are fitted with the OBD-II port and are therefore befitting with the gizmo.

They are currently having a sale for when you Buy 1 FIXD, you get 1 50% OFF.

The hardest part of setting up this adapter is spotting the OBD-II port, usually located under the dashboard and right below the steering wheel. Plug in the adapter and the turn on your car. However, do not start the car. The next logical step is turning on your phone’s Bluetooth and ensure that your phone is discoverable. Press the button on the adaptor to ensure that it is also discoverable on your device.

An icon showing the OBDLink MX+ will appear on your phone.
Click on the name and then launch the application, which directly connects to the app. green Power and BT LEDS blue in color will indicate that the application and the device have been successfully connected. The app is now ready to use.


The Setup of this gadget is slightly different from that of the MX+ since the first logical step is downloading the Fixd application. The next step is manually turning on Bluetooth on your phone and then register an account on the app.

Select your preferred repairs and turn on maintenance notifications. Select the Fixd sensor option and then input the unique code located at the back of the sensor. Plug in the device to the OBD-II port. A flashy blue light indicates a successful plugin. Add the sensor to your phone and rename it by taking up the vehicle's model as the new name. Turn your car on and then try connecting the sensor to the app.

What is the Price

The Fixd is less pricey compared to OBDLink MX+. The former is especially popular among people who are not technology whiz kids and people who enjoy a more hands-on approach due to its straightforward approach. The latter is preferred by people who prefer doing everything on their own.

Families who own multiple cars significantly benefit from Fixd through purchasing the gizmo in wholesale. This way, the item is obtained at a discount. The Fixd premium and Identity accounts ensure that you can access the Fixd Maintenance club that enhances the customer experience. In case you are experiencing technical problems with your car, you can contact the club, which has a free membership. The club can then deliver the parts you need for repairing the malfunction to prevent being given fake spare parts at the mechanic.


Money-back guarantee

Upon buying the Fixd scanner and not receiving the desirable results, the gadget has a 30-day money-back guarantee. The company offers a full refund. In addition to this, it has a one-year warranty. The OBDLink MX+, on the other hand, provides a better incentive since they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee and a three-year warranty on all repairs and replacements.

Customer Feedback

Most of the testimonials from the users who interacted with either of the scanners were encouraging since the users were in awe and pleased with the efficiency. The days of taking expensive trips to the mechanic are over.

The routine maintenance checks keep the vehicles in top shape, and the likelihood of your car being towed because it broke down in the middle of the road is null since the scanners detect the errors in real-time. The customer reviews from OBDLink MX+ stated that despite being pricy, the device is worth every penny since it has other features that the Fixd sensor is limited to.

The consensus from the article is that every person can use the scanners. Even so, the Fixd sensor is suitable for beginners who have minimal knowledge of cars. The other extremity of car owners who are more conversant with the car antiques prefer the OBDLink MX+, which allows them to handle their car independently without much assistance from hardware and software.

The Fixd scanner's features exude dominance over OBDLink MX+ is the ability to scan several vehicles at once while linking all the sensors to a single account for easier monitoring. In the same way, it can calculate the actual charges of the repair costs.

The price tag on the device is fair compared to its overall functionality. The downside of Fixd is that the users may experience troubleshooting errors. However, the OBDLink MX+ is the superior device in terms of detecting SRP and ABS related problems.

Moreover, the scanner is the only one capable of connecting to the GM-LAN and Ford MS-CAN networks. One clear thing is that the OBDLink MX+ is the top pick for people who are not working on a budget.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.

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