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Freeze Sleeve

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Hot & Cold Compression Sleeve

Cold Therapy Compression Sleeve

Uses For:

Tendinitis, Acl, Patella, Arthritis, Pain Relief, Mcl,Tennis Elbow Golfer’s elbow, and Climbers elbow, osteoarthritis, Swelling, Bursitis

Helps inflammation, strains, sprains, patella surgery, meniscus tears or ACL or MCL surgery

Relief for injuries, surgery, recovery or treatment from running or jogging

Arthritis, tendinitis, inflammation, tennis or golfer’s elbow, cubital tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and orthopedic discomfort

Post-game recovery routine

Post-surgery rehab routine

Stabilizing and supporting inflamed elbow or knee joints

Cold Terapy: 

For optimum use, place your sleeve in a Ziplock bag and into the freeze for at least 2 and a half hours (or longer).

Place the product in the freezer for 2 hours to ensure it reaches its coldest temperature. It is also recommended that you turn your freezer to its lowest temperature setting

Hot Terapy: 

Make sure sleeve is not cold and at room tempearature. Microwave starting at 10 second and add in 5 seconds to get desired temperature. 

Multiple Treatment Areas:

Knee, elbow, bicep,

hamstring, thigh, quad,

calf/shine, wrist/forearm ankle.

Knee, elbow, wrist,

hamstring and quad,

shin and calf, ankle.

360º Full Coverage: 

Doctor Recommended:


Made with cutting-edge material and expert-grade gel, soft, breathable fabric provides a comfortable compression-like stretch

that doesn't wiggle or slip

Made with a specially formulated solid gel covered in a soft compression fabric,

meaning no leaks

Stretchable and Reusable:

No Uncomfortable Pinching:

No velcro: 

No mess & No Frustrating Insert: 

Customer Rating:




Whether you’re playing a sport or working out, there’s always a chance that you could twist an ankle, pull a muscle, or worse. That’s why it’s important to have something on hand to help you heal and recover quickly.

You’ve probably had issues where the ice pack just wouldn’t stay on your injury no matter what you did. And on top of that, you had to find something to wrap around the ice pack and injured area so it doesn’t fall off.

In today’s article, I’m going to compare Freeze Sleeve vs. TheraICE Compression Sleeve. So stick around to find out which one is better for treating your injuries.

TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve

TheraICE uses a gel wrap system to provide cooling or heating relief to any body part!

So whether you’re dealing with pain in your elbow from too much time spent at the computer or looking for a way to reduce knee pain after a long run, TheraICE is here to help.

The TheraICE gel is flexible and easily conforms to any area of your body, providing targeted pain relief.

TheraICE Compression Sleeve

In addition, the compression wrap system ensures that the device stays securely in place, even while you’re moving around. And best of all, TheraICE can be used for both hot and cold therapy.

For cooling relief, simply place TheraICE in the freezer for a few hours. After taking it out, the gel inside will stay cold for up to 15 minutes, providing deep cooling relief to wherever you need it most. Or, if you want hot therapy, microwave TheraICE for 10-15 seconds and apply it to the area of your body experiencing pain. The heat from the gel will help to loosen tight muscles and promote blood flow to the area, providing fast relief.

Whether you use it for cooling or heating therapy, TheraICE is the perfect way to relieve pain and promote mobility. Use it at home while watching TV or working out, or take it with you on the go to relieve pain wherever you need it.

How TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve Works

TheraICE provides hot and cold temperatures to control blood flow to the treatment area. This helps regulate your body’s natural healing process and provides 360-degree pain relief.

Use it on any part of your body where you’re experiencing pain, from your ankles to your elbows. TheraICE is great for targeted areas like your calf, knee, hamstring, wrist and forearm, and elbow. With its easy-to-use application, you’ll experience fast-acting pain relief that will help you get back to your life.

The targeted relief is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid taking medication or dealing with messy creams and ointments. TheraICE is also great for athletes looking for a way to speed up their recovery time.

This unique dual therapy technique is perfect for treating all types of injuries, including inflammation, arthritis pain, sore muscles, swelling, strains, sprains, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and more. Plus, it’s great for post-surgery recovery and can even help with tendinitis, bursitis, and tendinosis.

The unique compression perfectly distributes this hot/cold therapy to ensure TheraICE is hitting all the right spots. It’s an easy and convenient way to reduce pain and swelling. It is also doctor-recommended.

TheraICE compression sleeve is also easily washable with a damp towel—no need to submerge in water. If it gets wet, simply allow it to air dry.

TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve Pros

  • You can treat multiple areas such as knees, elbows, biceps, hamstrings, thighs, quads, calves, or ankles
  • It’s comfortable to wear because of its smooth and soft fabric
  • No uncomfortable pinching
  • Slides on and off with ease
  • 360-degree full coverage
  • It does not use velcro, so it won’t pull on your hair

TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve Cons

  • Only available in one colour

Freeze Sleeve

Freeze Sleeve comes in six sizes and can be used for 360 degrees of compression coverage on both the arms and legs.

The Freeze Sleeve is the perfect solution for athletes who are tired of the hassle of traditional ice bags and wraps.

Simply store the sleeve in your freezer for at least two hours, then slip it over the desired treatment area for 20 minutes of cold therapy.

The sleeve naturally contours to your body, allowing a full range of motion, and won’t burn or damage your skin. It’s even formulated with an anti-microbial gel to prevent odors.

Freeze Sleeve how to use

How Freeze Sleeve Works

The Freeze Sleeve is the perfect way to soothe and cool sore muscles and joints. The sleeve transfers the cold to your skin and muscle tissue, absorbing your body heat. This allows for a specifically calibrated exposure to cold therapy, which can help reduce pain and inflammation.

How Freeze Sleeve Works

Freeze Sleeve Pros

  • You can treat multiple areas
  • Total compression coverage
  • It’s made from natural rubber latex so that it won’t get sticky or hard
  • These sleeves are also leakproof
  • The material stays flexible no matter how low temperatures may fall—as long as they’re between 0°F – 20 ° F

Freeze Sleeve Cons

  • More expensive than TheraICE
  • No hot therapy


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The Difference Between Freeze Sleeve and TheraICE Compression Sleeve

Both products offer 360 degrees of compression coverage, making them ideal for target relief. The Freeze Sleeve comes in six sizes ranging from S to 3XL. to fit any body part, from wrist to quad. It also has two color options: black or pink. If you’re between two sizes, order one larger for comfortability.

The TheraICE sleeve is available in four sizes and two colors. Choosing the right size for your needs is important, as too large of a sleeve can cause more pain.

Both products use cold compression therapy to help control blood flow to the targeted area and promote the body’s natural healing process. Both sleeves cool and soothe by transferring the cold to your skin and muscle tissue, but theraICE can also use hot therapy to help loosen tight muscles and improve circulation.

TheraICE is a gel wrap system that can provide cooling or heating relief to any part of your body, while the Freeze Sleeve is a compression sleeve providing only cold therapy relief for aching muscles and joints.

TheraICE is a wearable ice device you can wear during or after exercise. It securely wraps around your body and uses cold therapy to help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and speed up recovery.

Freeze Sleeve is another great option for post-workout or post-surgery recovery. It is designed to be worn while resting or sleeping and uses cold therapy to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and promote healing.

Important: The Freeze Sleeve needs to stay dry! The gel will absorb water and expand if you let it get wet. So make sure your sleeve is always air-dried after washing.

So, Which Product Is Right for You?

With all this information in mind, deciding which product is right for you can be tough. The TheraICE and Freeze sleeves have their benefits and drawbacks, so it ultimately comes down to what you need. However, if you’re looking for a long-term solution to keep your muscles healthy and functioning properly, the TheraICE Compression Sleeve is the best option.

Whichever product you choose, follow the instructions carefully and consult a doctor before using either one.

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