If you are like me and have a bald head, you know it can be a pain to shave your head in the shower every morning. It is time-consuming to use a traditional razor blade, and you constantly risk getting cuts that are painful and particularly noticeable on your scalp.

razor skin burn
Skin burn after using razor

I wanted to try something new, so I picked up the BaldiePro from Groomie Shaver. Groomie made the BaldiePro an all-in-one shaving platform, and I am happy to say this gives me a great shave in the morning.

Want to learn more about the BaldiePro or are interested in picking one up yourself? Read on and see its features and what I think about the product.

What Is a Groomie BaldiePro?

BaldiePro is an electric head shaver with a four-head design. The shaver can pivot around your head to give as close of a shave as possible.

Groomie sought to design an electric shaver that took time out of the shaving process, and they say it only takes three minutes to shave your head with it. I found this time estimate to be accurate, and it is faster than using a standard razor.

Groomie claims this product will leave your head feeling as smooth as a baby, something most electric shavers cannot accomplish.

While I found the shave to be closer than other electric shavers I have tried, it still does not come quite as close as using a razor. But you are not likely to tell a sizable difference, and this is still an excellent option for shaving your head in the morning.

The BaldiePro is quite small, meaning it is perfect to take on the go with you. Groomie ships it with a convenient travel case in some bundles where you can place the shaver and all its accessories. Where many electric shavers are too cumbersome to take on vacation, I found this to be an appropriate size.

groomie baldiepro ergonomic design

I should point out that the BaldiePro is not a replacement for hair clippers for longer hair, as you should only use it for stubble and not to trim longer hair. Groomie recommends only using the BaldiePro on hair that is shorter than stubble of 7-10 days.

What Benefits Does it Provide Over Traditional Razors or Clippers?

using groomie baldiepro

Firstly, the BaldiePro provides users with the benefit of time. Depending on your skill level and familiarity with using one, it can take a lot of time to shave your head with a razor. The BaldiePro allows you to shave your head in as little as three minutes, saving you time in the morning.

This product also gives you a closer shave than other electric head shavers and clippers I have tried over the years.

Are there any benefits to going with a shaved head over keeping your hair? There are quite a few actually, and the BaldiePro helps accentuate them. 

Groomie Shaver

Razor Blade

Less irritation

No nicks and cuts
No ingrown hairs
Wet and dry shave
Blades are durable and last longer

Razors encourage hair growth
Requires extensive prep
You can't dry shave
Gets you nicks, cuts and razor burn
Refill catriges are expensive

Having a shaved head will save you money over time. If you shave your head at home, you can avoid having to spend money on hair care products, and you won’t need to visit the barber. You also save money on purchasing products that prevent hair loss. Buying razor blades is expensive, and the BaldiePro will help with some of that cost as well.

Aside from the monetary benefits, having a shaved head also gives you a fresh new style. I can personally say that my shaved head is always a conversation piece when I’m out and about, and I constantly receive compliments about it when meeting new people.
The final benefit is improved confidence. Before I shaved my head I felt self-conscious about my thinning hair, but my new look gave me an ego boost I desperately needed. Studies have indicated that 42 percent of men experience hair loss in their lives, so shaving your head can deal with that problem and give you a cool new look.


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Can You Only Shave Your Head With it?

what can you shave with groomie baldiepro

While it is most known for shaving your head bald, you can effectively use this to shave other parts of your body. It is well equipped to shave face stubble, chest hair, or manscape. Women can also use this product to shave their heads bald as well. And outside of that, it is effective for shaving legs, armpits, or bikini lines.

Groomie BaldiePro Features

Now it is time to get into the specifics of the features that make the BaldiePro such a smart option for head shaving. The best features of the BaldiePro are:

  • Blades
  • Battery
  • Motor
  • Durability
  • Waterproofing
  • Dry or Wet Shaves
  • Travel Case


groomie shaver blades

The BaldiePro blades set this product ahead of much of the pack. They are replaceable, and the company recommends switching them out after 100 shaves or 90 days, whichever comes first. The company provides new blades at an additional cost, and you can sign up for a subscription to have new blades delivered to your door on the regular.

The blades also have what Groomie calls MessFree technology. Instead of allowing your hair to fall everywhere and make a mess of the bathroom, the BaldiePro catches hair inside of it. This means no clean-up for you, saving you even more time during your morning routine.

It is easy to clean the blades and remove all the hair buildup. You simply can open the shaver up and run some water through it to remove all the hair in seconds.


groomie shaver battery strength

The battery in the BaldiePro is lithium, so all it needs is a quick charge before it's ready to go again. You also will not have to worry about keeping a stock of AA or AAA batteries on hand with this product. 

The battery lasts 90 minutes on one charge. With an average usage time of three minutes, you will likely only have to charge the device once or twice a month. The BaldiePro also has an LED display that shows the remaining battery power, so you won’t be surprised when the battery suddenly is out of power.


The BaldiePro’s blades spin at an impressive 10,000 rotations per minute, faster than any other electric shaver I have found. Groomie says this is the secret to the close shave the BaldiePro gives you.

Durability and Waterproofing

groomie waterproofing

The BaldiePro would not be a very useful tool if it couldn’t be used in the shower. Luckily, Groomie manufactured it with IPX7 waterproof, so that’s not something you will need to worry about.

IPX7 waterproofing means the product can survive being fully submerged in water that is one meter deep for up to half an hour. With that guarantee, you should feel safe using this product in the bath or shower.

Aside from the waterproof nature of the product, it is also durable and built to last. Groomie believes in the product’s sturdiness and it offers a one-year warranty for the shaver. If you observe any defects not caused by user error, you are eligible to receive a full refund for the product.

Dry or Wet Shaves

Whether you prefer to do a dry shave at the end of your morning routine or like to shave in the shower, the BaldiePro will acquiesce to your desires. It is equally capable of doing a shave on a dry scalp or shaving a wet one.

You can also use whatever shaving products you desire with the BaldiePro. The product will have no issues with whatever oil, cream, or shaving butter you choose to use. Groomie also sells different pre-shave oils you can purchase that they say will give you the best possible shave.

Travel Case

groomie baldiepro shaver travel case

One of my big worries about going on vacation is maintaining my shaving routine. Luckily, the BaldiePro comes with a travel case in one of the bundles; it is convenient to take with you and store inside a suitcase. The BaldiePro itself is minuscule, so I have had no issues taking it with me on the go.


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What Comes with the Groomie BaldiePro Head Shaver Kit?

So you may now be thinking about purchasing a BaldiePro. But you may be wondering what all comes with the shaver kit. There are three bundles you can purchase, and we will look at the differences between them soon, but these are the items that you will see no matter which bundle you decide to purchase:

  • The BaldiePro Head Shaver
  • A SmoothShave Blade
  • Pre-shave massager
  • 3-millimeter, 5-millimeter, and 7-millimeter clipper guards
  • Precision clippers
  • Accessory adapter
  • Exfoliation brush
  • Nose and ear trimmer
what comes with groomie baldiepro

BaldiePro Pricing and Refund Policy

The least expensive bundle is the standard BaldiePro Head Shaver Bundle which costs $79.99. This package comes with everything mentioned in the previous section. 

For an additional $20 you can try the No Hair Don’t Care Bundle which adds in a USB-charging cable, natural pre-shave oil, and a natural aftershave. Groomie says this is the best value bundle they offer.

The final bundle is the Crispy AF Bundle which will cost you $124.99. This package includes the travel case that I love, as well as a natural deodorant. 

groomie shaver cart

The standard bundle does charge shipping regardless of where you order from, while the No Hair Don’t Care and Crispy AF bundles both have free shipping in the United States.

The BaldiePro has a 30-day money-back guarantee on any purchase. If you are not happy with the product for any reason, you can request to return the product for a full refund. You must return the items as new and in the original packaging, and you may only return consumable products if unopened.
If you notice a defect, you may file a warranty claim to receive a new product or a refund. The company backs any order from its website with a one-year warranty.

About Groomie Shaver

perfect shave with groomie shaver

Groomie is a new kid on the block regarding hair care solutions, but that does not mean its engineers are incapable of creating quality products. They only have the BaldiePro as a signature product; the company has a headquarters in Libertyville, Illinois.

GiddyUp is partnering with Groomie to handle the eCommerce side of the business and helped launch the company’s website. And because you can buy directly from the company, you can support them in the long run instead of middle-man companies.

If you have questions and need to contact Groomie, you can reach them at [email protected].

Conclusion: Groomie BaldiePro Head Shaver Kit Review

If you are tired of shaving your head daily and want something faster and more hygienic in the morning, the Groomie BaldiePro Head Shaver is an excellent product. It has cut my morning routine down and is simple to use. While I wish it could shave slightly closer, this is about as good as any electric head shaver will be.
Interested in picking one up for yourself? You can find them on the company website today.

Written by Sunny

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