As much as we would like to believe we live in a safe world, there is still a need to arm ourselves with safety measures when we head out. You never know when danger may be lurking around the next corner.

For some, they go as far as purchasing a handgun to carry on them, but not everyone feels comfortable carrying such a weapon at all time. And there are laws that prohibit when and where you can have it with you.

hootie personal alarm review

Plus, there are times when it is just too cumbersome. So, what other options are out there? There is pepper spray, tasers, and other kind of offensive items you can use. But what about something defensive?

What if there was an alarm system that could alert people when you are in danger, help deter people from attacking you further, and even signal those who come to your aid as to where you are at? Well, look no further than the Hootie Alarm

What Problem Hootie Personal Alarm Solve?

Younger People are at the highest risk of sexual violence. According to the World Health Organization, 1-in-3 women will become a victim of physical or sexual violence. Milion of women in the United States have experienced rape. In 2018 an estimated 1 206 836 violent crimes occurred nationwide. Typical self-defense tools like pepper spray, guns, or knives are almost just as dangerous as not being prepared at all. Hootie is designed to stop attackers in their tracks.

Why Hootie?

Hootie is one of the only non-violent self-defense tools available. If not used properly, self-defense toolscan be used incorrectly or against the victim – making it risky for those who choose to carry it.
With Hootie, you don’t need any special permits to carry it with you and it doesn’t require any sort ofspecial training. It’s small, discreet, and TSA compliant meaning you can carry it with you literallyanywhere and can be activated in less than a second.

What Is a Hootie Alarm?

The Hootie is a small personal safety alarm capable of warding off an attacker. When activated, it alerts those around you with its 130dB alarm and an LED strobe light that can scare away the attacker or attract the attention of someone willing to help you.

Hootie combines the functionality of a flashlight, emergency panic button, and loud whistle in one convenient device. Hootie's unique design includes a small carabiner clip that makes it easy to attach anywhere.

How Does It Work?

It has a pull pin on the top that, once pulled, will emit an alarm sound loud enough to alert people within a 100-foot radius. At 130db (as loud as a jet engine), it will be impossible to miss this sound.

The Hootie will also begin flashing a bright strobe light for the center of it to help people spot where you are during the brightest of days and darkest of nights. It acts like a beacon and is visible whether you are in a large crowd or the middle of the forest.

The alarm and strobe light will continue to sound for 30-40 minutes, which is ample time to get help. You can purchase clips to attach the device to anywhere you’d like: your belt loop, your purse, or your keys so it is easily within reach. 

How Hootie Work

Safety Features

There are some questions about the features to keep it functional. Some worry about whether or not the device may go off accidentally. To pull the pin, you have to use at least two pounds of force. It is not easy to be slipped off, but it also isn’t difficult to use. You can pull the pin out in a matter of seconds.

Whether you carry it in your pocket or on your bag, you do not have to be afraid of the alarm going off unnecessarily. The device is also waterproof and drop resistant. It is extremely durable and has a long-lasting battery that will keep it working for up to 1 year from purchase.


Who is Hootie: 

Hootie is the personal safety alarm for emboldened women. The easy to use device stop attackers in their track so you can take back the power.


130db sound can be heard 1000 feet away with LED SOS Light

A Disorienting LED Strobe Light:

Military grade durability:

Made form ultra durable ABC plastic  that's impact-resistant, rust-resistant, and strong enough to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. 

TSA Compliant:

Hootie is a non-violent safety tool. So unlike offensive weapons like a pen knife or pepper spray, it won’t be confiscated by the TSA.

Easy to Activate:

Just pull the pin and the siren will activate! Replace the pin to reset the alarm.

Water Resistant:

Reusable & Changeable & Long Lasting Battery:

The battery has a 1-year standby life.
The personal alarm is reusable, & the battery is easy to replace.
This alarm uses two CR2032 batteries for replacement.

Battery Last:

Our extremely loud siren & ultra-bright strobe light will last for 40 straight minutes once activated.

Lightweight & Portable Alarm Keychain:

Self-defense alarm can be attached to purse,
backpack, keys, belt loops, suitcases, and more. It also can be brought onboarding
a plane, convenient, fit for Men, Students, Joggers, City Dwellers, Travelers, Commuters, Hikers, Elders, Kids, Women, Night workers.


3.94 inches tall, 1.18 inches wide, 0.59 inches thick and weights 0.93 onces


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Testing the Hootie

Like any smart consumer, you will want to test to see how well the device works as soon as you get it. Most devices similar to the Hootie are a “one-time-use” and there is no way to know how effective it will be until you need it. And what if it is defective? This isn’t something you want to wait until the last minute to find out.

With the Hootie, simply pull the pin and listen as it fills your ears and those around you with a high-pitched alarm and begins flashing its lights. To stop the device, simply replace the pin and it will instantly stop. There is no need for any complicated procedures to render it reusable. This is one of the many perks of getting a Hootie. 

What Kind of Variety Does It Offer?

Right now, the Hootie Alarm is only available in one size. It is 3.94 inches tall, 1.18 inches wide, and 0.59 inches thick. Though it is tiny in size and only weighs 0.93 ounces, the Hootie packs an extreme punch when used. It will grab people’s attention at a moment’s notice. It’s small size also allows for it to be hidden as well for secrecy.

You can also get it in a variety of colors. You can get it in standard Black or White. Plus, there is the option of Red, Mint Green, Navy Blue, and Lavender. With this array of colors to choose from, you can make sure that the Hootie matches you no matter what you wear out. 

Hootie Alarm colors

When Should You Have a Hootie with You

Having a Hootie on you gives you an added level of security no matter where you are. It is ideal for taking with you if you are going for a run in the early morning before the sun rises or the late evening as it sets.

Or, perhaps, you are a hiker and like to go out to remote locations. Getting lost or hurt while on your own can be very scary. But, if you have a Hootie, you can alert people that you are in distress and increase the likely hood of being found greatly.

Back in the city, you can take it with you if you’re going on a casual stroll around the neighborhood alone or with friends. Or having to make a commute to and from work will be safer from those who may be following you and wish to do you harm.

College students will find it especially useful if they must be out on campus late at night and have to walk back to their dorm rooms along. Even in large crowds, where things can happen in the midst of the chaos of your surroundings, a Hootie can feel as comforting as a safety blanket. 

woman jogging with hootie

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Should I Only Use a Hootie?

You shouldn't think of a Hootie as a means of keeping yourself safe in cases of an issue. It is meant to attract people’s attention in hopes of getting someone to come help you or scaring off potential attackers.

It is also meant to help people locate you when you are in distress. It does not possess the ability to stop someone in their tracks or harm them in a way that would allow you to getaway.

Instead, think of it as an added layer to the protections you already carry. Pair it with other safety devices (pepper spray, tasers, etc.) to increase its effectiveness. By rendering a person, say, blind with a spray of mace and then sounding this alarm to bring everyone’s attention to your location, you will increase your chances of surviving an attack. 


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Money Safe Product

Consumers may still be uncertain if this is the right item for them. No worries. Hootie offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for those who get it. Take the time to test it so you can see how effective the device is, and then give it a shot when you next go out. If you still decide it isn’t worth the cost, simply contact the creator and they will give you a full refund and means to return it.

If you should decide to keep it, you can also expect great coverage with a 1-Year Warranty on the device. Hootie is determined that each customer should be 100% happy with their purchase but have made the Return and Refund procedure as painless as possible. So, take the chance and give the Hootie Alarm a try. What do you have to lose?

Here is a video of us unboxing it:

Where to buy Hootie personal alarm?

I would advise you to purchase Hootie from its official website to ensure you have an authentic device. If you find yourself on the Hootie website, take a look at their reviews page.

Their current review rating amongst their customers is 4.9 stars. The customers talk about how easy it is to use and how it has given them peace of mind.

One customer even commented that it was bought for a family member and helped them feel safer, knowing that it keeps them safe while they are away at college. So, this isn't just a gift for yourself but also for those you love and want to keep safe.

Final Impression

Overall, this is an amazing product and something you should consider getting not only for yourself but also for those who you think may need it. The device is small but impactful and can be the thing that stands between a horrific encounter or safely getting away.

And the variety of colors you can choose from will help to make it blend in with your outfit, so it is not too obvious you carry one. The versatility of where you can keep it is also very versatile. This is definitely something that everyone who has to go out on their own should have on them to help keep them safe.


How loud is the Hootie?

The sound of Hootie's call goes up to 130db, and it can be heard from 130 feet away.

Is it possible to accidentally activate Hootie?

The pin requires two pounds of force to pull it out on purpose, so there's no chance you'll accidentally set off your alarm.

Should I wear a Hootie if I already have another safety device?

The more, the better. The sound will attract attention and scare off any would-be attacker.

How do I turn off my Hootie personal alarm?

Put the pin back into the device to stop the siren and strobe light. The Hootie will instantly turn itself off.

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