The electric and magnetic fields that we experience daily are essential to our world. The electric field comes from natural sources inside our bodies, while you can find magnetic fields all around us as well.

The natural electromagnetic fields that we experience in our bodies result from nerve and muscle activity. These same forces can be found throughout the physical world, with Earth's magnetic field being one example.

While natural EMFs are essential for your well-being, artificial sources contribute to harmful pollution. For example, you're exposed daily through TV sets and other appliances as well as Wi-Fi networks or cell phone radiation.

Imagine if you could hear the clicking of EMFs. It would sound similar to someone constantly tapping on your doors or other hard surfaces, only more intense and loud. The world would be brightly illuminated even at night if the radiation from EMFs were visible light.

But unfortunately, EMFs are everywhere, and you can't see them. It'll come through your windows, walls, ceilings, even bone itself, and there's no way to escape this invisible illumination.

The Difference Between 5G and Current Millimeter-Wave Frequencies

5G technology is the next generation of mobile data, providing greater speeds and lower latency than the 4th generation (LTE).

5G technology is projected to provide much faster internet speeds than we currently have. It will also be more reliable, as the waves used for this new generation of mobile communications can penetrate deeper into buildings and cover larger areas. As a result, they need a much more extensive network of antennas.

Non-ionizing radiation includes visible, infrared, and ultraviolet light, and they are:
microwave ovens
smart meters
wireless (Wi-Fi) routers
bluetooth devices
power lines
MRI machines
radiofrequency energy from cell phones
Ionizing radiation:
ultraviolet light (UV) radiation include heat or light from the sun
tanning beds
phototherapy, and welding torches
X rays from an X-ray tube and gamma rays from radioactive elements.
CT scans and cancer treatment

Risks Associated with 5G Radiation and EMF Fields

5G radiation impacts our bodies at a cellular level. Science has shown us that it can have negative health effects, including cell membrane damage and DNA breakage, which may lead to disease in the future.

Like cell phone radiation, EMFs have been shown to cause severe repercussions for our bodies. There is a term for these symptoms called electrical sensitivity.

Serious risks associated with 5G radiation and electromagnetic fields include:

  • Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • EMF exposure has been linked to brain cancer, leukemia in children, and other cancers. Researchers have found that since 2016 alone, 400 independent scientific studies link harmful EMFs with 5G radiation's potential risk for increased incidence rates of this deadly disease among humans worldwide
  • 5G radiation might be interfering with your fertility and could decrease the quality of sperm you produce. A study from 2008 at Cleveland Clinic has shown that men using cell phones had lower amounts or less healthy-looking semen samples when compared to those who don't use them regularly
  • The recent increase in rates of depression and suicide has been most prominently seen among people living near high-voltage power lines. This is due to a combination between long-term exposure and electrical waves that affect the brain's neurotransmitters, leading them towards feelings such as hopelessness or irritability
  • Up to 60 million people worldwide could be affected by increased blood sugar from electromagnetic fields (EMF). The 2008 study showed that these radiations contribute significantly towards elevated glucose levels for diabetics and prediabetes sufferers alike
  • The increased risk for heart disease can be attributed, in part, to radiation. Studies have shown that when someone is exposed over time, they will suffer from an increase of symptoms related to the condition like palpitations and chest pain

Frequency Band Name


Frequency Range

Wavelength (Meters)

Resonance Frequencies

EMF Sources

Signs of EMF exposure

Biological effects of EMF

Extremely Low Frequency


3 to 30 Hz

10,000 to 100,000 km

Whole body 4-7 Hz

Earth & Subways

sleep disturbances, including insomnia

genetic effects

Super Low Frequency


30 to 300 Hz

1,000 to 10,000 km

Head and shoulder 1-2 Hz

AC Power

skin burning and tingling


Ultra Low Frequency


300 to 3000 Hz

100 to 1,000 km

Lower arm 15 -30 Hz

CRT monitors

depression and depressive symptoms


Very Low Frequency


3 to 30 kHz

10 to 100 km

Hand 30 - 150 Hz

Cell Towers

tiredness and fatigue

behavioral changes
nervous system/brain

Low Frequency


30 to 300 kHz

1 to 10 km

Legs 2 - 20 Hz

Mobile AM/FM

dysesthesia (a painful, often 
itchy sensation)


Medium Frequency


300 to 3000 kHz

100 to 1,000 m

Knees 1 - 3 Hz


lack of concentration

hormonal disturbance

High Frequency


3 to 30 MHz

10 to 100 m

Foot 16 - 31 Hz


changes in memory

immune system

Very High Frequency


30 to 300 MHz

1 to 10 m

Abdomen chest, knees 4 - 8 Hz

Microwave & Satellite


fertility impairment

Ultra High Frequency


300 to 3000 MHz

10 to 100 cm

Eyeballs 20 - 25 Hz



brittle diabetes

Super High Frequency


3 to 30 GHz

1 to 10 cm

Skull 50 -70 Hz

Medical X-rays

loss of appetite and weight loss

interpersonal effects
impaired learning

Extremely High Frequency


30 to 300 GHz

1 to 10 mm

Lungs 4 - 8 Hz


restlessness and anxiety

calcium efflux

EMFs Have the Potential to Worsen Existing Health Problems in Some People

Some of these conditions are:

  • decreased mental performance,
  • insomnia/sleep disturbances (due to the potentially adverse effects on melatonin production),
  • headaches caused by electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure which could, in turn, be linked with brain fog or cognitive impairment,
  • hormonal imbalance leads to fatigue and pain and weakened immunity due to electronic devices used for long periods throughout the day.

Some Ways for Lowering Your Environmental Magnetism Exposure

Here are some other ways you can reduce EMF pollution and be healthier.

Anti-EMF Device

With the rise in popularity of cell phones, people are becoming more dependent on them. They provide us with the freedom to do our jobs and stay connected while also keeping up-to-date with family members or friends at all times — but this comes at a price.

Here are some tips to follow if you're using a phone:

  • It is safer to text rather than talk on the phone when you can,
  • When there's a low signal, try to avoid using your phone at all costs, as this can cause cell phones to boost their RF transmission power,
  • The best way to reduce the amount of time you spend on your cell phone is by using speaker mode, headphones, or earbuds,
  • Cell phone addiction is something that many people struggle with. The best way to combat this problem? Set time limits on your usage,
  • Buy an anti-EMF device such as EMF blocking stickers.

To Further Reduce EMF Exposure, Try Not to Have Bodily Contact with Your Phone or Computer

Who would have thought that the best way to avoid radiation exposure is by not having any contact with your cell phone or computer? Keep at least 10mm of space between you and the device, do not sleep next to it, or keep in pockets. Don't put a laptop on top of the abdomen while pregnant.

Grounding Is the Process of Connecting with Our Earth

Get grounded. Have you heard the term "earthing"? If not, it is an easy way to create health in many ways, including detoxing from EMF exposure. Simply put your bare feet on the ground and allow them to absorb Earth's negatively-charged electrons to flow through you, like an electrical charge.

They can help remove anything from heavy metals, air pollution, trans fats or cholesterol, and reduce inflammation, which underlies so many diseases today, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune conditions.


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Use Crystals to Bring Balance and Healing into Your Life

All stones have energy, regardless of what they are made from. Quartz can be used for EMF protection when placed around electronics. Amethyst protects against negative thoughts while promoting positive ones and many more.

Turn Off the Wi-Fi

To reduce EMF pollution in your home and neighborhood, turn off the Wi-Fi whenever you are not using it. You can also purchase products that block electromagnetic fields from wired devices, such as routers, for those who want more protection against today's high-tech world.

Replace Smart Meters

Replace smart meters with a non-wireless version that does not emit pulse waves, which could cause hearing loss or other problems for those near the devices. Instead, they emit high-intensity pulses that can travel up 2 miles and keep pulsing all day long.

Get Outside

Your body is a temple, and you need to take care of it. You can do this by reducing your exposure to EMF waves from technology like cell phones, computers, or TVs that may somehow harm you with their radiation output, resulting in increased happiness levels. There are many ways for people who want more time outdoors on top of connecting deeply back into nature like:

  • spend early mornings outside before work
  • head out late after dinner
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