smartDOT Full Review

smartDOT EMF Radiation Protection – Full Review

Advancements in technology have brought about a lot of great conveniences and information at our fingertips thanks to smartphones and tablets, but they do have their downsides. All electronic devices release electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, which can have an impact on the body. Luckily, there are products like smartDOT which can help mitigate the negative effects of EMFs released from our favorite devices.

What is a SmartDOT


SmartDOTs provide a quick and easy way to help reduce the impact of EMFs and the symptoms of electro-stress that EMF exposure has on the body. You simply stick the smartDOT on the offending device and the smartDOT will do the rest.

If you use a lot of electronic devices like computers, smartphones, and gaming consoles, the smartDOT can help harmonize the offending EMF waves these devices expose you to.

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If you are a parent, the smartDOT can be even more of a necessity, as children can be extra sensitive to EMFs. The smartDOT is specifically for harmonizing EMFs from your electronic devices, so if you’re looking for something that will help with your own natural frequencies or wellbeing, try one of the other products by energydots like the bioDot or the sleepDOT.

The smartDOT is a small magnetically tuned adhesive which entrains electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted from most appliances. Entrainment is essentially a process in which electromagnetic frequencies are altered to resonate at the same frequencies as one another. This is how the smartDOT harmonizes EMFs and make them safer. The smartDOT essentially filters EMFs and electromagnetic radiation, retuning them right from the source, your devices. While there are other products by energydots, the smartDOT is the only product that stops the harmful effects of EMFs right at the source.

The best part about the smartDOT is it doesn’t require electricity to function, doesn’t need to be recharged, and it doesn’t need to be replaced. You stick it to the device in question and you are good to go. They are relatively affordable and come in one, three, and five packs. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, the five pack is the way to go since you get five smartDOTs for a little over the price of two.

How Does it Work?

The full effects that EMFs have on the human body are still not fully understood. Some studies indicate that they can lead to a variety of negative effects, including irritability, headaches, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, low energy, stress, anxiety, and aches and pains. SmartDOTs retune these EMFs to help relieve these symptoms of electro-stress. Users who have used smartDOTs report that they’ve felt more energetic, have had fewer headaches, and gotten a better and more sound sleep. Users have also claimed to have improved concentration and an overall sense of calm after using smartDots.

One of the best benefits of all, though, is the fact that the smartDOT gives you peace of mind. With all the potential dangers EMFs can pose to our health, you can’t really put a price on the peace of mind you get knowing you can use your phone and other devices worry-free thanks to the smartDOT. The smartDOT is easy to use and works on all devices so you can rest easy knowing you’re safe from EMFs wherever you go in your home. Best of all, the smartDOT doesn’t interfere with the functionality of your devices, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your devices.

The smartDOT is also backed up by various scientific studies. Various independent research has been done on the effects of EMFs, and shows their harmful effects. Extended use of mobile phones can lead to misshapen blood cells, which the smartDOT helps reduce the effects of. The smartDOT has also been shown through thermal imaging to reduce the heat build-up in the head and chest caused by EMFs emitted through the frequent use of mobile devices. Lastly, our electronic devices can interfere with our own natural electromagnetic fields.

Independent Research smartDOT

Since we generate electrical impulses within our nervous system, our bodies naturally form a low-level electromagnetic field which the more powerful EMFs emitted from appliances and other devices can interfere with. The smartDOT helps to harmonize and entrain the EMFs from our devices to be more in tune with the frequencies of our natural EMF, making the interference with our own fields far less severe.

Does it Work?

After searching the web, there is an astounding number of good reviews for the smartDOT. Many reviews give the smartDOT 4 and 5-star ratings, advocating that the smartDOT resulted in massive improvements in the day to day life of its users. The only bad review I’ve seen that wasn’t just inconclusive was about the followup from energydots regarding feedback being a bit on the persistent side.

smartDOT testimonials
smartDOT testimonials
smartDOT testimonials
smartDOT testimonials
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While the smartDOT is one of the pioneering products on the market to help reduce the effects of EMFs radiating from your devices, there are other products on the market which can also help in reducing the impact of EMFs on our day to day life.

The 360 Round EMF Protection by Tesla Technology

The 360 Round EMF Protection by Tesla Technology is the last alternative on the list, and probably the most effective one to boot. With technology on par with the smartDOT, the 360 Round protects against EMFs by neutralizing and retuning the EMFs and reducing the effects of electro-stress. They also offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if you aren’t satisfied with the product for any reason, they’ll offer a full refund for your purchase. They also come in a variety of models, each prioritizing certain types of devices, be it cell phones or laptops, and they even provide devices that act as personal protectors you carry around with you as well. The only major downsides are the price as it can be a bit costly to buy multiples, and the reviews are fairly mixed, with some users not noticing much difference, or even testing with an EMF reader to find that there is no change after applying the protector.

The Goodlee EMF Protection Cell Phone Anti Radiation Protector Sticker

The Goodlee EMF Protection Cell Phone Anti Radiation Protector Sticker is an extremely affordable alternative to the smartDOT. It uses negative ion film to counteract the positive ions emitted in EMF radiation, helping reduce exposure to harmful EMFs. Unfortunately, there is less scientific evidence backing the Goodlee EMF Protection Sticker and the reviews for the product are fairly mixed as well. If you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative to test out though, it won’t break the bank by any means so it’s definitely worth trying out if you don’t mind spending a couple of bucks.

The GOGOSodu EMR Neutralizer

The GOGOSodu EMR Neutralizer is a small adhesive much like the smartDOT which reportedly blocks EMFs entirely without interfering with the radio signals the devices need in order to function. It claims to help with reducing the same symptoms of electro-stress such as headaches, insomnia, and irritability. The reviews for the product are far more mixed, however, and it doesn’t seem to work for everyone. There are also issues with the adhesive not being secure enough to keep it in place for long periods of time. The item is also currently no longer in stock at Amazon, and there is no indication as to when it is coming back in.

The Neutralizer Sticker Shield

The Neutralizer Sticker Shield is comparable in price to the smartDOT and functions similarly. It reduces the harmful effects of EMFs through negative ion release, counteracting the positive ions released by the EMFs of the device and reducing the negative health effects in the process. One great benefit is that it also has a 100% money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty as well, meaning there is very little risk in investing in a few stickers to try them out for yourself. If you’re a bit skeptical about how effective these EMF radiation protection products can be, this might be a great option for you thanks to the money-back guarantee.

In Closing

The dangers of EMFs in this booming age of technology are literally everywhere. In a world surrounded by electronic devices, to the point that we carry little EMF generators around with us for hours a day, it’s more important than ever to be safe and protect yourself from EMFs and electromagnetic radiation. The smartDOT provide an easy way to keep you and your family protected from the harmful EMFs constantly surrounding us.

Simply stick the smartDOT on your device and be free to go about your day worry-free, knowing you and your family are well-protected. If you are overly sensitive to EMFs and other forms of electromagnetic radiation, consider looking into purchasing a smartDOT for your devices, or even a bioDOT to help realign your own frequencies to help mitigate the symptoms of electro-stress. If for nothing else, the peace of mind you’ll feel when using the smartDOT, knowing you’re safe from the harmful effects of EMFs is well worth the price of a few smartDOTs to place around your home.

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