When you’re planning a trip, it’s important to think about the things of value in your life carefully. Most travel experts tell us not to take anything valuable with us if we can’t afford them to go missing, including jewelry and fancy clothing.

It’s not a good idea to lose your identification cards as well. Especially if you have something that can identify who you are and where you come from, like passports which are essential Identity Documents allowing citizens access across borders. Simply put – don’t let these items get lost because there isn’t another copy available at this time.

Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but what if you have to bring something valuable. Then you would need some kind of specially made protection for safekeeping your pricey possession while traveling.

You never know what you’re going to carry on an adventure until the day of, but here is a list that might come in handy.

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11 Ways to Keep Money and Valuables Safe When You Travel

It’s hard to keep your stuff safe while you travel, but maybe these tips will help.

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1. Don’t Be Greedy

Take with you only what is necessary. For example, you will not need a lot of cash when traveling to another country, as long as you bring your card. Likewise, you don’t need to carry jewelry or a bunch of unnecessary electronics when you’re going on vacation. Phones are different because you never know when you would need to call someone.

Even remote places like Seychelles have ATMs, so don’t forget to call ahead before leaving to ensure it’s safe for withdrawals because many banks only allow small amounts per day.

If I’m exploring a new city, you can only find a small amount of cash and one credit card on me. So the rest stay locked up in the hotel room because pickpockets love tourists.

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2. Why Would You Carry Your Valuables?

It may seem like common sense to keep your valuables close at hand, but the reality is that it takes a lot of effort and planning.

The best way to keep your most prized possessions safe is by carrying them with you. If you can disassemble the thing you’re carrying, it can be slipped into a custom case made just for that purpose. There are even money belts designed specifically as anti-theft devices. But don’t forget about hiding small valuables like cash in hidden places so they’re always right where you need them at all times.

Consider different places for hiding items like passports or cash, don’t pile them all up together because this can make things easier for thieves. Once they find one thing, they’ve found all of them, so make sure to hide everything separately.

And never leave home without bringing along an old wallet filled with fake credit cards and bills and a lot of small bills.


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There are several alternative hiding places for your valuables and cash, such as:

  • Money belts: These belts have zippered pockets to hold loose change or bills (although nothing larger).
  • Socks: If you want to have a sneaky way of hiding your cash and valuables, then socks are an ideal place. 
  • Pocket underwear: You can also use it if you’re looking at riskier options.

Hiding places for valuables and cash are not limited to your clothing. You could conceivably also hide them in a hair roller, as long you’re discreet about it!

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3. Travel Insurance Is a Must Have

Don’t skip on travel insurance because it’s always wise to get a good policy for those “just in case” situations at the end of the day. Health coverage is vital if you have any health issues or accidents on your trip abroad.

As a traveler, it’s essential to be aware of the limitations and drawbacks associated with airline baggage coverage and travel insurance. The problem with that is when you have valuable items like jewelry that need special attention. They can’t be replaced if lost during transport (i.e., grandmother’s wedding ring), but don’t want them out on display in your carry-on without some form of protection against theft too.

There are ways around these problems: look into additional coverages such as personal belongings covered by homeowners’ policy. In addition, renters policies may offer suitable addons for expensive appliances, typically requiring high excess costs when traveling abroad.

4. Make Use of the Hotel Safe or Hostel Lockers to Keep Your Valuables Secure While Traveling

While this is not a guarantee, you’ll at least feel better knowing that your items are protected from theft in case something happens between now and when you return.

5. Be Aware of Your Surroundings and Avoid Crowds

Commonly, tourists are prone to theft abroad, so you should always be careful by following these few simple tips:

  • Don’t flash your valuables around, especially on public transportation. Please don’t leave them sitting out in the hotel room.
  • Do not leave anything unattended, and do not carry a bag that is easy for someone to grab off the shoulder as well. Try wearing it at the front if possible, so you have eyes on it at all times. 
  • Don’t carry too much cash, only bring what’s necessary for that day. Leave the rest somewhere safe.
  • Avoid getting robbed by looking like you’re poor. The more people know that there’s something valuable in your possession, the higher risk they’ll be willing to take when robbing you. So try minimizing exposure as much as possible and always keep an eye on your surroundings while traveling.
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6. If You Want to Avoid Being Robbed by Pickpockets, Invest in a Theft-Proof Bag.

When you’re out sightseeing, it’s essential to keep all your belongings safe with utmost care. One way of doing so is by using anti-theft bags, which can help make pickpocketing more difficult.

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7. Mail Services Are the Best Way to Ensure That Your Items Make It Safely from Point A-To B.

If you bought something on your trip that’s worth sending, then it’s always best not to take any chances. The mail services have great options for ensuring valuable items are safe during delivery. Plus, exclusive stores will pack up everything for you, ensuring they’re safe from harm until arrival at their destination.

8. Use Locks to Secure Cases When Traveling on a Train or Bus

When traveling by train or bus, make sure to lock your cases. This way, if you fall asleep or have to leave the seat for any reason, it’s less likely that someone will snatch your bag while you’re away. You can even lock small items like clothing onto airline seats nearby as well.

Luggage locks can be a lifesaver when you’re on the go. Unfortunately, luggage theft is common, even when you’re traveling with the latest anti-theft technology. The best way to protect your valuables during travel is with a bag that has built-in safeguards. This will not only keep them hidden and out of sight but also ensure they’re safe from thieves.

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9. Keeping Things Close on Travel Days Is a Must

The days when I’m most concerned about theft are when I don’t have much choice but to carry all my money and valuables at once – whether it’s on a plane, train, or bus. On these types of journeys, make sure that whatever valuable items you have are in constant contact with you (wallet/pouch), so they’re never out-of-reach.


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10. Protect Yourself and Your Stuff

Protecting yourself and your stuff from theft isn’t always possible, but following these tips will help. I always plan my trips with the worst-case scenario in mind: having an entire bag stolen. With that in mind, I only carry around $100 on me at all times just to be safe.

11. Drunk People Are the Easiest Targets for Robbers

Don’t drink too much. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings. The easiest target for a robber is those who enjoy putting themselves in risky situations such as walking around drunk at night all alone.

How to Keep Your Valuable Possessions Safe on the Beach

The solution is quite simple. All you have to do is tie something like an old towel or sarong around your items with string. This will allow people nearby to know not to touch what’s yours without permission.

One of the oddest but still effective hiding places for valuables is a disposable diaper. Take your phone, cash, and keys, roll them up inside a diaper, and fasten the adhesive tabs. Voila: You’re now safe from thieves. Please don’t make a mistake and hide it in a used diaper, be sure to use a clean one. Be aware that this only works best for travelers with kids. 

Stash sandals allow hiding cash and room keys inside them where thieves would not notice them.

Another great example would be to use a product like Flexsafe, a portable safe that allows you to secure your valuables so you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about thieves. All you do is lock it to a stationary or hard-to-move object (a bike rack or pool chair will do) and head off to do your thing.

Click here to read our full review of FlexSafe.

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The best way to avoid getting robbed on public transport is by following our advice and using common sense. It would be best if you also were extra cautious when it comes to your wallet or phone, as pickpockets can quickly get away with them without anyone noticing immediately.

Protect your valuables on public transport with these easy to remember tips:

  • Keep them in sight at all times – The obvious one, but it’s crucial.
  • Stay awake and vigilant at all times.
  • Get rid of distractions and noise.

If you find yourself getting distracted, stop what you are doing immediately to avoid becoming a target for pickpockets. For example, stop carrying your valuables on display for everyone to see, especially thieves.

When you go out, it’s crucial to keep your valuables close by for them not to get lost or taken. If possible, wear a backpack and hold onto the strap with one hand while holding something valuable with another, so they stay as secure on your body as possible.

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