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Kelvin 17 Multi Tools Review - Must Read Before Buying

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It's a beautiful day for fishing. You stop by the store on the way to the lake to replace your old reel because, on your last trip, it messed up bad bringing in that prize bass. But, you and your buddies cannot wait to try that new bait you heard practically has the fish jumping out of the lake to get it right out of the boat. 

You and your buddies just got the boat backed down the dock, and you can already taste the bass for supper cooking. Then, suddenly, it dawns on you that you left your toolbox in the trunk of your wife's car from when you took it over to do some work at your mother's house. 

You are going to need a screwdriver to put on that new reel on your rod. You check with your buddies, but none of them have one with them either. So, it looks like you are not going to get to fish after all. 

But wait! What about that tool the kids got you for Father's Day? Isn't it tucked safely in the glove box of the truck? What was it called? A Kelvin tools 17 multi tool or something like that? 

Yes, you are in luck. It fit perfectly in the glovebox where you stashed it on Father's Day. 

You quickly grab your rod and reel and set about redoing your reel as soon as possible so you can get out on the lake and start fishing. 

Amazingly, your Kelvin 17 tool with the flip-action screwdriver with the 90-degree locking mechanism has that reel switched out in no time, saving your day of fishing with your friends. 

Kelvin 17 Multi Tool

With your Kelvin tools 17 multi tools, you will be cooking bass tonight just like you planned. 

You and your friends take off to your favorite fishing hole now that your reel is on and ready to use. You barely get there and have your poles in the water when you hear your buddy Bob reeling in his first catch of the day. It's a beauty. But how long is it? 

Your tape measure is in your toolbox; then you remember your Kelvin 17 all-in-one tool has a three-foot flexible tape measure built right into it. So you get your Kelvin 17 out again, and sure enough, Bob's fish is a keeper. 

You all take turns catching fish throughout the day, and pretty much it is a toss-up who won. 

It is getting dark, and so you carefully edge your boat back to the dock and start loading it to head home. 

You are getting in the truck when you hear Tom drops something on the other side of the truck. Who has a flashlight? You remember your cell phone needs charged and Tom left his phone at home because he dropped it in the lake last time. Bob has a flip-top phone with no flashlight. 

What will you do to see what Tom dropped? Then you remember your son Steve was playing with the flashlight on your Kelvin 17 right after he gave it to you on Father's Day. 

Once again, your Kelvin tools 17 multi tool has saved the day. Good thing you waited to move the truck until you had a light to look, or you would have crushed Toms's glass case with his new glasses in it that fell right behind your tire. 

Not a bad day for a tool that fits in the palm of your hand, is it?


Kelvin 17 Tools are Small Enough to Go Anywhere You Do 

Kelvin tools for life because life is for living, not dragging half the house around with you. Toolboxes filled full of tools can be hard to lift and bulky to carry. They take up space in the car or truck too. 

Please do not clutter the floorboard of your car where people need to put their feet with your toolbox. Consider talking your Kelvin 17 along instead.

17 Tools Conviently Compacted into One Tool

Kelvin 17 has 17 essential tools in one compact device. The powerful designed tool has a carbon steel hammer, a liquid level, a LED flashlight, a three-foot flexible tape measure. 

Plus, a flip-action screwdriver with a 180-degree or a 90-degree locking mechanism with three extra Phillips heads and three flathead bits. 

This amazingly convenient tool also has 3 Allen key bits and three Torx bits. All this packed compact into a tool you can hold in your hand.

Kelvin 17 Thirty Day Money Back Guarantee

Kelvin 17 has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Since you can return it within the first thirty days if you do not want it for any reason, the Kelvin 17 leaves you no reason not to give it a try. You can quickly return it hassle-free for any reason.

Choose the Color You Like For Your Kelvin 17

The Kelvin tools 17 multi tool comes in a variety of colors. You can order it in red, pink, blue, or black.

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Easy to Use Kelvin Tools For Life

It is made so that anyone can easily use it. You do not have to be an expert to figure it out. The design is easy to unlock, and use each of the 17 tools as you need them.

Kelvin Tools for Life Make Great Gifts

Man or woman, old or young? The Kelvin 17 makes a great gift. Whether it is for Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, graduation, or a birthday, they will love the flexibility of having the perfect tool with them all the time. 

Kelvin's tools for life make life much easier to live. Everyone has a project to do from time to time. So why not choose a gift to help them do it safely and efficiently. 

Artisans, handyman, and those who love to do things themselves will all love the Kelvin 17 multi-tool. Got a picture to hang? You can do it quickly and easily.

Kelvin Tools 17 Multi Tool Provides Great Value at a Fraction of the Cost

Tools can be expensive! If you bought all the tools that are in your Kelvin 17, you could expect to pay as much as $150. 

Your Kelvin 17 does not cost anywhere near its actual value. It is saving you at least $150. Even better, all are found in one convenient easy to carry tool.


With the Kelvin 17 Tool, You Have Everything in one Place

Whether you are at the park and need a hammer to break up the ice or drive in the volleyball poles, Kelvin 17 all-in on tool has got you covered. 

The Kelvin 17 is priced low enough you can afford to get your whole family one.

Features of the Kelvin tools

The Kelvin tools 17 multi tools feature 17 essential tools in one compact unit including 13 screwdriver bits, 3 Phillips, three flatheads, three Allen key bits, and three Torx bits. 

It also includes a hammer, a three-foot tape measure, a flashlight that holds 4 SR44 batteries (included with it), and a liquid level.

With two powerful magnets that are great for when you drop a screw and can't find it and a corkscrew for evenings on the beach seeping wine for when you forget your corkscrew. 

Great space-saving tool for all those times when space is limited, like going on vacation in your RV or going camping. 

Highly recommended for anyone over twelve to use safely. 

Not Sure The Kelvin 17 is the Right Size Tool For You?

If you are not quite sure the Kelvin 17 tool is the right size for your needs? You are in luck. Kelvin has a total of three sizes they offer for your convenience, starting with their larger unit, which is a 23-in-one compact tool, or their even larger unit, which is a 36-all-in-one unit.

The Kelvin 23

The Kelvin 23 comes with 23 essential tools in one compact unit including the 16 screwdriver bits, it has a powerful alloy magnet on the driver's arm to help keep up with loose screws and bits. 

It also includes a hammer, a six-foot tape measure, a flashlight that holds 4 SR44 batteries (included with it), and a liquid level.


The Kelvin 36

The Kelvin tools 36 multi-use tools feature 36 essential tools in one compact built to last unit made out of an aluminum base with an engineered plastic and ergonomic rubberized handle. 

Featuring 36 basic tools in one compact unit including 26 screwdriver bits, including Allen bits and Torx bits. In addition, it comes with a bottle opener and a corkscrew. 

It also includes a hammer, a six-foot tape measure, a utility box cutter, a flashlight that holds 4 SR44 batteries (included with it), and a liquid level.

It comes with a powerful Alloy magnet that is great for when you drop a screw and can't find it.

Here is a video of us unboxing it:

To Conclude

Any of the Kelvin all-in-one tools make a great addition to your household and would be a fabulous gift to anyone you chose to buy one for this year. They are built-to-last and can handle many jobs at work, home, and at play.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.
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