When it comes to security matters, light is essential to illuminate your home, shop, or any prized property that requires protection. Well, for that extra measure of security, you may want to try the Lumenology way for the best LED portable motion sensor light.

Lumenology light comes with extra features that make it portable. You can mount the light anywhere that needs light. The motion sensor detects movement and allows the system to operate when necessary, conserving energy and eventually sparing a few dollars from your wallet.

Lumenology LED portable motion sensor yields maximum light for its kind, making it the best motion sensor light available in the market.




Bottom line: If you want to light up your space and DON’T want to spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars – then you’re going to love Lumenology too.

Lumenology Features

Before we list all the benefits you would have with lumenology, let’s first take a look at all the features this product has.

Lightweight and Portable

One of the unique features of Lumenology LED portable motion sensor light is that it is very flexible, allowing you to set it anywhere you want for the maximum benefit.

The light comes with screwable tripod legs fixable at the bottom part of the LED sensor light, firmly holding it up for support by creating a stable base. These are no ordinary legs; they are wrappable, giving you the convenience to firmly mount the Lumenology light around poles or something similar. The support is solid and well able to hold your Lumenology light safely. 

You can also easily mount your Lumenology light permanently at your preferred spot. This piece comes with a magnetic plate for the job. Follow the below step-by-step guide on how to go about it:

  • Identify the perfect spot for your light (the place should maximize on Lumenology light coverage area)
  • Firmly screw the magnetic plate into your preferred surface
  • Attach the bottom of the light to the magnetic plate (the magnets are mighty, capable of holding your Lumenology light in place permanently)
Lumenology mounting options
Mounting options for Lumenology

It is important to note that this permanent mounting option is limited to the plate. However, you can easily detach your Lumenology light from the magnetic plate and attach it back to the tripod legs. This allows you to use it elsewhere when the need arises. Convenience at its best!

The light’s portable nature allows you to pack it in your bag comfortably. You can also detach the tripod easily for storage.


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Bright Lights

The Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light brightens all areas efficiently. It has a powerful LED bulb with 148 Lumens illuminance rating. This feature is an assurance of the effectiveness of the Lumenology light when it comes to bright lighting.

The light is very adjustable, with a rotation of 360 degrees. Be sure to point it in the direction of your choice while getting a steady and maximum light.

lumenology details

The Lumenology light is well balanced in such a way that when directed in a particular direction it will not accidentally slip and point to another direction. It was expertly crafted to be stable, steady, and firm.

The light is highly reliable and has a design that guarantees long working life. The light’s 3 AA batteries will last up to 1000 activations. This feature means that the LED bulb can manage approximately 1,000 activations before you have to replace the batteries.

The efficiency of the LED bulb illumination is unmatched, and the brightness levels are of the highest standards of quality. The Lumenology light has ample light to illuminate a substantial surface area, perfect for security light in your backyard or front yard.

Powerful Motion Sensors

The Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light has a built-in motion sensor that works perfectly in the dark. The sensors can cover 100 degrees of view with a 13 feet range, which means it can capture the minor bits of movement without a problem. This pretty unique mechanism manages to detect any form of activity straight ahead or sideways.

led motion sensor range

It is pretty easy to activate Lumenology light sensors; all you need to do is put it into an “auto” position. You’ll notice the light turning on for about 30 seconds; this is an indicator that the sensors are fully charged, and when they detect more movement, the lights will not go out.

If you prefer the light to stay steady, deactivate the sensor option by putting it into an “on” position, and you’re done.

Let us highlight other benefits of Lumenology motion sensors:

  • The Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light’s feature of automatic on and off lighting tends to scare off intruders.
  • The immediate turn-on of Lumenology light scares off critters, such as rabbits and squirrels that may pose a threat to your garden
  • The sensors help the batteries last longer, saving you a substantial amount of money in the long run
  • Lumenology light system saves you the hassle of regularly putting your light on and off.

The installed light sensors give Lumenology light a competitive edge over others. It does make a huge difference when compared to other lights in this category.

IP43 water-resistant

Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light is IP43 water-resistant. This makes it ideal for the outdoors.

Lumenology ip43 water resistant

Whether you want to mount it in your backyard or make use of it on a trip, you’re covered. Lumenology light is an all-weather system. However, I suggest that you find a perfect spot for mounting it. Preventing direct rain is an added plus for maximum benefit in the long run.

Powered by AA Batteries

Three AA batteries power Lumenology light, making it one of the cheapest sources of the LED light. Most AA batteries are sold in packs of eight, and this means a single buy will get you some extra batteries for your light. This generally means that Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light is economical than most lights of its kind.

The use of AA batteries makes Lumenology light very portable, and this makes it usable in places where you can’t use other electronics, efficiency at its best. Whether you need the light for camping or any outdoor adventure, Lumenology light is perfect for the job. With a spare of a few extra batteries on your bag, you’re covered. When the batteries die out, you can easily replace them.

how to replace batteries in lumenology

AA batteries are easily accessible almost everywhere, and cheap too. This gives you the convenience of accessing them for your light with ease, hassle-free. They are very affordable, and Lumenology light works immediately after being replaced.

The flexibility that comes with AA battery-powered light is very advantageous compared to other light sources requiring constant electricity to function; lumenology light is perfect for off-grid use. When the light dies out, you replace the batteries and turn the light back on instantaneously.


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Why Should You Buy Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light

Lumenology light stands out from the rest. This fantastic piece has been designed to meet your light-related needs. Let’s dig into the reasons why you’d want to buy the system.


Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light is very cheap, and its retail price is $49.99 but luckily there is a SALE going on right now. You can get it for $39.99 for a limited time. So if you we’re thinking of buying Lumenology you better hurry because this sale discount is not going to last forever.


lumenology reviews

The light’s price is way below most competitor’s price, but with unmatched performance. It makes sense to buy a cheaper LED light than expensive ones, but with top-rated functionality. It is an asset that does a good job.


Lumenology light is a multifunctional system. You can rely on it to light the places where it is needed the most. Be it in the yard, garden, or somewhere in the bush for a camp. The light is designed to work in all areas.

It is also possible to fix it permanently in your preferred position. You can also use the tripod legs to steady the Lumenology light where you see fit. The light can also be packed easily in your backpack for outdoor lighting. The system is highly reliable and diverse in its use.

Lumenology light uses easily accessible AA batteries, which gives you the pleasure of not relying on electricity for function or recharge. When stocked up with enough batteries, you will be able to use the light without worry.

Saves Energy

The installed motion sensors detect minimal movement within their coverage, then light up the system. This function saves energy because the light works when needed and off when there is no movement.

The built-in motion-sensing mechanism minimizes the waste of light energy, which can be costly in the long run.

All-weather enabled

The system can work in any weather. It is also water-resistant and can not be damaged by rain, giving it a competitive edge over its competitors. Lumenology light will still work on a snowy night and is made to serve you in any geographical location.

Highly effective

The purpose of any light system is to provide light. The Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light does the job perfectly. It provides a robust 148 Lumens with ease, giving you the maximum yield of needed light.

Simulates Natural Light

Nothing can outdo the clarity that comes with natural lighting, and having a system that perfectly simulates it is a bonus. Lumenology light does precisely that. It provides light almost similar to daylight, and this fact assures you of perfect visual clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the range of Lumenology?

The motion sensor has a 13ft detectable range and the light beam has a distance of 42ft.

Why is an LED light better?

LED light gives you ample light, produces less heat, and cost-saving.

Are motion sensor lights worth it?

Yes, they are. Lumenology lights are perfect when you’re just moving into your new home or even deter criminals who may try to break into your property.

Do motion sensors work with LED lights?

Yes, they do. Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light has effective inbuilt motion sensors that work pretty well.

Does it have a warranty?

Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, including a 1-year warranty.

In Summary

led motion sensor light

Lumenology lights are top-notch quality and affordable at the same time. The lights are an investment, and you’ll get outstanding, reliable features that suit all your light-related needs. 

The flexibility that comes with the system is impressive. You can permanently mount the Lumenology lights on your location of choice or use an adjustable tripod and freely put the Lumenology light where needed for maximum yield of light.

If you need quality LED lights, go the LED Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light way. These top-rated lights stand out among other brands.

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