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Moksha Beam

Flō by Muladhara

Moksha Beam
Flō by Muladhara

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Grade 316 Stainless Steel

Stainless steel

Product Dimensions:

1.97 x 0.31 x 0.31 inches

 2 inches in length and 0.3 inch in diameter





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Flō by Muladhara

Available colors:

Polished Silver, Space Grey, & Rose Gold

Matte Black, Slate, Silver, Gold, Rose gold

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USA 5.99 or FREE

What's so bad about shallow breathing? Shallow breathers increase their heart rate and blood pressure while simultaneously decreasing cortisol, the stress hormone in a "fight or flight" situation.

Deep, controlled breathing is the key to living a stress-free life. It reduces blood pressure and speeds up our heart rate while also stimulating parasympathetic activity, which helps relieve tension in all areas of your body.

When you feel stressed, take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of calmness that will wash over your body. This increases oxygen supply in our brain tissue, but it also stimulates part two of what's called "the nervous system," or parasympathetic, which leads to feeling relief from anxiety/stress.

What Is the Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace?

Moksha Beam is designed to be anxiety-relieving, making this product perfect for those who have psychological disorders. This simple device helps them overcome these disorders in an easy-to-wear form that doesn't attract much attention from other people who might not understand what you're going through.

What Is the Moksha Beam

How Does the Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace Work?

The Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace is a necklace that helps you relax and calm down when experiencing anxiety. It does this by coordinating breathing for users, which has been shown to regulate moods when appropriately used.

Blowing on the flute could reduce stress and regulate feelings during difficult times, making users calm. The Moksha Beam Anxiety necklace is a great way to monitor your breath movements and learn how it can help you feel relaxed.

How Does the Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace Work

Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace Pros

  • The Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace is a great way to prevent anxiety attacks and promote healthy psychological practices
  • It's made with the best material, so you can wear it for as long as you want without worrying about ruining your necklace
  • This product was developed in America by an established company who have been creating high-quality necklaces
  • It's a light and convenient device that can be easily hung on your neck, making it easy to use

Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace Cons

  • You can easily lose it if it falls off because of its small size

History Behind Moksha Beam

Childhood friends, Jaymin and Yash, created Moksha Beam after hearing meditation music played by monks on their flutes, which inspired them to make this device.

History Behind Moksha Beam

How Much Does Moksha Beam Cost?

Moksha Bean pendants are a stylish and affordable way to reduce anxiety, stress, or panic attacks. This simple meditation tool comes in three attractive colors, space grey, rose gold, and shiny silver. MokshaBeam is so confident in their product that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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What is Flō Stress Relief Mindful Breathing Necklace?

The calming effects of Flō are not just limited to your mind. It's Stress Relief Mindful Breathing Necklace helps you breathe more deeply, relax and destress while providing anxiety relief at any time or place. The necklace is also water-resistant, so you can wear it anywhere without worrying about damaging anything. The pendant measures 2 inches long while the adjustable length ranges from 24" - 27".

What is Flō

How to Use Flō?

Take a deep inhale through your nose, then exhale out loud for 9+ seconds. Focus on each quality breath as you breathe in and out of this anxiety necklace. After five cycles have passed, the body's natural relaxation starts automatically.

How to Use Flō

Flō Pros

  • It helps relieve stress and anxiety
  • The Flō is a wearable breathing trainer that reminds you to take deeper, fuller breaths
  • This device increases lung capacity and helps calm down the mind and body connection by exhaling for 9–14 seconds with every breath taken in
  • The necklace is a great way to alleviate anxiety and stress symptoms naturally
  • It's also perfect for those looking into meditation or who just want something beautiful around their neck

Flō Cons

  • Some will find it kinda expensive
  • Often out of stock

History Behind Flō

Flō is a mindfulness and relaxation tool created by three minority women from New York. They wanted to make meditating simple for people who are busy or stressed out like them so it can help relieve their emotional stress in life while also giving back some peace of mind when you're feeling overwhelmed.

History Behind Flō

How Much Does Flō Stress Relief Mindful Breathing Necklace Cost?

The cost breakdowns for each variation are as follows:

  • Rose Gold (the most popular ($101.26)
  • Matte Black ($101.26)
  • Gold ($101.26)
  • Silver ($81.34)


Anxiety disorders are among some of the most common mental illnesses today. It can lead directly to stroke or even heart failure if left unchecked.

GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) is a very common anxiety disorder that affects 6.8 million adults or 3%. Only 43% of those who experience this condition receive treatment, but women are twice as likely to be affected than men so it's important for them to not get left behind.

Social anxiety disorder is a severe, chronic fear of social interactions that can lead to psychological symptoms such as depression and generalized anxiety. It affects 15 million adults in the US alone.
The majority (36%) report having these feelings for 10+ years before seeking help from an expert.

Wearing a Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace will help you regulate your breathing and manage anxiety attacks. You also don't need to worry about any side effects while wearing it because it's a simple whistle that helps calm you with soothing sounds.

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