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Grade 316 Stainless Steel

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Polished Silver, Space Grey, & Rose Gold

Matte Slate, Sterling silver, Gold, Rose gold

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The body has a unique ability to protect you from harm. It is a well-known fact that your body will react when you are exposed to stressful situations. However, when stress factors are consciously or subconsciously introduced into your life, they can manifest as fear, leading to the downward spiral of physiological and mental changes becoming more challenging to reverse.

Despite knowing that you should not panic, your body goes through physiological reactions that consume you even while you know this isn’t good for you. It’s not always easy for people who have been through these stress factors before to get back on track and overcome them.

Anxiety attacks are sudden, unexpected intense feelings of fear that can strike without warning. They come on suddenly and may involve some or all the common symptoms: sweating, heart palpitations/beating faster than average speed, difficulty breathing, etc.

What if you had a necklace that has the power of transforming you from panic-inducing depths into a calm state? The two necklace brands in the market are Moksha and Komuso. Let’s find out which one is better between them.

About Moksha Beam

Moksha Beam can be worn on the neck for quick access to help deal with stress. You’ll feel better if you breathe more slowly and deeply, so it’s a great tool in dealing with anxiety or other feelings of pressure when they arise.

The beautiful tone of the Beam, with its deep and resonating sound, will help you to breathe more deeply than bamboo flutes.

About Moksha Beam

How Does Moksha Beam Work?

When you are stressed, your breathing becomes shallower and faster. So, naturally, this makes the stress worse.

It is scientifically engineered with just enough length or diameter to make it difficult for airflow while giving off a resistance that helps release tension through controlled exhalation, naturally calming nervous system activity, and relaxing you.

Breathing techniques have been used for centuries to help people relax, but modern science is proving that breathwork can be even more powerful and effective. Doctors worldwide are recommending Beam to relieve stress because it’s proven safe, thanks in part to being backed by research done on this subject matter.

The technique itself has an effect not only calming you down physically through deep breathing exercises like yoga or meditation-type practices, which work well. It also improves mental clarity while helping improve focus, blood pressure levels & immune function.

How Does Moksha Beam Work

The Story Behind Moksha Beam

A few years ago, two childhood friends, Yash and Jaymin, were backpacking through the countryside when they met a group of flute-playing monks. As it turned out, not only did these relaxation-inducing sounds help them reach their peak meditation & Zen but also stay calm during everyday life struggles like stress and anxiety.

They became fascinated by this concept, which led them to try different techniques themselves before finally sharing what had worked best. After trying it themselves, they realized that breathing slowly helped them reach their peak meditation and Zen.

This has allowed millions of people to experience natural stress relief on demand without the need for medicine or drugs that can sometimes cause side effects.

The Story Behind Moksha Beam

How Quickly Does This Technique Work?

The deep breathing exercise only takes about 1-2 minutes to calm your mind. You can use it while going about your day, making it easy to fit into any schedule or situation.

What Does This Anxiety Necklace Look Like? 

The anxiety necklace is a deep breath tool that measures 2 inches long and has an 0.24-inch opening diameter with a premium 25-inch chain. The 316-grade stainless steel design makes for a durable product, so there’s no need to worry about rusting or breaking.

Moksha Beam Pros

  • The Beam is a safe and natural way to reduce anxiety
  • You can use it 24 hours per day, seven days a week, without worrying about harmful side effects
  • You’ll feel relieved in just five breaths with this product, and there’s no need for hours of treatment anymore
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • They have a Breathing Coach Mobile App that is here to replace expensive prescriptions and doctor visits. Using this breathing coach app will increase users’ energy levels while simultaneously improving focus on essential tasks at hand and enhancing mental clarity
  • With Beam, you can finally feel calm and relaxed without addictive anxiety drugs that often come with nasty side effects

Moksha Beam Cons

  • This is the perfect product for those who are struggling with anxiety and stress, but it can only be found online.

Moksha Beam Price & Money-Back Guarantee

You can get one necklace for $39.99, and if you buy two or more, they’ll be half off and with fast shipping available across 30 countries worldwide. In addition, Moksha Beam offers a money-back guarantee for 30 days. So if you are not satisfied, simply return it and get your refund.


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About Komuso Shift Breathing Necklace

The Komuso Shift necklace is an ordinary chain with a specially fashioned mouthpiece. This mindful breathing piece is perfect for those who suffer from anxiety and can be used as a tool during moments of stress or panic attacks.

Komuso Shift Breathing Necklace

How Does Komuso Shift Work?

Every day, you take short breaths because of stress. We all know how it feels to be bombarded by 50,000 thoughts and 150 phone notifications every day. Unfortunately, we also experience this too often, which makes us feel tired or tense.

Extending your inhalations reverses these effects within two minutes of exhalation time thanks to lowering cortisol (stress hormone), blood pressure & heart rate.

You can slow down the speed of your heart and lungs with a simple breathing technique designed to help you heal. This is incredibly easy in four steps:

  1. Inhale
  2. Exhale
  3. Relax
  4. Repeat
Does Komuso Shift Work

How Long Will It Take to Work?

The longer you exhale, the calmer your mind and body become. It takes about 2 minutes of breathing in deep breaths with long intervals to activate your parasympathetic nervous system.

How Does Komuso Shift Work

History of the Shift Necklace from Komuso

While the Komuso monks of 17th century Japan were known for their healing skills and enlightenment, modern-day followers can use this shift necklace to help them with daily life. In addition, these ancient warriors used the bamboo “shakuhachi” flute as both a music therapy technique and a method of achieving spiritual release.

History of the Shift Necklace from Komuso

What does Komuso Shift Look Like?

Komuso’s blowing zen necklace has a stunning design. It features smooth angles and subtle engravings of the company logo at the base of each mouthpiece, making it perfect for any occasion. The blowing zen pendant comes in 4 variations: Slate, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold.

Komuso Shift Pros

  • The design supports an 8-10 second exhale, which triggers nervous system responses that help lower heart rate or blood pressure as well as reduce cortisol levels in our bodies
  • Komuso Shift is the perfect tool to combat anxiety and promote a calmer mind. It’s whisper-quiet so that you can use it discreetly anywhere

Komuso Shift Cons

  • Even though this product is designed to help those who struggle with anxiety and stress, it can’t be bought from third-party websites due the risk of fake products.

What Is the Price of Komuso Shift?

The cost breakdowns for each variation are as follows:

  • Matte Slate ($75,95)
  • Sterling silver ($93,95)
  • 14k Gold ($102,95)
  • Rose gold at ($102,95)

The company offers a 30-day return policy for unaltered and undamaged items.


In conclusion, if you experience high-stress environments daily, a breathing tool that can hang around your neck may be worth investing in as it provides relief from panic attacks and anxiety.

We think Moksha Beam is more affordable than Komuso Necklaces because its price point makes this product accessible to many people while still providing excellent quality materials.

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