Neck Hammock Portable Neck Traction Device - Best Review and Buyer's Guide

One of the greatest pains in your body is neck pain. Does that seem right for you? Well, it is. In most cases, it's hard labor that causes neck pain. On the other hand, several people get this problem due to other factors.

Because of this annoying problem, I would like to introduce you to the best neck pain relief gadget called Neck Hammock. You can set aside all those neck pain remedies you have been using right here and now because there won't be any more neck pain for you, my dear

Neck pain is considered one of the common health problems for individuals that have not yet heard about neck pain relief solutions.Neck Hammock effective neck pain solution is the perfect thing for you to learn about because it might help you in the future.

If you always feel pain from looking at your phone, physical activity, stress, or even sitting at a desk for long periods. Well, rest assured because Neck Hammock will deal with all of it.

What Is Neck Hammock ?

Neck Hammock muscle pain relief is a simple and portable solution for your annoying and throbbing neck pain. You won't have to go to the chiropractor to fix your neck because neck hammock will provide you the most comfortable solution for chronic aches and fatigue. As soon as you use it, you'll feel the pressure on your neck fade away. That will make you calm and relaxed.

Neck Hammock Review

Counting back to 5 years, more than 63 million people in the U.S. had chronic aches like fatigue and neck pain that ultimately lead them to a chiropractor. For one thing, this fact does not tell us just how much people need a suitable product to deal with this problem.

That is how innovation works. Imagine being in a world today without all the smart inventions. You will instantly realize how much we depend on technology to grow and expand. Luckily Neck Hammock is here to deal with all your neck problems for once and for all.

Neck Hammock is highly effective for neck pain relief because it utilizes the powerful integration of gravity and resistance brands. By combining those two things, it creates a controlled stretch that helps with your improved posture, pinched nerves, and increase circulation.

You're not going to believe this, but this ingenious product is made by a doctor who goes by the name Steve Suddell. He's a physical therapist and an athlete. After constantly having neck pain at home, he decided to make something sleek that will help with his problem. Thanks to Dr. Suddell's invention, we are capable of feeling neck pain relief too.

NeckHammock Pros:

  • For people recovering from neck injuries and back pain
  • They're also great for anyone struggling with sleep due their stress levels being too high
  • You can feel it's effects rather quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight design
  • Affordable
  • Easy to carry with you wherever you go

NeckHammock Cons:

  • You have to hang it off of something in order for it to work.
  • You have to lie on the ground to use it.

How does Neck Hammock work?

Its simplistic design makes it incredibly easy to use. You just need to hang the wire on something like a doorknob or even putting it between the door and door frame and closing it. By doing so, the door is pressing against the door frame and holding the strap tight. If you'd like to use at a different spot, you can do that but make sure it's parallel to the floor.

What symptoms does Neck Hammock help to relieve?

The Neck Hammock is an effective treatment option that provides relief from the symptoms without requiring any medications or surgery.

  • The best way to relieve neck pain is through non-surgical treatment that uses cervical traction. This procedure can help with symptoms like tension headaches, poor posture (including "upper back" hump), herniated compressed or bulged discs, pinched nerves, and more.
  • It can help with issues such as Osteoarthritis, physical stress, or mental tension, which cause muscle spasms in the muscles around your spine's canal. It also helps with decreased range of motion, anxiety before bedtime, and poor sleep due to stress.
Neck Hammock Symptoms

What is proper posture?

Everybody knows it's proper to stand up straight. But what do you consider to be a “good posture” anyway? Well, there's a quick test to see if you have it.

To find out which posture you have, you simply have to take your shoes off and stand with your rear against the wall. With your heels approximately 15 inches apart and your butt pushing against the wall, you should open your chest and gently touch the wall with your shoulder blades (it's crucial they touch the wall).

Good To Know
If your head is in contact with the wall, then everything is OK, but if it's not, then you have a forward head position, which is quite bad for your neck.

According to a page on Wikipedia, the forward head is sometimes called "iHunch," "Reading Neck," "Scholar's Neck," "Text Neck."

Main issues of the forward head are long sessions of looking at a computer screen and our constant need to look at our mobile phone.


It has become a severe problem for our posture. You would be walking outside with your head facing forward, looking at the phone, and this abnormal position is what takes a significant cost on your biomechanics.

You can help alleviate some of the problems by strengthening the muscles around your neck, which includes improved posture exercise for the upper back and neck muscle that pulls your head back where it's supposed to be. But that training exercise often won't guarantee to fix your neck pain.

What is cervical traction?

If you've ever been to a chiropractor or a physiotherapist for pain in your neck, you probably heard a term called cervical traction. It's a highly effective and simple technique.

Basically, all you do is pull your neck, which helps you release the tension that's been accumulating over the years.

Radiologist Neck Hammock

It works by decompressing the discs between the vertebrae, which help your joints and muscles have a nice stretch. Cervical traction will also help you release a lot of nerves that have been compressed and effectively improve the whole body.

Neck pain will weaken you so much that you can't move and painkillers can't help in the long-term, and that's why cervical traction is thought to be the best treatment for pain in the neck area. It has been quite challenging to perform cervical traction on yourself until now.


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Product features

The Neck Hammock can be used at home without the need to go to a chiropractor, and it's highly affordable, costing less than it's competitors while making the same cervical traction. Dr. Saunder's professional cervical traction device costs more than $300, so you bet it's affordable.

Its excellent portability makes it great for storing it in your bedroom drawer and your suitcase when you're traveling. It will fit in almost any small to medium size bag.

You won't need to worry about TMJD issues because of its comfortable design. It uses  grade padding, which ensures maximum comfort for your head without the need for a chin strap.
It's 40 lbs of tension is the perfect amount as it's the recommended strength for cervical traction. Any more and it would be harmful.

With Neck Hammock smart design, you can do exercises with a lot of motion. Just imagine how great it would if healthcare physicians gave this to their patients to use at home.
The setup for this thing is incredibly easy. You simply place the strap around a doorknob and lie down and relax

After that, you just have to lay on the floor with your body in a straight position and relax while the hammock cradles you away to heaven. The effect of the Neck Hammock can be felt after approximately 10 minutes of use.

Neck Hammock

As a result of hassle-free use along with a small time requirement, it's actually far more reasonable for people to apply cervical traction regularly for noticeable merits.
People that have tried Neck Hammock have said that it's so comfortable that it makes them fall asleep. A couple of professional athletes also tried it and immediately felt relief and relaxation from using it.

Neck Hammock Portable Neck Traction Device

Best Choice

Relieves Muscle Pain:

Relieves Neck & Shoulder Tension:

Relieves Tension Headaches:

Relieves Stress Levels:

Improve Posture:

Improve Relaxation:

Improve Sleep:

Decreases Pain:

Increase Comfort Blod Flow & Mobility:

Made Of:

80% polyester, 20% spandex

Easy To Use Annywhere:

Door Knob

Door Jamb


Customer ratings:

Amazon 5,933 ratings

How To Use:

We recommend starting at 10 minutes at one instance and working your way up from there. If your neck is in a bad shape, you may need to use it 2 – 3x per day up to 15 minutes. 



Where to buy

What do you get when with the package?

The Neck Hammock:

A long strap for rails or poles and a strap that fits between the door and door frame. Both straps are adjustable so you can fine-tune the height to your liking.

For the hammock, they used grade and therapeutic parts that are incorporated into foamy material which wraps nicely around your head for that comfortable and relaxing feeling.

The bungee cord that comes with the package withstands up to 40 lbs of stretching. You can hand wash it as many times as you want.

Travel Bag:

It's easily stored and portable meaning you can take it with you anywhere you go, traveling on your business trip or vacation.There is also EYE MASK.

Neck Hammock

How it's different from the competitors?

  • Before Neck Hammock existed, you would need to go to a physiotherapist to do cervical traction on you, and many of those doctors were located far away from you and are pretty expensive for the journey you had to take. Because of the expensive and inconvenient nature of this whole ordeal, most people refused to do it.
  • Many companies started making their own devices for individuals that didn't specifically want to go to a physiotherapist and instead use it at their home.
  • But the flaw in many of those devices was that they were mostly troublesome and complicated to use, and on top of that they were too big to be called portable for carrying it with you anywhere. They were expensive, and instructions were pretty complicated, and if you didn't follow them correctly, you'd risk causing an injury.
  • However, when Neck Hammock was created, it was designed to be portable and simple to use, and you could carry it with you on your trips. But the most important thing about it is that it's very effective at what it does and not overly complicated or harmful. All of this can potentially make this gadget be the best one for providing relief and relaxation for patients that suffer from neck pain.
Neck Hammock Benefits

What are people saying about Neck Hammock?

„I’ve struggled with a bad neck for years and traction has been one of the most effective treatments. I was so excited to learn about Neck Hammock and decided to give it a try. This products works just like traction, but is much more relaxing! It provides a gentle stretch that loosens muscles and relieves tension. I also like that this little device is portable and lightweight–super easy to travel with! I’m tell all of my friends about it–it works!“


„I’ve been counting down the days until this arrived and I must say……its AWESOME!!!! Even after one use I could feel the relief from the tension releasing in my neck. I’m an avid crossfit goer so this even helps prime me for overhead workouts as well! I can count on one hand how many reviews I have left so it must be worthy. I will say beware and ensure you’re getting this legit one. Many knock offs are surfacing on Amazon.“

Courtney W.

„Alright….truthfully this thing is straight magic! I work 9 to 5 at a computer and afterwards I head to kickboxing and it has been doing a number on my neck and back. I have been using the Neck Hammock for a few days now and honestly this thing is a game changer. I can feel less tension in both my neck and my back. I just told my mom to go buy one because I know this will make a big difference for her as well. I think everyone can relate to stress on the neck and the back which is why I think everyone can really benefit from this.“

Flower Queen

The Neck Hammock is used by many professional athletes

Luke Sanders
Becky Lynch

Even WWE pro wrestler Stephen Farrelly that goes by his stage name SHEAMUS talked about it on his YouTube channel.

It's also been featured on Forbes, Mashable, Readers Digest and also The Sun.

Final Thoughts

One of the reasons I would recommend Neck Hammock to someone is because of it's efficient and simple use. It's the most accessible and affordable form of therapy that someone can get. But the ideal solution would be if you change your lifestyle slowly while using Neck Hammock so you'd spend less time looking at a computer screen or a mobile phone and effectively improve your posture for good.

You should always encourage yourself to take things slowly, relax, breathe, and slow your body so you can enjoy all the great things in life. By using Neck Hammock, you'll have all those things, and the process will heal you in all the places that are affected.

After using it for a couple of months now, I found that after a long bike session or a long day at work, I would lose all the tension that's been building up that day. I use it at my office whenever I can, all the stress and pain go away, and I can continue working without any problems or worries. I've noticed that it's become a part of my daily routine, and I recommend you try it for yourself.


What does a Neck Hammock do?

The Neck Hammock is a cervical traction device that very gently pulls your head away from the neck. It's not as scary or painful as it sounds and can help increase blood flow in certain areas.

Can neck hammocks help with a pinched nerve?

Neck Hammocks can be a great way to alleviate pain from joints, sprains, or spasms. They also treat neck injuries and cervical spine problems like pinched nerves and pressure on the spinal vertebrae by using traction devices that stretch out muscles.

How often should you use a Neck Hammock?

Neck traction may be one of the most effective ways to treat pain in your neck. It would be best if you used it for about 15-20 minutes each session, and you could perform six or more sessions per day without having any negative side effects on yourself.

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