It’s easy to take some bodily functions for granted. Breathing is something that we do subconsciously. Our bodies naturally suck air in, absorbing the oxygen into our bloodstream and exhaling the excess carbon dioxide.

But if you try to hold your breath, you’ll recognize how this simple task is one of the most vital functions of the human body. We are constantly breathing and have no choice but to suck in the air around us.

Now the scary part. Sometimes the air is filled with harmful contaminants. It can be at home, in the office or classroom, and even in the car. And when we inhale those particles, they can become absorbed into our bodies, causing all sorts of problems.

Does that frighten you as much as it does for me? Thankfully, there are many solutions out there that are cheap, portable, and easy to use like the one I’m going to talk about. You can bring it throughout your home, in your vehicle, and in your place of work for all-day protection.

It’s the Purifair Air Purifier. And in this Purifair review, we’ll cover exactly why you need it, how it works, and why it is one of the best options on the market.

Why You Need An Air Purifier

The Environmental Protection Agency is doing its best to keep people healthy and the environment clean.

Since its establishment in 1970, it has tackled some of the foremost problems and pollutants.

But it hasn’t covered everything. Indoor air pollution remains a constant concern. And now that we spend upwards of 90% of our time indoors, indoor air quality is even more crucial.

The EPA estimates indoor air quality can be 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor.

There are many aspects to air quality, so let’s start this Purifair review by discussing a few top contributors in detail. And find out what the Purifair Purifier can do to eliminate them.

Pathogens: Bacteria and Viruses

Another thing easy to take for granted is a body free from serious bacterial or viral infections.

They exist on surfaces and in the air all around us. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use a simple device to protect yourself from airborne pathogens?

Hospitals have already figured out the trick. By using the same negative ion technology found in Purifair Air Purifiers, they take some of the most contaminated air imaginable and transform it into healthy, breathable air.

Purifair Bacteria and Viruses

Now you can do the same thing at home. But not only that. Thanks to the portable and compact design of the Purifair Air Purifier, you can remove these harmful bacteria and viruses from the air in your home, bedroom, car, office, or classroom.

Unavoidable Allergens

If you’ve ever suffered from allergies, you know how miserable some microscopic contaminants can make you. It might be dust, pollen, dander, or mold.

Allergies can impact everyone differently. Maybe your eyes get red and itchy. Or your nose won’t stop running while being simultaneously stuffed beyond belief.

Perhaps the sneezes are relentless, preventing any relaxation or rest.

Purifair Eliminates Particles

For some people, allergies aren’t just a mild distraction. They can be downright debilitating. And even if you take the best antihistamine on the market, they give you a little reprieve and might have annoying side effects.

Even if your allergies aren’t that serious, they can still be a constant annoyance. If you have the right air purifier, you don’t have to live with those any longer.

The Purifair reviews from people suffering from allergies are exceptionally positive. Some people have been able to quit medication, open their windows, and breathe deeply for the first time in years.

Harmful Pollution

It would be nice if pollution didn’t exist inside. Yet it does. If anyone near you smokes or vapes, the air is filled with small smoke particles that can remain airborne for a significant time.

But even if you don’t smoke, there are other indoor pollutants that you really can’t stop from occurring. Cooking your meals creates similar airborne particles that shouldn’t be lodged in your lungs.

And every single indoor space has dust. That’s just part of life that we all deal with.

Now here is the good news. The Purifair Air Purifier can help remove harmful pollution. Instead of breathing them in, you can have the confidence to breathe deep without absorbing these unhealthy particles.

How The Purifier Air Purifier Works

At this point, you might be thinking that this device sounds too good to be true. Some people in the past might have disregarded it as witchcraft. There’s simply no way a tiny, portable device can provide so much protection for your lungs.

 Purifier Air Purifier How Works

But they’d be wrong. And this Purifair review will tell you exactly how.

The fact is that this revolutionary device is making it so you can bring clean air no matter where you go. You can control the air you breathe while you drive. You can stop inhaling pollutants in the air in your office.

Purifair Air Purifier releases negatively charged ions into the air. Those ions bond to viruses, bacteria, dust, smoke, and other pollutants. The negative ions then destroy the bad pollutans.

Once they are on the ground, you’re no longer at risk of inhaling them. It can remove 99% of airborne pathogens and allergens in seconds. Pretty neat, right?

It’s such a great concept that hospitals use the same idea. But you can’t quite carry around the industrial-size purifiers used in hospitals with you. Yet now you can take the Purifair anywhere you go. It’s the ideal solution for today’s mobile world.

Each unit covers about 200 square feet of space. Enough for many rooms, offices, and nearly any car on the market. To cover a larger area, add a unit and it will cover another 200 square feet.

Now that you know the basics of how the Purifair works, let’s go over some of the most crucial features of the device.

No Filter Changes

Unlike some other air purifiers, the Purifair Air Purifier doesn’t use a filter that requires regular replacement. While others can cost up to $100 per year to use, you don’t have to spend a dime on Purifair filters.

The price is already pretty incredible for the Purifair. And the fact that you don’t have to spend money replacing filters turns it into a downright incredible deal.

Whisper Quiet

Another problem with some air purifiers is that they are annoying and loud. Even if you like sleeping with white noise, it’s best to keep the distractions down when you’re trying to get work done or relax for a night on the couch.

The Purifair Air Purifier is incredibly quiet. Rated at less than 27 decibels (dB), it is quieter than a whisper. Leaving you to enjoy the peaceful area around you.

That’s another excellent reason why it’s a great option for offices. Go on those video and conference calls without concern about sounding like you’re standing behind an airliner. 

USB Charging

Like countless modern devices, the Purifair makes keeping it plugged in simple. It uses USB technology found in a wide variety of home electronics.

Plug it into your home, car, or office without worry.

It couldn’t be easier to keep it running for long periods, allowing you to breathe easily and put your mind toward other essential matters.

 Purifier Air Purifier Usb Charging

Incredibly Portable

Now for my favorite aspect about the Purifair. It’s size. This is another thing that’s just plain hard to believe, but it is tiny.

We all know the size of a 12-ounce can, right?

Whether your drink of choice is soda, sparkling water, or something with a bit more kick, it’s easy to bring a can anywhere.

Those typical cans measure about 4.75 inches tall and have a diameter of 2.6 inches.

 Purifier Air Purifier Portable

The Purifair is nearly the same size, just a touch taller. It is 6 inches (15.5 cm) tall, with a diameter of 2.6 inches (6.5 cm).

Anywhere you can fit a can of Coke, you can bring clean air along for the ride. Some guys can fit it in their back pocket. Anyone with a purse or bag is sure to be able to find a place to squeeze it in.

Modern Design

Another great feature of the Purifair Portable Air Purifier is its awesome design. Utilizing an aluminum frame colored in your choice of gold, pink, or black, it makes an excellent punch on any bookshelf or table.

Rather than being a big, ugly distraction like some air purifiers on the market, it can fit seamlessly into nearly any design choice. Or be tactfully hidden away and not even noticed by visitors.

 Purifier Air Purifier Design

Is It Safe?

Whenever you introduce something new into your life, it’s vital to ensure it’s providing something good and not adding more harm.

I’m glad to show you in this Purifair review that it is perfectly safe. Negative ions are a natural part of the air around us everywhere. Purifair produces more of them in the small area around you, attaching to the harmful pollutants.

The Purifair units are not ozone-based. They use the negative ions to help keep your air clean from contaminants. They create less than 0.003mg/m3 of ozone, an amount found to be perfectly safe for your health.

Who It’s Best For

We all need to breathe clean air. Now that we all know how serious the EPA is taking the quality of our indoor air.

Plus the fact that most people spend around 90% of their time indoors, the Purifair Air Purifier is an excellent choice for practically everyone.

But some people could use it more than others.

A lot of these people have a health condition or other situation which causes them to spend even more than 90% of their time inside.

 Purifier Air Purifier Best For

People that are immunocompromised or have respiratory conditions such as COPD, Asthma, or Emphysema can be sure to get exceptional benefits from the Purifair purifier.

It helps to protect them from harmful bacteria and viruses, plus it keeps their lungs free from additional debris.

It’s also a downright incredible solution for people with allergies. Maybe you’ve suffered before or perhaps one of your friends or family is in that boat. In either case, the Purifair can take out many types of dust, pollen, and mold from the air.

 Purifier Air Purifier Respiratory conditions

Another group of people that can benefit greatly from this little device is anyone that uses their lungs for more intense purposes. Nearly any serious athlete should care about the health of their lungs, but especially important for endurance sports like swimming, running, and hiking.

Other people that need to use their lungs in specific ways such as scuba divers and musicians should also keep their lungs free from harmful contaminants. Perhaps the next singing star is being held back by poor air in their studio.

And finally, another type of person that can benefit from at least one Purifair Air Purifier are those who spend a lot of time with large groups of people indoors. Teachers of all types are perhaps the perfect example, but this can also be true for those who run small conferences too.

So ditch the regular apple or coffee mug as a gift for the teacher in your life. They’ll be amazed at the thoughtful gift of a Purifair Portable Air Purifier.

Purifair Review Wrap Up

Indoor air quality is a serious part of life.

And when it comes to pathogens, allergens, and pollutants of all types, the Purifair Air Purifier is here to help.

Its negative ion technology attaches to those particles, dropping them to the ground, and keeping them out of your lungs.

The portable, sleek design is a perfect fit for any room and for taking on the go.

Purifair Review

Are you ready to get yours? Or get a set to give as an incredible gift. Here’s a link to buy it directly from the US-based company.

Written by Bato

Bato is the father of three beautiful children. When he's not dealing with product reviews and comparisons, he enjoys hiking through untouched nature. He loves adrenaline sports such as skiing, diving, rafting, and scuba diving. In addition, he likes to grill and discover new exciting food.

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