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Snooor Review

Updated: May 2021

Snooor has been discontinued and after some research we have found a decent alternative that you could use. The product in question is called Sleep Lab and you can check it out in this link here.

If you're like me, then you have a significant other that snores almost every night. It can be aggravating when you aren't getting sleep and it seems like nothing is helping. This brings us to the reason for this article, the Snooor Anti-Snoring Solution. Take a look at our thorough review to see if it's the product for you.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Anti-Snoring Solutions

Before diving into the actual review, it's important to take a moment to talk about the things you should consider before buying an anti-snoring solution. We haven't posted every consideration, but the ones below are some of the most important ones. Take these into account before making a purchase.


Since anti-snoring solutions are placed on or in your body, you want to make sure they are safe. Not only should they be made with safe materials, but they should also be free of anything dangerous, like sharp edges. It's also a good idea to make sure they are FDA approved because it means they've passed the tests needed to be considered safe.

Ease of Use

Another thing to consider is how easy the product is to use. When you're tired and ready for bed, you don't want to have to spend a lot more time trying to get things situated. If possible, find a solution that only takes a few minutes to use or get placed in the correct position.

Custom Fit vs One Size

It's going to depend on the type of anti-snoring solution you're looking for, but another consideration is whether the product is a custom fit or one size fits all. Those that are custom are going to be more expensive, but they are going to be perfectly fitted for you. With one size fits all products, you'll have to hope for the best.


This is another consideration that will depend on the type of anti-snoring solution you're considering, but it's important to be able to adjust the product. Some people have smaller or larger body areas than others and you'll need to find the best fit to get your snoring to stop.

Return Policy

One final consideration is what kind of return policy the product has. Not only should the warranty give plenty of time for testing, but you also want to check what the exact terms are. Some places will only accept a return under certain circumstances, so it's a good idea to look at this information before purchasing.


Snooor Anti-Snoring Solution

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The Snooor Anti-Snoring Solution is a wearable device that syncs to an app. As long as the area is clean, you can place the sticker and unit on either your forehead or breastbone. This products helps people sleep on their sides, which is great because a large amount of snoring happens from sleeping on the back. The Snooor will give you 20 minutes to fall asleep, then will vibrate whenever you flip off of your side. Since this is the case, those that sleep heavy might find that they don't wake up or move when the device vibrates.

The next morning when you wake, you'll be able to get on the app and look at data about your night. You'll be able to see when you flipped into a different position, as well as how long it took to flip back. While retraining yourself to sleep on your side, make sure you're wearing the device every night.


  • It's easy to use and apply.
  • It lets you see data from when you were asleep.
  • It's lightweight and small.


  • The vibrations might not work for heavy sleepers.
  • The stickers might cause a skin reaction in people with very sensitive skin.

Features & Benefits

Listed below are some of the best features and benefits of the Snooor Anti-Snoring Solution. This really is a great product that can help a lot of people.

Helps Decrease Snoring

The Snooor does a great job at helping decrease or completely eliminate snoring. It does this with a small wearable device that tracks all of your information to the app. The device can be placed on your forehead or breastbone, depending on your preference. When you get into a position that isn't your side, the device will vibrate to encourage your body to flip.

Helps Improve Breathing

Another great benefit of this product is that it can help improve your sleeping. This is especially great for those that suffer from various sleeping conditions. The reason this happens is because the device tries to keep you on your side and that position is the best for sleeping because it keeps your airways open.

Promotes Better Sleep

Since you'll have less snoring and more airflow, you'll also have the benefit of more restful sleep. You should start waking up feeling refreshed and like you're ready to take on the day. Keep in mind, the device might wake you up for the first few nights, but you should be able to get better sleep afterwards.


Since you'll be sleeping with the device, it needs to be comfortable and lightweight. You don't want something that's going to be overly heavy or even heavy enough to give you issues falling asleep or getting comfortable. The great news is that the Snooor only weighs 10 grams, which mean you'll barely even feel it.


Another great feature is that the Snooor is very compact. The only pieces you have to worry about are the stickers and the device. Both are very small and barely take up any room. In fact, the device is only 40mm x 40mm and the sticker is 20mm by 20mm. they They're also very thin, which makes it so they arent bulky or uncomfortable.


Another feature of the device and stickers are medical-grade. This means that the materials are durable and there's less chance of your skin having a reaction. Keep in mind, this isn't guaranteed for everyone and some people with sensitive skin might find that they have some sort of skin reaction or minor skin irritation in the spot where the stickers were.


This product is also made with hypoallergenic material, which is another way to make sure there are less skin reactions. This is essential because you'll be wearing the device and stickers every night and some adhesives are known to cause your skin to get red or irritated. With this device, though, most people won't have to worry about a reaction.

Used with App

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Another awesome feature is that you can use the device with an app. You enable Bluetooth on your phone and you'll be able to connect to the device. It will record data about your sleeping patterns, including how often you changed positions, the times when it happened, and how long it took you to get back onto your side.

Easy to Place/Use

The Snooor is also very easy to place and use. You put the sticker on your forehead or breastbone, then place the device right onto it. Make sure it's turned on and the Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Go to sleep as you normally would and all of your data will be recorded. You'll feel a vibration when you get into a position that isn't your side and, hopefully, that will get you to flip back.

Back Sleeping Notifications

As stated above, the device will wake you up with vibrations if you get into a different position, including onto your back. These vibrations are completely safe and should work for most people. Remember, these vibrations might wake you up the first few nights and they might not work at all for those that are heavy sleepers.

1 Week Adjustment

The Snooor Wearable should start working well within 1 week. By this point, it should have your body trained quite well to not flip during the night. With that said, though, there will be some people that will have to wait longer to see results. If you are using the device for a long time and aren't noticing any changes, reach out to the company.

3-6 Month Battery Life

One final benefit of the Snooor Anti-Snoring Solution is that it has a 3-6 month battery life for the device. Once it dies, you can easily change the battery by using a flat head screwdriver. Depending on usage, the battery might last a little longer or shorter.


Social Proof

Since our readers want to know exactly what to expect, we thought it was a good idea to add some social proof showing how happy real customers are. We've included 3 screenshots showing real reviews from customers that have actually tried the product and have seen real results for themselves or significant other.

snooor user reviews
snooor honest reviews
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Where to Buy

Before wrapping up, we should talk about where you can buy this product. As time goes on, there's a good chance that more places will carry the Snooor Anti-Snoring Solution, but for now, the best places to buy are the ones listed below.

Snooor Website

snooor website

The number one place to buy this product is on the Snooor website. Not only does the website regularly have coupon codes, but they also try and get the product to you as fast as possible. They stand behind their product and try to do everything they can if a problem is brought to their attention. You can also be confident knowing that it's coming right from the manufacturer and there's less chance of getting a bad product.

Anti-Snore Specialty Websites

Another option for buying the Snoor is by going to websites that focus on anti-snoring. Most of these websites will have other features, like blog posts and forums for those suffering from snoring. The blog posts are usually where you'll find the link to buy, but you might find that some websites create a page specifically for the product. To find the Snooore product, search on the site and find the areas where it's mentioned.

3rd Party Sellers

The last option is to buy the product through a 3rd party seller. This includes buying directly from people or from online selling sites. Keep in mind, products from this method might not be clean and they might not work. If possible, try to check out the product in person before committing to buy.

The Snooor Anti-Snoring Solution is a great option for those that don't usually sleep on their sides. Being able to look at your sleeping data is a game changer and can really help you understand your sleeping patterns. Not only can it help improve your breathing, but it can also help decrease or completely eliminate snoring. If you want to have less snoring and more peaceful rest, then click here to check out the product.

Written by Simon Reyes
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