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SoloForce Wireless Solar Power Bank - Full Review

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My phone had a lousy battery, and often, while traveling, my battery life barely made it to the destination. Therefore, I had to carry my charger around and implore people to help me recharge my phone. I needed a quick fix, or I was going to miss out on opportunities.

Benefits of a Solo Force Wireless Solar Power Bank

The fear of missing out can weigh down on you as it had with me. Acquiring a power bank came to my aid, and these are the issues it solves. 

  •  Earlier on, the ideal travel backpack was packed lightly with only the minimum essentials such as clothes and personal effects. However, in the contemporary world, electronics are a necessity. Traveling is a tedious activity that involves idling around in bust stations and airports or spending a lot of traveling. In most cases, these gadgets' battery life cannot stay for prolonged periods. A power bank, thus, may come in handy in recharging your batteries. 
  •  The mobile gaming industry is growing at an alarming late replacing PC and console games. Mobile games tend to drain your phone's battery fast. Investing in this power bank will keep you in the loop with uninterrupted gaming time due to a flat battery.
  •  Many career men and women today often rely on electronic gadgets to get their jobs done. A dead device is detrimental to their source of livelihood. For this purpose, a power bank is a good investment since you will put in a day's work without fear of being cut off. Some of the professions that benefit from power banks are photographers, sales agents, small businesses, and even students, to name a few.
  •  Factors to consider before buying a Power Bank
  •  The capacity of the power bank which will determine the number of devices it can charge.
  •  The number of ports for charging multiple devices at once
  •  Quality of the power bank: does it have an overcurrent protection to prevent overheating of the device?
  •  The available cable options because a better power bank will have an integrated system of varying cables for different devices such as those with type C ports.
  •  Portability
  •  The speed of recharging your phone
  •  Speed of charging the power bank

What is SoloForce Wireless Solar Power Bank?

SoloForce Wireless Solar Power Bank- Full Review

This power bank promises nothing but sheer comfort since recharging all your batteries is a simple task. The device can charge up to four devices without worrying about draining the reservoir since the sun can restore its vitality. How cool is that! The model is the first of its kind with no predecessors, redefined the power banks. One of its top competitors is the Yelomin Portable Outdoor Mobile Power Bank. Both models have a capacity of 20000mAh and are rechargeable in the sun. The latter, however, has reservations for solar charging only in case of emergencies.

Cons of SoloForce

  • The solar-powered power bank is quite expensive as compared to other less pricey models
  • The solar power feature is only beneficial during the summer or when there is sunlight. The widget cannot be used to your advantage on a cloudy day.
  •  The Qi wireless charging feature is only compatible with recent smartphone models
  •  Wireless charging is slower as compared to USB charging

What Are The Solo Force Solar Power Bank Features and Benefits

1) Compatibility and portability

In terms of size, it is small enough to carry with you everywhere. Similarly, it is compatible with different types of electrical gadgets. Some of the devices it is compatible with our smartphones, iPods, MP3 and Mp4 players, laptops, and digital cameras, to name a few. The benefit of its compatibility feature is that it saves on extra expenses of buying spare batteries for each device.

SoloForce Wireless Solar Power Bank- Full Review

2) Qi-enabled wireless charging

The power bank comes with an inbuilt Qi wireless charging pad. All you have to do is place your device compatible with wireless charging, and the phone will automatically be recharged. This feature would have been helpful when I spent eight hours on the road driving, and the USB I had was faulty, and my phone ended up being dead beat for the entire journey. Some of the benefits that come with this feature include:

  • Cables are susceptible to wear and tear due to being used for long durations. With this feature, you will save on money required for continuously replacing cables 
  • USB charging ultimately results in damage to the charging system. Using this wireless system will preserve your charging system
  • Suitable for careless individuals who misplace their chargers
SoloForce Wireless Solar Power Bank- Full Review

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3) Powering multiple devices

SoloForce can power four devices and is compatible with any device: android, Mac, IOS, and PC. The device has three USB ports where you can charge the devices. The fourth device can charge wirelessly.

4) 20,000-mAh battery

This large capacity facilitates an extended battery life enabling you to charge your android for up to seven times. You and your friends can easily share the power bank since it can go for days on end without exhaustion if used sparingly. Some of the perks that come with a large capacity are:

  • Multiple devices can be charged at the same time, saving on time. You and your friends can cost-share and get this gizmo for your escapades. The power bank will ensure that your electrical appliances are powered.
  •  Larger capacity facilitates a fast charging rate, which means that the power bank recharges faster
  •  Power banks with low battery capacity have a shorter lifespan because they constantly need to be plugged in for it to recharge. With its enormous battery capacity, this power bank will not quickly consume the charging discharge cycle. Charging the power bank frequently catalyzes the discharge cycle. Large battery capacity means that the power bank is not regularly charged and can stay for months without losing its power since it discharges by 2% monthly.
  • The lithium-ion battery will maintain good performance even after 500 discharge cycles since the performance will relatively be 80%

5) Solar-powered

The power bank can be easily charged within the confines of your home via a port. However, you may not have had enough time for the device to be fully charged at times, and the battery may be drained. With this solar charger, you need not fret since you can charge it on the go. Irrespective of having low power, the power bank will charge when in direct sunlight.

Had I been aware of this device last summer, I would have saved on fuel. During the summer, my family and I had been cooped up in a cabin with no electricity for an entire week, with the nearest town being several miles away. All the electrical appliances we had remained functionless for the significant part of the week except on the days we went to the nearest town to charge them. Some of the benefits of being solar powered are:

  • It is eco-friendly since the conversion of sun rays into electrical energy takes place. This type of energy is free from carbon footprints, which cause global warming.
  • As long as the sun is out, you have an endless supply of energy converted to power.
  • The ease of charging it since all you have to do is set the power bank, and the sun will immediately start charging it.
SoloForce Wireless Solar Power Bank- Full Review

6) Durability

Most power banks have an inbuilt Lithium polymer battery that can quickly explode or catch fire due to short-circuiting, overheating, and high voltages. Solo Force power bank is built to beat these constraints because it is made to last with a robust and resilient material. Similarly, the device comes with an overcurrent protection that prevents the power bank from overheating and blowing up. In addition to this, the device has a Microcontroller to curb short-circuiting. The advantages of these features are:

  • The power bank can serve you for an average of about four to five years

7) Waterproof

This feature is specifically useful to adventurous souls. People who are in love with the outdoors and are on excursions benefit from this. The outdoors can be harsh with extreme weather conditions, and you could be rained on. With this power bank, in case of a situation where you are caught in the rain or are going for swimming, the power bank is safe and will not be rendered functionless due to contact with water.

8) Shockproof

The SoloForce power bank is a reliable partner that will never betray you in the event of a technical failure. Upon experiencing a technical issue, many gadgets in the market manifest the problem through short-circuiting, and in most cases, it can lead to electrocution. This specific make and design keep you safe from any shock that may emanate from being faulty. 

Customer reviews

The product guarantees customer satisfaction, and true to their word, I have found several testimonials praising their prowess. The customers who reviewed the product were pleased with the portability of the device because of the slimness.

The power bank is also compatible with several devices. Similarly, they were fascinated by the extended battery life on the device. Another reviewer was pleased by the ease of charging the devices wirelessly. In summary, the testimonials were proof that the product indeed was built to last, and purchasing the device is investing in a gimmick you will never regret. 


"I made a preorder and received my SoloForce in only two weeks. Great product that fast charges all my devices at once and solar is a big benefit for recharge when you are on the go. Once you go wireless you don’t go back. NO MORE CORDS!"

― Mai W. San Diego, CA


"This product is amazing as it fits in my purse and goes anywhere. It's strong enough to fast charge my MacBook Pro and my iPhone at the same time. Charging capacity is amazing and sunlight helps. It wirelessly tops up my iPhone in my purse."
― Kerri M. Seattle, WA


"This is the leading charging device. Fast, strong, wireless and charges my phone for days. I preordered but received mine in weeks."

― Richie M. Princeton, NJ


The SoloForce wireless solar power bank is not the only make of its kind. There are several other power banks available in the market.

30000mAh Solar Power Bank

This beast outwits the SoloForce power bank in battery capacity, which can also be used as a flashlight. Other features such as waterproof, shockproof, Qi wireless charging, and solar-powered are similar. It, however, can only charge three devices simultaneously.

Yelomin 20000mAh Solar Charger

This model has a smart express charger that enables charging two devices at maximum speed, unlike SoloForce, which does not have this feature. Another outstanding feature on this gadget is that it has five distinct indicators; flashing green light shows that it is charging through solar, and a blue indicator is for USB charging. Other features such as compatibility to multiple devices, battery capacity, and solar power are similar in both products. The gadget is reliable in the outdoors.

Solar Charger 26800mAh-Power Bank

This power bank enables the charging of type C devices such as Macs. In addition to this, it has four solar panels that facilitate the conversion of sunlight into electrical power that drives the widget. The battery capacity is also relatively high at 26800mAh that ensures that the reputable brand has an extended lifespan. It is quite handy when hiking since it is multifaceted and can be used as a flashlight, which has three brightness levels that can be adjusted. Similarly, it has an inbuilt compass that can help you navigate. Moreover, it is made from a durable thermoplastic Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), which protects it from overheating. Finally, it is also waterproof and resistant to harsh weather conditions.


SoloForce is a good investment to make because it eradicates all your flat battery woes. Whether you are traveling, working, or gaming, it will ensure that your device is charged.

This product is the best at solving your battery problems because it is portable and compatible with several devices. Similarly, it has a large battery capacity and can be used several times.

Finally, the SoloForce power bank can be powered by the sun; therefore, you will never be disconnected from the rest of the world. Make an informed choice and get this state of the art solar-powered power bank today at an affordable price.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.

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