Want to make sure that everything you do on your personal computer is secure, private, and safe from prying eyes? StartMeStick is here to save the day. This device is a proprietary computation device used to encrypt the communication and make your computer safer than before.

You can just plug this computation device into your personal computer and temporarily substitute your current OS with a simple, safe, and private OS for online sessions. Once you take it out, your default operating system will kick in, and you can resume your activities. Stay safe with plug-n-play.

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Things to Consider Before Buying StartMeStick

Before finalizing the purchase, you need to decide whether you require such a computational device. To make a well-informed decision, you need to understand what this stick does and how it can be of use to you.

This device is perfect for maintaining anonymity online and have private and safe internet browsing sessions. If you are worried about your online privacy, this device will offer an extremely simple and fast method of obtaining a quick, private, and safe web session.

Moreover, this device can breathe life into a machine that does not work properly or has a non-functional operating system. This is perfect for systems that no longer receive Windows or Apple updates and are considered outdated.

For Who Is StartMeStick

The StartMeStick is perfect for individuals with children and family members using a shared device, computer, or hotspot. StartMeStick offers the following perks to the users:

  • If you are worried about being watched online and being monitored, you can use StartMeStick and opt for a private and safe session.
  • If your computer runs slow and lags, you can easily use this computation device to get it running faster than before since StartMeStick uses its own OS.
  • You can easily access your kids and family members for internet surfing without having to worry about your machine. StartMeStick will protect your system and keep it safe.
  • You can also take this device anywhere you go and use it with someone else’s machine to enjoy a private internet session.
  • Those with strong machine maintenance skills definitely won’t enjoy the StartMeStick. They will choose to go with their own approach. So, it is perfect for those who have little knowledge about computer information practices, and have to share their online space and devices with others.

What Are the Benefits of Using StartMeStick?

As a consequence of big businesses watching your every move online, you fear identity fraud, public embarrassment, extortion, or bigotry.

Nowadays, big and small corporations like to examine online data regarding their potential customers to make business decisions. However, this is viewed as an invasion of privacy. StartMeStick can help you stay safe online and stay protected from any unwarranted and unwanted monitoring.

As a culture, our online presence is endangered by widespread surveillance and behavioral micro-targeting. Therefore, StartMeStick steps in and offers private, safe, and encrypted online browsing sessions.

Moreover, it offers a wide array of useful benefits. From safe communication to a quick private session, it does it all. Let’s take a look.

  1. One of The Fastest Operating Systems.
    This computation device is built using one of the most secure operating systems, Linux. Linux is currently used by the majority of companies and big corporations worldwide and is known to be fast, secure, and powerful as compared to other competitors.
    Furthermore, StartMeStick rarely stops or freezes. This device does not store any garbage values, offline information, cookies, or other files that may trigger annoying bugs, failures, or lags. This is why StartMeStick is quite fast and safe as it doesn’t conserve anything.
  2. Super Speed and Super Privacy.
    Windows and other operating systems tend to store and obtain private details and activity history from its customers. These operating systems use ad monitoring, position tracking applications, and other apps to feed their AI ambitions, etc.
    This computation device is designed to be safe and secure, and offer a private online session for browsing, etc. It is a private internet search system that is slimmed down and is open source. This device does not store any private data onto the stick and does not send any usage diagnostics back to the programmers. It is a plug-n-play safety and browsing computational device for an isolated session.
  3. Private Browsing and No Tracking.
    Upon every use, the StartMeStick reverts to a fresh state and feels like a new device. This happens because this device is designed not to contain and store any of your information. Therefore, it does not endanger one’s personal details if misplaced or robbed.
    The StartMeStick includes two browsers:
    The Tor client
    Google Chrome
    Every software has private networking capabilities, and a multilayered VPN is included in the Tor client.
  4. Ultimate Security.
    This computation device is built with standard protection settings, which prohibit anyone from modifying these settings. Therefore, StartMeStick greatly decreases the volume of foreign risks and the resulting complexities as opposed to any other OS. StartMeStick is designed to be secure, safe, and fast, and it offers that non-stop.
    This device reduces possible bugs offers minimum vulnerabilities that can be used for an attack. The emphasis and primary purpose of this device is to offer one thing: safe and secure internet access. The StartMe OS is a Linux-based OS that has several other probable security benefits.
    The source code for StartMeStick is available to public developers and hundreds of professionals. These experts can easily identify and address security problems on the go, and constantly monitor the code to ensure consistency and ultimate security.
    In comparison, the amount of “wild” threats to Linux-based OS architectures remain considerably smaller than threats to other operating systems.
  5. Multi-layer VPN.
    By shielding your real IP address, a powerful VPN can offer amazing “network secrecy” at your fingertips. Well, StartMeStick offers that and much more.
    VPN apps offer anonymity to individuals in the online world. These apps are designed to protect your identity from websites that aim to use your information by monitoring your online preferences and activities. These apps can also protect you from ISPs, who can easily monitor your online activities. However, any VPN can’t provide protection against any browser application or other offline programs.
    This is where StartMeStick steps in and offers a multilayered VPN built-in through the Tor client. This multilayered VPN will protect you from the online world, and also from hidden apps and browser applications. It offers multi-layered protection against a wide spectrum of threats.
    However, you can connect a simple VPN to your StartMeStick. It may offer more speed than the multi-layer VPN, but it will sacrifice your privacy.
  6. Easy Password Management.
    There are at least three different options for easy password management on StartMeStick:
    First, you can use Chrome to Sync on your machines, tablets, and so on. Once you use StartMeStick to for signing into Chromium, your details will be linked, and your keys/passwords will be ready for you.
    Secondly, if you want a third-party password manager, we negotiated a discount on Dashlane for customers with StartMeStick. If you activate the Dashlane extension on your default operating system and Sync, the extension would be available on your StartMeStick in Chromium.
    Lastly, if your other favorite password manager has a Chrome extension, you can sync and have that extension available on your StartMeStick.
    You can choose from any of the three methods, and enjoy ultimate security and easy password management across devices.
  7. Better Than Incognito Modes.
    Most modern Web browsers offer a separate Private Browsing option, such as the incognito mode in Chrome, or InPrivate mode in Microsoft Edge.
    StartMeStick is close to Private Browsing mode, except that it offers protection for the whole device rather than just offering it for the browser application. The basic concept similar to both is that the client generates a new, temporary viewing experience separate from the current session with all the user-specific profile details in it.
    Every time you use the device, it is a fresh and temporary isolated session with all the user details unique to its profile inside it. Once you stop using the StartMeStick, o personal details or data is stored on your machine or on the device.
    The main web client of StartMeStick, Chromium (the open-source edition of Google’s Chrome), allows Incognito Mode. This means that you can access the StartMeStick, then use any website in Incognito Mode without getting worried about being monitored or tracked.
    This is helpful in situations when you decide to connect to your favorite websites with one Chromium window and do not want the profile and its details to be exchanged in each different Chromium window.
    For example, if you want a secret browsing session that is separated from the daily session and does not retain all the data until you close the window, the StartMeStick will do that. This is far better than normal incognito modes and offers a wide range of benefits to the users.
    The StartMeStick also provides a connection for installing the browser application from Tor. The Tor software offers the above mentioned anonymous networking functionality, including a multi-layered VPN for ultimate protection.
  8. Low Infection Risk.
    It is really rare that your StartMeStick gets contaminated with harmful software, e.g., a computer virus. The on-chip OS is quite secure and doesn't allow any outsider to make even a single change without admin permission.
    However, even if you are afraid that your StartMeStick has been corrupted somewhere, you can just restore it from a clean machine using the factory reset option. This way, you can enjoy factory defaults and settings and enjoy a new out of the box’ condition.
  9. Reuse Old Computers
    After Microsoft discontinued Windows 7 service in January 2020, close to 40 percent of the world’s PCs, have stopped getting software patches and would no longer be free to operate on the Internet.
    Whether Windows or Apple drops supporting your operating program, or you have an old machine, StartMeStick will run smoothly on everything. To transform it into an easy, safe, and private device, use the StartMeStick with any PC.


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Pros and Cons of StartMeStick

While it is an amazing device, there are some pros and cons associated with it. 

Here are the pros of StartMeStick:

  • The device offers fast speed since it is based on Linux.
  • The StartMeStick device offers a super-secure and private internet session.
  • It does not need any OS and can run on blank devices.
  • It works well with Windows, macOS, and other OS systems.
  • StartMeStick does not store any data.
  • The device is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof.

There are, however, cons associated with this device as well.

  • It isn't free, like many security techniques out there.
  • There is nothing much you can do without the internet.
  • It requires a mouse or keyboard for using Bluetooth devices paired with it.
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What Did Customers Say About This?

Here are some of the feedback and reviews from customers who used this for their online browsing sessions. These reviews reflect the true power of StartMeStick.

startmestick review

Some of the customers stated that since they are senior citizens, it was hard for them to understand how to properly initiate a separate private session. However, with StartMeStick, they can now enjoy separate sessions with just play-n-play.

Moreover, some users have also given positive feedback by stating that their slow computers are now quite amazing and fast with the help of StartMeStick. They said that it was like using a new computer without having to spend any additional money.

If you want to find more reviews from users and see how StartMeStick changed their online experiences, you can find more information here.


What is The Bottom Line Here?

The StartMeStick is an amazing device to turn your computers and devices into secure ones for private and safe online browsing sessions. This device offers:

  • 8GB flash memory
  • Superior-quality metallic body
  • Chip on Board (COB) technology
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof CHIP
  • Cap-less design
  • Secure and Private online sessions
  • Security and SPEED

It’s private from corporate monitoring, e.g., the tools that businesses and policymakers utilize to monitor and corporate process our online interactions to push our participation and their income, which we all realize have the negative side effect of destroying our democracy. The StartMeStick is a revolutionary product that can run on any device without requiring any OS.

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