Trenbolone Review

We have covered and reviewed many steroids, and now we are going to take a closer look into Trenbolone, one of the most potent and powerful anabolics out there.

Trenbolone or Tren for short is one of the most potent steroids currently available. This compound can have a major effect on the body. People who tried it before already know this.


Trenbolone is one of the most popular anabolics and it is used to speed up the muscle growth and it is available for that want to use it. We are going to take a look at the side-effects, how to use Tren, precautions and more.

About Trenbolone

Tren is a Nandrolone derivative. This means it is a 19-Nor anabolic compound. 19-Nor anabolics come from Nandrolone and they are created by removing the 19th carbon. This makes them quite unique compared to other anabolics.

Trenbolone binds better than other steroids with androgen receptors. Because of this Tren has a unique characteristic that boosts androgenic strength.

After injecting it, Trenbolone enhances the resistance of metabolic breakdown in the body. Scientists started studying Tren in the 60s. And after that many companies have started producing and selling it. This anabolic steroid is often used in the bodybuilding world. Bodybuilders use it to harden their muscles, lean muscle growth and to boost their overall strength.

Tren is a high-anabolic steroid and these are some of the benefits:

  • Faster muscle mass growth.
  • Enhanced production of erythrocytes. 
  • Lower water retention. 
  • Improved strength. 
  • Faster body fat removal.

The DEA classifies Trenbolone among grade 3 substances. The DEA considers it to be prohibited and it can have legal repercussions for people that use it.

The US Drug Enforcement Agency has classified Trenbolone as a Grade III

Different Forms of Tren

Trenbolone has 3 forms that can be used:

  1. Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.
  2. Trenbolone enanthate.
  3. Trenbolone acetate.

The one that is used the most nowadays is number 3 or Trenbolone Acetate. Hosescht is a company from England that began manufacturing Trenbolone Acetate. They marketed it with the name Finajet in England and in France Finajects.

Both were used as prescription medicine until the 1980s. After it was banned Parabolan (hexahydrobenzylcarbonate) took its place but it was subsequently banned in the 90s.

And today Tren is allowed for use for veterinary purposes and it is banned by the FDA for human use. In spite of that, there are still many manufacturers that produce Trenbolone for people.

Trenbolone acetate
Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.
Trenbolone enanthate

About Trenbolone Acetate

The most popular form of Tren is Trenbolone Acetate. Its half-life is very short, it is only 2 days. Another ester goes by the name of Trenbolone Enanthate. Its half-life is a bit longer, it is 7 days.

Most people prefer using Trenbolone Acetate. Why is that?

The main reason for this is absorption. The body absorbs almost all of the compound of Trenbolone Acetate. And the more of the compound gets absorbed the better the results can be achieved.

That means that you will be able to achieve greater strength and muscle gains. And for people that want to get the most out of a product and out of their work, this is the right choice. There is one more reason why people prefer Tren Acetate to Tren Enanthate. The effects are much faster.

Trenbolone Acetate needs only one week while Tren Enanthate usually needs 2 or even 3 weeks. Tren Acetate allows people to progress faster! The world of bodybuilding has the same preference. They use Acetate much more often that Enanthate. It seems like  Enanthate has fewer side-effects though.

Properties of Trenbolone

Tren is a very potent and powerful anabolic steroid. This is because of the modifications that were done to the chemical structure of the compound. People consider it to be more potent even than testosterone.

We usually compare all anabolics to testosterone. We do this because testosterone is very powerful and beneficial for men.

Properties of Trenbolone

And if Trenbolone is considered to be even stronger that should illustrate the picture well enough. Trenbolone’s anabolic and androgenic rating is 500mg. Testosterone’s anabolic and androgenic rating is 100mg. That makes Trenbolone fivefold more powerful.

This is a good thing, but it also means that you should be careful when injecting Trenbolone. The safest way is to start with a small dose so that your body can adjust. If someone is not careful with the dose, it can potentially be very harmful to their health.

Trenbolone is also quite resistant to aromatase enzymes. These enzymes turn aromatizable androgens to estrogen. This makes it difficult to convert it to estrogen and then to testosterone.

Trenbolone provides users with an amazing boost in strength while helping with fat burning, lean muscle mass, and cutting. It is also not necessary to go overboard with your doses. Smaller doses can help you to achieve results thanks to the potency of Trenbolone.

About the Benefits of Trenbolone

  • Trenbolone can help you to gain muscle mass quicker compared to some other anabolics.
  • Trenbolone helps with losing fat because it can use fat as an energy source for the body.
  • There is a limited increase in cortisol levels.
  • It helps during cutting phases. 
  • It boosts the retention of nitrogen.
  • Trenbolone is also good for bulking.
Benefits of Trenbolone

About the Results of Trenbolone

What you can achieve with the help of Trenbolone is amazing. The final results are much greater than other anabolic steroids. If you buy real Trenbolone it will help you with your strength and then if you work hard you will grow like the Hulk! And it kicks in quite fast, after only a week.

It is the most popular anabolic among bodybuilders, and there is a reason for that. It simply provides them with the best results! Besides helping people to bulk up it also helps with burning extra fat and lean muscle mass creation.

Because of the great results, Trenbolone is very often used in a period before a bodybuilding competition. Also, it is used very often by fitness models.

Does Trenbolone Really Burn Fat?

In short, yes it does help the body with fat burning.

Tren’s properties help people to burn fat faster, much faster than they can do normally. One of those properties is its binding affinity. It binds with androgen receptors and that helps with fat loss.

Does Trenbolone Really Burn Fat

One more special characteristic of Trenbolone is that it can partition nutrients very effectively, much more effective than some other AAS. There are many factors that cause it, but one of the main factors is its IGF-1 sensitivity. Because your body starts to partition nutrients, you start losing extra fat.

So Trenbolone is not strictly speaking a fat burner. It does help with burning fat, yes. But that is not its main role. Sometimes people stack Tren with SARMs like Testolone.

That helps people to convert fat into energy, which is quite unique and very few products can do that. It also preserves muscle mass when a person eats a few calories. With Trenbolone, it is practically impossible to lose muscle mass.

About the Side-Effects of Trenbolone

Throughout this article, we tried to show that Trenbolone is a very potent anabolic steroid. And because of that, it is very important to know what you are doing and to be careful with your doses!

This strength which we spoke about has its pros and cons. Many people don’t use it because they get scared or because they are not confident that they can use it properly.

Online you can find many negative testimonials and some of them are most likely true. One thing to know is that it does not cause any kind if estrogenic side-effects. But because it is androgenic it can cause some androgenic side-effects and some other.

Androgenic side effects include:

  • Increase in the production of body oil that can cause acne.
  • Abnormal facial hair growth.
  • It can cause male baldness.
  • It can increase the possibility of getting benign prostate hyperplasia. 
  • Sometimes people take doses that are too big for them and that can cause problems.

There is also a possibility of:

  • Insomnia. 
  • It is possible that you will sweat more.

Some people experience progesterone related side-effects. This is due to the fact that Tren is a progestin. That means gynecomastia related side-effects like bloating, man boobs, etc.

It is possible to keep the side-effects under control by using aromatase inhibitors and anti-estrogens. Consuming vitamin B6, 400 mg a day or using an anti-prolactin like cabergoline and bromocriptine. This can help with reducing prolactin related side-effects.

In some extreme cases, it is possible for people to develop erectile dysfunction or cardiovascular disease.

Trenbolone Cough

Tren cough is one of the most if not the most notorious side-effect of Trenbolone. After injecting Tren some of it winds up in the blood and it gets absorbed in the bloodstream.

The body is not used to this new compound so it reacts. That is when people experience Tren cough. You just start coughing and you can’t see an end to it.

It sounds terrible, but it is not so bad. The cough lasts up to one minute. And the best thing to do if this happens to you is to relax, sit down and wait a minute until it passes. There is no reason to overreact.

When it comes to preventing it, there is not much anyone can do to prevent it.

This is especially true for Tren Acetate. It gets absorbed faster and has a short half-life. Tren Enanthate is not absorbed as fast and it has a longer half-life. Because of that Tren cough is not as big of a problem compared to Tren Acetate.

If you are taking Trenbolone and Testosterone during one cycle, you should put both in a syringe and administer then with one injection. If you do that you will dilute the oil. That lowers the risk of getting the Tren cough.

About a Trenbolone Cycle

You shouldn’t use Tren for the first cycle. For people that don’t have a lot of experience, it is too strong. For the first time, it is much better to use something like Testosterone.

Trenbolone cycles usually have testosterone as well. Majority of people use the shorter ester called Testosterone propionate.

After some time you will be ready to use Trenbolone in a cycle. We suggest starting with a small dose to see the reaction of your body. Tren Acetate is a better choice for your Tren cycle since it gives better results.

From 175mg to 350mg would be suitable for your first Tren cycle. That is more than enough to give you what you need. If you are not experienced, it is better to start slow and wait for your body to adjust.

After some time you can up your dose, from 525mg to 700mg. The only reason to take more is if you are a huge guy. Other than that there is no reason to exceed this dose. And this is a dose for people that have already done Tren cycles and know what to expect.

We do not recommend ever going above 700mg. There is no reason to do unless you are huge, that would be the only time and even then it would be questionable.

The optimal dose in terms of the results is from 350mg to 525mg. If you are taking too much the gains will diminish compared to the dose. And you are increasing the risk of side-effects.

You should get Pramipexole and Cabergoline before you begin with a Tren cycle. Or at least one of them. They are very important and they will help you to lower the increased levels of prolactin.

There is a cycle called the Fitness Model (stack). It has Trenbolone Acetate, Masteron propionate, and testosterone propionate.

They call it Fitness Model stack because of the combination that is used. IT is very powerful and it will improve your physique in a short time! Some even add Winstrol or Anavar into this combination because they are famous to be dry orals.

WeekTestorone (Propionate)Trenbolone AcetateMasteron
1 week100 mgs/EOD100 mgs/EOD
2 week100 mgs/EOD100 mgs/EOD
3 week100 mgs/EOD100 mgs/EOD
4 week100 mgs/EOD100 mgs/EOD
5 week100 mgs/EOD100 mgs/EOD
6 week100 mgs/EOD100 mgs/EOD75 mcs/OED
7 week100 mgs/EOD100 mgs/EOD75 mgs/EOD
8 week100 mgs/EOD100 mgs/EOD75 mgs/EOD
9 week100 mgs/EOD100 mgs/EOD75 mgs/EOD
10 week100 mgs/EOD100 mgs/EOD75 mgs/EOD
11 week100 mgs/EOD100 mgs/EOD75 mgs/EOD
12 week100 mgs/EOD100 mgs/EOD75 mgs/EOD

About the Administration of Trenbolone

  • With its potency, Trenbolone is one of the anabolics, that give positive results even with really small doses. 
  • Do not overuse it. You can harm your body if you do so. A small dose can do a lot here, and especially for people that don't have a vast experience. Even 50mg, taken 3 or 4 times a week can be enough. 
  • If you want more you can take from 75mg to 100mg. And keep in mind that if you overdo it you will increase the risk of side-effects. 
  • There are really no shortcuts and be careful with your body. Regardless of which steroid you choose, there is no need to go overboard with the dose. That will only bring you headaches and not the gains that you want!
Administration of Trenbolone

About the Best Possible Use

We want to preface this by saying that Trenbolone is dangerous. It is addictive and banned for human use in many countries.

However many people decide to use it in spite of that for its benefits. If you decide to use it make sure to do your homework first! Here is what we think:

  1. Avoid taking big doses because you want quicker and bigger gains. The only thing this will achieve is putting your health at risk. The higher you go with your dose the bigger the risk for your health! Remember this!.
  2. If you are a newbie, start small. Small doses will be as safe as possible and you will still get very good results.
  3. We think that there are no legitimate reasons to take large amounts of Trenbolone. It is a very potent drug and potentially dangerous. So you should never take doses that are too big, there is simply no justification for that. It is too much of a headache and potentially it can be very dangerous.

How to Buy Trenbolone

Since it is banned by the FDA, at least for people, the only way to find it is the black market. An FDA certified Trenbolone does not exist! So if you decide to buy it do your due diligence. Visit different websites and forums see what people say.

Pros and Cons of Trenbolone

Trenbolone Pros:

  • Reconstruction of muscles is very fast. It is much faster if you compare it to other anabolics. 
  • It helps with fat loss. The body starts using fat as an energy source.
  • Limited boost in cortisol levels of cortisol. 
  • It boosts the retention of nitrogen. 
  • Muscles simply become stronger. 
  • It helps people to have successful cutting cycles.

Trenbolone Cons:

  • Higher blood pressure. 
  • Possible hair loss. 
  • Some people may experience Insomnia, paranoia or anxiety.
  • It lowers stamina.
  • There is a chance of Tren cough affecting some.

Trenbolone might not be the best solution if you are considering it, and here is why.

Avoiding Legal Troubles

Obviously, no one wants problems with the law. Jail and fines are not fun. And getting caught with an illegal drug can be a big pain, especially because of laws that ask for mandatory sentencing for drug-related crimes. And that is a big risk to take for steroids.

And the longer you are using it the risk just grows since you have to keep buying regularly. Or you have to buy a larger amount at once.

Intent to supply is not so clearly defined in the law. So if you have more one vial it can look like your intention is distribute. Then the law sees you as a drug dealer and that is something no one wants. It is a great risk to take and the penalties are quite severe.

So your best course of action is to stay clear!

People that train hard and are serious about training have some goals that they want to achieve. But that is not such an easy task. At certain times you might feel like you are not making progress no matter how hard you work!

Then you realize that some people in the gym are using supplements such as Trenbolone. Getting bigger and stronger is not so easy to do and the right supplements can make a big difference in your results.

The right supplement is the key word in the previous passage. It is easier said than done. Sometimes the people don’t know where to turn to and they take advice from others that are not so qualified to give advice.

The demand for Trenbolone exists and it is big. Because of that and the fact that it is available only on the black market, there are going to be wolves looking for sheep.

Trenorol is an alternative that has many benefits.

  • It is a completely legal steroid.
  • The manufacturer is reliable and reputable.
  • You won't need prescriptions. 
  • Completely natural.
  • Completely safe for people. 
  • Trenorol is not addictive. 
  • It is taken orally so there is no need for injections.
  • The price is reasonable. 
  • The results of Trenorol are close to the results of Trenbolone.

Final Thoughts on Trenbolone

We think that Trenbolone is an extremely potent anabolic steroid. It has many benefits and the results are very fast!

The main purpose of Tren is to boost:

  • Protein synthesis. 
  • Retention of nitrogen.
  • Erythrocytes count.

Tren is very popular and it is considered to be among the best steroids in terms of its effectiveness and results. But it is not suitable for newbies.

It can be used for both cutting and bulking cycles. That makes it very versatile.

Tren boosts the synthesis of protein in the body and the retention of nitrogen as we mentioned before. Increasing the count of erythrocytes gives the body a better flow of oxygen, that includes muscles as well!

If we compare Trenbolone to testosterone you will see the potency of it. Testosterone has a 100:100 anabolic score. Trenbolone’s anabolic score is 500:500. Tren has a fivefold rating compared to testosterone’s score. This means 5 times more powerful.

To understand the strength of the steroid we will make a quick comparison to testosterone. For women, it is impossible to use it due to androgenic effects.

If you were looking for something that is safe, legal and actually works, then search no more. Trenorol is the best alternative for Trenbolone currently available on the market.

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