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Xtra-PC Ultra Review 2024 - Can It Bring Your Old Computer Back to Life? Let's Find Out

Learn about Xtra-PC Ultra, a USB device that makes your old and slow computer work like-new again.

Written by Abdo

Abdo is a Zoopy writer who loves spending his free time outdoors, camping, and enjoying the peace that nature brings. He also enjoys fixing things - he's particularly good with electronics. His favorite movie is I Am Legend, and he's fascinated by survival gear and safety.

24 comments on “Xtra-PC Ultra Review 2024 - Can It Bring Your Old Computer Back to Life? Let's Find Out”

  1. Thank you for this review.

    I have a two part question:
    Will this work on a Macbook with a failed motherboard?
    Will this work on a pc after it has been used with a mac? Or does it become dedicated to the system it initially connects to?

    1. For your first question, no, it won't work. Your system needs to be in a working order for Xtra PC to work.
      And for the second question, yes, it will work regardless of the system it's been used on.

  2. Im a gamer and i have alot of games that are quite demanding on performance and i was wondering how much would it boost my specs by? (ghz,RAM,etc) and i think from overheating damage one of my 2 cores is completely shot would it also add another core?

    1. You wont see any difference when it comes to gaming, and NO, it wont add another core. The only way you can add another core is if you buy another CPU.

  3. Does the xtra pc work on computers that have viruses on it that have stopped the computer from working from working and will the xtra pc download viruses to the computer it is used on? After xtra pc is connected to one computer can the same xtra pc drive be disconnected from that computer and used to quicken or fix another computer? In other words, will that same xtra pc usb drive be used to revive other computers or would the customer be able to use that usb drive on that computer ONLY? Being that I have these questions that NEEDS to be answered and am waiting on a response will I be able to get the 50% off of the purchase price if I buy more than 1?

    1. Xtra PC is a seperate Operating System from the one you currently have. It comes with a clean install and does NOT have any viruses nor will it download them. You can unplug it and use it on another computer as well but you need to know that Xtra PC runs from the usb. Therefore xtra pc operating system wont stay on the first computer you plugged it in.

      With every additional one you add you get 40% (it's no longer 50%) on each of them. Only the first one will be full price. If you're still not sure how it all works you can visit their official site here and add a couple of them in the cart and see how it all looks.

  4. why isn't one storage option adequate for the Xtra- I don't understand why storage is important. Can't I use Xtra to work with my existing software or my documents, or does it require us to start all over again, with additional software, create new documents, etc. Please elaborate.

  5. Do I have to set to boot up from a USB stick every time I use my computer?
    If a USB is always inserted on my computer, what shall I do?

    1. No. You can buy any size you want and it will still work because it runs from the usb and not from your internal hard drive.

  6. I use my tv as a monitor as I like a large screen. Would I be able to still use the tv screen with xtra pc as I only have one usb port on my laptop which is permanently in use for my wireless mouse.

    1. If you're asking if it will work when plugged in the tv then the answer is NO, it won't. Xtra Pc requires a usb port from a laptop or a computer to function. You can have a usb hub and plug your mouse in it and then plug xtra pc in the laptop.

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