XY Find It vs Tile Pro vs Tile mate Table Comparison Table

XY Find It

Tile Pro

Tile Mate


112 db

98 db

88 db


Up to 300ft (100m)

Up to 400 ft (122m)

Up to 200 ft (61m)

Battery Life

3-5 years

1 Year

1 Year

Replace Battery





Find Phone

Beep To Find

Keep Near™



Crowd GPS


1.5 x 1.75 x 0.39 in

1.57 x 1.57 x 0.25 in

1.34 x 1.34 x 0.18 in


0.5 oz

0.56 oz

0.22 oz


2 years

1 years

1 years



$25/year **

$15/year **





Where to Buy

** Tile Pro and Tile Mate require a “reTile” after one year, which effectively means that an annual subscription is required

If you’re anything like me, you likely find yourself misplacing your keys or similar small items pretty often. Tricks like putting things you know you’ll need under them didn’t help me much. Looking into solutions for this using technology led me to finding Tile, as well as XY FIND IT. I had to compare XY FIND IT vs Tile to decide which might work for my needs.

What is XY FIND IT?

XY FIND IT is a small hexagonal tracker that uses a bluetooth signal to help you find your things. When activated, the XY FIND IT will ring, letting you find it via sound. It can either help you locate them when they’re nearby, or you can use the app to find where it was last seen. On the most recent model, you can also ring your phone.

There’s an app you can install on your phone, or you can use the web app to make you XY FIND IT ring. Just attach it to whatever you tend to lose through the hole on the tracker. They do run off of battery, but the manufacturer claims one battery will last 5 years. You can also report items lost to the community, which lets other users of XY FIND IT help you locate your lost belonging.


It comes in multiple colors, so you can use a bright color to help you locate your keys in a dark bag, or notice where you left it easier. If you prefer being more subtle, it does offer a classic black option or white. You can also use the app to note the color of the tracker as well as a picture of the item it’s attached to. This makes it a bit easier for the community to help you locate a lost item.


You can purchase the latest version on the manufacturer’s website. Older versions can be found on other websites, though they might have a shorter range and worse battery life. The first model is already unsupported, along with the GPS version. Keep this in mind if you’re trying to keep your budget in mind by buying an older model. If you’re looking to save money overall, and have multiple things to track, there are multipacks available for purchase.


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What is Tile?

Tile is another bluetooth item finding device that comes in multiple models to fit your needs. They can ring to help you locate them as well as be used to make your phone ring if it is lost with just the push of a button. They run off a battery, and come in many form factors depending on the item you’re trying to keep track of. You can buy a keychain tracker in a premium or basic version, a slim tracker that would fit in a wallet, or one that can be stuck to your items with an adhesive.

tile mate

Tile uses an app to help you track your items, a quick push of a button is all it takes to track your item. You can also check where an item was last tracked by the app. If your phone is lost, you can push a button on your tile to make your phone ring even if it’s on silent. Like the XY FIND IT, you can report your item lost and have the community help you locate it. You can also change your ringtone with the app so you can hear it more easily.

They come in black or white for the most part, unless you purchase a limited edition printed version that has a number of different designs to choose from. You can also purchase packs that include multiple models of the Tile to help cover more types of items, such as your wallet or remote. A keychain isn’t quite as practical as an adhesive model or a slim version that isn’t much bigger than a typical credit card.

Tile Pro High Performance Bluetooth Tracker

Tile can be purchased via their website or many third-party websites like Amazon. Their own website will generally have the most options to purchase. You can also find them in stores such as Staples or Costco, depending on your country. Be sure to check availability at your store of choice. They might not have the model you want in stores.

XY FIND IT vs Tile Tracker

While both XY FIND IT and the Tile tracker both perform a similar function, they are different enough that one will likely meet your needs better than the other. The range of the Tile finders depend on the model. These top out at 200 feet (61 meters), whereas the XY FIND IT has an advertised range of 300 feet (100 meters). They stand behind a guaranteed range 100 feet (30 meters). The Pro model of Tile has a range of 400 feet (122 meter). However, while these are the rates that are advertised, the environment could make these ranges much more or much less due to the nature of bluetooth.

Battery Life

Battery life is another arena to consider when deciding which option is best for your needs. While the Pro and Mate models of the Tile have a replaceable battery that lasts a year, the Slim and Sticker models have a 3 year battery that can’t be replaced. XY FIND IT has a replaceable battery that lasts a full 5 years. Older models of the Tile had to be replaced every year, which brings up concerns of e-waste. The Slim and Sticker models also offer this problem, since they have to be disposed of after 3 years. You could always add adhesive to the Pro or Mate versions. This is even sold on the Tile website.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Winner: XY Find It


Compatibility is another arena to compare both on. Tile’s app is compatible with most Apple devices, however their Android support is noticeably lacking. Be sure to check their compatibility page to be sure that your device will work with the Tile app. The XY FIND IT works best with Android, their Apple app is noticeably worse off than the Android offering. You should likely pick the one that matches your phone’s operating system.



Volume is another area to consider when purchasing. Crowded areas can be loud, so you want the loudest tracker possible to help you locate your item. The Tile is noted for being quiet for a tracker device, with a decibel rating of 90dB. The XY FIND IT has a decibel rating of 112dB. This boost in volume may help if you drop it into a soft surface like between couch cushions, while the Tile might not be loud enough to be heard. The XY FIND IT and Tile also offer multiple ringtones, since some might be more audible to you, depending on your age and hearing.

Winner: XY Find It


The XY FIND IT offers all features out of the package with their free app. However, Tile locks some features behind a premium service. This either costs $2.99 a month, or $29.99 a year. It offers features like free battery replacement, unlimited sharing of your Tile with other users you designate, premium customer service, an extended warranty, and a service that lets you track your location back for 30 days. It also offers a feature much like XY FIND IT’s Keep Near feature, notifying you if you leave a tracked item behind.

Winner: XY Find It


Durability is another concern. The XY FIND IT is water-resistant and can withstand small drops or being attached to a pet’s collar. The Tile Pro and Mate are both water-resistant, but the Slim and Sticker models are waterproof. Water-resistant means that it could take a bit of rain or a splash, but couldn’t take being submerged. Waterproof means even if it’s submerged to a depth or 3 feet or 1 meter, it should be fine even after half an hour. Tile does have a reputation of better build quality and durability.

Winner: Tile


Price is the final place to compare.

The XY FIND IT can be bought singly for $39.99, $69.99 for 2, $119.97 for 5, or $159.96 for 8. The Tile can be purchased for as little as $24.99 for a single Mate Tile, $29.99 for 1 Slim Tile, $34.99 for a standard Pro Tile, or $39.99 for 2 Sticker Tiles.

You can buy multipacks for a small savings on each model, or buy combo packs that offer multiples of different models so you can mix and match your Tiles while still saving some money.

The Tile can be a bit less upfront, but you might be paying more over time given the need to buy batteries every year for the Pro and Mate models. If you like the idea of your tracker alerting you if you leave something behind, you’ll also need to pay the subscription fee to use this feature with the Tile line of products.

Winner: XY Find It

In Summary

 XY FIND IT Editor choice

While both the XY FIND IT and the Tile line have their own benefits and downsides, you’ll likely find one works better than the other. If you are an Apple aficionado, then you’ll likely want to stick with the Tile, given the app will work better for you so long as you have at least an iPhone 6. If you prefer Android, you may find the XY FIND IT more useful, particularly if you have a less common phone model. If you want to track something like a remote control your family regularly loses, the Tile models may work better, since it may be harder to attach the XY FIND IT.

If your choice is entirely based on cost, the Tile might also be a bit more appealing since the Mate model is much cheaper if you just want to track something like your keys or a bag. Ultimately, pick which one you feel will work best for your needs and what features you’ll find most helpful.

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