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XY Find It

TrackR Pixel

TrackR Bravo

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XY Find It
TrackR Pixel
TrackR Bravo


112 db

90 db

82 db


Up to 300ft (100m)

Up to 100ft (33m)

Up to 100ft (33m)

Find Phone









Beep to find

Keep Near™

Crowd GPS



1.5 x 1.75 x 0.39 in

1.57 x 1.57 x 0.25 in

1.34 x 1.34 x 0.18 in


0.5 oz

0.56 oz

0.22 oz

Battery Life

3-5 years

up to 1 Year

up to 1 Year






2 years

30 days

30 days


Losing your valuables is painful. However, what if there was a way to keep track of your valuable items? What if you could use Bluetooth to locate your keys, wallet, and other items without any issues? A lot of companies are offering Bluetooth enabled trackers to help keep track of your valuable items. This is where XY Find It vs TrackR come into the play.

What is XY FIND IT?

XY Find It

XY Find It tracker is a small coin-sized tracking device that comes with Bluetooth trackers to help you keep track of your valuable items at all times. It does not take a burden on your pocket, and you can use this tracker to safeguard your valuable items anywhere. It allows you to use a combination of Bluetooth and sound to take care of your valuable items.

How Does XY Find It Work?

The concept behind using this amazing technology is quite easy. It can be easily attached to any item, and all the different trackers come with a range of up to 300 feet. The tracker comes with an efficient Bluetooth chip that continuously emits a tracking signal to let you know about your valuable items.

Individual trackers come with a free application that can be easily installed on your smartphone. In addition to this, the individual trackers also have a unique signature that is only visible once you connect your tracker to your smartphone. This unique signature makes sure that one else can connect to your tracker and only you have access to its location.

How to Use XY Find It?

Tag Your Valuables!
Download the free app & add XY Find It to your items.
See It – Hear It – Find It!
Quickly find valuables using your smartphone.
Have A Great Day!
Get peace-of-mind knowing you can’t lose anything!

Here is a breakdown of how to use the XY Find It tracker:

  • Firstly, you will have to purchase the XY Find It tracking devices and attach them to your individual items.
  • Once you have attached the trackers to your items, you can now download the official app on your smartphone.
  • Next, you will have to set up of free account for your respective tracking devices.
  • Once you have set up your account, you will turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • After turning on the Bluetooth on your smartphone, you will go back to the application and tap on the “+” icon to pair the different trackers with your smartphone.
  • After clicking on the “+” icon, the application will start finding all the available trackers in the nearby region and let you claim your specific tracker. Once you click on your unique signatures, it will pair that tracker with your smartphone.
  • Once the pairing process is complete, you can easily rename the devices or attach a picture to different trackers in the application.
  • The next time you misplace your valuable item, you can open the application and click on the “find” button.
  • Once you click on the Find button, the tracker will start beeping loudly to let you know the position of your item.

Where to Buy XY Find It?

You can head over to the official website for XY Find It, and purchase it right now.


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What is TrackR?

trackr bravo

TrackR is yet another powerful device that you keep track of your valuable items and locate them if you lose access to your items. This device allows you to locate your lost belongings and valuable items with a single click. It is a coin-sized Bluetooth device that you can attach to your item and connect to your smartphone. 

It comes with an adhesive pad and a ring-friendly design to make sure that it can be easily attached to a wide variety of belongings without any issues. One of the best features of this device is that you can find your missing belongings with it, and you can also find your cellphone with the device. It works both ways.

How Does TrackR Work?

This device is designed to let out an alarm in case you go out of the range of your connected item. So, if you have connected the tracker to your smartphone and your keys, your smartphone will start making noise if you leave your keys behind. On the other hand, your keys will start making a sound if you forget your phone. You can customize the sounds and choose any music from your mobile phone’s music library.

If you want to locate the items connected with your trackers manually, you can press the button on the tracker, and it will start sounding an alarm when in range. You can also click on the tracking icon on the application in case you want to find your lost valuables.

How to Use TrackR?

Here is how you can use this tracking device to keep your valuable items on you:

  • The first thing you will have to do is to purchase the device and connect it to different items that you want.
  • Once you have connected the device to different valuable items, you can download the smartphone application on your cellphone and set up an account.
  • To set up an account, you will have to provide the tracking number in the application and make sure that the trackers pair with the application on your smartphone.
  • Once the trackers are paired with your smartphone, you can continuously check their location on your application or click the “find” button to locate your missing items.
  • Once you click on the “find” button, the tracker will start emitting an alarm to let you know of its location.

Where to Buy TrackR?

You can purchase TrackR from its official store page on Amazon. You can check out different available models and choose the one that suits your budget and requirements.

XY FIND IT vs TrackR

Both of these items offer amazing attributes that can be useful to you. However, you need to thoroughly compare these items and see what they bring to the table. It will help you make up your mind and choose the right option for yourself. First, let’s explore the pros and cons associated with both trackers.

What Are the Pros of XY Find It?

Here are the topmost benefits and pros of XY Find It:

  • There are no additional fees or hidden charges for anything. You only have to pay once to get the trackers, and the application is free for use. There are also zero charges to cancel your account.
  • The app is user friendly and offers a sleek design.
  • This tracker is among the loudest trackers in the market right now, and it can help you easily locate your misplaced items.
  • The application and the device is compatible with all the modern operating systems for smartphones.
  • The tracker design is ring-friendly and minimalist.
  • According to the manufacturer, the battery is designed to last longer than five years without any issues.
  • This tracker is also ecofriendly and does not take a massive toll on the environment.
  • You can find your valuable items with the smartphone, and you can find your smartphone with the button on the trackers.
  • It comes with a compact and lightweight design.
  • It offers a maximum Bluetooth range of 300 feet.

What Are the Cons of XY Find It?

 Yes, there are also a few disadvantages of this tracker.

  • Some users may find the alarm or the beeping tone too loud for their comfort. It is louder than other trackers on the market, but it can still be a nuisance for some users.
  • This tracker does not allow you the option of live-tracking your belongings. This means that you cannot continuously track your items on a map application. If you do want to use the live tracking service, you will have to pay expensive additional fees for that.
  • This tracker is also more expensive than other options in the market. However, the beautiful design and the superior battery life is worth every penny.
  • Some users have also complained that their device is started malfunctioning and automatically triggering the KeepNear function. This can be easily taken care of in the application settings.

What Are the Pros of TrackR?

 Here are the topmost pros of the TrackR device.

  • It comes with a lightweight design and does not feel like a burden for your belongings.
  • The application offers a user-friendly interface that is ideal for beginners.
  • You can use the reverse method to find your belongings with your smartphone or find your smartphone with the help of your tracker.
  • It comes with a replaceable battery that can be replaced for a small fee.
  • You can use the live-tracking feature to continuously keep track of your items.
  • You can customize the alarm sound and choose any music from your library.

What Are the Cons of TrackR?

Here are the topmost cons associated with this tracking device:

  • The alarm sound is too faint for some users to hear.
  • The location in the application is often vague and incorrect.
  • The battery has to be replaced yearly, therefore increasing your maintenance cost.
  • The adhesive pad on the trackers also wears off after a while.


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How Does XY Find It vs TrackR Compare Against Each Other?

It’s time to put these devices to test and see what they bring to the table and which one is better in terms of tracking and overall maintenance.

The Tracking Sound

The first thing that we must take into account is the alarm sound offered by both of these tracking devices. XY Find It offers a louder and better alarm sound as compared to TrackR. XY Find It tracker takes the lead in this arena by offering a louder alarm sound that can help you locate your belongings in a noisy environment. 

On the other hand, TrackR emits a low and faint alarm sound that cannot be easily tracked in outdoor environments, and you will have to continuously room around the area to get closer to the sound.

The Bluetooth Range

This is yet another area where XY Find It takes the lead and offers wider coverage than TrackR. XY Find It comes with a Bluetooth range of up to 300 feet, whereas the TrackR only covers less than 300 feet.

The Application

Once again, XY Find It takes the lead by offering a better and application for iOS and Android. TrackR also offers a beautifully designed application, but XY Find It takes the lead by offering a simplistic and minimalist application that allows the users to get rid of any distractions and focus on the task at hand.

The Accuracy

XY Find It wins once again. This tracking device offers better and accurate tracking features than its counterpart. TrackR is known to offer vague or incorrect location at a time, and the users will have to run around in circles to locate their missing belongings finally. On the other hand, XY Find It offers an accurate location in the first place.

Live Tracking Features

Finally, TrackR wins in this arena and offers amazing live tracking functionalities with the help of a native map application on your smartphone. You can continuously stay in sync with the coordinates of your belongings and keep an eye on your valuable items. On the other hand, XY Find It does not offer the live-tracking features for free, and you will have to pay an additional monthly fee to access this feature.

The Battery

XY Find It is back on top by offering a superior battery that is designed to last longer than five years without any issues. It will reduce your maintenance costs and increase the eco-friendliness of your tracking device by eliminating the need for replacing the battery on a yearly basis.

In contrast, TrackR requires a yearly battery change, and the battery does not offer superior capabilities. You will have to replace the battery almost every other year, and it will drive up your maintenance costs and also take a toll on the surrounding environment.

The Verdict

XY Find It is the clear winner here by a massive lead. This tracking device comes with a superior battery, accurate tracking features, and a loud alarm sound to help you find your missing items in a loud environment. Moreover, the application is also amazing and offers a minimalist design to reduce the number of distractions from the screen. This is the clear winner here, and this is why XY Find It is also on top of the market as well.

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