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emf harmonizer+

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EMF Harmonizer+

EMF Harmonizer+ is designed to support your health in the presence of 5G and all forms of EMF radiation. Whether you're looking for protection for your cell phone, wireless devices, Apple Watch, home, office or car, this product will fit your needs.

Carbon+ Chip by Life Harmony Energies

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The Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip

Safeguard your health from EMFs emitted by cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, laptops, and more with the latest carbon technology EMF protection.

SmartDOT trans

Honorable mention


smartDOT is the world's first EMF retuning device. It is a wearable device that sticks to devices using adhesive and uses magnets to retune EMF emissions, making them safer for you and your family.

The modern world is full of EMF radiation, and it's only getting worse. With more cell phone signals than ever before in our lives, along with all the other technologies we use every day like microwaves and smart appliances an electromagnetic shield has never been so important for protecting ourselves from these harmful waves.

It is important to have an electromagnetic shield that can neutralize, regulate or reduce our daily exposure to waves of EMF radiation.

Top 8 EMF radiation sources that can be found in your homes: cellphone, stabilizer/inverter, old electric circuitry, electric shaver hair dryer, power distribution equipment outside your home, laptops and microwave ovens.

All devices sold in the United States must be certified by the FCC not to exceed FCC exposure limits of 1.6 watts per kilogram (W/kg).

Technology has a significant impact on our health, with the amount of radiation we are exposed to from devices such as phones and tablets each day. Headaches, stress, loss of concentration can be blamed in part by electromagnetic waves that surround us.

Fortunately, though, electromagnetic blocking stickers can help you overcome these problems by shielding your brain from harmful effects like headaches.

Best EMF stickers

Do you know how antibiotics are these magical cure-alls that can stop everything from the common cold to some more serious diseases? Well, negative ions work in much the same way. They attack electromagnetic emissions, which cause stress and other nasty things such as headaches, lack of sleep, trouble concentrating or thinking clearly.

The best way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) is by using a product that matches your lifestyle and needs. The three most important things when deciding on an appropriate EMF protection are:

  1. how long do you use electric devices
  2. what kind of EMF devices you're using
  3. what parts of your body will be exposed to EMF

Without further ado, let's get started with the first one on the list: EMF Harmonizer+.

Best EMF Protection Stickers Comparison Table

EMF Harmonizer+

Editors Choice

Carbon+ Chip




EMF Harmonizer+
Carbon+ Chip
SHUNGITE stickers

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Product Dimensions:

1.2 x 1.2 x 0.1 inches

1.2" diameter

1.34 x 1.34 x 0.04 inches

1.1 x 1.1 x 0.03 inches

1 x 5 x 10 inches


EMF shielding materials include special types of paint, metallic materials like brass, copper, silver, steel, nickel and tin, and cloth or clothing made from fabric that has EMF shielding properties.

Lightweight, scratch-resistant, energized carbon

Acrylic vinyl, Magnetic sheeting

4 Microthin layers of pragmatic minerals

Shungite & Crystals




Orange, Black & White




Life Harmony Energies

Life Harmony Energies



Algorithm safety

Installation Type:

Adhesive backing or simply placed between a cell phone case and your phone


Magnetic sheeting, Adhesive glue



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Note: Pay attention to what you’re buying, some are blockers and some neutralizers.

1) EMF Harmonizer+ Protection Sticker for Cell Phone

The EMF Harmonizer Plus sticker is a unique, patented product that offers powerful protection against electromagnetic fields.

It does not block radiation but rather harmonizes with it and supports your body as these negative energies stress you from cell phones or other sources.

The cell phone EMF stickers shield you against the most powerful emitters of radiation.

They also work as 5G protection stickers for modern smartphones, providing complete neutralization, and your device can continue to operate normally again.

The stickers come in 1.2" x 1.2", small enough to fit under most covers or overtop without blocking anything important.

They're easy-to-use; just peel and place where necessary.

They combine Direct Technology and Adaptive Technology, which support your body's health and provide protection against different forms of EMF, including high level Wi-Fi access points that emit dangerous frequencies.

You can learn more about EMF Harmonizer in our review.


  • This stainless steel emf sticker is a great way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields. Made with European quality and craftsmanship, it's also easy on your pocket.
  • This thin 1/8th inch layer will not affect signal strength in any way.
  • You can put an additional cover over it without affecting its performance, which will help protect against radiation exposure.
  • The best thing about this item is that you can remove it and put it on another phone later.


  • This device is a little more expensive than others, but it's worth the money

Note: The difference between the Harmonizer+ and the original model is that it has been designed to work with cell phones and Wi-Fi routers that emit high levels of EMFs. The original version still functions properly for less powerful transmitters such as laptops, computers, smart appliances, wireless speakers, etc.

2) SmartDOT

SmartDOT is a round-shaped sticker that will help protect you from harmful radiation.

Simply stick on the corresponding device and enjoy having an allergen-free, efficient way of blocking unnatural frequencies at the source.

It's 100% allergen-free, efficient in its protection against electromagnetic waves, with an easy installation process that doesn't require any tools or skills.

The harmonizer catches the electromagnetic waves from your electronic devices to protect you while also suppressing symptoms caused by electromagnetic waves, such as headaches.


  • 60 % of users noticed a reduction in headaches since using smartDOT on their cell phone
  • One harmonizer is enough for all your devices and doesn't need to be replaced.
  • It's small and waterproof with a non-invasive adhesive that sticks easily onto any device.
  • The dot patch is safe for you to use because it doesn't have any allergic reactions or harmful chemicals that can hurt your health in any way.
  • The benefits include better concentration levels and reduced headaches, anxiety, and fatigue caused by electromagnetic waves constantly being emitted.
  • The SmartDOT is an innovative way to reduce electrostress and make your day-to stand out.


  • SmartDOT is not a cure-all, and it's important to take time for symptoms to go away.

You can find more information about EMF protection sticker smartDOT in our review.


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3) The Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip

The Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip is a cutting-edge solution for safeguarding yourself against the potentially harmful effects of EMF radiation from various wireless devices. 

This product represents the latest innovation in EMF protection, combining the power of energized carbon with advanced dual-protection technology.

It is designed to help you minimize potential risks associated with EMF radiation exposure from a wide range of modern electronic devices.

Here are some key details about this product:

  • Broad Device Compatibility: This small, round anti-radiation neutralizer is designed to work effectively with a range of powerful EMF-emitting devices, including cell phones (including 5G-enabled devices), Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi extenders, laptops, tablets, computers, smart appliances, and more.
  • Energized Carbon Technology: The Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip stands out because it uses energized carbon, a sophisticated and efficient energy conductor. Carbon's natural grounding properties make it an even more robust tool for promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Dual-Protection Technology: The chip is equipped with proprietary dual-protection technology, enhancing its ability to harmonize and neutralize harmful radiation from everyday electronic devices.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Measuring just 1.2″ in diameter, the Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip is small, lightweight, and easy to use. You can conveniently place it on your devices for added protection.


  • Effectively neutralizes EMF and RF radiation from various devices.
  • Made of durable grounding carbon, and its compact size doesn't add bulk.
  • Tested technology known to work.
  • It can be removed and used on other devices.


  • When removed from a device, the chip may leave an adhesive residue that could require cleaning.

4) Aulterra Neutralizer

The Aulterra Neutralizer uses rare minerals to retune electromagnetic emissions and transform harmful energy.

The four micro-thin layers offer powerful EMF neutralizing technology, which transforms any type or amount of electromagnetic energy coming into your life, so you are not harmed in any way by them.

The Aulterra minerals are a unique natural energy source that harmonizes with mobile phones to return them into coherent and healthy frequencies.


  • The Aulterra Neutralizer is a micro-thin layer of paramagnetic minerals that have been added as the 4th layer to combat 5G.
  • They don't expire.


  • The adhesive is not that great

5) Shungite Phone Protection Stickers

These stickers, made from ancient and unique shungite stone, aim to protect you by capturing harmful frequencies before they reach your body.

They come in packs of 9, offering multiple stickers for various devices or replacements. It can be used on a range of electronics to provide multi-purpose protection.

The stickers are round, polished, and easy to apply, making them user-friendly.

Pros of Shungite Phone Protection Stickers:

  • These stickers may help reduce exposure to electromagnetic emissions from phones and computers.
  • Shungite is an ancient stone with natural carbon structures, providing a potentially safe and organic solution.

Cons of Shungite Phone Protection Stickers:

  • Some users report that the stickers don't stick well and tend to fall off easily.
  • The stickers are thicker than anticipated, which may affect their ease of application and appearance on the device. 


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What are EMF Radiation Stickers?

Radiation stickers, also known as EMF (Electromagnetic Field) or EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) protection stickers, are products designed to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices. These stickers are typically applied to the surface of devices such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other wireless gadgets.

While the specific mechanisms claimed by manufacturers may vary, radiation stickers often aim to neutralize, harmonize, or block the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or radiofrequency (RF) radiation emitted by these devices. Some stickers are made with specialized materials, such as shungite or conductive fabric, that are believed to absorb or redirect radiation away from the user.

How Do They Work?

EMF protection stickers, also known as radiation-blocking stickers or chips, typically adhere to the surface of your device, such as your cell phone, to mitigate your exposure to radiation. 

Here's how they are claimed to work:

  • Harmonization or Neutralization: Many EMF protection stickers claim to harmonize or neutralize the harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted by your cell phone. They often suggest that they can transform the potentially harmful radiation into a more benign or balanced form.
  • Absorption: Some stickers are made with materials believed to absorb or redirect electromagnetic radiation away from the user. These materials may include shungite, conductive fabric, or other specialized compounds.
  • Blocking: EMF protection stickers may create a barrier between your device and your body. This barrier aims to block or reduce the direct transmission of electromagnetic radiation from the phone to your body.

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measurements refer to a standardized method used to assess the amount of radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic energy absorbed by the human body when using a wireless communication device, such as a cell phone. SAR measures the rate at which this energy is absorbed per unit mass of body tissue and is typically expressed in units of watts per kilogram (W/kg).

The Difference Between EMF Blockers and Neutralizers

Some brands claim that they will actually "block" EMFs, but if you test them with an electromagnetic field meter, the readings will show no blocked waves. So then, these products are simply neutralizers rather than blockers.

Do Anti-EMF Stickers Work?

Some people have wondered if anti-EMF stickers work. Almost everyone seems to carry a cell phone these days. So there's the reason for concern about health risks associated with the long-term use of cell phones and other electronics such as laptops or tablets, which emit electromagnetic waves.

If your electromagnetic field (EMF) neutralizer or blocker will protect your life or provide comfort in this wired world we live in, then maybe they're worth getting.

Best Way to Protect Yourself from the Harmful Effects of EMF Radiation

The best way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF radiation is by not using any type of device with exposure and maximizing your distance away from them.

Best Ways to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation?

A few simple tips include:

  • Having fewer and shorter calls on your cell phone
  • If possible, avoid talking altogether by using hands-free devices or speakerphones whenever possible
  • Keep it off or in airplane mode when not using it
Body SystemPotential Harmful Effects of EMFs
HeadHeadaches, sleep disturbances, memory decline, brain tumors
EyesCloudy vision, dry eyes, impaired sight
EarsTinnitus, imbalance
SkinRash, skin lesions
HeartIrregular heartbeat, difficulty breathing
Reproductive SystemDecreased sperm mobility, potential for fibroids, infertility, menstrual disorders, ovulation dysfunction, increased miscarriages
Immune SystemWeakened immune system
DNA StructureDeterioration of normal DNA structure at a cellular level
Joints and MusclesJoint pain, overall muscle inflammation

What Blocks Radiation from Cell Phones?

Blocking radiation from cell phones or reducing exposure to it can be achieved through various methods and materials. 

Here are some ways to mitigate and block radiation from cell phones:

  • Distance: Keeping your cell phone at a distance from your body is one of the most effective ways to reduce radiation exposure. Use speakerphone mode, a wired headset, or a Bluetooth headset to minimize direct contact with your head and body.
  • Airplane Mode: Activating airplane mode disables wireless communication functions on your phone, including cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. This effectively cuts off radiation emissions when not in use.
  • Anti-Radiation Phone Cases: Some phone cases are designed with materials like metal or shielding fabric to block or reduce radiation. These cases often act as a barrier between the phone and your body.
  • EMF Shielding Products: Certain products, such as EMF shielding fabrics, curtains, or bed canopies, are designed to block or reduce electromagnetic radiation. They can be used in your home or office to create EMF-safe zones.
  • Radiation Shields: Radiation shields or barriers are often used to create a barrier between your body and the cell phone. They may use materials like metal or conductive fabric to deflect radiation away from you.
  • Air Tube Headsets: These headsets use an air tube to transmit sound from the phone to your earpiece, keeping the electromagnetic radiation away from your head during phone calls.
  • Faraday Bags: Faraday bags are specialized protective enclosures blocking electromagnetic signals, including cell phone ones. Placing your phone inside a Faraday bag can effectively cut off all wireless communication.
  • Cell Phone Radiation Shields: Some stickers or chips claim to harmonize or neutralize EMF radiation emitted by cell phones. The effectiveness of these products varies and is a subject of debate.
  • Limiting Phone Usage: Reducing your time on your cell phone and using it only when necessary can also reduce your overall EMF exposure.

Bottom Line

With so much EMF radiation exposure in our lives these days, it's more important than ever to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Fortunately, there are some products on the market that can help reduce EMF exposure.

The Top 5 Best EMF Protection Stickers are:

The EMF Harmonizer+ is our top pick. It's an advanced sticker that uses quantum field technology to create a protective field around your body.

SmartDOT is our second pick. It's a unique sticker that works with your body's energy field to create a protective barrier against harmful EMF radiation. Carbon+ Chip stickers are our third pick. They're made with latest carbon technology and are effective at blocking EMF radiation.

Aulterra is our fourth pick. It's a natural product that uses crystals and other minerals to create a protective barrier against EMF radiation. Shungite Cell phone EMF protection is our fifth pick. This product uses a real stone extracted from the Zazhoginsky deposit in Karelia to block EMF radiation from your cell phone.

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