There’s glue specifically made for wood, paper, fabric, plastic as well as various types of other surfaces. But there isn’t really one specific type of glue that seems to work universally, making it important to choose the best type of glue for your particular circumstances.

More specifically, there are even different types of glues for certain plastic surfaces. A glue that works for the hard plastic surfaces in your car may not work sufficiently enough for the kind of plastic that’s in toys or other softer plastic materials.

That being said, it’s important that you consider what specific type of plastic you need glued together and then find a glue that’s effective for those purposes. To be more helpful, this guide contains some of the best glues for plastic surfaces, and it even includes information that you may want to refer to while you’re browsing the market.




  • Insanely Durable
  • Sticks To Any Surface You Can Think Of
  • It Doesn’t Dry Out
  • No Mess On Your Hands

Buyer’s Guide

Different Types of Glues for Plastic

Before choosing a specific super glue on the market, it’s essential that you become familiar with the different types of adhesives that are specifically beneficial for sticking together plastic surfaces.

Epoxy Glue

Epoxy is generally classified as a two-part system that consists of durable adhesives. Not only is it strong enough to bond plastic surfaces together, but it’s also capable of gluing together a range of other surfaces as well.

Because of its flexibility and clarity, it can be used for both large projects in the construction industry as well as smaller projects at your home or in your office. And it’s specifically beneficial for its filling properties since it dries completely clear

Polystyrene Cement

Polystyrene cement is recommended for more rigid types of plastic since it’s more destructive and molds a strong bond between two plastic surfaces. It functions by dissolving the hard plastic surfaces and molding them together again as the cement dries. That being said, it’s only recommended for sticking together two plastic surfaces, and it’s not suitable for holding other types of materials against plastic.

You’ll also want to consider how much product you use since polystyrene cement can technically dissolve completely through plastic materials if you use too much.

Cyanoacrylate Glue

Classified as the most common type of plastic glue, cyanoacrylate glue, also known as superglue, is capable of gluing together various substances. Not only can it glue different plastic surfaces to each other, but it can also glue other types of materials to plastic surfaces.

It’s one of the most universal and versatile glues on the market, and it’s capable of providing a heavy-duty and strong bonding to parts that superglue is applied to. There are also different viscosities to superglue, ranging from thick to thin. Thick superglue is slower-moving, more heavy duty, and takes longer to dry. On the other hand, thin superglue moves faster, is more precise, and dries almost instantly.

Features to Consider Before Purchasing

What are you gluing together?

It’s important to consider what types of surfaces you’re gluing together. Not only should you think about the types of surfaces, but you’ll also want to think about the size of those surfaces. Plastic glues work with sticking together practically anything, as long as the surfaces aren’t greasy, wet, or dirty. But they don’t work well with gluing together larger areas on surfaces.

Because of the small quantities and high viscosities that they usually come in, they aren’t the best for gluing large surfaces together in a short period of time.

How much does the plastic glue bottle hold?

It’s also important that you think about the glue capacity of the certain plastic glues you’re looking at. Most plastic glues come in smaller bottles with limited amounts of glue in them. This is because a small amount usually goes a long way. But this can be problematic if you’re someone that’s planning on using the glue for a large project or frequently throughout your workweek.

In that case, you’ll want to consider purchasing a bottle of plastic glue that comes with more substance in it. Plastic glue products on the market usually come with a bottle that holds around 16 ounces of material. So if that’s not enough, maybe you should consider purchasing multiple different quantities of the same product.


Lastly, you’ll want to find plastic glue that comes with anti-clogging properties. Glue is known for clogging at the nozzle because of particles drying and collecting as they’re dispensed from the container. Some manufacturers release their applicator tips with this in mind, since their tips have anti-clogging features. Some even have a pin in the top of the glue bottle, further limiting the risk of the glue clogging and dispersing unevenly.

How to Use Plastic Glue

1. Clean the surfaces

First, you’ll want to make sure that the surfaces you’re planning on gluing together are completely rid of any dirt, debris, grease, or any wetness. The glue won’t be as effective if you don’t have clean and dry surfaces before applying the glue.

2. Create texture on the surfaces

Since it can be more difficult for smooth surfaces to stick to other smooth surfaces successfully, it’s crucial that you texturize both surfaces. You can either use sandpaper or steel wool to do so, and you simply scrub the smooth plastic until it creates small divots in the surface.

3. Get the glue ready

Next, you’ll want to assemble the glue so that you can be ready to simply apply it to the surfaces right afterward. This step depends mostly on the specific type of glue product that you’re using, since not all plastic glues function in the same ways. So you’ll want to either add the hardener substance or get the UV light ready in this step.

4. Assemble the glue

After you have everything ready, you can then apply the glue to the two surfaces and clamp them together. You’ll want to hold them into place until the glue is dry to ensure that the glue is hardening enough that it won’t detach the surfaces from each other.

5. Clean off the extra glue

Lastly, you’ll want to clean off the excess glue before it dries completely. This will make the repair look good as new, and it’ll make the two surfaces look like they were never apart to begin with .

If you’re still having trouble with learning how to use plastic glue, this YouTube video may be beneficial to watch for further assistance.


What’s the difference between super glue and super glue gel?

Superglue gel is classified as a thicker version of super glue. Both types of glue have similar adhesive properties as each other, offering similar characteristics regarding what types of materials they can stick together. But super glue gel simply has a thicker viscosity, a stronger bond, and requires more time for it to dry completely. Superglue, on the other hand, can be used for more everyday purposes, since it’s fast-drying and easy to use.

Do I need a thick or a thin super glue?

This depends on what types of substances you’ve glued together. Both thick and thin super glues have different beneficial features and capabilities that are specific to each formula. That being said, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with certain formulas before you choose to use one over the other.

Thin super glues tend to dry quicker and create a bond between two plastics that isn’t as strong. But if the two surfaces of plastic are texturized, then the adhesive works well enough to offer the heavy duty bond needed. Thin adhesives are also easier to use since the formula is thinner and capable of providing more precise applications.

On the other hand, thicker super glues are obviously thicker, and their formulas have small particles in them to help mold together surfaces easily. That being said, they’re more recommended for sticking together smooth plastics, but they tend to take longer in the drying process. But once they’re completely dry, users claim that the bond is much stronger and heavy-duty.

Top 10 Best Glue For Plastic in 2021 (Recommended!!!)


Editors Rating




Gorilla Clear Super Glue Gel

Starbond Thick Premium CA Adhesive Super Glue 

Glue Masters Professional Grade CA Super Glue

HG Power Glue Strongest Super Glue

Starbond Heavy Thin Premium CA Super Glue

Rhino Heavy Duty Glue Ultra Kit

The Glusmith Extra Large Plastic Repair Glue and Filling Powders

FastCap Glu-Bot Glue Applicator 2-Pack

Krazy Glue Home & Office Super Glue

1. BONDIC Editor’s Choice for Plastic

Capable of working on practically any type of plastic surface, BONDIC has a high reputation for providing the best customer service and results when dealing with their BONDIC plastic formula.

It’s best known for the versatility that it offers. You have the opportunity to purchase this plastic formula from BONDIC’s site either as one individual kit, or you can buy more and save money in the long run.

Bondic Editor Choice

More specifically, when you purchase two BONDIC kits, you receive an additional one for free.

And you’ll also receive an additional two for free when you buy three BONDIC kits. Regardless of the number of kits that you purchase, you receive free shipping and handling if you choose to buy at least two kits. Because of that, you can experience the benefits of BONDIC plastic glue for longer periods of time.


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Regarding the application process, this BONDIC plastic glue involves a liquid plastic formula that’s specifically designed to offer long-lasting results. The company itself is centered around making the application process easy for all of its customers. It comes with an easy four-step process that guides you through cleaning, filling, curing, and shaping the formula in order to make it the most effective in gluing together your plastic materials.

Even more, it’s capable of working on a variety of different surfaces, no matter how smooth they are. For instance, the company is grounded in offering a high-quality liquid formula capable of attaching together metal, wood, glass, ceramic, and plastic surfaces. Lastly, since the liquid plastic formula only cures while under UV light and it’s technically not glue, you can reshape and move around your material as many times as you wish before placing it under the UV light for long-lasting results.

Bondic Pros:

  • Available in a variety of different kit sizes
  • Allows you to reshape as many times as you need before placing under the UV light for curing
  • Comes with a 4-step guide to help you throughout your repairing process

Bondic Cons:

  • More expensive than some other plastic glues on the market
Bondic application

2. Gorilla Clear Super Glue Gel

Classified as one of the most trustworthy, reliable, and effective brands on the market, Gorilla’s super glue gel can work on a variety of different surfaces. Not only can you use it on different types of plastic surfaces, but you also have the ability to use it on wood, metal, ceramic, rubber, leather, paper, and other materials.

Because of that, you can benefit from this versatile and universal glue with repairing practically anything around the house or on the go.

Aside from the different purposes you can use this glue for, it’s available in various packages if you wish.

For instance, you can purchase the super glue gel as a single pack that contains 20 grams of glue gel, or you can even buy a two-pack of the glue gel if you need more than the standard smaller bottle.

Additionally, you also have the option to choose between an exclusive edition of the product or the limited edition. With these, you can purchase an even more high-quality product while still benefiting from the versatile and convenient features that Gorilla offers with this super glue gel.


As for the application process, Gorilla produced this super glue gel with plastic and smooth surfaces in mind. They’ve created a formula that’s impact tough, meaning that the glue gel contains small particles of rubber throughout it to increase the impact-resistance as well as the overall strength of the glue in general.

The bottle contains an anti-clog cap that prevents the glue from clogging when it’s dispersing from the bottle. This is especially beneficial for super glue gel because the thicker formula tends to clog up into large particles at the bottle’s exit point, making the glue gel challenging to use. But Gorilla considered this issue and specifically designed their glue to prevent it from drying.

As for the drying process, you can quickly benefit from the Gorilla Clear Super Glue Gel because it’s capable of drying within 10 to 30 seconds. And it even dries in a clear shade, so you don’t have to worry about seeing the glue there when you’re done using the gel.

Gorilla Clear Super Glue Gel application

Gorilla Clear Super Glue Gel Pros:

  • The formula contains rubber particles to increase the impact-resistance of the gel overall
  • Features an anti-clog cap
  • Works on a variety of different surfaces other than just plastic

Gorilla Clear Super Glue Gel Cons:

  • Only comes in 1 small 20g bottle

3. Starbond Thick Premium CA Adhesive Super Glue Kit

Offering a complete kit with extra filling bottles and precision tips, the Starbond Thick Premium CA is highly beneficial for anyone needing a thick super glue for larger plastic applications. This particular product comes with a large, 16-ounce bottle of Starbond Thick Premium Adhesive in addition to four other smaller, empty bottles.

From that, you’ll receive four applicator caps with the bottles, and this gives you the ability to store several different bottles at work and at home. 

The larger bottle even has an easy-dispensing spout that helps you to more easily refill the smaller bottles without having to worry about spills.

And it also refills your bottles quickly, which is surprising considering the thick, honey-like consistency of the adhesive.


Given that this Starbond product comes with a bag of multiple different micro tips, you can be sure to always apply this glue in a precise and accurate fashion. And each of the tips has a clog-free stopper. When you have glue that’s capable of clogging, then you risk dispersing it in places where you don’t intend to, making a bigger mess than needed.

The clog-free stopper on the main bottle even has a tiny pin inside to further prevent clogs from occurring over time. Overall, this glue is beneficial for heavy-duty bonding, since it’s classified as a gap-filler adhesive that can resist impacts. Even more, it has an extremely high viscosity, making it especially beneficial for gluing together smoother surfaces.

Starbond Thick Premium CA Adhesive Super Glue Kit Pros:

  • Comes as a kit, which includes four empty bottles in addition to a main 16oz bottle
  • Contains a small bag of micro tips for more precise application
  • Features a high viscosity for gluing smooth surfaces together

Starbond Thick Premium CA Adhesive Super Glue Kit Cons:

  • More expensive than other thick adhesives on this list
Starbond Thick Premium CA Adhesive Super Glue Kit application

4. Glue Masters Professional Grade CA Super Glue

The formula itself is classified as an industrial-strength Cyanoacrylate Resin that’s capable of withstanding the strongest of impacts, and it features the strongest bond out of most super glues on the market

Made with a thick viscosity formula, this Glue Masters Professional Super Glue is especially great for gluing smooth, plastic surfaces together. 

The formula itself is classified as an industrial-strength Cyanoacrylate Resin that’s capable of withstanding the strongest of impacts, and it features the strongest bond out of most super glues on the market.

The formula is even able to have a longer shelf life than other types of glues on the market, making it especially great for those of you that don’t use super glue often. The longer shelf life, in conjunction with the affordable price, makes this glue beneficial, especially for people that only need it for one or two current projects.


It’s also highly recommended for people that need glue in making models or for gluing together smaller pieces. More specifically, the tiny tip makes this glue bottle applicator great for providing a precise location marking. It’s beneficial for fixing together models, puzzle pieces, or other small repairs on shoes, wood, or other areas.

Furthermore, it’s especially great for gluing smaller elements together because it’s so strong that only a tiny amount of the glue can go a long way. Only a few drops of this professional-grade Glue Masters formula is capable of creating the strongest of bonds.

Glue Masters Professional Grade CA Super Glue

Glue Masters Professional Grade CA Super Glue Pros:

  • More affordable than some other glues on the market
  • Specifically beneficial for gluing smaller elements, like models or tiny repairs
  • The precise applicator makes a small amount go a long way

Glue Masters Professional Grade CA Super Glue Cons:

  • It takes a longer time to dry than other glues

5. HG Power Glue Strongest Super Glue

Considering it’s classified as a Dual Adhesive System, this strong super glue from HG Power Glue is capable of working on a variety of different surfaces for a strong hold. 

More specifically, it’s formulated with chemicals that work together in order to provide a strong, durable, and weatherproof bonding adhesion.

Not only is this formula from HG Power Glue resistant to weather conditions, but it’s also resistant to heat, colder conditions, and is even waterproof. Because of that, you can easily use this glue for repairing smaller cracks and smaller breakages in cars, motorcycles, and other outdoor locations.


This glue, in particular, is able to offer a stronger bonding experience than other types of glues on the market because it combines both powder and glue. The powder is specifically used to create a textured substance within the glue. This helps the glue work better in keeping smooth surfaces together, and it’s even great for surfaces that are already textured as well.

Not only can you use this glue on a variety of different surfaces, but it can also be used for various purposes. For instance, you can use it for bonding materials together, strengthening the bond between two materials, modeling, and even for filling up cracks or small holes.

HG Power Glue Strongest Super Glue

HG Power Glue Strongest Super Glue Pros:

  • Functions as a dual adhesive system using powder and glue
  • Waterproof, weather-proof and resistant to hot and cold
  • Able to bond, strengthen, model and fill

HG Power Glue Strongest Super Glue Cons:

  • Only comes with 25mL of substance in addition to the powder, which is far less than what other glues offer on the market


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6. Krazy Glue Home & Office Super Glue

Similar to Starbond and Gorilla, Krazy Glue is one of the most popular brands on the market for releasing effective, reliable, and high quality super glues. This one, in particular, is more recommended for everyday use around your home and office, since it features a fast application process and has a precision fine tip applicator.

More specifically, this product comes with a small plastic encasing that contains four individually packaged Krazy Glue tubes.

This type of packaging is more recommended for fast repairs, like your glasses breaking or one of your home appliances experiencing a crack.

Each of the tubes can offer single-use applications, and they have just enough glue inside one tube to fix practically any type of damage around your house or your office space. They can even help to bind together more materials other than just plastic since they work with metal, wood, glass, leather, and other ceramic surfaces.


The application process seems to be easier to develop with this Krazy Glue product because you don’t have to worry about closing the lid or the cap to the tubes since each tube is recommended for single use. That being said, there is less of a risk in the tube clogging or having negative performance issues.

The tubes themselves feature fine tip applicators that can provide for a precise and accurate application. This makes it easier to place the glue onto precise locations. And you can easily use the glue after opening this package without using the instructions since you only have to twist the self-piercing nozzle and squeeze the glue formula out of the bottle.

Krazy Glue Home & Office Super Glue application

Krazy Glue Home & Office Super Glue Pros:

  • Small tubes can be placed all-around your house or office without taking up any room
  • Features fine tip precision applicators for accuracy
  • Can be used for everyday uses, since they don’t require maintenance or complicated assembly

Krazy Glue Home & Office Super Glue Cons:

  • Not suitable for larger projects, since there are only single-use tubes

7. Starbond Heavy Thin Premium CA Super Glue

Just like the Starbond Thick Premium CA, this Heavy Thin CA Super Glue from Starbond is suitable for a wide range of different purposes. It comes available as a kit containing four empty bottles with applicator caps in addition to the large, main bottle containing the adhesive formula.

This adhesive formula is classified as high-performance industrial grade adhesive, which is thin enough for stabilizing cracks and for sticking together multiple different plastic surfaces.

Considering it’s classified as a thin adhesive, this super glue from Starbond features a thinner viscosity than most other superglues, measuring only 40 CPS.


As for the application, you can easily apply this adhesive formula into cracks and to bond different types of plastic together, since each of the bottles come with an applicator cap that contains a microtip for improved precision.

When the tips of the applicator bottles wear down or develop clogging over time, you can conveniently change them out with the multiple micro tips that come with the product overall. And regarding the refilling of the smaller bottles, you don’t have to worry about clogging or spilling the adhesive, since the dispensing spout comes with a clog-free stopper that features a tiny pin inside of it. This pin helps the glue to separate as its dispensing, further preventing any clogs from occurring.

Starbond Heavy Thin Premium CA Super Glue application

Starbond Super Glue Pros:

  • Features a lower viscosity, making the glue come out faster and more accurately
  • Available as a full kit, containing four empty bottles and a main 16oz bottle
  • Dispensing spout features a clog-free stopper

Starbond Super Glue Cons:

  • One of the most expensive plastic super glues on the market
Starbond Heavy Thin Premium CA Super Glue application

8. Rhino Heavy Duty Glue Ultra Kit

The Rhino Ultra Glue is one of the most high-quality glues on the market because of its versatility and bonding capabilities. The package itself comes with two bottles of adhesive, both capable of satisfying a range of different circumstances.

More specifically, it comes with a Tough-Instant Gel Glue as well as an Ultra-Tough Glue. You have the option available in using the Tough-Instant Gel Glue for more immediate emergencies that need a stronger bond in a quicker amount of time.

Or you can use the Ultra-Tough Glue for more relaxed situations that you have the time to allow the glue to dry. 

Since the Tough-Instant Gel Glue is represented as a gel substance, it’s given the stronger capabilities because of the thick and texturized properties.


You can easily apply both of these types of Rhino Ultra Glues since they both come with the same applicator. The applicator tip is a bit larger than some other products on the market, making it more difficult for fixating parts that require more precision. Still, the formula itself contains chemicals that are much stronger and long-lasting than others as well.

After you apply the glue, you’ll also notice that both of the substances dry clear, so you don’t have to worry about seeing the glue after it dries. The result of the adhesive formula is resistant to impacts, moisture, shock, heat as well as vibrations.

Rhino Heavy Duty Glue Ultra Kit Pros:

  • More affordable than other super glues
  • Resistant to moisture, heat, impacts, shocks, and vibrations
  • Comes with two different types of glues, offering both instant and tough properties

Rhino Heavy Duty Glue Ultra Kit Cons:

  • Doesn’t have a fine tip applicator like some of the other glues offer
Rhino Heavy Duty Glue Ultra Kit application

9. The Glusmith Extra Large Plastic Repair Glue and Filling Powders

Available with composite filler powders in addition to the industrial adhesive, this Gluesmith Extra Large Plastic Repair Glue is specially designed for attaching the smoothest of plastic surfaces to other plastic surfaces.

It’s one of the most high quality and heavy-duty formulas since it contains such a large amount of composite filler to use with the industrial adhesive.

It’s so strong after it’s been dried that the adhesive formula can be sanded filed, drilled, tapped, painted, and it’s even resistant to heat. Because of those abilities, you can use this adhesive formula for practically any type of surfaces and in any locations.

It’s the most beneficial for filling cracks or repairing plastic parts on models, cars, or other appliances around your home and office.


Since you have to use the powder along with the industrial adhesive to have long-lasting results, the application can take longer than it does for the other glues on the market. Other glues simply require that you squeeze the product out and hold the parts together. But with this Glusmith super plastic glue, you’ll need to pour the powder out as well. Even though this may take longer for the process to work, it’s worth it in the end, and it’s easy to get accustomed to using for more experienced users.

Furthermore, it comes with a cap that’s resistant to any clogging. The formula is a thin viscosity liquid, which is easy to apply and has a two-year minimum shelf life. That being said, you can use this glue for long periods of time and on various different surfaces aside from plastics.

The Glusmith Glue and Filling Powders Pros:

  • Comes with 2oz of glue with 4 oz of powder for extra smooth surfaces
  • Once dried, it can withstand practically anything, since it can be drilled, sanded, painted or even filed
  • Heat resistant and waterproof

The Glusmith Glue and Filling Powders Cons:

  • Takes longer to apply to certain surfaces if you’ve never used it before
The Glusmith Extra Large Plastic Repair Glue and Filling Powders application

10. FastCap Glu-Bot Glue Applicator 2-Pack

For a spill-free application and precise results, the Glu-Bot formula from FastCap is beneficial for practically anyone needing to glue together materials. Not only that, but this glue from FastCap comes with two different bottles, each containing 16 ounces of glue in them.

For a spill-free application and precise results, the Glu-Bot formula from FastCap is beneficial for practically anyone needing to glue together materials.

About FastCap Glu-Bot Glue Applicator 2-Pack

Not only that, but this glue from FastCap comes with two different bottles, each containing 16 ounces of glue in them. This glue has long-lasting results, especially compared to other ones. Because you get two separate bottles, each carrying 16 ounces of formula, you can be sure that this glue will last you for a more extended period of time than other types of adhesives on the market.


Glu-Bot specifically designed these bottles to resist the ability to spill. That being said, you can more easily provide a precise amount of glue in all of the specific locations that you need. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning any glue that spills while you’re using it.

Even more, these bottles feature an easy-squeeze design that makes it easier to place glue only in specific locations. Because of that, you have more control over where your glue goes. Lastly, this glue is capable of drying extremely fast, but you’ll have to remember to close the cap of the glue right after you use it, since the glue may dry too quickly around the nozzle and cause clogging.

FastCap Pros:

  • Fast-drying glue formula
  • The easy-squeeze function allows for accurate and precise application
  • Comes with two 16oz bottles for long-lasting benefits

FastCap Cons:

  • Previous customers complain that the glue dries too quickly, so they’ve had the nozzle collect dried glue and cause clogging over time


Overall, it can be a time-consuming and difficult process to try and find super glues capable of sticking plastic surfaces together. Since plastic is a smooth surface, it can be difficult to find glue that’s capable of providing enough adhesion to keep the smooth surfaces held tight against each other. But there are glues with features capable of doing so, and this list contains some of the best ones.

More specifically, each of the super glues on this list offers you the ability to glue together a wide range of surfaces, regardless of how smooth they are. They’re all easy to use, apply, assemble, and they’re quick to dry. Not only that, but they’re all produced with the clogging issue in mind, so the manufacturers have created applicator caps to prevent the glue from clogging as it’s dispensing from the bottle.

Even though each of the plastic super glues on this list is high quality and recommended for various purposes, they all have specific features that can make some of them more suitable than others. That being said, we highly recommended you purchase product #1: BONDIC.

Labeled as a non-glue adhesive, BONDIC is manufactured with the ability to stick together practically anything. You simply melt the plastic materials that come with the kit, and then apply the substance to the parts that you’re planning on sticking together. After doing so, you can move the parts around as much as you’d like, since the substance technically won’t dry or set up until it’s been cured.

After you’re completely satisfied with the placement, you can cure the plastic or other materials together by exposing the elements to UV light, which will harden and set the substance into place. From there, you have the longest-lasting results, and the adhesive is impact, heat, and water-resistant.

It works on different surfaces, including metal, wood, ceramic, glass, and a range of plastics. And you don’t have to worry about making a mess since the substance isn’t sticky unless it’s been cured with the UV light. Given all of these benefits, as well as the affordability, versatility, and convenience of the product, you should purchase BONDIC from the market and benefit from its features today.

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