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plastic, wood, metal, PVC, steel, rubber, wiring, ceramic, figurines, vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene, leather and so much more

plastic, glass, wood, metal,
ceramic, and stone.






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Safety Data Sheet


Resistance against acids,
lyes, oils, lubricants


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Bondic bottle, UV LED light, Metal Case


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Bondic or Blufixx? The dilemma is solved

Bondic on Amazon has an excellent rating. Bondic have more suppported materials that is compatibile with, while Blufixx does NOT. Bondic is a more serious company, Blufixx, on the other hand, is not. You will not find much information about the company, who they are, their manufacturer, shipping information, etc.The difference between Bondic and Blufixx is that Bondic has one kit that works on almost all surfaces, unlike Blufixx, where there is one for wood, one for plastic, and so on, and each one has to be purchased separately. Our choice between these two products is the Bondic because it's: waterproof, safer, more compatible, more user-friendly, has better tech support, more faq answers & fast delivery.
Bonus: Best Glue for Plastic & Best Glue for Metal

Have you ever needed to fix, mold, build, or fill a plastic, wood, or fabric material but could not find any quick fix? Bondic and Bluffix are plastic welders that work faster than any ordinary glue does on almost any surface.

I once broke my glasses two hours to a major exam. I was devastated until a friend suggested that I could use Bondic to put the broken pieces back together. I did that and to my surprise, it worked. The broken glass pieces stuck together and I was able to do my exam.

In another incident, I dropped my laptop and a piece of its plastic casing broke away. The laptop suddenly looked old and weary and I knew I had to find a solution. I bought Bluffix at a local supermarket and used it to glue the broken plastic back in place. In just a few minutes, it looked almost as good as it was before the incident!

So, how are Bondic and Bluffix different from or similar to each other? Let us find out.


Bondic is liquid plastic that is normally used in welding applications. It does not work like ordinary superglue because where superglue is dangerously sticky; Bondic is gentle to your hands. Not only does Bondic mend broken things, it also makes them stronger than they were by forming stronger bonds between the particles.

Interestingly, Bondic was invented by a curious dentist, who became intrigued when one of his patients inquired if they could carry home some dental bonding materials and UV light to repair the microchip wires of a faulty microscope.

After around 3 years of intensive research and texts, the plastic welder, now popularly known as Bondic, was created.

To better understand what Bondic can do, let us go over some of its characteristics:

Bondic is currently having a discount sale for when you BUY 2, YOU GET 1 FREE.

  • Non-toxic- Bondic is not made up of any harmful substances or chemicals. As such, it is safe to use.
  • Water resistant- it can be used underwater because of its waterproof nature. This makes it suitable for fixing leaking water pipes.
  • Heat resistant- the bonds created by Bondic do not disintegrate when exposed to heat. This suggests that it can be used to fix broken furnaces, ovens, and boilers.
  • Multifaceted – it can work on any surface, whether plastic, wood, glass, metal, or electric wires.
  • Durable- other ordinary super glues always dry up when left exposed or unused for long periods. Bondic only dries up when you intentionally expose it to UV light.
  • Easy to use- the Bondic container is pointed at its mouth, thus making it easy to use and apply.

More about Bondic can be found on this link:

How to use Bondic

Unlike most other products, this uv liquid plastic comes with its own customized ready to use kit. It consists of:

  • A bottle- the Bondic adhesive comes in a black bottle that contains a maximum of 80 drops. Its tip is similar to a pen to enable easy usage and application.
  • UV LED light- after applying the adhesive on the broken surface, use the LED light provided to harden the adhesive.
  • Metal case- when you purchase Bondic, it comes in a metal case that is compact and silver in color.

You can use Bondic to decrease the tension of an item, change the damaged part of an item, and create bonds in areas that standard glue cannot, connect two parts together including broken parts, provide insulation to wires, and fix water leakages.


Where to buy Bondic

The most trustworthy place from which you can purchase Bondic is the official website of the product's manufacturer. There, you will get the correct price and accurate product description. On the official website, Bondic is sold in three options:

  • One Bondic kit at $19.99, inclusive of shipping and handling.
  • Three Bondic kits at $59.97, but currently going at a special offer of $39.98 with free shipping within the US
  • Five Bondic kits at $99.95.

For additional information visit bondic official website.


Bluffix is one of the world's greatest innovation leaders for end user light curing systems. It was engineered and made in Germany. Blufixx enables users to easily repair, fill, reconstruct, and mold different materials. The repair gel cures rock solid immediately using the LED.

Bluffix gel usually remains liquid until the LED light hits it, which enhances user safety. Once the gel has been cured, however, it gets rock hard to allow you to grind it, drill it, polish it, polish it, or varnish it.

The Blufixx repair pen comes as a complete kit. This means that the adhesive and LED all come combined in form of a pen. The LED is located on one end of the pen while the repair gel is contained in the other end of the pen

The pen also contains batteries, which give power to the LED.

Bluffix can be used to repair jewelry, charging cables, chess pieces, remote controllers, head phones, tiles, wooden floors, porcelain, tail lights, head lights, car interiors, vehicle rims etc.

More about Blufixx can be found on amazon.

Bondic is currently having a discount sale for when you BUY 2, YOU GET 1 FREE.

Does Bluffix really work?

Yes, it does. Blufixx works profoundly well when the steps below are followed:

  • Clean the surface first and remove any dirt or oil.
  • Apply the adhesive on the desired surface. It is light brown in color.
  • Remove the safety ring from the pen.
  • Press on the LED to turn it on
  • Cure the gel for several seconds by shining the LED on the gel.
  • The gel will turn rock solid.
  • Transform the cured gel to your liking by, drilling it, polishing it, or painting it.


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How to use Bluffix

To use Blufixx, use the tip of the pen with the adhesive and apply it on the desired surface. After applying it, turn the pen around to start using the light. Remove the safety ring from the pen and apply pressure on the light in order to switch on the blue LED light.

Shine the light on the surface on which you had applied the repairing gel. You will notice that it will begin to be cured.

Where to buy Bluffix

The best place to buy Bluffix is from its official website:

You can also order Blufixx on Amazon.

What are some of the differences between Bondic and Bluffix?

  • Bondic is durable and lasts as long as you want it to while Bluffix LED pen lasts for about one hour, which is the average life of the batteries.
  • Bondic comes with a starter kit of a metal case, adhesive and LED light while Blufixx comes only in form of the LED repair pen.
  • Bondic does not come with a safety ring while Bluffix comes with a safety ring.
  • Bondic is waterproof, but Blufixx needs to be kept dry until the gel is cured.


It is clear that both Bondic and Blufixx are more efficient than ordinary glues are. As such, if you need to repair a broken item quickly, either of the two will do the job perfectly.

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