Lazer Bond

Supported Materials

plastic, wood, metal, PVC, steel, rubber, wiring, ceramic, figurines, vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene, leather and so much more

plastic, glass, wood, metal,
ceramic, and stone.






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Resistance against acids,
lyes, oils, lubricants


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Starter Kit 

Bondic bottle, UV LED light, Metal Case


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Bondic or Lazer Bond? The dilemma is solved

Bondic on Amazon has an excellent rating. Bondic have more suppported materials that is compatibile with. Bondic is a more serious company, Lazer Bond, on the other hand, is not. You will not find much information about the company, who they are, their manufacturer, shipping information, etc.The difference between Bondic and lazer Bond is that Bondic has one kit that works on almost all surfaces, unlike Lazer Bond, where there is one for wood, one for plastic, and so on, and each one has to be purchased separately. Our choice between these two products is the Bondic because it’s: waterproof, safer, more compatible, more user-friendly, has better tech support, more faq answers & fast delivery.
Bonus: Best Glue for Plastic & Best Glue for Metal

When an important item, such as your laptop or smartphone, falls and develops cracks, you might need to mend it quickly. If you try fixing it using ordinary glue, however, it is likely not turn out as you had hoped.

Lazer Bond and Bondic are plastic adhesives that work rapidly and more effectively as compared to normal super glue. They can patch up, mold, put together, or seal almost any surface, including wood, metal, fabric, and plastic.

Although they may have the same functions, it is important to note that Lazer Bond and Bondic are not necessary identical. Here are individual breakdowns of the two adhesives.

Bondic Special Deal: Buy 2, Get 1 FREE


This unique adhesive remains fluid over a long period. Most adhesives naturally harden or dry out over time, but Bondic will always remain liquid.

Unlike other glues, which are sticky and messy to work with, Bondic is neat and offers a more permanent solution.

The great thing about Bondic is that it leaves your broken item better than it found it. The more Bondic you apply, the stronger bonds it forms between the particles of the item, leaving it stronger and firmer than it was before.

I personally have experienced the benefits of Bondic. I once broke my glasses after I accidentally pushed them off the desk, where I had placed them. Since I had an exam in two hours, I needed to find a quick fix. I knew ordinary glue would not work because the glass had completely broken apart.

A friend suggested that I try Bondic. I used it to put the pieces back together and was astounded when they stayed in place perfectly and firmly. I was able to do my paper on time with no stress!

Did you know that a dentist from Germany invented Bondic?


The dentist found it very odd when one of his clients asked if he could carry with him some dental bonding materials and an ultra violet light. He revealed that he intended to work on some broken microchip wires of his microscope at home.

With sparked curiosity, the dentist carried out thorough research and testing over the next three years, after which he then created the Bondic plastic welder.

Bondic is currently having a discount sale for when you BUY 2, YOU GET 1 FREE.

Characteristics of Bondic:

  • Non-toxic- It does not contain any harmful chemicals. When you use Bondic, you will not have to worry about it releasing toxic fumes when it cures. It is safe to use.
  • Multi-faceted- The adhesive works on any surface be it plastic, wood, glass, etc.
  • Water resistant- It is waterproof and can fix things like leaking water pipes. The effectiveness of the bonding agent is not affected by water.
  • Heat resistant- It can be used to fix surfaces that deal with a lot of heat, like furnaces. High heat will not affect the bonding process of the adhesive.
  • Maintains liquid nature- Over time, other glues tend to dry up. Bondic remains fluid because it can only dry up when exposed to UV light.

How to use Bondic

To use Bondic, all you have to do is stick to three easy steps:

  1. If you need a permanent fix, roughen the surface where you will apply the bonding agent. If you only need a short-term solution, you can apply it on a smooth surface.
  2. Apply enough amount of Bondic on the area that you want to mend.
  3. Expose the area that you have applied the glue to UV light. Do this for a few seconds until you notice it hardening.
  4.  After the bonding has occurred, use sand paper to make the fixed area smooth and give it a faultless finish. You can also paint the area to make it look brand new.
    Bondic comes with a unique starter kit when you purchase it. It comes in a silver metal case that holds all the contents inside. The case contains a bottle in which the adhesive is contained. Its tip looks like a pen, to make it easy for use. The case also contains a UV LED light, which you will use to harden the adhesive after application.

To get more information about Bondic, check out these sites below:

Bondic In-Depth Review:

Bondic Official WebSite:

Where to buy Bondic

You can easily order Bondic through Here. On the site, you will be able to select the type of Bondic you need at affordable prices.
You can also get access to Bondic through the official page of the manufacturer. This is preferable because the price is consistent and direct from the source.
Here is the link to Bondic’s official page: 



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Lazer Bond

This special plastic resin cures in minutes. It also requires exposure to UV light immediately after application so that the bonding can occur.

Lazer Bond works on most surfaces especially plastic, glass, metal and wood. Interestingly, it can hold up to 350 lbs after it has cured.

Does Lazer Bond work?

My experience with Lazer Bond is also very satisfying. I once broke a chess piece and felt very frustrated. You cannot play chess if a piece is missing. Instead of buying a new chess set, I opted for a more affordable solution.

I bought Lazer Bond and used it to put the broken pieces of the chess piece together. Amazingly, the pieces stuck together perfectly and I am still enjoying the same chess set today.

Other people have also confirmed that Lazer Bond does work.

Here is a link to one of the sites that sell Lazer Bond: AMAZON

One of the users was very satisfied after it helped him fix his glasses. An arm of his glasses broke off and he bought Lazer Bond to try to fix them. After using the bonding agent and the UV light, he claims he was able to wear his glasses comfortably again.

Another user also applauds Lazer Bond for successfully fixing their items on more than one occasion. They claim that it worked on their oxygen hose, ceramic, refrigerator and even the dishwasher!

How to use Lazer Bond

It is easy to use the bonding agent.

First, apply the plastic resin on the surface you want to fix.

Once you have applied the agent, expose the applied area to UV light for several seconds. You will notice the bonding occurring because the glue will harden.

After it has completely cured, you can paint the area to make it appear new.

Where to buy Lazer Bond

If Lazer Bond has impressed you, you are probably wondering where you can get one.

Lazer Bond is easily accessible on You can get a variety of Lazer Bond products at affordable prices there.

Here is the link:

Bondic is currently having a discount sale for when you BUY 2, YOU GET 1 FREE.

Bondic vs Lazer Bond

We have established that both Bondic and Lazer Bond are very useful bonding agents.
Check out some of their similarities and comparisons below:


  • Both Bondic and Lazer Bond need exposure to UV light after application in order to bond well.
  • The adhesives are both easy to use.
  • The effects of the two bonding agents are long lasting.
  • They both dry up when left exposed to UV light.


  • Bondic is non-toxic and cannot harm your skin. Lazer Bond, on the other hand, will cause irritation on the skin and lead to respiratory problems.
  • Lazer Bond is pliable and can hold up to 350 lbs unlike Bondic, which is not pliable.


This information will help you decide which adhesive agent best suits you. Fortunately, both Bondic and Lazer Bond will deliver remarkable results. Choose one or, get both today to enjoy the full experience!

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