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lifevac device

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Shape and Structure

Accordion shape

Syringe shape

Pressure sensitive mechanism


Once due to sanitary reasons, but they will send you a replacement for free if you have used it in a choking emergency



Money-back guarantee

10 days

30 days


FDA approved




FDA registered


as a Class 2 Suction Apparatus



Expiry Date

Lifetime. Only the masks need to be replaced every 2-3 years

27 month shelf life



1.01 lb

0.6 lb

0.77 lb

Have you ever found yourself in a choking situation or been near someone who has experienced that?

Choking is a fear of every parent. From the moment their child starts exploring the world, they’re at risk for this life-threatening danger that has caused thousands of emergency room visits each year for young children and adults alike.

Did you know that choking is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, according to the National Safety Council Injury Facts?

young man choking

Choking is a common cause of injury and death in children, especially those younger than 4 years old. The majority of choking incidents involving kids happen with toys, coins, or large pieces of food in their mouth.

When it comes to choking, every second counts. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place in case of an emergency. Here are some of the best choking first-aid devices that can help you and your family stay safe.

1) Lifevac – Choking First Aid Device


The Lifevac is a choking rescue device that you can use to quickly remove obstructions from someone who is choking. The device is considered safe because it is non-invasive as there is no tube going down the throat.

As of writing this article, Lifevac has saved 379 lives. It is an emergency airway clearance device that belongs in everyone’s first-aid kit. LifeVac is registered with the FDA as a class 2 suction apparatus.

LifeVac should be used only by adults who can understand the instructions and operate it safely.

The device is not for children who weigh less than 22 pounds or people with any condition that would affect their ability to use this product properly, such as impairment due to mental disability.

The LifeVac choking first aid device has a patented valve that prevents any air from escaping the mask. In addition, valves prevent air from pushing food or objects downward when pressed.

It works in three easy steps:

  1. place Lifevac on your mouth
  2. push it down
  3. pull up to remove the object that is blocking your airway

The official website is currently offering an amazing value for their bundles. For example, if you buy 2, you will receive 1 for free. I don’t know how long this offer will be active, so click here to find out if it’s still active.

When using LifeVac, make sure to place it over the mouth and nose to create a seal. You have to hold the device firm, and when a vacuum is created, just pull it back, and the object in the airway will be pulled out.

LifeVac is made in the USA and is safe to use.

Lifevac Pros

  • Simple to use
  • Non-invasive
  • Fast and effective
  • Safe to use

Lifevac Cons

  • None that I could find


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2) DeCHOKER Anti-Choking Device

Dechoker Anti Choking Device - Review

The Dechoker is also FDA-registered like Lifevac. Like the others on this list, it’s a device that can be used on choking victims, regardless of their age, disorder, illness, or other types of conditions. However, there is a bit of training to do before you can use it on a child.

This anti choking device comes in 3 sizes: adult, child, and toddler.

Dechoker is designed to slip down an adult’s or child’s throat when they are found in a choking emergency and thus take out the thing they are choking on.

It works by placing it on a person’s mouth and inserting the tube into their throat. After that, pull on the handle, and it should hopefully suck out anything being stuck in the airway.

Most people say that Dechoker causes no pain, but remember that the tube goes into the throat, so it might be hard for some people.

Dechoker Pros

  • Easy to use for anyone in your household.
  • Available in multiple sizes

Dechoker Cons

3) Lifewand


The Lifewand is an FDA-registered, easy-to-use device designed by seasoned medical engineers and scientists of high-quality home products. 

This product has been carefully engineered with one goal: saving lives from choking hazards on food or any other obstruction a kid may encounter during playtime.

Lifewand is specifically designed to be easy for anyone, regardless of their physical strength and medical training. 

It uses the best materials available so that everyone can have access to this life-saving device where needed most – whether at home, on school grounds, or other places where kids play.

Lifewand uses a spring-powered piston that generates a vacuum that extracts any object in a person’s throat.

Very easy to use and operate, all you have to do is input Lifewand on the mouth of the choking person, and it will automatically do the rest.

Lifewand Pros

  • FDA registered
  • No training required
  • No need to pull or push like with Lifevac and Dechoker

Lifewand Cons

  • It’s not even on sale yet. You have to sign up with your email address to be notified when it comes out


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What Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Choking First-Aid Device?

Before you purchase any type of choking first-aid device, you need to consider whether it’s safe and easy to use.

There are many on-the-market devices, and you need to know everything about them before you make your final purchase.

Don’t forget that choking is a serious problem. A first-aid choking device is something that you need to choose with a clear mind, without regretting it later.

So we have listed down below things you should consider before purchasing a choking device.


The device that you use in a choking emergency must be well designed with high-quality materials. You need to have a clear mind when it comes to the question: can it damage my throat?


When it comes to portability, the device must be straightforward to use and at your fingertips. The device must be portable so that you can take it anywhere with you and not worry about how you will use it in choking situations.

Is It FDA Registered or Approved

If you still don’t trust devices like those, try to find a device that is FDA-approved or registered. It is always a good idea to check if the device is on the FDA list for safe use.


You can determine if the device is good or not based on reviews from real users. Another thing you can check is how many lives have been saved by using their choking first aid device. You can usually find that information on their official website.

What We Recommend For The Best Choking First Aid Device

While there are so many options when buying a choking first-aid device, some are more expensive than others. Some are not FDA registered or approved, while others are. All in all, the information in this article is made to help you to decide what choking device suits your needs the best.

After all the research that we have done, our choice is Lifevac. It’s FDA-registered, easy to use, and saves lives more than any other device. Users love it, and we love it too.

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