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Hiya vs. First Day

Comparing the Benefits: Hiya vs First Day Vitamin Supplements

Written by Bato

Bato is the father of three beautiful children. When he's not dealing with product reviews and comparisons, he enjoys hiking through untouched nature. He loves adrenaline sports such as skiing, hiking, rafting, and scuba diving. In addition, he likes to grill and discover new exciting food.

5 comments on “Hiya vs. First Day”

  1. We do the probiotic and multi for hiya. Both are fantastic. Our pediatrician told us to take hiya and it was a great suggestion. Apparently the ingredients are fantastic for a kids vitamin which is why so many parents are switching. And the bottle is really sturdy and cute too.

  2. We’ve been doing hiya for more than a year now! My daughter loves the fun games and her bottle and I love the ingredients. Seems like it’s helped a ton!

  3. I have my daughter take these gummies with Probiotic and other vitamins from Plexus. I am new but I can see some improvements. I hope it continues.

  4. Addressing nutritional deficiencies head-on has helped us tremendously in helping our son’s impulsive anger outbursts. Thank you FD!

  5. Our Pedia recommended First Day gummies because it contains the right amount of vitamins and does not overdose on kids. It is also the only vitamin my kids enjoy.

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