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Hiya Vitamins






Artificial Sweeteners



Number of Essential Nutrients



What They Support

immune system, brain function, nervous system, and behavior in kids.


Organic Fruits and Vegetables



Approved Ages

Toddler formula 2-3

Kids formula 4+

3+ (talk to your doctor about kids under 3)

Sustainable Packaging



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No gummy junk



Reusable bottle



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Most parents are faced with the challenge of selecting the best multivitamin for their families. With many vitamin supplements in the market, it becomes even more challenging to know what to go for. As a parent, you will always want the best for your kids; I mean, that’s obvious, and for this reason, you may have considered getting them all the nutrients they need for good health.

Even though you work to ensure their diet has all the nutritional benefits they require for healthy living, you may find yourself questioning if they truly get all they need. Every parent has found themselves in such a questionable situation, so you are not alone.

For this reason, you started considering nutritional supplements and multivitamins for your kids to ensure they get all they need, including those that are not in their diet. You decided to buy a high-quality multivitamin for them, but your research gave you two options, smarty pants and hiya vitamins, and you are not sure what to settle for.

If you are such a parent, worry less, I got you (no pun intended). I have compiled a comprehensive guide on the differences between the two vitamin supplements to help with your decision-making process

Read on to learn more about each product, of course, with your specific considerations such as price, sweetness, formula, etc., in mind.

What to Look for in Vitamin Formulas

Before we can even say which is the best between hiya vitamins and smarty-pants, it is essential to consider some factors. You can only know what is best for your kids if you know exactly what you want. Here are some of the crucial considerations before buying any vitamin supplement.


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The Ingredients

You must look at the ingredient list of the vitamin. With this information, you will know what is contained in the vitamin and, therefore easy to select what to buy—generally, the lesser the ingredient labels, the preferable the product. 

Most multivitamins contain excess ingredients that are not even beneficial to the nutritional health of children, and if anything, they cause more harm than good. Consider your understanding and ability to pronounce these ingredients. 

You can agree that most products contain ingredients that are not even beneficial, like excess artificial sugars and preservatives. You can therefore go for the one that you understand most of its ingredient labels.

The nutrients contained, and their necessity in children’s health

You are looking for how best you can supplement the nutritional content in your kids’ diet. It is therefore essential that you consider the nutritional content of the multivitamin before buying. The nutrients available in the product should also be beneficial to your child’s health. 

Consider the type of nutrient you want to supplement your kid with, be it vitamin A, B, C, D, or whichever nutrients you want. You can then use this as a basis to make your decision. You can also look at the percentage of the desired nutrient in the content and settle for the most desirable multivitamin according to your desires. All this will ensure that you give your child nothing but the absolute best.

Amount of sugars contained in the product

It is very vital to consider the sugar content in the multivitamin before buying. When buying vitamins for children, this is a huge consideration that should be taken seriously. Even though you want the vitamin to be sweet enough to entice them, you do not want to give them excess sugar, especially when they already consume some in their regular diet. 

The world we live in today has sugars in almost everything, with people consuming many sugars that are even dangerous to their health; I’m sure you do not want that for your kid. Be careful with the sugar content of the vitamin you are buying by making sure that you are not giving your child candies in the form of vitamins. The sugar content should be shallow, or if possible, the vitamin should not have any sugars.

Consumption Method

Here, you are trying to know how the vitamins are consumed. Gummies, for example, are not very good with the teeth health of children. For gummies to be more enticing, they are coated with sugars that are not very beneficial, as seen earlier. According to dentists and pediatricians, gummy vitamins are not that healthy for your kids.

Even though both kids and adults love them because they are tasty and sweet, they are not recommended much, especially for their teeth. Whereas you may argue that the sugar coats on the gummies are minimal, using them over time and especially to appoint where you form a habit of continuously using them may be disastrous. You can also do your research on the various consumption methods of each vitamin and buy the one whose consumption method does not add salt to injury.


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The economic implications of a product are very vital. Different vitamins will go for different prices, which means you can always go for what you feel comfortable with. It is typical behavior among consumers to consider their purchasing power before buying anything. The same goes for vitamin supplements. 

Even though you want a high-quality vitamin supplement, only common sense that you go for the one that you can comfortably afford. However, please do not make the mistake of buying something because it is cheap but with no nutritional benefit to your children. While making price consideration, you have to make sure you get the beneficial quality.

Read on to learn more about the difference between these two types of vitamins.

Differences and Similarities Between Hiya and Smarty Pants

Sugar content

Hiya vitamins and smarty pants are different in their sugar content, as discussed below.

Hiya vitamins have 0g sugar content. Most people have argued this fact basis on the fact that they are sweet and so they contain some amount of sugars. The answer is that these vitamins have no sugar content. Yes, they are lovely and tasty; heck, I have tasted them myself. But the reason for their sweetness is not because they contain any sugars. 

The vitamins are naturally sweetened with fruits. Manufacturers of this vitamins use a tropical melon that is sweeter than sugars known as monostatic fruit and monk fruit. It also includes other natural sweeteners found in pumpkin and strawberries that add an all-natural mannitol touch. Most people agree that hiya vitamins are of excellent quality, and despite have no artificial sugars, they are very sweet.

Smartypants, on the other hand, have a 5g sugar content. They are also a good choice, but they cannot be as healthy as hiya with the sugar content. The vitamins are sweetened with sugars which are dangerous to your kids’ health, especially when taken over time. Suppose you are looking for a vitamin with no sugars; in that case, smartypants are not your option

Artificial Sweeteners

If artificial sweeteners are one of your key considerations, you can go any of the two because they both do not contain them. In this case, both are healthy and an option for your kids.

Consumption Method

As earlier stated, it is always important to consider the consumption method of the multivitamin before making the buying decision. Hiya vitamins come in chewable tablet form. For this reason, they are not sugar-coated hence very healthy for your children. They also do not pose a threat to the teeth health of your kids. I’m sure you will not want to go for some product that poses a danger to your children’s health.

Smartypants, on the other hand, come in gummy form. They are coated with sugars and, for this reason, not as healthy as the hiya vitamins. As we’ve discussed in our Hiya vitamins review, gummies are not recommended for children because they threaten their teeth, as highlighted by most dentists. The sugary gummies are known to cause tooth rot in children. 

The gummies also contain a lot of synthetic junk made from hard-to-pronounce contents that are unnecessary and harmful to their general health; remember what we said about hard-to-pronounce formulas and words. If you are concerned with the general well-being of your children, including their teeth, you will certainly not go for this product.

Approved Ages

Each vitamin supplement has different ages approved for use, which is also essential to consider before you can buy for your kids.

Hiya vitamins, for example, have been approved for use by children above three years. In case you want to use this supplement for your child who is not three years and above, then it is only essential that you consult your doctor before using the formula on them.

Smartypants vitamins have a different approved age limit. A toddler formula of the vitamin you can give to your kid between 2-3 years. There is also another kid formula that is for children above the age of three. In this category, smartypants seem a better option, especially if you have a child below three. You can also choose to consult a doctor regarding how you can give the hiya vitamin to your toddler. The choice is yours.


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Well, for those who will consider the price of a product before purchasing it, here is a price distinction between the two vitamin formulas.

Hiya vitamin costs $15 for the first month, which is a 50% off promotion. Smartypants, on the other hand, costs $18.85 per month. You can, therefore, easily choose the one that is compatible with your budget.

Essential Nutrients

As earlier stated, it is essential to look at the nutrients available in a supplement before purchasing because you aim to boost your child’s nutritional health. Even though both hiya vitamins and smarty-pants contain the same amount of essential vitamins, 15, some slight differences are highlighted below that you can consider before making a buying decision.

Hiya vitamins are more natural with an organic blend of natural fruits and vegetables. Even though it has 15 nutrients, the percentage of the content in the hiya vitamin is slightly more than that found in the smarty pant. The nutrients in hiya are also proven to be beneficial to the health of kids. You can visit their websites to learn more about the nutrients contained in each and how much of the nutrients they have to make the best decision. Remember, all we are looking for is how best we can supplement the health of our children.


Some people will consider the manufacture of a product before buying, and if you are such a person, here is what you need to know about the two vitamin formulas regarding manufacturers.

Hiya vitamins are manufactured in the United States in a GMP-compliant facility. This means that you can be sure about the product. Smartypants are among the many vitamins manufactured in China.

Such products are known to include excess additives that are not of any nutritional benefit to children. Every vitamin product is usually tasted for any additives and chemicals in the US to ensure that the final product is chemical-free and 100% organic and fresh. Well, I’m sure now you can easily choose your preferred vitamin for your family.

Side effects

You can also consider the side effects of the vitamin on your kids before buying. Hiya vitamins, for example, have no side effects on children because they are no sugars, additives, chemicals, and excess junk. You can be sure that your kids will not show any signs of reactionary effects after taking the hiya vitamins. On the other hand, you can expect some side effects from your kids after taking the smarty pants. These reactions to the vitamin may be because of the additives, preservatives, sugar, and the excess junk it contains.

Organic Nutrients

Even though both formulas are organic, you can expect some slight differences. Hiya, for example, is only made from blended organic fruits and veggies with around 12 composite organic products. Smartypants, however, is also organic, being manufactured from organic products but with additional chemicals, sugars, additives, and by-products. Such artificial contents corrupt the naturalness of the formulas. If you are looking for supplements that are 100% natural, then hiya vitamins are the deal-breaker.


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Sustainable Packaging

If you are a parent devoted to teaching your children about environmental conservation, the hiya vitamins are your option. This is because they come in sustainable packaging that is reusable and, for this reason, reduced ecological pollution from throwing plastic bottles. Other vitamin formulas, including smartypants, come in plastic containers that are not environmentally friendly because, as we know, they do not decompose.

Optimized Freshness

Sometimes, we may buy products that have not yet expired, but the nutritional content has lost its nutritional value because of overstaying. Hiya vitamins eliminate this issue as you can order a refill of fresh vitamins every time you need them, and they will be delivered to your doorstep. This means that they will be having all the nutritional value to your kids because they are fresh.


Different people will consider different factors before buying any nutritional supplement for their kids. The most important things to look for are the nutritional value, essential nutrients, additives, preservatives, and sugars. Other critical factors that are not nutritionally based include price, manufacturer, packaging, and any other aspect you deem fit. You can also consider where to buy them. After reading this article, I believe that you will have an easy time selecting what to go for. Our choice between hiya or smarty pants is Hiya.

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