InfinitiKloud Review: How it Compares to Other Data Backup Solutions on the Market

See what we think of InfinitiKloud...a USB backup solution with tons of great features. We'll cover simplicity, security, speed, compatibility, and more.

Written by Nerko

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2 comments on “InfinitiKloud Review: How it Compares to Other Data Backup Solutions on the Market”

  1. Did InfinitiKloud go out of business? If so, why are they still selling products they no longer support? I purchased the Gen 3. It backs up my android phone, but my pc no longer recognizes the flash drive via usb. It worked when I first purchased it. I have been trying to reach the vendor, but their website has expired; hence, non-existence.

    If I had to guess what the issue is, I think the flash drive driver is incompatible with Windows 10 upgrade. Please provide a solution. The product is useless if I can't access my backup data.

    1. Yes, they seem to be out of business. The official domain is no longer active. As for your problem, I'm sorry, but I don't have a solution.

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