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InfinitiKloud Review

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Data is easily accessible from your computer or your phone, but what happens when any of these break down or get stolen? You will lose all those photos and memories that you hold so dear. Scenarios of screens going dark and phones sliding off pockets are not new. Instead of being in a scenario where you wonder where you never backed up your data, just get a backup flash drive and save yourself the regret.

The InfinitiKloud is one of the top backup flash drives in the market. I have come to like how fast the drive is and the fact that I can choose different memory capacities – enough to back up all my data.

InfinitiKloud Gen 2 SD


  • Size: 65.3 x 27.6 x 10.6mm (with cap)
  • Includes: USB-C dongle, Micro USB dongle, instruction manual
  • Certification: FCC, CE-EMC
  • Speed: Up to 100 MB/s
  • Compatible Port: USB 2.0, 3.0
  • PC, Mac, and Android compatible
  • Built-in USB 3.0 connector
  • Transfer speeds of up to 100MB/s
  • Keyring design, making it easy to take on the go

USB-C and Micro USB dongle are included

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless


  • Size: 65 x 50 x 15 mm
  • Built-in battery: 600mAh
  • Includes: InfinitiKloud 5Ghz WiFi, USB Type-C Cable, Instruction Manual
  • Certification: FCC, CE-EMC
  • Compatible Port: USB Type C 2.0
  • PC, Mac, iOS and Android compatibility
  • A Micro SD card slot supporting up to 1TB
  • Built-in USB 2.0 connector
  • Working distance up to 10 meters
  • Transfer speeds of up to 100 MB/s
  • 600 mAh rechargeable battery

Pre-Purchase Considerations for a Backup Flash Drive

There are many flash drive models out on the market. Infinitikloud, Photostick, and Photostick Mobile are just some of the few top flash drives on the market. When shopping, first consider why you are buying the flash drive. You might need to back up your computer, in which case you need a larger storage, back up your assignments and work files, or to transfer files from one storage device to the next.

Transfer Speeds

When considering transfer speeds, it is whether to shop for USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. USB 2.0 has been on the market for so long, but it can only transfer up to 60 megabytes a second. USB 3.0 can transfer up to 640 megabytes per second. While USB 3.0 will work on USB 2.0 ports, the transfer speed will be stifled. This way, you will have expensive hardware but slow speeds. However, some brands offer high speed USB flash drives even for the 2.0 option.


If you are using Apple devices, it is best if the flash drive you buy is compatible with the devices. However, it is best if the flash drive is compatible with all operating systems in case you change your computers, or your work and home computers use different operating systems. The Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive is compatible with all operating devices and so are its competitors the Photostick, and Photostick Mobile.

Storage Needs

Your use will determine the storage space you take. The amount of data you need to backup and your device’s application will determine the capacity you pick between 512 MB and 512 GB.


Your data backup is private, and that is as it should be. If your flash drive cannot be password protected, then it is not safe. If anyone can break into your flash drive even after you protect it with a password, it is not secure.


Longevity refers to the number of times you can erase and rewrite your flash drive before the memory cells wear out. Most flash drives can last between 2,000 and 100,000 data cycles, which gives you so many years of data backup. Some flash drive manufacturers create consumer-grade and enterprise-grade flash drives with the latter lasting longer. Check out the quality of the flash drive before shopping.

Introducing the InfinitiKloud Backup Flash Drive

The Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive is a handy device that helps store your photos, documents, music, and videos. Unlike the cloud and other paid storage options, a flash drive gives you privacy for your data. The Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive promises to offer a secure backup for your data. It is not a conventional flash drive and neither is it a cloud storage device – it offers the best of both worlds.

Unlike a conventional USB that will copy even the unwanted data, including viruses from your computer, the Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive can detect duplicates and will only copy the data you need. It is a secure and accessible data backup option.

In 2019, Infinitikloud upgraded their flash drive to offer faster speeds and better security. The new flash drive is black in color and looks sleek. However, its earlier version, the red model, still looks great. With the upgrade, InfinitiKloud promises faster downloads on all devices.

This being a one-click backup flash drive, all you need to do is enter the product key and it will start backing up your computer. Each flash drive downloads at speeds of 100 megabytes per second so you can back up all the data on your computer in a few minutes.

Here Are the Pros:

  • USB 3.0 speed for faster backups
  • Small-sized and easy to carry wherever you go
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • One-click backup with no duplicate files
  • Choose different memory capacities
  • Lasts for ten years or more

What About the Cons:

  • Although light, the small size means that you can misplace it in your house
  • You can only purchase it online and it takes long to ship
  • The protective cover can get a little rigid sometimes

PDF Guide on how to use InfinitiKloud.

Features and Benefits

One-Click Backup

It is easy to use the Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive even if your knowledge of computers is limited. When you plug it into the USB port of your computer, the drive asks for your password or security key. From there, it instantly downloads your files and backs them up. Unlike a conventional USB flash drive where you have to select the files you need to back up, the Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive browses your computers and backs up all your files as you have organized them in foldersIf you add new files that you need to back up, all you have to do is insert the flash drive again, and it instantly starts the backup process.

It can detect duplicates (unless you change the names of your files), and will only back up the recently added files, making it easier for you to back up your files periodically. You do not need special software or the internet to back up the files, and neither do you need to stop any other processes on your computer. It can back up data in the background as you go on with your business.

Highly Portable

The Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive is only 2 inches, which makes it a compact and lightweight drive for use at home or away. However, the small size makes it more susceptible to loss, and you might need a key ring to secure it and make it safer.


Three Storage Options

You can choose between three storage capacities with the Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive – 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. This way, you can choose what meets your needs. Infinitikloud has not been able to expand to offer more storage. If you need more storage than 128GB, you might need to take two sticks. With three storage options, you have a chance to choose a flash drive that meets your budget.

With the 32 GB flash drive, you can sock away more than 25,000 photos, more than 50,000 photos with the 64 GB option, and more than 100,000 high quality photos with the 128 GB option. Because most people only back up photos and documents, Infinitikloud has just enough space for you. The earlier version of the flash drive, the red one, offers up to 64 GB only – still enough to take 50k photos.

Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive For iOS

Faster Download Speeds

Infiniti Kloud offers bother USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 options for faster download speeds and great compatibility. The flash drive can download up to 100 megabytes per second on USB 2.0 port. If your computer has USB 3.0, you will enjoy even faster speeds. That is enough speed to back up all the data on your computer within a few minutes.

Better yet, you do not need software or internet connection to download fast. If you want higher speeds, you will have to shop for the latest InfinitKloud drive which comes with in a black protective cover. Today, the USB 2.0 options are no longer produced, which means that you will only have the high speed options for your flash drive.


Whether you need to back up your smartphone or your computer, the Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive has you covered. It works with all operating systems from Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. When using the flash drive with your smartphone, you will need an Infiniti Kloud charger that helps you connect the stick with your smartphone for easy backup.You can use it with any of the following devices:

  • Android phones
  • Mac mini
  • Notebooks
  • iMac
  • PC
  • Linux devices
  • iOS devices

In all the above devices, you do not need any special software, and there is no special process as the drive downloads your data automatically.


Unlike cloud-storage options such as Google and Dropbox, no one can hack your flash drive as long as you keep it tucked away where no one can find it. If you have some sensitive data you are afraid hackers might access, you can back it up in your Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive and delete it from your computer.

That way, you will have the data secure where no one can find it.
Again, you can protect your device with a password. When you insert into the USB port, you need to enter the security key to initiate the backup process. This way, even if someone gets hold of the flash drive, they will not access your data unless they have your security key. All you need to do is set a strong password, and you are good to go.


If you’d rather buy a hard drive instead of a flash drive for data backup, it will be dead in between two to five years. A solid-state drive might last longer, but still not as long as the Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive, which lasts for at least ten years. In ten years, you may have changed your computer three or more times, but the USB stick will still be there for all your data and transfer it to each of your new computers.

No matter how much you delete and download your files, the Inifiniti Kloud drive will still last for ten years.

Slider Protection

When out of use, the USB head hides in the slider for protection. When you need to use the flash drive, all you have to do is slide the head out. The new Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive does not have a slider. Instead, it has a cap that protects the USB head from dust.

Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive For Android


The Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive comes pre-installed with software so you can access your data fast when you need it. You only need to plug it in your computer, enter your security key, and you will have access to your files.

Backs Up Files with Wide Range of Extensions

You can back up almost all types of files. It takes images with different extensions including jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, apng, gif, icns, ico, svg, and wmf. For audio, it backs up mp3, wma, wav, ogg, and flac. For videos, the flash drive takes mp4, mpeg, wmv, avi, and mov. You can also save documents with different extensions including txt, doc, pages, docx, odt, wpd, rtf, pdf, wpd, xls, xlsx, xlr, ppt, psd, pps, pptx, and numbers.

When you activate the product, it scans the entire computer or phone looking for files with these extensions for backup. Due to the fact that it performs a specific scan, the drive will not backup viruses that might be in your computer.


The Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive comes at an affordable price. Based on its features, I can say the flash drive is worth its price. Whether you buy the 64 GB option (which is the highest for the earlier model), or the 128 GB (the largest capacity for the newer model), you will find that the flash drive is worth your money. You can save money and get more storage space; you can order more than one device and get more savings. You can shop for four devices at a price less than that of three individual sticks.

Infiniti Kloud offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you do not like any aspect of the USB drive, you can return it to the shop and they will refund your money with no questions asked. You need to return it in its original packaging to the company back in California. Although you will pay shipping charges, you will get a better deal if you do not like the drive. However, according to the company, they seldom get returns, and when they do, it might be due to mechanical damage during shipping.

Start the product return process by writing to the company at [email protected] or by calling them.


Social Proof

I love the Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive for its simplicity and its ease of use. From most of the user reviews I read online, most other users love it for the same reasons in addition to it being secure. Infiniti Kloud has been upgrading their products and the pushing out of USB 2.0 was one of the best upgrades as users observe.

Today, users can enjoy faster speeds of up to 100 mbps. According to most users online, the first backup can take up to 10 minutes (and sometimes more) to backup as they have more than 50 GB to back up. However, subsequent backups only take a few seconds as all you need to do is download a few addition files to the flash drive.

Users also love the fact that this device scans the computer on its own and you never have to select the files you need to back up every time you insert it. The pre-installed software works perfectly to scan your computer. Again, it does not back up duplicate files.

Another reason that users love Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive is the small size, which means you can carry it in your pocket wherever you go. Some users feel that the flash drive would have offered an option for users to choose the specific files they need or choose whole system backup.

You can check out what some of the users had to say below:

infinitikloud trustpilot review
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infinitikloud amazon review 3




The PhotoStick works the same way as the Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive. When inserted in your computer, it searches every folder and backs up every picture, document, audio or video that you have. It also uses USB 3.0 technology, that means you will enjoy fast read and write speeds and you can back up thousands of files within a few minutes.

Like the Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive, it is easy to use. Once you insert the stick, the software screen (with its simple interface) pops up and all you have to do is press GO and it will instantly start downloading.
Unlike one version of the Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive which only accommodates up to 64 GB, the PhotoStcik accommodates up to 128 GB – this is the same with the upgraded version of the InfinitiKloud.

It is a small pocket-sized unit that you can carry everywhere you go without feeling its weight. When you add new data on your computer or smartphone, the backup drive scans the computer and adds the new data without backing up duplicates. It works with a wide range of file extensions and accommodates all operating systems.

The price of the 64 GB unit is the same as the InfinitiKloud drive. With each additional stick you order, you get 40 percent off the price – the same deal seen with Infiniti Kloud.

Because head to head these two flash drives are almost the same, your choice will depend on your style and brand preferences. One can stand for the other in terms of functionality.

PhotoStick Mobile Backup Flash Drive

Photostick Mobile

Unlike the InfinitiKloud drive that requires an Infiniti Kloud charger to connect to mobile devices, the PhotoStick Mobile sports a design that accommodates all Photostick For Android and Photostick For iOS mobile devices (although the Android and iOS flash drives are separately sold.

On one side, the flash drive has a head that connects to the USB port on your computer, and on the other, it has a head that connect to the charging port of your smartphone. This way, you can connect it directly to your smartphone with the need for extra hardware.

Photostick Android
ThePhotoStick For Android
ThePhotoStick For iPhone

Although it is for mobile devices, it works the same way as the Infinitikloud and PhotoStick Backup Flash Drives above. It is a flash drive for photos and videos. When you insert it on your smartphone and click GO, it instantly starts downloading photos and videos from your computer. It can back up 32 GB of files, which is less than the two devices reviewed above, but which is enough considering that this is for mobile devices.

It automatically scans and backups up your data so you never have to go through your device choosing one file after another. It also accommodates subsequent backups without taking any duplicates. It uses USB 3.0 technology and the same software in PhotoStick above to back up 1000s of photos in just a few minutes.


A backup flash drive saves your data to protect it from loss in case your computer, smartphone, or camera breaks down. Once you lose your private files through a computer that breaks down, there may not be any other place to find them, unless you had backed them up in cloud backup services.

The challenge with cloud backup platforms is that your private files are not so secure as hackers may get into the cloud servers. With a USB flash drive, no hacker will have access to your data.

The Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive is a handy device when you need to back up your memories or work files. With the drive, you never have to worry when your computer will break down. I love it for its simplicity and its fast speeds.

Because Infiniti Kloud upgraded the flash drive to a version with higher capacity, I can now back up more of my data. There are no complicated accounts or use processes, and anyone can use this simple drive.

You can check out the Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drives by clicking on the links down below:

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