Technology is often promising to improve our lives, but few gadgets live up to the claim. There are a lot of claims that technology will enhance your life, but the truth is usually more complicated.

It can be challenging to separate reality from enthusiastic marketing and outright lies when there’s so much promise for innovation in this industry – it all sounds too good to be true.

It’s easy for salespeople (and their bosses) to try to sell you as much as possible by any means necessary, including scaremongering tactics such as claiming these products will change everything. When in reality, some only have minor effects on our day-to-day lives at best.

Cell Phone Radiation and EMF Blocking Devices Are Everywhere These Days, but Do They Work?

Studies have shown that the kind of protection offered by these products can help reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields associated with phone use or from other sources such as RF waves produced by cell towers.

The Federal Trade Commission just warned about scams that claim to protect you from cell phone radiation. But, unfortunately, according to multiple studies reviewed by scientists, these products can have the opposite effect and even increase your risk of cancer. Worse yet, some of these protective devices can have the opposite effect and instead make your symptoms worse.

It’s important to know what kind of protection we need and how it will impact our health before buying anything online.

Recent Studies Have Shown That Electromagnetic Fields Can Affect the Movement of Blood Cells

This study aims to determine whether electromagnetic fields associated with mobile phones and laptops interfere with blood cell counts. Random samples were taken from a group, then analyzed on an Impedance hematology analyzer without any presence or used in the recent past. They also had four different scenarios involving one device at a time.

The results obtained demonstrated a statistically significant decrease in neutrophil count, erythrocyte volume, and width. On the other hand, the one group (four mobiles) showed an increase of lymphocytes cells and mean corpuscular volume, among other things like red blood cell distribution.


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What Are EMFs and Sources of Radiation?

Scientists have discovered that the sun is not only sending out waves but also EMFs or radiation. The sun is a giant nuclear fusion reactor, sending out waves that create EMFs. The earth receives these waves, and we can see its energy radiating from the surface in visible light.

Scientists have observed that some of our most advanced appliances are also creating electromagnetic fields or rays in the last century. In addition, as medicine advances and we continue to find new ways for medical equipment like X-rays, CT scans, etc., it has become clear that they too generate EMFs due to their use.

You might be exposed to two types of electromagnetic fields: high-frequency and low/mid.

High-frequency radiation damages DNA or cells. Medical devices like x-ray imaging machines produce this type of EMF at low levels. At the same time, other sources include gamma radiation from radioactive elements and UV rays from either a tanning bed or the sun. 

One of the most common types of EMFs is low to mid-frequency. This type doesn’t ionize, and it’s considered harmless because it only affects cellular structures with tissue damage. Microwave ovens or cellphones, for instance, might produce this kind of field. However, there are also very high frequency (VHF) fields that have a lot more potential harmful effects on people’s health than these lower ones do – including ELF+RF energies like radio waves produced by Wi-Fi networks.

EMF exposure can be mitigated by moving away from the object emitting waves. Some familiar sources of EMFs include:

  • Microwaves, radio waves, and cell phones are all examples of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields.
  • Ionizing radiations like UV rays from sunlight (which causes skin cancer)
  • X-rays and gamma rays

Can an EMF Protector Lower the Temperature of Devices?

Researchers have found that people who use an electric device for two hours a day over 21 days feel better than those in control groups.

Using Medical Thermal Imaging (MTI), the researchers measured infrared radiation emitting from a digital camera. Electron Photon Imaging was used to capture areas and symmetries in subjects’ energy fields that were enhanced after 21 days when they applied electroDOT for an average of two hours over this period compared with control groups who did not use it at all.

A study found enhancements in what’s called the “energetic field,” significant reductions on superficial temperatures across different parts of one’s body like heart, back, or forehead regions. In addition, it increased the sense of well-being among those using Electro Dots every day for just under three weeks.

EMF Protectors can significantly reduce electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that result from devices such as telephones and microwaves emitting radio waves into our homes.

Is There a Device That Can Block EMF Radiation?

There is one manufactured by a company called EnergyDots, and it’s called smartDOT. It was developed by scientists from Great Britain and boasts a “breakthrough anti-radiation device” entrainment technology that neutralizes harmful waves when attached to an emitting element, like your phone or laptop.

SmartDOT is the perfect device to help protect you against electric and magnetic fields at home or work. It’s a great way to avoid harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that come from cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, or other sources in our day-to-day lives.

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