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PhotoStick Mobile Review and Buyer’s Guide 2020​

Photostick Mobile
In this ultimate photostick mobile review, we will find out if this product is a scam or legit. Read through the review and then decide if you want to Buy it.
Do you know how frustrating it is to retrieve every one of your photos and videos and create a backup of them before you leave?

These days it’s hard to get the photos out into the world. It used to be easier by just taking your roll of film to the local store to get it developed.

If perhaps you’re the same as me you prefer to be sure that you’ll not, under any circumstances, lose an essential piece of precious memory.
However, with modern technology changing daily, it’s tough to keep up

Initially, it was an USB cable, after that it was Bluetooth, then the cloud, iTunes, etc. It’s becoming more and more difficult to copy your photos off of your smartphone. Truth be told many of us waste far more precious time “dealing with” the photos than actually experiencing and enjoying the memories and feelings they hold.

Based on new research, even though technologies have managed to make it simpler to take photos, it’s become much more challenging than ever before for average individuals to print-off, share, and relish the images we take so effortlessly.
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What exactly is ThePhotoStick Mobile?

PhotoStick Mobile is an outstanding unique gadget that’s definitely the simplest as well as the safest method to back up and secure as much as 60,000 of your favorite photos and videos.

It does the job within a few minutes with one press of a button (that’s it!), on the majority of the smartphone devices – Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


Simple and Easy to Access

As opposed to iCloud backup, ThePhotoStick Mobile doesn’t need to have any tricky software to get it working. It’s a ‘hit and go’ deviceJust download the application on the App Store or Google Play and press the Backup Files button. You’re not required to create an account or manually choose the files that you would like to backup. iOS users could also make use of the PhotoStick for iPhone. Furthermore, it enables you to be much more productive. Rather than waiting around until eventually your personal computer completes backing up your files, all you need to do is plug in Photo Stick Mobile to your smartphone, back up your photos, and you’re finished. There’s no inconvenience, you won’t have to hang on for a couple of minutes.

Never again will you lose your Vacation photos and videos

At one time, we’ve just about all been a victim of the “Storage is full” warning which our mobile phones display everytime our gallery is full of important images and videos. We don’t blame you since those photos captured essential events of your daily life. Backing all of them up can be a nightmare. Fortunately for you, many of us are living in a time where everything is possible, even backing up your photos and videos instantly.

Is your iCloud storage full? Then you came to the right place.

Were you aware that a lot of individuals using mobile phones will probably lose all of their images and videos from their iCloud storage because it eventually becomes full or because they accidentally drop it in the water?

People generally like to take a lot of photos. This fact comes with its issues, for example, often devices run out of enough space. Even when that is the case, it does not have to be all that bad, thanks to this amazing product.

ThePhotoStick Mobile is capable of holding as much as 60,000 images and videos. That’s a great deal of space. Even my friends that take far too many photos can’t possibly fill up that space. Imagine the amount of memory you can free up on your smartphone by migrating your photos and videos.

The reason why I enjoy using this gadget is that I don’t need any additional equipment. It connects straight to the phone so that I can transfer my photos and videos without the need to plug my smartphone to a computer.

You don’t have to worry about compatibility. ThePhotoStick works on any modern smartphone including iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, and iPad. And it can be connected to either a Mac or a PC.
Order now ThePhotoStick Mobile
ThePhotoStick Mobile is the perfect example of simplicity and organization condensed into a tiny USB flash drive that fits into your hand. Using this gadget, you won’t need to connect your mobile phone to a computer to back up your photos.

Every one of your images and videos from your every trip, celebration, as well as casual events, will be backed up with only one press of a button – no additional hardware required. It’s the best way to save your photographs and videos from any damage or even worse.


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How does it recover photos?

  • Download and Launch the FREE “ThePhotoStick Mobile” App.
  • After you connect ThePhotoStick Mobile to your smartphone, press “Backup Now.” ThePhotoStick will then take control and scan through every nook and cranny of your folders, storing all of the videos and photos while skipping duplicate copies.
  • As soon as your data is backed up, you may go ahead and remove the data on your smartphone to free up memory.
  • There are different devices for Android and iOS so you'll have to be careful when choosing which one to buy.
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Distinctive characteristics of ThePhotoStick Mobile

  • It searches as well as organizes all the files.
  • It instantly scans, discovers and removes duplicates so that you can save on memory.
  • Quick file backup - 1000s of images and video files within a few minutes.
  • Data on the USB can be opened from a PC or a Mac.
  • Backup of your photos is at your convenience and disposal. You can save as many times as you want.
  • It doesn't require any passwords or cloud backups.
  • Not necessary to know the location of files and folders.
  • It is a one-time investment.

Amazing Storage in a tiny USB Stick

ThePhotoStick Mobile

This storage stick contains a high-quality memory capacity. It’s available in 32, 64 and 128 GB versions for both Android and iPhone.

You don’t need to worry about that irritating “Storage full” warning, due to the fact this convenient tool can help save your photos and you cab access them whenever you want.

Additionally, we appreciate the way it supports almost every image format, regardless of whether it’s in .png, .jpg, .tif, or .gif. It doesn’t make any difference if the images and videos happen to be a from couple of years ago because the ThePhotoStick Mobile can save and preview all formats. The device is compatible with every modern smartphone including of course–iPhone & Android.

Internet connection is

Common Misunderstandings About ThePhotoStick Mobile

So you’re still not sure whether you can say goodbye to the huge external hard disks and unsubscribe you from your iCloud backup account? During this portion of the PhotoStick Mobile review, we answer one of the most frequent arguments and show you how to handle problems with storing your photographs and videos.

“I'm able to complete the backup by myself. Therefore I don't want it.”

You can, however, it would probably take quite a bit of time to look through every individual file and to move it to a backup device. It may also turn out to be complicated, and you can overlook a relevant image or video as a result of the significant amount of files you would have to sort through.

You might even copy some unnecessary files which would occupy a lot of your space. Not to mention that in the event your PC crashes, you risk losing all your progress and going back exactly to where you began. It’s quite counterproductive not to mention time-consuming.

The core element of this product is to do the annoying job of finding and transferring every image and video imaginable so you can concentrate on more essential things in life.

Listed here are the problems you might discover while trying to do it yourself:

  • If by any chance you try doing it yourself, you’ll need to search just about every file and upload it to your backup storage. This might lead to a mix-up, and you might overlook an essential photograph or video due to the enormous amount of data you will have to sort.
  • You can accidentally make copies of files and occupy a lot of memory space.
  • Your laptop could crash. You would risk having to lose all your progress and going back to where you began.
ThePhotoStick Mobile ticks all the boxes. It’s a USB drive for Android and photo stick for iPhone, it’s also compatible with Windows and Mac. However, there’s no reason to use lots of devices to save your files; just a smartphone will suffice.

“It looks like a standard USB drive. Just what makes it so effective?”

On the outside, ThePhotoStick Mobile looks just like another USB OTG. But don’t judge it immediately just because it looks like an ordinary thumb drive, it’s powered by an advanced software inside.

ThePhotoStick Mobile operates on a software program that enables you to search, store quickly, and organize all your photos and videos. The application doesn’t ask you to perform a system set up before uploading photos and videos. For its value as well as convenience, it’s regarded as the perfect thumb drive for iPhone and Android.

“I can use iCloud backup; therefore, I won’t need to carry a physical device.”

Correct, however the iCloud backup will definitely cost a lot more. It’s not free if you need a big storage capacity, because of that you’ll need to pay a monthly or yearly fee. Furthermore, you’ll require internet access whenever you wish to back up your photos and videos.

Another drawback to cloud backup is the amount of effort required when uploading files. When you’re moving a large number of photos and videos, it may take up a lot of your time and energy. You’ll have to manually choose the files that you would like to be uploaded.

With The PhotoStick Mobile, you only have to pay once for the device.It is a completely hassle-free device due to the fact you can back up your files in just one press of a button and that it doesn’t require any logins.


Video Testimonials

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What are people saying about it and is it worth buying?

Read this photostick mobile reviews below:

How Much Does It Cost

32GB iPhone PhotoStick
Retail $99.99 (Save $35)
32GB Android PhotoStick
Photostick Android
Retail $99.99 (Save $35)

Get 40% OFF when you buy more than one!


Photo Stick Mobile provides a photo backup without the subscription solution which is highly-required in this digital era, mainly because when you think about just how much mobile phones and PCs are prone to fail or get lost and take with them great memories.

Its functionality is fantastic – it does everything for you! If you desire to safeguard your precious memories and get over the inconveniences of low memory space, cloud storage requirements, duplicate copies or disorganized files, and device crashes, ThePhotoStick is probably the perfect solution.

Photostick pros:

  • Store up to 60,000 photos in a matter of minutes​
  • Weekly backups will make your life easier​
  • Scans and discovers all photos and videos in minutes​
  • Free USA shipping and 30-day guarantee​

Photostick cons:

  • Initial model expensive​
  • Import fees

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Frequently Asked Questions
Does Photostick work on Android Devices

Yes, it does. ThePhotostick Mobile works on both ios and android.

Does Photostick work on iPhones?

Yes, it does. It's compatible with both android and ios.

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