5 Second Fix

Supported Materials

plastic, wood, metal, PVC, steel,
rubber, wiring, ceramic, figurines,
vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene,
leather and so much more

vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene,
leather and so much more
plastic, glass, wood, metal,
ceramic, and stone.






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Resistance against acids,
lyes, oils, lubricants


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Bondic bottle, UV LED light, Metal Case


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USA = $5.99 or FREE
Canada, Australia, Austria,
Belgium, Brazil, Denmark,
Finland France Germany,
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Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel,
Italy, Japan, Netherlands,
New Zealand, Norway,
Poland, Portugal, Singapore,
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Bondic or 5 Second Fix? Our Conclusion

Bondic on Amazon has an excellent rating. Bondic have more suppported materials that is compatibile with, while 5 second fix does NOT. Bondic is a more serious company, 5 second fix, on the other hand, is not. You will not find much information about the company, who they are, their manufacturer, shipping information, etc. Our choice between these two products is the Bondic because it’s: waterproof, safer, more compatible, more user-friendly, has better tech support, more faq answers & fast delivery.

Bonus: Best Glue for Plastic & Best Glue for Metal

I have always had issues repairing simple things breaking around my home. In the past, I tried everything from the most expensive glue to a wide variety of kits guaranteed to work. Inevitably, I failed almost every time. Eventually, I got tired of spending money replacing things I knew could be fixed. This is what led me to try both Bondic and 5 Second Fix.

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What is Bondic

Bondic is classified as the first tool for bonding liquid plastic in the world. I have been successful using Bondic in instances where I have tried glue and failed. I like the fact the liquid will not dry until I am ready. All you have to do is squeeze out how much you want, then apply the UV LED light. Bondic only needs four seconds to cure, making it the quickest drying bond in the world.

Bondic is resistant to water heat, acids, lubricants, Lyles and oils. I have found an incredibly wide variety of uses for the product. When I am fixing an object, I have complete control over the adhesive strength. This means you can use Bondic for either temporary or permanent use. I have joined objects simply by making a few undercuts before using the product.

Bondic is effective when milled, painted sanded, molded filed and polished. This is how I have customized my repairs. According to bondic official website, Bondic is so portable and lightweight, you can easily take it anywhere.


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The Principles of Bondic

  • Bondic is great with undercuts and also works extremely well for rough surfaces
  • Use Bondic in layers for the best results
  • Bondic will not dry out because it is free of solvents
  • Bondic will not solidify until exposed to UV light and the LED is included
  • For the best results use Bondex on clean surfaces with no grease
  • Since this is a liquid plastic welder, the principles of welding apply

What is the Difference Between Bondic and a Super Glue?

I have never had much luck with any type of hot glue gun because the bonding ability has always been fairly poor. Once the glue is dry, I can peel it right off using just my fingernails. Despite the flexibility of the glue, the bond is far from strong. The only time I have been successful was for gluing ribbons, photographs, cards, magazine clippings, etc when I was scrapbooking.

I have experienced many of the same issues with a wide variety of superglues. First of all, I have major issues when I glue my fingers together. I have to admit this happens frequently with superglue. No matter how long I hold the repaired object in place, getting a strong bond to form is tough. There have been times when I was successful but was left with a residue of superglue on the outside.

When I tried to file off the excess, the object just broke all over again. If the object I repaired got wet, my bond dissolved. My experience with Bondic has been different because the bond does not soften due to temperature or water. Once my UV light hits the Bondic, it cures to create a permanent bond. One of my favorite statues had a broken wing. Despite my attempts to fix it failing, I kept it.

When I used Bondic, the wing was held in place beautifully. I also successfully reattached a broken piece of metal on one of my favorite tables, the tip of my umbrella, and reattached the edge of a plastic pitcher. All of the repairs I have made using Bondic are still holding firmly in place. I have reached a point where when something breaks or requires attachment, I reach for my Bondic first.

How Does Bondic LED UV Liquid Plastic Welding Kit Work?

Using Bondic is simple. All you have to do is use the Bondic cleaning pad to scrape off the residue on what you want to fix. This makes certain you receive optimal adhesion. You then take your Bondic LED and activate it. Now apply the liquid directly onto the surface you want to repair. Use your LED light to harden your Bondic liquid. I get the best results when I apply the liquid in several layers.

Once your bond is strong enough, stop applying more layers. You only need a few seconds to create a permanent bond. Your bond is effective no matter what the conditions because it is heat resistant and waterproof. If you do not use your Bondic for years, it will stay in a liquid form. The only time the product will solidify is when you make direct contact with your Bondic LED.

You can permanently and instantly create a strong bond. You can repair almost anything to make it as good as new including insulating broken cables with a low voltage, damaged casings and even your broken eyeglasses. You can even use your LED on liquid Bondic for hooks to hang decorative items or keys invisibly. Since I have kids, I appreciate Bondic being 100 percent non-toxic.

When you purchase a Bondic kit, you receive the Bondic Pen, two cleaning pads to shape, cure, fill and repair anything including fabric, metal, plastic and wood withing just a few seconds and an LED. Visit bondic official website for more details.

Can Bondic Be Used on Teeth?

A dentist in the United Kingdom developed Bondic. There is a UV curing adhesive used in the dental industry for braces and tooth fillings very similar to Bondic. This dentist used the same technology for numerous applications and repairs. He soon realized this technology had a lot of uses other than in the dental industry. Bondic was created when he worked with a chemical engineer. The resulting product can fix almost anything including your teeth.

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Can Bondic Be Used on Dentures?

Bondic is just as effective for full or partial dentures as it is to repair your teeth. Remember, a dentist in the United Kingdom developed the product.

Can Bondic Be Used on Metal?

You can repair metal objects by dabbing on a small quantity of the adhesive and then using your UV light. In addition to Bondic being useful to repair metal objects, you can also use it for the majority of plastics, electronics and wood. The product even works for your plumbing pipes and low-voltage wires.

Where to Buy Bondic

You can purchase Bondic directly through the Bondic official website, at Amazon or through many of your local hardware, home improvement, department stores and general merchandise stores.

Get bondic from official website.

What is 5 Second Fix?

5 second fix

5 Second Fix is a liquid welding compound. You can use it to easily and quickly create permanent repairs and seals. You can bond numerous compounds including metal and plastic. This is different than typical adhesives and glue. You can use 5 Second Fix to position and reposition until you have achieved your desired results before making a permanent weld. According to amazon, you can paint or sand with no sticky mess left behind. Your purchase includes a carrying case and two units of the product.

How to Use 5 Second Fix

You can use 5 Second Fix for easy fixes, fills, repairs and cures. Your broken objects are fixed within approximately five seconds to eliminate the cost of replacing them. The product will not harden until you have used your LED light. This gives you the opportunity to position or reposition your objects as many times as necessary before making your repair.

You can use your product to repair a wide assortment of materials including metal, glass, plastic and wood. You can even repair aerial objects including drones and helicopters. 5 Second Fix is sandable, paintable and flexible so you can shape it to make any object look brand new. Your repair is invisible. According to creators, the solution withstands temperatures between -40 and 150 degrees Celcius and is dishwasher safe once hardened.

5 Second Fix Glue Instructions

All you need to do is apply 5 Second Fix on the surface, then use your LED light for between 10 and 15 seconds. This will ensure both proper hardening and a clear bond. The liquid solution will provide you with a strong bond. Unfortunately, numerous user reviews have claimed the product is not packaged or delivered correctly. There have been reports of broken packages with the glue leaking out.

Where to Buy 5 Second Fix

You can purchase 5 Second Fix at Amazon, or the majority of your local hardware, home improvement, department stores and general merchandise stores.

Bondic vs 5 Second Fix

Bondic vs 5 Second Fix Comparison

The 5 Second Fix adhesive system hardens the solution with a UV LED light you operate with batteries. The construction of the LED light is poor. The majority of users also claimed the batteries were dead the first time they tried to use the LED light. If your batteries are weak, your UV light will become progressively dimmer and hamper the bonding process. 5 Second fix is not an actual glue.

This means you do not have to be concerned with making a sticky mess. You can repair lighter objects including children’s toys, eyeglasses, belts and ropes. You can use Bondic for permanent repairs in just seconds. Bondic works better because it is heat resistant and waterproof. Your repair will be permanent because the bond is extremely strong once you use your LED light on the liquid.

With Bondic, you can repair all of the same items as with 5 Second fix in addition to even more. Bondic is also effective for low voltage cables and damaged casings. You have the ability to create invisible bonds with numerous uses such as hanging your keys. According to official website, Bondic is 100 percent non-toxic and will resist lubricants, Lyles and acids.

If You’re Going To Buy One Thing This Week, Go With Bondic. 40% OFF Special Offer

Pros and Cons of Bondic vs 5 Second Fix

Bondic Pros

  • The formula dries fast for the formation of a hard consistency
  • When necessary, Bondic can be sanded
  • You can use Bondic as a binding agent or a filler
  • Bondic is effective for a wide range of materials including metal, wood and teeth

Bondic Cons

  • Have must have the required device for directing the light to use Bondic
  • Some user reviews state Bondic is no more effective than super glue

5 Second Fix Pros

  • 5 Second Fix is effective for heirlooms, jewelry and glasses
  • You can use the product to repair everything from statues to eyeglasses

5 Second Fix Cons

  • The instructions are difficult to follow
  • 5 Second Fix does not work as well as an adhesive
  • Adequate UV light is necessary or the product will not bond well

The Final Word

I have found Bondic extremely effective when other products including superglue have failed. Once I have used my LED light to form the bond, all of my repairs have held well. All you need to do to achieve impressive results is to follow the directions in your package. I have also used Bondex when the item I need to repair could not be placed in a clamp. The product has saved me a lot of money on replacements.

You can use 5 Second Fix as a liquid welding compound to ensure permanent repairs and seals. The user reviews for this product are not nearly as good as those for Bondic. Some users have successfully repaired objects made from metal, wood and plastic. Both products require the use of an LED light to create a strong bond for your repair.

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