What Is Album Saver?

Album Saver is a conveneient little storage device that allows you to keep all of your photos and videos in one place. It works right out of the box, so all you have to do is plug it into any computer’s USB port to save to see your photos.

Compared to other leading USB-type storage devices on the market, Album Saver has far more storage room than many of its competitors. With the ability to save up to 70,000 different photos, this stick makes it easier than ever to backup or hold onto a lifetime of precious memories in one safe place.

Storing photos and videos to the Album Saver is a convenient and easy way to save phycial storage space and keep your files organized and safe. Printed photos can take up a lot of room in the home, get lost in a move, or become damaged in one way or another. On the other hand, photos saved exclusively to your computer are difficult to sort through and can disappear altogether in the event of a computer crash.

Album Saver Reviews

Photos and videos saved to the Album Saver, however, hardly take up any room at all and will be safe and accessible absolutely anytime you want to view, share, or print them.

While some USB storage devices are designed specifically for use with just one operating system, the Album Saver can be used with both MAC and PC. Regardless of what type of computer you have, just plug the device into the USB port and you’ll be ready to begin using it.

No batteries, internet connection, or compatible software is needed to use the Album Saver with your computer, so it’s a great option for absolutely anybody – even those who aren’t very tech-savvy.

Album Saver Pros:

  • Stores all of your precious photographed memories in one convenient and safe place
  • Frees up both space in your computer and physical storage space in your home
  • Incredibly easy to use with no additional software needed
  • Protects digital photographs and videos in the event of a computer system crash
  • More than enough storage space for up to 70,000 photos

Album Saver Cons:

  • The device is not sold in any stores – online only
  • Small device can be easy to misplace if not stored carefully

Album Saver Features & Benefits

Plenty of Storage Space

The Album Saver has room to store up 70,000 photographs, which is more room than most people will need. This is a great feature because it means that you can keep all of your files in one convenient place instead of having to keep track of multiple storage devices at a time.

The large storage space is also great for keeping videos, which can easily take up most of the room on a storage device with less memory.


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Ready to Use

The Album Saver does not need any additional batteries, computer software, apps, or an internet connection in order to work. It can simply be taken out of the box and plugged directly into your computer’s USB port immediately.

You will never have to worry about it dying or losing internet connection, so you can trust that the device can be used reliable anytime, any place, and with very little effort needed.

Makes Digital Copies of Physical Photos

While the Almbum Saver is great for storing your already digital photos, it can also be used to store a digital copy of a photo you currently only have in physical form.

All you have to do is plug the Album Saver into your computer’s USB port, scan a physical photo into the computer, and save it. Now, you have a backup to a photo that could possibly become lost, damaged, or worn over time.

Works with Multiple Operating Systems

The Album Saver can be plugged into and used with both MAC and PC operating systems. This means that you won’t have to take into consideration the type of computer you have when you purchase it, and you know that you’ll be able to use the Album Saver no matter what type of computer you may end up buying in the future.

Protects Digital Photos from Loss

Having digital photos on your computer is great, but they are definitely at risk here. Computers crash far more often than we like to think about, and that means you could potentially lose all of those precious memories you were storing.

Alternatively, photos stored to the Album Saver will never become lost or corrupted. This should give you peace of mind knowing that your important photos and videos are safe and you will have them for a lifetime.

Keeps Photos Organized

We all know too well how difficult it can be to sort through and find certain photos on our computers. Things get saved to weird folders all the time, and there is no point having a digital copy of a photo if you’re never able to find it when you want to look at, share, or print it.

The Album Saver solves this problem by keeping your photos organized and finding them immediately. When plugged into your computer’s USB port, the Album Saver immediately finds all of your photos and downloads them. Now, they are all in one easy place for you to look through when you need them.

Easy Photo Sharing

With the Album Saver Drive, you will be able to share selected photos with your friends and family with just the click of a button. The drive allows you to email or even text desired photos and videos with ease, so you can be sure that your loved ones get to to enjoy those captured moments as well.

How Does Album Saver Work?

How Album Saver Works for MAC

Your MAC computer probably offers plenty of storage space for your digital photos and videos. However, MACS can often be confusing to navigate once you actually begin searching for the files and folders where a specific photo might be.

Album Saver works to make this process easier for MAC users. By searching the MAC computer as soon as it is plugged in to the USB port, it collects all of the photo and video files and prompts you to save them to the Album Saver device itself. It makes the whole process incredibly simple.

How Album Saver Works for PC

The Album Saver was designed with all computer users in mind, so it works the same say across operating systems. It is just as effective and simple to use when dealing with a PC rather than a MAC.

How to Use Album Saver

1) Step One: Insert into USB Port

As soon as you remove your Album Saver device from its packaging, it will be ready to use. No charging or connecting to the internet is necessary. Simply plug the Album Saver directly into the port marked “USB” along the side of your laptop or computer.

2) Wait for the Prompt and Save Files

Soon after you insert the Album Saver into your computer’s USB port, it will automatically begin searching the computer for photo and video files. You won’t have to do anything to make this search begin.

After the photos and videos have been located, you will be prompted to save them to the Album Saver. A window with a large green “Save” button should appear on the computer screen. Simply press this button, and the Album Saver will begin downloading the files to itself.

3) Remove the Album Saver

When the window on the screen says that the download is complete, it means that your photos and videos are now saved to the Album Saver. Simply pull the Album Saver out of the computer’s USB port, and you’re done. It really is as simple as that.

Be sure to store your Album Saver in a safe location where the small device won’t get lost or misplaced. Keep it nearby in case you need to sync up new photos you have taken.

How To Use Album Saver
Step 1
How To Use Album Saver
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How To Use Album Saver
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What Is the Difference Between Album Saver and a Regular USB Stick?

While the Album Saver and a regular USB stick look and sound incredibly alike, there are some key differences in how they operate and serve the user.

With a regular USB stick, you will be able to save virtually any type of file you wish, including PDFs, word documents, and more. However, the Album Saver is designed specifically for the storage of photos and videos.

This key feature of the Album Saver is what allows it to have such a huge amount of storage space. You wouldn’t be able to save the same amount of photos and videos on a regular USB stick, even without other files, as you would be able to on an Album Saver.

Additionally, regular USB sticks tend to download images, like photos and videos, at a lower quality than they were originally saved to the computer. If you want to maintain the image quality, a photo-specific device like the Album Saver is going to be your best option.

Does Album Saver Remove Duplicates?

Yes, AlbumSaver recognizes and removes duplicates when it downloads photos from your computer to the device. This helps you keep as much storage space open on the Album Saver as possible and stay organized, so that the photos are easier to sort through if you want to view, share, or print them.

Album Saver Customer Reviews

To get a good feel for what other users have to say about Album Saver, we looked all over the internet to gather up some reviews of the product. Here is what people have to say about the storage device:

Justin was helping his mom move into a new home and said that “Instead of packing [the photos] all up in boxes, I found this solution and now she doesn’t have to worry about misplacing or losing any memories.”

Lexi is happy that the Album Saver “saved [her] so much time.”

Allison is “relieved to have [her] memories stored safely and a lot of extra space on [her] computer as well.”

Album Saver Mobile Version?

While the standard Album Saver stores photos from your computer, the Album Saver Mobile gathers and stores photos and videos from your mobile phone. A few different options are available with different connection types for different models of phones, including lightning ports, USB-C ports, and Micro-USB ports commonly found on Androids and iPhones.

This device works the same as the computer version. Simply plug it into the port on your phone and press the “Save” button when prompted. Then, all of your photos and videos will be backed up on the Album Saver stick and you can print them or share them at your leisure.

Where to Buy Album Saver

Album Saver is not available at any retailers and is not listed on Amazon. To purchase this device, you must go directly through the Album Saver company website itself. There, you can purchase both the standard Album Saver as well as the Album Saver Mobile option.

Note: AlbumSaver is no longer available to purchase. You can visit our Best Photo Stick article to see what other options there are and which one we recommend the most.


Album Saver safeguard your precious memories

The Album Saver is a great little device that give you peace of mind that your photos and videos, including your precious memories, will always be safe and accessible. It clears up space on your computer, saves you the physical space required to store printed photos, and makes sharing memories with loved ones incredibly easy.

This device is simple to use, even if you aren’t tech-savvy, so it can be appreciated by basically anybody who wants to keep their memories nearby and safe. Check out the Album Saver for yourself by visiting the company’s website here.

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