Memories are all we have as we age. You can look back on photos from your past and remember the good days and watch your children grow up again in the pictures you took. You need to have a way to save these memories, so you and your children can look back and remember.

ThePhotoStick Omni

Album Saver

Desktop & Mobile Version


Desktop & Mobile

Album Saver

Only Desktop

Storage Capacity

32GB - Save 15.000 photos and videos

64GB - Save 30.000 photos & videos

128GB - Save 60.000 photos & videos

256GB - Save 120,000 photos & videos

8GB - Save 4.000 photos and video

64GB - Save 35.000 photos & videos

128GB - Save 70.000 photos & videos

Transfer Speed

USB 3.0 
(transfer rate of 4.8Gbps, 10 times faster than 2.0)

USB 2.0


PC ( Windows 7,
Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, Windows 11)

MAC ( OS X Version 10.6 and later)

Android: Version 6.0 (Marshmallow) and later

iOS: version 11.3 and later

For AlbumSaver

(Windows: Windows 7 and later)

MAC (OS X version 10.13 and later)

For AlbumSaver Mobile

Android :
 Version 6.0 (Marshmallow) and later

iOS : version 11.3 and later

iPhone and iPad App


Android App


Removes Duplicates



Safe Backup



Create Thumbnails



Group Files By Type (i.e. Photos & Videos)




5.98 x 3.11 x 0.39 inches

4.98 x 2.59 x 0.32 inches

Ease of use

Support response time


2-3 business days

File Types

Photos/images: jpeg,heic,gif,png,
bmp,tiff, ico, camera raw,
psd, pdd, pict file

Videos: mov, mpeg4,avi, wmv

Photos & Videos


Prairie IT, LLC

Not available

Money-Back Guarantee

60 Days

30 Days

Market Sales

Over 1.5 million sold


Shipping Information

USA = $7.99 or Free
Canada, Australia , Austria, Belgium ,
Brazil, Denmark, Finland , France,
Germany , Great Britain , Greece, Hong Kong ,
Ireland , Israel , Italy, Japan,
Netherlands , New Zealand , Norway, Poland,
Portugal, Singapore , Spain , Sweden
Switzerland, Croatia, Estonia, Gibraltar,
Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg,
Malaysia, Malta = $7.99
Others = $17,99

Not available

Curent Price

32GB = $59.99

64GB = $79.99

128GB = $99.99

256GB= $149.99


Where to buy

Not available

Photo Stick Omni or Album Saver? Our Conclusion

Photo Stick Omni on Amazon has an excellent rating, while AlbumSaver is not even selling on Amazon. The Photo Stick Omni has fast data transfer, while AlbumSaver does NOT. Photo Stick Omni is a more serious company, Album Saver, on the other hand, is not. You will not find much information about the company, who they are, their manufacturer, shipping information, etc. Our choice between these two products is Photo Stick Omni because it’s: faster, safer, more compatible, more user-friendly, has better tech support, more faq answers & fast delivery.

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What is Album Saver?

Album Saver

Album Saver is a way to protect and save your precious memories. With Album saver, you get a secure and stable way to download pictures and videos for digital storage. Pictures and videos take up a lot of memory on a computer. Album Saver can provide you with a very large digital storage area to transfer them to.
By putting your photos and videos on the Album Saver, you prevent yourself from losing your media when your system crashes. The drive provides you with a lifetime of storage for everything you want to save.

Note: AlbumSaver is no longer available to purchase. You can visit our Best Photo Stick article to see what other options there are and which one we recommend the most.

Here are the pros:

  • You can free up a lot of extra space on your computer by transferring the photos.
  • You can find all photos on your computer.
  • You can make your physical photos digital.​

What about the cons:

  • It is only available online
  • They have limited sales opportunities.


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What are the Main features of Album Saver?

Large Storage Capacity

The Album Saver offers you a very large amount of storage for your most important photos and videos. You can store up to seventy thousand photos and videos within in minutes of connecting Album Saver to your computer. You do not need to worry about running out of storage or your computer crashing and deleting everything you have saved on your computer.

Multi-system compatible

You can connect your Album Saver drive to your computer without worrying about compatibility. You can connect the drive to a PC or a MAC computer without worrying about compatibility or limited use. The drive will work with both systems, so you do not adjust your computer systems to make the drive work for the system it would not work with.

Peace of Mind

You do not need to worry about losing the most important photos and videos of your life by using the Album Saver to save your photos. Peace of mind is not something you can buy, but it is something you can plan for with careful consideration of how you can save your photos and videos. Peace of mind can help you rest more easily, knowing you will not lose your daughter’s wedding photos or the first steps of your son.

Easy to Use

The Album Saver is easy to use. You can connect the Album Saver to your computer and transfer your files within minutes of connecting it. You will not need to install new software to use the drive, and the drive lets you move files in and out of the drive without effort. The drive is the size of your thumb, so there is nothing extra to connect to your computer beyond connecting the drive to your USB port.

You will not need to spend time watching YouTube videos or reading complex instructions to figure out how to use the drive. You can also change the photos as you want for different purposes or to create a slide show of your memories.

You can Send and print Photos

You can save the photos you already have on your computer, and you can also use the drive to scan physical photos. You can use the drive to send pictures instantly to friends and family. You can also exchange photos with other family members to keep the history of your family alive.

You can also send the photos you have on the Album Saver drive. The drive lets you select family members and friends to receive treasured memories. You can send the photos by text message or email to them with only a couple of clicks. They also let you receive photos and videos from others that also use Album Saver driver.

Easy to Travel With

The Album Saver is the size of a regular flash drive and is the size of most adult fingers. Because it is so small, you can easily attach it to your car keys or carry it in your pocket or purse without it taking up any room.

What is the difference between Album Saver and a Regular USB stick?

What is the difference between Album Saver and a Regular USB stick?

Album Saver appears to be very similar to a regular USB, but the difference is inside the stick. The Album Saver design lets you specifically hold photos and videos. The videos and photos are specially formatted to save space on the drive and store as much as you can in a single drive.

A regular USB stick lets you put everything on the drive, but often you do not get to keep the quality of the photos and videos as you move them. The USB stick does not keep the quality of the photos. Album Saver’s unique manufacturing ensures your pictures maintain the same quality as when you took them.

Is Album Saver legit?

We found that the Album Saver is a legit product and Company. They are based in Upstate New York.

How does it Work?

Album Saver works on both MAC or PC without any hassle at all and it’s all done in a couple steps. Using Album Saver is easy. All you need to do it connect it to your computer using a USB drive, and with a single click, it will find all the photos and videos you have stored on your hard drive. The drive will automatically back up everything it finds and even removes any duplicates you might have saved.

If AlbumSaver won’t start itself, then follow these steps:

  1. Insert the Album Saver to a free USB slot on your computer
  2. Locate the AlbumSaver.exe file on the USB drive with File Explorer, and double click to open up the program interface
  3. Click the “START” button.

Once everything is in the Album Saver, you will be able to review all your saved photos, sort them, and even edit them. You can go back at any time to add new photos and videos to your Album Saver. There is enough storage to save up to seventy thousand files.

Is Album Saver compatible on multiple computers?

Album Saver knows that not everyone will be using the same kind of operating systems, so the program works with all of them. You do not need to worry about your Windows or Mac computers not working with the Album Saver as they are compatible with both.

What is Photo Stick Omni?

PhotoStick Omni Buy

Photo Stick Omni is more than a drive to save your digital memories. Photo Stick Omni lets you move the photos and videos you saved on your computer or smartphone to a convenient storage device you can take with you or store as you need. The Photo Stick Omni does not require an account or cloud to work. All it takes a simple click, and your photos and videos will transfer directly to the Photo Stick Omni.

The amazing thing about Photo Stick Omni is its versatility across multiple platforms and systems. You can connect Photo Stick Omni to your computer to save all your digital media. You can also connect Photo Stick Omni to your Android, iPhone, Tablet, PC or Mac and backup all the pictures you have saved on your devices.

You can store up to sixty thousand photos and videos you save from your computer or device. You do not need to install software to transfer your memories to a safe space instantly. All you need to do it connect it to your computer or phone.

Omni os support
Omni easy to use

Here are the pros:

  • You can save large numbers of photos.​
  • It takes almost no time at all to transfer pictures to the drive.​
  • You can store many videos on the drive and still have room for more.​

What about the cons:

  • You can only purchase the drive online.
  • There are limited opportunities to buy them at a discount.​

Is Photo Stick Omni Legit?

Photo Stick is a legitimate company and product. Photo Stick Omni comes directly from the manufacturer and ensures you get declared storage capacity. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a whopping 60-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with their product or services. Our team has tested Photo Stick Omni on all supported devices, and we confirmed that the device works as advertised.

Note: Make sure you’re buying the PhotoStick directly from an official distributor. Unfortunately, many scammers are trying to take advantage of this brand, so be careful! The most secure way of getting PhotoStick Omni is by visiting the official website.

What are the main features of Photo Stick Omni?

One-Click Transfer

With Photo Stick Omni, even if you don’t know anything about computers, you can save your memories. All you need to do it connect it to your computer through your USB port and do the one-click transfer. The program will automatically search your pc or phone and pull up every single memory you have and save it for you.

Finds ALL Your Photos & Videos

Photo Stick Omni searches every folder to ensure no picture or video is missed. Finds, sorts, and saves photos and videos on any of your devices with just “ONE” click.

No More Searching

ThePhotoStick is easy to use as it does all of the work. You will not need to search your computer for your photos and videos anymore, as it will automatically download new data directly onto the drive. You will have the option of reviewing the data and sorting it or letting it remain as it is.

No Software Installation

When you connect a Photo Stick to your computer, you will have an instant connection. You can use the connection to review your photos or download new ones onto the drive. You will not need to install software or set up an account to use the drive.

Compatible with All Systems

Photo Stick works with all types of computer systems, including Windows and Macs. The stick is also compatible with your Android or your Apple phone or tablet. You can connect your new drive to your phone to save those memories without ever needing to transfer them to your computer.

Easy to Use

Without software and with an instant connection, Photo Stick is easy to use and compatible wherever you go. Even if you do not know much about computers or hardware, you can use Photo Stick.

Large Storage Capacity

Photo Stick comes with a huge storage capacity because you never stop making memories. You can save up to one hundred twenty-eight gigabytes or sixty thousand files. The large storage capacity ensures you have years of memories forever saved. You will never need to delete old memories from your computer or set up a cloud account to access them.

What is the difference between Photo Stick and a Flash Drive?

The difference between Photo Stick and a Flash Drive is in the programming. The Photo Stick software directs all storage space and data to save photos and videos you want to save. A Flash Drive will save photos and videos, but often it degrades the quality of the file. It also saves everything else you might want to hold onto.

A flash drive is for saving all kinds of data, such as your college essays or the letters you wrote to your grandmother. They are for saving your data files more than photos.


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How Does it Work?

The Photo Stick Omni has several ways to connect, and it works on PC/Mac, iPhone, and Android devices.
Photo Stick Omni lets you connect the drive to your computer by using a USB port.

Once connected, the drive automatically searches your computer or phone for photos and videos. The files will automatically transfer to the drive without duplications. The drive will only put new files on there if you have previously saved data.

Also, PhotoStick Omni provides a lightning port for iPhone and iPad, micro-USB, and USB-C for older and newer Android devices.

thephotostick omni on android
ThePhotoStick Omni on Android
thephotostick omni easy to use
ThePhotoStick Omni on iPhone
photo stick omni on pc
ThePhotoStick Omni on PC

Album Saver Vs. Photo Stick Omni, an In-depth Comparison

photostick omni vs album saver

Album Saver and ThePhotoStick Omni are very similar in ways they save your memories. Both devices work to retain your media securely without missing a single photo or video. In addition, they both work at incredible speeds to transfer over one thousand photos a minute to the drives. They are both easy to use, but there are differences in how they save your memories.

PhotoStick Omni has several ways to connect to your devices to save you digital files. Works on all devices like PC/Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android.

It is important to note that PhotoStick Omni has a better transfer speed than Album Saver. This is because PhotoStick Omni has USB 3.0, where Album Saver has USB 2.0.

Looking at both products, you are getting what you pay. Paying extra for PhotoStick Omni pays off for all its features, and considering that you can use it on all devices makes it a great choice.

Final Thoughts

Keeping memories alive is important for you and your family. There are photo albums of family memories that are lost to all of us. There are also tons of places where you wish you took more photos. Don’t forget to save your memories in a way you can access in the future for you and your kids.

These devices are very similar in their physical resemblance, but they are pretty different in their function.

After testing both of them, we decided to pick Photo Stick Omni, and we can say that it is ahead in many ways over Album Saver. Album Saver on the other hand is also a good choice as a PC only backup version. In the end we hope that your doubt about choosing Photo Stick Omni vs. AlbumSaver is now over.

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