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Picture Keeper Review

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Carrying my laptop is not practical, especially while traveling far. I avoid taking anything that doesn't fit in my pockets. But I continuously faced storage shortages when I had important things to keep. However, things have changed since I realized a pocket-sized external storage device called the picture keeper pro.

Things to consider before buying Picture Keeper

Experiencing storage shortages on mobile devices is not uncommon. Usually, there is a probability of realizing you do not have sufficient portable storage while away from your computer. An external storage device comes in handy in such situations.

Therefore, I would like to introduce you to a product that will solve all your storage shortages. It is, as mentioned earlier, the Picture keeper pro.
It is a unique product that is minimalist to fit into your pockets. With picture keeper for iPhone, you can externally store the pictures you take instead of depleting your mobile storage space.

Picture Keeper for iPhone is a perfect device for people that often go for long trips. Or, it also works well for students or researchers collecting data for a project. I found this product to be one that bridges the storage gap that has existed over the years.

So, you now know what picture keeper connect is. What are the main features to look for in this product? Here are things you should consider before buying:

  • Customization – One thing I would pay attention to when buying a picture keeper is the ability to customize it. The ability to choose what you want to do, such as printing, editing, or doing anything else, is vital.
  • Emergency features – On emergency, I would consider how fast I can use the picture keeper. If you are going to buy an external device, think how long you will have to wait before the files load and become available for viewing. I would prefer an instant plug and play device.
  • Versatility – How does the product adapt to other functions? For instance, can you use someone else's phone to view the store data? Or, can you transfer the data to another phone or computer?
  • Time-saving capabilities – It may look like an earlier feature, but let's look at it differently. How fast can you navigate through various features of a picture keeper? The ability to save, delete, select or backup items more quickly can save a lot of your time.

What is Picture Keeper?

picture kepper

It is a data backup or transfer device that lets you store pictures, videos, or even contacts externally. Interestingly, this device allows you to back up any data you have without an internet connection. Also, it lets you transfer the data to a computer or laptop. You only insert it to a type-A USB port.

When we compare picture keeper pro to its earlier version picture keeper, better features are coming with the new version. Mainly, the latest version of the picture keeper for iPhone has an ample storage space. Also, it allows you to back up videos, contacts, or other documents. The earlier version only allows you to upload pictures.

Picture Keeper for iPhone is a device that generally works for busy people. Most of whom can be business travelers, researchers, or tourists. It allows you to store everything worth your space without consuming the storage on your iPhone.

People that do not travel or go for any assignments may find this product less useful. If you are at home, you can take advantage of all the space you have on your computer or other hard drives. This device may not be the right choice for you to purchase.

Pros and cons of Picture Keeper

Already you may have noted most of the advantages of having this device. However, it would be best if we wrote them separately for those interested in knowing more.

Here are the pros:

  • It is easy to use the product—you just plug-and-play on your phone or computer.
  • It allows you to create multiple accounts making it shareable.
  • You have options to disable features that are not of interest.
  • Incremental backup across multiple PKC thumb drives

What about the cons?

  • Long backups can consume a lot of battery charge.
  • It doesn't allow you to select specific photos to backup.
  • No selective restore

Features and Benefits

Various features make picture keeper for iPhone a popular product. Most of these features help you to use the product quickly. Let us look into what makes picture keeper for iPhone.

  1. Backup what you want from where you want.
    One of the best features of this product is that it is highly portable. You can travel with it to distant places because it fits into your pockets. Explaining to a newbie that you are carrying an external hard drive can even be challenging.
    The portability of this product makes it easy to carry around. Therefore, you can use it anywhere and at any time. That Is unlike using your laptop or computer to store small files like pictures. You risk losing valuable data if you are away from home and without sufficient phone storage.
    Also, I realized that the ability to connect to an iPhone easily is a great feature. Some of the alternatives I tried could not let me connect to an iPhone with so much ease. If, for example, you purchased an option that does not support iPhone use, you will have to return it to the seller. The device does not let you experience such issues.
  2. Mobile app helper.
    Another outstanding feature of picture keeper connect is the mobile app that supports the use of the product. The mobile app is an alternative to the USB and is available for free. With it, you can still create backups as you do with the device.
    The first thing to do is to download the application and register a free account. The account is where your backup files will get stores temporarily. After 48 hours, you can safely use your Mac or Pc to transfer the data into your laptop or computer.
    This feature is essential because of battery outages. When transferring with the device, your battery will drop within a short time, especially if the files are large. However, the mobile helper does solve this challenge. You can transfer the data while sleeping your mobile device powered.
    That prevents the transfer from stopping prematurely due to power shortages on the device. Also, the mobile app makes it easy to see what you are doing. Remember, the device we are checking out does not have a display as a smartphone. Therefore, being able to operate it from your phone makes it easy to use the device.
  3. Ability to create multiple accounts.
    You can also create more than one account on the device. It allows you to back up several files but to different accounts of the same device. Setting up different accounts is also straightforward. Also, these accounts can belong to as many people as you need. I would encourage you to find a device with sufficient storage. Luckily, this device has ample storage spaces that will work for you correctly.
    All you need is to partition the device on your computer to accommodate the number of accounts you need. If it is a family device, you can create as many accounts as the number of people. Perhaps the best thing about it is that anyone on the family can learn how to use it in a minute. Therefore, you do not need to train them before they understand how to use the product thoroughly.
    The best thing about being able to set up different accounts is that you can use it as a family. You do not need to buy the picture keeper for iPhone device for the whole family. With one device, everyone can keep their files safe.
    Also, it allows you to encrypt your account, and no one will access the files without authorization. Besides, locating files can be very easy when using this device. It does not rename original files when you copy from another source. Saving them with unique names makes them easier to find. Also, locking your accounts mean that even kids can use the device well. You can create accounts for them and allow them to use it because they will only access their files.
  4. Supports the use with multiple computers.
    One interesting thing I discovered as I continued to use the device is that it works on multiple devices. Well, that is a convenience feature that does not tie you to one place. Remember, moving around with your computer can be difficult. If you find a device that only works with your primary computer, then it may not be as helpful as you had thought.
    I found it very convenient because I could plug and use it on any device. I could back up several files from various computers and store them under different accounts, as explained earlier. Also, it helped me to create sufficient storage on my kid's computer. Even when I was away from home, I would ask someone for their laptop and still use it to access the files in the device.
    Other than using it for backup, the ability to use it with several computers makes it easy to move files from one device to another. As mentioned earlier, you only need a USB port for both devices for it to work. Having such a flexible device in your possession makes everything easy. You only need a computer and everything will work correctly.
  5. It has memory.
    There is no point in having a device that cannot simplify your work. The picture keeper connect has a memory that helps to ensure you can use it easily. The device can remember the files that are already uploaded. That is an unusual feature that regular USB devices do not have. Therefore, this device becomes a more advanced option.
    So, when you plug it in, it will copy files that do not already exist in the storage. If you select all files, it will alert you that a particular file already exists, and you can skip copying the specific file. Also, it can remember the last file you copied to or from its storage. If you want to find any data that you already copied, you can check out the exact date you copied it, and you will find it.
    The memory feature is thrilling in several ways. First, it helps to ensure you do not copy files unnecessarily. If you copy a file more than once, you will be consuming storage that could have otherwise been essential for other needs. With this product, storage waste will be a thing of the past. You should only plug and let it do the magic.
    Again, I found it interesting that it notifies you when a backup is complete. Without a notification, you may spend a lot of time thinking the backup is ongoing. Therefore, it is a great time saver, especially when you have to back up quickly and do other tasks.
  6. It has a search option.
    As mentioned above, the picture keeper connect is a great time saver. You can plug in the device to your computer and allow it to run. It will identify all the files that it needs to backup. Luckily, you can also customize a search and find what you need.
    When you plug the device to your computer, it will make the first run to discover how many items are available on your computer. I was astonished that it could find pictures that I didn't even recall. It is funny that they were all in the computer I used to operate daily.
    However, I could not find them quickly because I used to search only a few folders. This device conducts a full computer search on all your drives and therefore retrieves every file that you have on the computer.
    Also, I could remove it and plug it to another computer to keep backing up every photo. Therefore, if you have more than one computer, you can still use the picture keeper connect. It will help you discover what you thought got lost a long time ago.
    The photo backup system is impressive. If you would like to try this device, you should pay attention to this feature. Try it on your computers and witness the results. You will find out that finding items to back up is a simple process that does not require any technical knowledge.
  7. It works offline.
    Also, this is another unbelievable feature that everyone will love about the device. The device does not require an internet connection to back up your files. Most of the backup alternatives we have in the industry need the internet to work.
    The best example of alternatives that require electricity is cloud-based mobile backup solutions. There is nothing you can do without the internet if you are using these alternatives. Our feature device takes an edge liver the other options in the market.
    The no Wi-Fi feature enables you to share your files from a device to another without the internet. Therefore, you have total control of all your data, especially photos, because they are stored offline. Also, you do not need a data plan to share pictures with friends and family.
  8. It comes with windows and MacOS installers.
    The software if this unit allows you to enjoy browsing your files on any computer. There is an installer for windows and another for MacOS that makes it easy to start using it. Therefore, whichever software you are using, the picture keeper connect device will work correctly.
    Also, you can operate every action from the portable device and not necessarily from a computer. The device allows you to access the data and manage it. Therefore, you can view, delete, select one or multiple files from the device.
    The picture keeper iPhone is a very convenient device for anyone. The fact that you can use it with different software means that you can use it anywhere. Therefore, you do not need access to your primary computer to use the picture keeper connect.

Social Proof

The picture keeper has gained its popularity from the online reviews it is getting. There are various reviews of people talking about how it has simplified their work. I also mentioned how it helped me sort out my storage issues when I was away from home. I will share some of the online reviews that prove this device works well to solve any problems that you may have concerning storage.



According to online reviews, there exist alternatives to picture keeper connect. For example, you may choose a photo stick or a photo-stick mobile for your picture storage issues. If you need the most convenient way to store your files, then picture keeper connect is the best solution.

Photo Stick

Photo Stick

The first alternative to picture keeper pro is the original version of the photo stick. It is a unique product that has several qualities that help it to work efficiently. First, the photostick has three different variations of the product. It is differentiated according to size so that you can find the exact size you need.

Also, it is a simple product to use because you just plug it into the port and hit go. The device will identify all the files that require back up and then begin the backup process. The best thing is that it can backup thousands of photos in minutes.

The only difference between this product and the picture keeper pro is that the latter is a little more advanced. That means there are more substantial variations of the picture keeper pro than there is for the photo stick. Therefore, with a picture keeper pro, you can store more files than the photo stick. That makes it an alternative only when you need storage space that it can offer.

Photo Stick Mobile

It is the mobile version of the original photo stick. You can use it on a USB port or the port available for use with phones. Remember, the port available supports use with Android phones; therefore, if you would like to use it with an iPhone, ensure it has the required accessories to connect. Also, on back up, there is no much difference between this product and the original one, it can do in minutes.

Also, it is easy to use, and therefore you do not have to be tech-savvy to use it. It has a button that you use to turn it on and off. Once you turn it on, it begins to search for files that require backup. Then it starts to transfer them immediately to a folder on the device. If you want an alternative to our feature product, then use the photo stick mobile.

When looking at what difference exists from our main product and the photo stick mobile, I realized one thing. Our main product allows you to connect to an iPhone easily. However, you will not transfer files to an iPhone if you buy the wrong version of the photo stick mobile. You should ensure that you have the correct version to use for an iPhone.


Picture keeper connect stands out as a one-of-a-kind product. Finding another device with similar features can be a daunting task. Its convenience and the reliability that offers are out of this world. It makes your files safe and easily accessible.

It is a perfect product for your storage needs because it comes in various storage spaces. Also, it is highly portable meaning that you can travel with it anywhere you want to. Besides, it works with multiple devices; therefore, you do not need your primary computer to use it.

If you would like to check out the picture keeper for iPhone, you can click here. There are various features that you will learn about the product.

Written by Simon Reyes

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