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MemorySafeX Review

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The need to preserve photos and documents is something everyone wants and needs to do. Finding the right combination of quality and memory can take time to find.

Consider MemorySafeX as an option to save multiple files for the long-term and give you the peace of mind that goes with security.


What is MemorySafeX?

Memory Safe is your answer for safe storage when it comes to your precious memories or important documents. MemorySafeX is a heavy-duty memory stick that can save media from your Smartphone, computer, and tablets. You will not longer need to worry about losing your pictures and documents whenever an upgrade comes through your computer or Smartphone.

The memory stick has a massive amount of storage to store over sixty thousand images, including pictures and digital media images. You can also store your home movies, videos, and memes so you can save space on your devices for new media. Memory Safe is a one-click fail-safe option to prevent you from losing the pictures and videos taken for your memories.

MemorySafeX Review

What are the main features of MemorySafeX?

Before purchasing any kind of memory stick, consider what you need to do with it and what you need to save the most. You need to make sure the type of memory stick you buy will save all your memories in a way you can access later even if the technology changes. You also need something simple, so if you do not use it often, you will still be able to access your memories.


Save media from Smartphone

The phone you have connects to everything in your life. You live your life through the photos and videos your take with friends and family. You also have all your important contact information, cards, and other documents saved into its memory banks. Using Memory Safe, you can save your most important documents by just connecting the memory stick to your Smartphone.

There are all kinds of digital files on your phone or tablet. Some of these are pictures, while others are videos created and edited by you, your friends, or your family. These take up a lot of room on your phone and tablet, and paying for extra space will cost you a lot of money in the long run. You need to be able to easily move your data from your phone or tablet to a safe place where the size of the storage will not be a problem.

Variety of types of media stored

You can stop worrying about figuring out how to convert your files to a recognizable format. The memory stick supports almost all types of formats for images such as RAW, INDD, PSD, AI, EPS, DOC, PDF, WebP, IBO, BMP, SVG, GIF, JPEG, and PNG. The size of the file does not matter, they are all supported, and you can safely transfer them into the MemorySafeX stick.

Backing up all types of tiles takes little time no matter what type of file it is so that you can expect fast action and quick completion. You will not need to wait for any of the formats to transfer as the speed of transfer takes little time, even for large file formats with a lot of data. The number of files you remove from your devices can also impact transfer speeds.

Large Storage capacity

You can save over sixty thousand pictures and other types of files to the memory stick without needing to do much more than connect to your media. When you connect your MemorySafeX stick to your device, you get an instant connection and can start selecting what files to save and sort as you go. You do not need to worry about saving anything you don't want to save or missing the most important files.

The memory stick storage is not unlimited, and it is not manual. You do not need to do much more than connect the memory stick and start the transfer. If you have duplicate files, they do not copy over unless you tell the stick to transfer them. Every memory stick comes with up to sixty-four gigs of storage so you can store at least sixty-four thousand photos or a large mixture of photos, videos, and typed documents.

Number of different hookups

The memory stick comes with four different ways to connect to all the devices in your life. You can connect to your computer, Smartphones using the iOS or Android operating systems. Whether you use a Mac or a Windows operating system for your computer, you will have no problem connecting to everything you use to make videos or take pictures.

Easy to Back up

Because the memory stick requires no software to operate, you can connect your memory stick to any of your devices and have an instant connection. You need to download the free app from the IOS App Store or Google Play to help activate the memory stick.
Once you plug in the memory stick, you tap "go," and everything starts to transfer. All you need to do from here is to let it do its job of saving your memories.

No Need for Extra Software

It seems like every type of device your purchase requires you to install special programs on your phone, device, or computer to get it to operate. With MemorySafeX, you will not need any new software to transfer your files. Not needing new software means you will not need to take up precious space and data on your phone or computer to run your memory stick.

No Internet Required

Wherever you are, you can use your memory stick. You do not need the internet to transfer the files from your phone or device to your memory stick. The connection is automatic without the memory stick reaching for the internet for activation. You can be in the middle of nowhere and still move your files around without the need for internet activation.

Protective Design

The design of the memory stick lets you carry multiple device hookups in a single stick. The stick design lets you swing numerous open hookups without having to leave any of them open. You can always transfer your files, and the various hookups come with cases or get protection from the design of the case.

Is a Regular USB Stick

You can save your important memories using your memory stick, but you can also use it as a regular memory stick. Sometimes, you need to transfer documents from one computer to another or connect secure information from a secure place to save it. You can use the MemorySafeX stick as a regular USB drive when you have a need.

Can Find Everything

Nothing can hide from Memory Safe. It has strong seeking software to pull out files and pictures that you never backed up to ensure you save everything the first time. Files and pictures are not always in your camera app, so you can be secure in knowing all your important information transfers to Memory Safe without skipping or missing it.

Automatic Scanning

When you connect your new memory stick to your device, you don't need to worry about activating it. It will automatically start scanning your device for untransferred data files of all sorts. No files will go unchecked, and you can know that it will find everything you need to save without taking a lot of time to do so.

Speeds up your Phone

Once you transfer files out of your phone or device, it will speed up and work more efficiently. You can transfer all your photos safely out of your phone in minutes, so you have room for more memories. You will have a faster phone when it completes its search. Freeing up data and space on your phone helps keep your phone operating at its best, and the difference is noticeable ounce the files transfer.

Safe Transfer

Whenever you connect something new to your computer or Smartphone, you leave your device open-top possible virus or corrupted files that can ruin your device. The technology in the memory stick is safe for all types of systems to connect to without worry. You also don't need to worry about file damage as they transfer as the integrity of the data remains before, during, and after transfer.

The quality of the files you transfer does not change between your device and the memory stick. The transfer is safe for all types of files, and corrupted files will not give you trouble as you receive notice of something corrupted before transfer. Corruption does not transfer with the file to the memory stick, leaving your memories in all forms safe and secure for you to access.

No Account Required

Whenever you try to do anything with your devices, you must set up an account. They track your data, and your personal information is at risk each time you do so. The memory stick does not require you to have an account to use it. You do not need a password; you will forget or tell a company everything about you to get the memory stick to work.

Using the memory stick is a lot easier without the need to contently monitor your data or worry about account transferring or hacking. You have complete control over what you do with your memory stick and what you put on there.

Good Value & 3-Year Warranty

The price of MemorySafeX puts you in control, saving your memories. The price is competitive among similar products, and they always have sales going on that lets you buy multiples at a reduced price. Saving your memories can take time and money, and the value of one stick can extend up to two and three, so your entire family can save their memories without worrying about losing them.

When you buy a MemorySafeX memory stick, you receive more than the security of knowing you are preserving your memories. You can purchase an optional three-year warranty that ensures your memory stick has protection against the unknown. Hopefully, that does not happen, but a warranty is something you purchase in case something does happen.


What to buyers of MemorySafeX think?

MemorySafeX Reviews

"Verified buyers of MemorySafeX love the functionality of the memory stick. That is one of its best features. They love being able to save pictures and videos from devices using different types of operating systems like iOS and Android.

Buyers of the memory stick also love a large amount of storage available for them to use. They can save all the data from their Smartphone multiple times over without running out of space. With space to save up to sixty-thousand photos, they can have many years of storage available to them."

What are some alternatives to MemorySafeX?

Buying a memory stick can save you money, make your phone run faster as well as saving your memories. Buying the right one is not an easy thing to do. You also may need to purchase one for a family member or friend for their use, so doing your homework to find the right one can take some time.

The PhotoStick Mobile

The PhotoStick Mobile is the answer to how you will save your memories. You will never need to worry about your storage being full again. The PhotoStick Mobile drive can connect to all your devices, including Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices, by simply plugging in your Photostick Mobile. By connecting to a USB port or any type of phone hookup, you can transfer your precious memory files and other types of stored audio and video.

The PhotoStick Mobile is there for you before you drop your phone in the sink of water or on concrete. It can pull out all the saved photos and videos the first time you connect it and back up over one thousand photos and videos in a matter of minutes. You can easily store up to sixty thousand photos and video files before you run out of storage.

PhotoSitck Mobile is easy to install when you download the free app and connect your Smartphone or other devices to the memory stick. The connection is instantaneous, and you simply need to tap the "Backup Now" button to move your photos and videos to safe storage that requires no cloud to lose your files.

ThePhotoStick Mobile Pros:

  • Both the PhotoStick Mobile and Memory Safe are easy to use.
  • Both the PhotoStick Mobile and Memory Safe require a free app to complete the file transfer.
  • The PhotoStick Mobile memory stick is more cost-effective for the MemorySafeX.

ThePhotoStick Mobile Cons:

  • You need to buy two different types of Photostick Mobile drives, one for the iOS operating system and one for the Android systems.
  • Larger storage options require you to upgrade your purchase when you use to purchase a Photostick Mobile drive.

The PhotoStick

The Photo Stick is your option for saving files, photos, and videos from your computer before tragedy strikes. The Photostick is a small USB drive that connects to your computer and instantly works to find all your photos and videos. The design of the photostick helps you locate all the files on your computer you want to save, even the ones you forgot you had.

The PhotoStick finds all your memories and important data without you having to search for them. As it is easy to use, you simply need to connect the photo stick to get started. There is no software, which makes it compatible with iOS and Windows systems without needing to install anything special. You can backup your important pictures wherever you are to stay on top of saving your memories.


Your duplicate photos will automatically filter out of your transfer, so you don't need to go through the backed up files later. You will have only one copy of multiple photos, so you don't need to waste time deleting and risk accidentally deleting the file you want to save. The Photostick 2.0 will find and transfer over one thousand photos in a matter of minutes after you select the "go" button.

ThePhotoStick Pros:

  • Both the Photostick and MemorySafeX save your important photos.
  • Photostick is very cost-effective when compared to the MemorySafeX drive, but without the range of functionality.
  • The PhotoStick Mobile memory stick is more cost-effective for the MemorySafeX.

ThePhotoStick Cons:

  • The MemorySafeX can save photos on your computer, Android, and Apple devices, whereas the Photostick can only save your computer photos.
  • You can save videos and other types of files using MemorySafeX, and you cannot using Photostick

What should you consider before buying a memory stick?

Before you buy any type of memory stick, you need to know how you will use it and what you need to save. There are a lot of things you need to save in your life, like your photos and videos. You need to find something that can save all kinds of file formats without you needing to convert anything to save it. Do your homework as you review your options.

Amount of Storage

Before you buy a memory stick, you need to know how many files you have that you need to save.

The numbers and types of files you have will take up space, so you need to find a memory stick that can save the files you currently have and the ones you will make in the coming years.

It takes a lot of data to save photos and videos and keep them high quality, so you need to find a memory stick that has a lot of memory to ensure you don't have to pick and choose what needs to be saved. The more memory you can use, the more memories you can save.

The types of files you can save

Saving your photos, documents, and videos can be impossible if the file formats are unsupported. It also can be very difficult if you must convert the files to move them. You need to find a memory stick that will support multiple types of formats from JPEG to RAW files, so you will always have the option of transferring files that you might not know you have or will receive.
You also don't want to buy multiple types of file storage devices to try and save all your important files. You need to find a memory stick that can save them all without you needing to buy separate storage devices for your audio, video, photo, and document files. Versatility is something that you need to look for in all your electronics and multi-functionality to get the full benefit of what it has to offer.

Account creation

When you get any new type of device, you create an account to get everything set up. Creating an account is not unheard of for most types of programs. You need to find one that is flexible about signups. Finding a memory stick that does not require you to create an account can help you stay on top of your information without creating more information.

Creating an account for everything can be frustrating. You must create the right combination of symbols, letters, and numbers, and you will be unlikely to remember the password even an hour later. Going with a simple memory stick with a lot of storage can help prevent this frustration and keep you in control of your photos whenever you need to access them.

Ease of Use

If you purchase a memory stick to save your photos, videos, and important documents, you need to find on that is easy to use. Not everything that it technology-related is easy for all people to use. Finding a simple memory stick can take research and understanding of how to read about the built-in programs that can make it easy to save your data.

A simple memory stick is one that requires you to do little more than plugging it in. You do not need extra software or extended features to view photos and videos you previously edited or do not need to touch up. All you need is a fast transfer speed and plenty of room to store pictures from your everyday life as well as your adventures.

Number of Devices it Connects to

Buying a memory stick is easy, but buying one that will work for all your devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows systems is not easy. Most devices do not allow for you to get information off of multiple file types when handling iOS systems or Android. Compatibility with both types of operating systems can help save you time and money to ensure you save everything regardless of file type preferences.

Being able to connect your memory stick to iOS and Windows systems can make it easy to save all your important files, photos, and videos without needing to change computers or drives to save them. Not everyone stays loyal to one type of operating system, and you should have the option to save all your files regardless of the type of operating system they have.

Speed of Transfer

When you are using any type of device, you do not want to wait for it to work. Your time is precious, and you do not want to spend all day trying to save files or remove them from your phone. You need to find a memory stick with rapid transfer speeds, so you can finish removing files in as little time as possible. It also helps you stay on top of your schedule as you do not have the time to wait for a computer to work.

You should look to see the transfer speeds for all types of files so you know low it will take to move certain file types. If you are transferring video files, those will take longer than moving a typed document, so you need to make sure you are prepared for longer and slower transfer times, depending on how many and the type of files you need to save. Photo files can also be heavy and require longer transfer times than a regular typed document.

Design of Device

The manufacturing of the outside of the memory stick, as well as the inside of the memory stick, can make a difference for lifespan. A poor quality memory stick will have a poor quality top cap or folding sides that can encourage dirt and other materials to stick inside the memory stick. They can damage the memory stick, causing you to lose your memories you are trying to save.
If you also like to use your memory stick for all sorts of things and carry it with you, having a way to put it on your keys or separate lanyard can help prevent you from losing the memory drive or getting it damaged through improper carrying. How you store and carry the drive can have an impact on the longevity of the memory drive and how you protect it.


When you buy something, you want to get your money's worth out of your purchase. You also will want to make sure your memory stick device lasts for years so you can continue to access your important files, photos, and videos. Make sure the drive you purchase has a design that will help it last for years but is quality manufacturing.
A high-quality memory stick has a combination of smart design and quality technology to help keep it working for years. You need to make sure you know the assembly of the memory sticks so you can see where any problems might occur. You can make your final decision for the memory stick that will give you the time you need to save your memories for the long-term.


When looking for a memory stick that is worth some money, you need to consider the price each one has. You should not base everything on price, but it is an indicator of the quality. You will also pay for the additional functionality of the memory stick. Extra features cost extra money and can be worth the time to invest in if you use them.
You need to create a budget for the memory stick you want and try to stick to it. Do a bit of research to get a range of prices and functionality with each type of memory stick before you start narrowing down the final choices. The price of the memory stick is a factor you want to consider, but you also need to pay for quality.

Final Thoughts

Preserving your memories once meant pasting pictures in photo albums and saving file folders worth of paper. Today, we can easily move things around a computer and into the cloud to free up space for all the required or necessary pieces of our lives. It also can cause you to lose things after you move them or potentially pay someone to access your important information and memories.

MemorySafeX can help you hold onto multiple types of file formats for your documents, photos, and videos. You won't lose anything with the storage space available and the ease in which you can transfer it all from your phone, tablet, or computer. It is easy to do for anyone, and you will not need any new software to access the memory drive once you are through with the transfer.

MemorySafeX comes ready to connect your iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac computer so you can start to save your memories. The process is easy for anyone to do, and once you start, you can find things you thought lost years ago. For more information about MemorySafeX, please follow the link and start saving those memories.

Written by Carl Browning

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