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How to Convert VHS to Digital - Step By Step Guide for 2024

Looking to get your old VHS tapes converted to digital? Our guide covers the best solutions based on features, knowledge, risks etc.

Written by Abdo

Abdo is a Zoopy writer who loves spending his free time outdoors, camping, and enjoying the peace that nature brings. He also enjoys fixing things - he's particularly good with electronics. His favorite movie is I Am Legend, and he's fascinated by survival gear and safety.

One comment on “How to Convert VHS to Digital - Step By Step Guide for 2024”

  1. Why isn't there a self-contained unit that can be hooked up directly to a PC? I no longer have a working VHS player hooked up. I don't need the input half of a VHS player, only the output, since I'm dealing with already recorded media. I'm picturing a unit the size of a VHS tape rewinder. You would put the tape in and hook it to a USB or HDMI slot on your PC and hit the play button. The Tape would play on your PC monitor, and a program like NERO would capture it. Then I could use my PC's DVD burner or a thumb drive for making a copy. I want to eliminate the need for a VHS player. Services like legacy box from the reviews I've read can take up to 6 months to complete the job. I don't want that lengthy turnaround time. They also can refuse to copy a commercial tape.

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