How and Where to Convert VHS to Digital – Step By Step Guide | 2023

Written by Amar

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One comment on “How and Where to Convert VHS to Digital – Step By Step Guide | 2023”

  1. Why isn’t there a self-contained unit that can be hooked up directly to a PC? I no longer have a working VHS player hooked up. I don’t need the input half of a VHS player, only the output, since I’m dealing with already recorded media. I’m picturing a unit the size of a VHS tape rewinder. You would put the tape in and hook it to a USB or HDMI slot on your PC and hit the play button. The Tape would play on your PC monitor, and a program like NERO would capture it. Then I could use my PC’s DVD burner or a thumb drive for making a copy. I want to eliminate the need for a VHS player. Services like legacy box from the reviews I’ve read can take up to 6 months to complete the job. I don’t want that lengthy turnaround time. They also can refuse to copy a commercial tape.

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