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Summary of Our Top Picks

imemories best vhs to digital

Editor’s pick


They provide their customers with a free quote, free image enhancements, and free UPS shipping.

Runner up


As the name suggests, they specialize in scanning photos, and you can enhance your photos with add-on services, including photo restoration, etc.

memory fortress logo


Memory Fortress

They offer the fastest turnaround time for large orders.

best photo to digital service



They take their digitizing process very seriously and each photo is hand-digitized by a team of technicians.

Photo scanning services are the safest, easiest, and best overall solution for scanning and converting photos to digital format. With that said, here are our top pics for the best photo scanning service.

The Best Photo Scanning Service Comparison for 2022

Best Photo Scanning Service Comparison Table


Editors Choice


Memory Fortress




Costco digitizing
Costco digitizing
Costco digitizing

Website Link

Shipping kit (box)







Free repairs (splicing)







Average turnaround time

2-3 weeks

4-8 weeks

1-2 weeks

10-12 weeks

3-4 weeks

3-4 weeks

Expedited turnaround time


2-4 weeks


3-4 weeks

10 days


Reviews Across Multiple Websites

Trustpilot: 4.6 out of 5

Sitejabber: 4.7 out of 5

Yelp: 3.5 out of 5

Trustpilot: n/a

Sitejabber: 2.3 out of 5

Yelp: 3.5 out of 5

Trustpilot: n/a

Sitejabber: n/a

Yelp: 4.5 out of 5

Trustpilot: 3.0 out of 5

Sitejabber: 3.6 out of 5

Yelp: n/a

Trustpilot: 4.7 out of 5

Sitejabber: 2.5 out of 5

Yelp: 3.5 out of 5

Trustpilot: n/a

Sitejabber: n/a

Yelp: 4 out of 5


Photo Conversion


3x3” to 8x10”

Loose photos (boxed or rubber banded), photos in albums (non-scrapbooks), scrapbooks

Up to 8.5" x 11"

Up to 8"x10"

Photos 8″ x 10″, Photo Albums

Slide Conversion


35mm, 110, 126

35mm, Super 35mm, 35mm half frame, 110, 126, 127

35mm, 126mm

35mm color slide

35mm, stereo slides, 126, 127, 110, Super 35mm, half frame slides, Super127

Negative Conversion


35mm, APS, 120mm

35mm, 110 film, 126 film

35mm negative

APS, Black & White

35mm, 110, 126, APS, glass plate

Video Conversion

Betamax, VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, MiniDV, MicroMini, DVDs, MiniDVDs

VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, and Hi8 (Digital 8)

VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, MiniDV/HDV, MicroMV

VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Betamax, Hi8, Digital8, Video8, MiniDV, MicroMV

BetaMax, Hi8, Digital8, Mini DV, VHS-C, S-VHS

VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, HDMiniDV, DVCam, DVCPro, Betamax, Betacam, BetacamSP, Digibeta, Umatic, PAL formats, SECAM

Film Conversion

8mm, 16mm, Super 8

8mm, 16mm


8mm, Super8, Regular, 16mm, Super16 

8mm film, Super 8 film, 16mm film, 35mm movie film

16mm, 8mm, and Super8

Audio Conversion




Reel to Reel, Audio Cassette, Micro-Cassette

Reel-to-Reel, Cassette tape

Cassettes, Mini/Micro Audio, Vinyl Records, Reel-to-Reel


Photo Conversion Price

$0.49 per photo

Starting at $0.13 per scan ($25 minimum)

Starts at $0.38 per photo but gets cheaper the more you add

$59.99 for 2 sets of 25 pictures

$279.99 for 10 sets of 25 pictures

$559.99 for 20 sets of 25 pictures

$1099.99 for 40 sets of 25 pictures

$0.44 per photo

$0.59 per photo

Slide Conversion Price

$0.49 per slide

Starting at $0.71 per slide ($25 minimum)

Starts at $0.54 per photo but gets cheaper the more you add

$59.99 for 2 sets of 25 pictures

$279.99 for 10 sets of 25 pictures

$559.99 for 20 sets of 25 pictures

$1099.99 for 40 sets of 25 pictures

$0.44 per slide

Starting at $0.59 per 35mm slide

$1.69 per non-standard slide

Negative Conversion Price

$0.49 per negative

Starting at $0.45 per negative ($25 minimum)

$0.75 for 35mm

$1.79 up to 3"x3"

$4.95 over 3"x3"

Glass plate $9.49

$59.99 for 2 sets of 25 pictures

$279.99 for 10 sets of 25 pictures

$559.99 for 20 sets of 25 pictures

$1099.99 for 40 sets of 25 pictures

$0.44 per negative

Starting at $0.59 per 35mm slide

$1.39 per non-standard negative

Med. and Larg fomrats start at $3.99 per negative

Video Conversion Price

$14.99 per tape

$19.95 per tape

Starts at $20 per tape but gets cheaper the more you add

$59.99 for 2 tapes

$279.99 for 10 tapes

$559.99 for 20 tapes

$1099.99 for 40 tapes

$22.99 per tape

Starting at $17.99

Film Conversion Price

$14.99 per 50ft.

Starting at $0.19 per foot for 8mm, and 25¢ for 16mm

$0.29 per foot

$59.99 for 2 films

$279.99 for 10 films

$559.99 for 20 films

$1099.99 for 40 films

$0.30 per foot

$0.22 per foot

Audio Conversion Price




$59.99 for 2 audio items

$279.99 for 10 audio items

$559.99 for 20 audio items

$1099.99 for 40 audio items

$22.99 per audio cassette

$0.30 per feet of reel tapes

Starting at $25.99 per tape

Mini, Vinyl, and Reel to reel, starting at $35.99 per audio

1) iMemories

iMemories reliable service

iMemories is one of the leading digitization services that can transfer your family photos, videos, and films into a digital format that will last forever. In addition, the service provides scanning from analog to digital with an online viewing and sharing option, including a free digital download of photos, for which other services charge an additional amount.

iMemories offers a safe and secure way to send your photos with their SafeShip kit for $14.99, which includes waterproof bags and other protective items that ensure safe shipping.

iMemories photo box

Also, you can send pictures in your own box if that’s what you want, but you need to email them to receive shipping instructions.

You don’t need to label or organize; simply fill up the box with gathered photos and, on the outside, stick the included shipping label. After that, drop the box at the nearest FedEx pickup location.

Note: With iMemories, you can send one media type, such as photos, or send a mix of media, such as VHS tapes, 8mm films, and slides.

Photo scanning with iMemories is a straightforward process. Just send your photos and let the service do the rest. You will end up with digital photos that are ready for viewing and sharing with your family.

For photo scanning services, iMemories charges $0.49 per photo. So, for instance, 1,000 photos would cost $490, give or take additional charges.

People who send their video or photo memories to be digitized aren’t always sure what condition the media will be in. This isn’t something you should worry about, though. The iMemories team will restore your memories to look as good as they can and “splice” videotapes and films without losing footage and at no additional fees.

Besides photos, you can also transfer other media types, such as:

  • Slides and negatives for $0.49 per item
  • Videotapes (Betamax, VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, MiniDV, MicroMini) for $14.99 per tape
  • Old films (8mm, Super 8, 16mm) for $14.99 per 50ft.
  • Digital media (DVDs and MiniDVD) for $14.90 per DVD or MiniDVD

During the process, iMemories lets you stay informed about the digitizing process in real-time via your order status page and email updates. 

For the digital copy options, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can get scanned photos on customized DVDs, USB drives, iMemories cloud, or even download digital files for free. There’s even more. They also offer additional pricing options for blu-ray and a portable 1TB hard drive.

When it’s all finished, the original photos will be returned alongside the digital copy. 

Turnaround time for iMemories is currently 2-3 weeks, but it varies depending on the format and volume of the order.

2) ScanMyPhotos


If you need your photos scanned fast, these guys offer the best service for a short time. You can digitize your memories and have them in an accessible digital format with the help of ScanMyPhotos. With its high-quality scans, you can get copies of those old photographs on a DVD or even online for easy viewing that will last much longer than any piece of paper could hope.

It also offers a range of services for protecting and preserving all different types of media, including slides, VHS tapes, and 8 and 16mm films.

It takes 5 to 10 business days for them to scan and digitize your photos if you choose the pay-per-photo option, but you can speed that process up if you select the Express Scanning add-on, which costs 5 cents per scan.

When you choose the Express Scanning add-on, they will complete your order within one business day.

There is also a Prepaid Photo Box in which you can put about 1800 photos. The turnaround time is about 25 business days without the Express Scanning add-on.

And finally, there is a Family Generation Collection where you can put about 11,000 photos. This is the same as a Prepaid Photo Box but with six boxes instead of only one.

The quality of the scanned photos depends on the DPI you choose, and the DPI determines the cost of photo scanning. There are three options: 72, 150, 300, and 600 dots per inch (DPI). The lowest resolution costs $170 for 1,800 photos at 72 DPI; this jumps to a $185 price tag if you want higher resolutions that come with more pixels per square inch or DPI.

ScanMyPhotos offers scanning photos for as low as 10 cents per scan for 150 DPI, 18 cents per scan for 300 DPI, and 23 cents per scan for 600 DPI if you choose the Pay-Per-Photo Scanning.

ScanMyPhotos is the best way to preserve your memories and have them in an accessible digital format. With its high-quality scans, you can choose to get copies of those old photographs on a DVD or a USB thumb drive. The default option is their Upload Service, in which you can choose for how long it will stay on the server before it’s deleted. The lowest amount of time is five days until the photos are deleted, so be sure to download them as soon as you receive the link in the email.

Clean your images so they are not dusty and messy, so they turn out good when they’re scanned. ScanMyPhotos offers a comprehensive package for care and shipping.

3) Memory Fortress

memory fortress

You won’t easily find this service, but it certainly deserves a place among the top services. Memory Fortress scanning service was founded by veterans and those with strong military backgrounds and started with photo scanning at first and video transfer service afterward.

With MemoryFortress, you can expect the following:

  • Affordable prices
  • Fastest turnaround time (1-2 days for small orders and 4-5 days for larger orders)
  • You can order through the website or via phone.
  • High-quality scans

For the photos, you can send loose photos, which can be in any size up to poster size, and photos in albums (non-scrapbooks). They can also scan the backs of photos, which is excellent if you have important notes, dates, and signatures on the back of photos. Honestly, this feature is a big plus, and we are disappointed not to see this feature with other photo-scanning services.

They handle all photo albums, and during the scanning process, photos will be removed from albums if possible. If they can’t remove the photos from the album for some reason, in that case, they will be scanned safely with special software while the images remain in the album.

Besides photos, Memory Fortress also accepts media such as:

  • Slides: 35mm, 35mm half frame, Super 35mm, 126, 127, 110
  • Negatives: 35mm, 110, 126
  • Videotapes: VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, MiniDV/HDV, MicroMV
  • Old film: 8mm
  • Scrapbooks 12×12

Note: Memory Fortress will not accept any copyrighted media type except if you are the owner or have permission to reproduce the work.

You first have to gather all your photos. Memory Fortress says they take photos if loose, in albums, or put in rubber bands; you don’t even need to worry about organizing them if you don’t want to. Then pack them in a sturdy box to be safe during shipping. If you already have photos in a box or shoebox, as most do, you can leave them in if you prefer.

They know how most people store photos, so they don’t bother customers about photo organization or packaging.

When they receive your photos, they will scan them. So if you send, for example, two boxes, they will be scanned and organized in that fashion, like a folder for each box.

All photos will get a crop, rotation, and color correction.

After completing the scanning process, photos will be transferred to the digital copy you choose while making an order. All your original photos will be returned to you alongside a digital copy.

Current prices for photo scanning start at $0.38 per loose photo at 300dpi and $0.42 per loose photo at higher quality 600 dpi scan.

For photos in albums, the price is $0.54 at 300dpi and $0.58 at 600dpi.

Since Memory Fortress receives a large volume of orders, they have a minimum order policy of $99. If your order is below $99, they will direct you to their smaller partnership scanning facilities, which can also handle your order.

4) LegacyBox


LegacyBox is a service like others mentioned before, helping people preserve their memories in a digital format. They offer a wide range of conversions to satisfy your needs. They work with VHS tapes, MiniDV, 8mm and 16 mm film, pictures, and 35mm slides as well audio cassettes.

The convenience and ease of use are one reason why so many people are choosing to digitize their memories with LegacyBox. With a prepaid return shipping label, all that’s left for you is to pick out what items you would like to send in.

It’s also worth mentioning that the quality of media you get back is surprisingly good. But, unfortunately, the company does not offer enhancements.

Legacybox is a company that keeps its customers updated during the digitizing process. They send updates on each step and ensure everything goes smoothly up until delivery.

Legacybox offers various digitizing kits, and the cost depends on what type of kit you choose.

Pricing for the conversion of photos:

  • $59.99 for two sets of 25 pictures
  • $279.99 for ten sets of 25 pictures
  • $559.99 for twenty sets of 25 pictures
  • $1099.99 for forty sets of 25 pictures

5) ScanCafe


ScanCafe is a one-stop for all your scanning needs. They’ll take care of everything from photos, slides to negatives and even videos at affordable prices.

ScanCafe photo scanning ranges from 28 cents to 39 cents with Value Kits. The Value Kit ranges from 500 scans all the way up to 10,000 scans. With a higher number of scans, the lower the cost is per photo. Every image is color corrected and edited by hand before being sent out to the customer.

With time, photos naturally fade and lose color. Even those stored away in photo albums can be affected by fading or reaction to their surroundings.

They repair the photo if needed, re-orientation, photo cropping, removing light scratches and dust marks, photo color correction, and removing the case of red-eye.

If you’ve got a heart-wrenching photo that needs repairing, the team of experts will take every single one and give them their best examination so they can get back on track with all those precious memories.

ScanCafe may be a good option if you need to digitize photos and other media, but it’s not as fast or reliable as ScanMyPhotos.

You can get individual photos scanned at 600dpi for $0.44 per photo.

You can choose from paper photos (both color and black-and-white), 35mm film negatives, or slides for that classic look.

6) EverPresent

everpresent site

EverPresent is a service that has decades of experience in photo scanning and converting other media types. They can scan photos with standard sizes up to 8×10″, photo albums, oversized items and frames, letters, memory cards, and even newspapers. 

Besides photos, they also convert media such as slides, negatives, videotapes, films, and audio. Like with Memory Fortress, you don’t have to organize the photos for them. Also, they scan photos that are in envelopes, shoeboxes, bags, etc. 

With EverPresent, you have three options for delivering your photos to them. You can choose from dropping it off by yourself in one of their pickup locations, sending it by mail, or arranging a home pickup (available across the northeast).

Standard photos are scanned at 600dpi on professional scanners. During scanning, processed photos are ordered, titled, and numbered. They get dust removal, cleaning, and orientation and go through three levels of quality control during the scanning process. 

EverPresent can transfer scanned photos to DVD, USB, or personal cloud. They will also return all originals to you with the completion of the order.

We could not find the precise turnaround time you may expect, but the website states that over 80% of their projects are completed within one month. 

The standard photo (up to 8×10″) scanning price is $0.59 per photo at 600 dpi. For albums and scrapbooks, prices start at $2.99 per page, and you can choose from 300 and 600 dpi scanning. For handling albums, additional fees may be applied.

Final Words

scan old photos

The best way to make sure your memories last forever is to digitize them. Then, your photos, negatives, and slides will never degrade over time in the same way as if you leave it to time. Each service will return your original images to you so you can do anything you’d like with them. But we suggest you keep them safe just in case.

The article provides a list of the best media and photo scanning services. These are some great options if you’re looking for high-quality work, but keep in mind that each one has its unique features, so make sure to take time choosing the one best suitable for your needs.

For us, the ScanMyPhoto is the fastest and most affordable way to get your photos scanned. In addition, the company offers a one-day scanning option which is great.

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