Digitization and digitalization are two different things that can have varying impacts on your business. While it might seem like there is no difference in words, they actually have different meanings, so make sure you know what they mean before making any decisions.




Converting analog information into a digital form

Integrating new digital technologies into business processes and interactions

Work with

Media and Information

Processes and Interactions


Scanning dokument into a pdf

Scanning photos into a digital file

Converting VHS tapes to digital like MP4

Capturing handwritten notes and converting them to PDF (OCR method)

Converting your signature in digital form for signature online documents

Inputting existing calendar reminders into Apple reminder

Sending email instead of writing postal messages

Monitoring product irregularities with a sensor instead of human visual inspection

Receiving payments via credit card instead of cash


Easy and fast to share

Reduced Cost
Better Future Decisions

Can be done with

Digital camera
Professional service
Software like OCR

Programed controls

What is Digitization?

what is digitization

Digitization is the process of converting a physical media or document, such as paper records, photos, videotapes, etc., into a digital form that can be stored on computers or mobile devices.

Digitization is an incredibly versatile process that can be used for all sorts of things. For example, you can turn your old vinyl record into an MP3 file or digitize old memories from VHS tapes by converting them and transferring them to DVDs or even the cloud.

Digitization is also about scanning documents so they can be stored digitally, converting photographs from printed sheets of paper into digital form for easier editing and sharing on social networks, all without needing an outdated media existence.

You may come across local or online professional companies that offer digitizing services for all sorts of media types. Types of services they typically offer are:

  • Digitizing videotapes 
  • Digitizing old films like 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm
  • Digitizing audio cassette, compact cassette, and reel-to-reel
  • Documents scanning
  • Photo scanning
  • Slide scanning
  • Digitizing photo and slide negatives


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Also, what is good about these digitizing services is that they are so easy to use and prices are reasonable. They also offer enhancement of media, repairs, and restoration if that is possible.

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Benefits of Digitization

imemories family

The analog videotapes and film reels take up a lot of space. Because of that, people often store them in the attic or basement, which are inappropriate places and may cause them to start disintegrating sooner than they should. You can free up that space again with digitizing services and use it for other things. This will help keep your home or office organized by moving old media formats from physical to digital files, so they’re easy to access at any time, place, and device.

The right video digitizing service can do much more than turn old media into digital files. They can also retouch images, add color correction and even make repairs on your precious memories so they look even better than the originals.

Old video and film players are becoming less common to find, and usually, they are broken and need repair. A faulty VCR player or film projector can destroy media immediately, so we advise you to be careful and check the device before playing any media. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the right equipment to watch videos that use this kind of media, so they’re basically useless nowadays.

Digitization is a great way to share online your old video footage with friends and family, giving new life and meaning in the process. You can make this happen by digitizing long-lost videos that would otherwise never see daylight.

Why is Digitizing Media Important?

why is digitizing media important

Digitization protects your media from losing them forever. Physical media are vulnerable to heat, fires, humidity, and all kinds of other natural disasters, which could destroy them forever if you don’t have a digital backup.

You can be sure that your memories will last a lifetime with this easy process. It’s a painless way to ensure the important life moments won’t fade away forever, so you’ll always have peace of mind when thinking about them.

What is Digitalization?

what is digitalization

Digitalization means any action taken exclusively in digital format, even if it does not include technology such as digitization of documents; instead, they can be easily accessed via mobile devices and online.

Digitalization is a popular buzzword that can mean different things to many people. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear when someone uses the term, so we’ll have to discuss its definition.

To make you understand digitalization better, we will explain it in several examples. Basically, digitalization is when a company changes certain work operations from analog to digital technology to maximize efficiencies and increase revenue.

Examples of some simple and more complicated business digitalization:

  • Sending emails instead of sending postal messages
  • Meetings via video call instead of face to face.
  • Installing monitoring sensors in the production line instead of human visual inspection.


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Benefits of Digitalization

digitalization at work

The digitalization process has the potential to transform business models as new technologies provide access in ways that were not previously possible. The digitalization of businesses is about generating additional revenue by gaining new opportunities and markets.

The power of digital business is not just in making work more accessible but also more efficient. With less data being handled by each employee, there is an increase in tasks’ accuracy, leading to better utilization rates for available resources.


The digitalization journey is one that every business should embark on because it will improve efficiency and provide better results.

Automating business processes is a great way to achieve greater transparency and fairness in your organization. In addition, you can be sure that reliable outcomes will occur every time because automated systems are very strict about following their programmed instructions without any human intervention or error.

The most significant advantage of digitalization is that it reduces the time, effort, and money required to complete tasks. It also makes these processes easier by cutting out human error and making them more efficient.


Automation of tasks is a great way to free up employees to focus on more challenging and innovative tasks. It also helps the business function efficiently by eliminating monotonous job duties that take away time from important work.


Digitalization ensures that every operation is carried out consistently. This means customers will always receive high-quality service from the company they depend on – whether it’s customer service, delivery, or manufacturing work.

Reduced Cost

The time saved from automating manual tasks and processes should be used to improve other areas of the business. This will ultimately result in faster revenue.

Better Future Decisions

The process of digitizing information allows for the analysis and organization. This, in turn, leads to better decision-making because of all the data you collected.

Digital Transformation

benefits of digitalization

The digitalization process significantly impacts every aspect of an organization, from product delivery and personnel management to how value is created. The shift towards this new business type can be difficult for some, but it’s worth all efforts to achieve more success.

The ability to rapidly adapt when required through the intelligent use of technologies and information sets digital transformation apart from other business initiatives.

Digital transformation is difficult to define because it will depend on each company’s specific needs and requirements. However, in general terms, we can say that digital technology is integrated into all areas within a business resulting in changes in how they operate and what value customers receive from them.

Future-proofing your small business is an essential part of any organization’s growth strategy today. However, building a 21st-century company on paper and sticks isn’t sustainable in the long run, so think about how you can digitalize now.

A prosperous future depends on the possibility of quick adaptation when new opportunities arise or obstacles will constantly challenge us at every step.


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Digitization is the process by which physical or analog media are converted to a digital format that can be accessed on any modern device. The goal of digitizing might be for media preservation, freeing up space, providing better portability and sharing of media, enabling people to be more creative with them, and saving their quality before it is too late.

Digitalization, on the other hand, is an automated process or workflow. This can be done through the use of digital tools, software, and devices that help us collect data, manage it, and turn it into insights. This also includes automating communication and collaboration between people and machines.

Both are important steps on a larger digital transformation journey. By understanding the differences between these two processes, you can more easily identify its starting point on this journey and begin to harness the opportunities brought about by each individual step.

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