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iMemories Review 2024: Is This the Best Digital Conversion Company?

Written by Bato

Bato is the father of three beautiful children. When he's not dealing with product reviews and comparisons, he enjoys hiking through untouched nature. He loves adrenaline sports such as skiing, hiking, rafting, and scuba diving. In addition, he likes to grill and discover new exciting food.

4 comments on “iMemories Review 2024: Is This the Best Digital Conversion Company?”

    1. This is a direct quote from them:

      iMemories will convert your photos to .JPG format. You can expect a resolution of about 600 DPI if you were to print at a 4x6 size. Images are put through a color correction and will be cropped or rotated as needed. It's worth mentioning that the original quality of the image and condition of the original version can affect the outcome.

    1. The only monthly charge is the subscription to their app where you can store and view your memories but even that is optional.

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